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Lauren & James: The Invitations.

Hello you lovely ‘I’m-just-going-to-peruse-RMW-on-my-lunchbreak’ lot! Another post in the midst of another panic. This time, I thought it would be a great idea to start a new job in the weeks/months leading up to my wedding. Great for my career…not so good for my stress levels. Combine all the other elements of wedding planning, 30ths, hen dos, other weddings… well needless to say *stressed emoji face*. However as mentioned in my last post, I am having a lovely time going through it all!

My big ‘project’ at the moment (apart from planning our wedding and new job) is organising my best friends hen do. We’re off to a lovely big house just outside of Bath called Welton Manor Farm…I can’t reveal any more than this at the moment so not to spoil it for then hen, who I know reads these posts (hi Heather!!) but by my next post, I will be able to divulge some more information (the bits I’m allowed to anyway)!

The big news this month is that we have invites! And what lovely invites they are, we are so happy with the result. We used the ladies at PaperGrace (just head to The List to find them) and the ‘Hollywood Glamour’ collection. I found the service fantastic, all we did was email with all details we wanted to be included, requested colour, and hey presto, great invites. Super quick as well, I would LOVE to to share a photo of them this week but OF COURSE I haven’t quite got round to sending them out yet, but they will be on their way very soon.

We used for our accompanying website, which was great because it’s free, but the domain address you get is rather long-winded which a) Can be a bit confusing and b) Looks ever so slightly silly on the invites. Nonetheless, we love both invites and website so we hope our guests will be just as impressed.

Now that we’re about to send the invites and people will start booking their accommodation, we’ve actually had to have a serious think about our plans for the night before and the actual day. We have decided to do the traditional bit of staying apart the night before, so I will stay at Walton Hall (which is our superb venue, I don’t know whether I’ve mentioned it…much!) with my bridesmaids and family, and James will stay with his groomsmen. Have you decided to do tradition in this way or not? I can see why you wouldn’t, there is something quite nice about waking up to your betrothed on the morning of your wedding, but for us we both wanted to spend it separately with our nearest and dearest.

This, combined with the invites about to go out, makes it all seem very real. I had a flap for about five minutes before returning to just feeling very excited about it all!

Our wedding ‘to do’ list is still huge, and a lot of our weekends are now being taken up with various different commitments (until mid-June!!), so this weekend we are going to try and find our wedding bands. Yay! Bling! James made the silly (but really not so silly) decision to buy me a platinum engagement ring so apparently this means I HAVE to have a platinum wedding ring…it’s something to do with it being a strong metal and will just scratch white gold etc. OH WHAT A SHAME. And of course because I’m having platinum, James wants it too. Again, OH WHAT A SHAME. On the subject of bands, I’ve seen some really pretty ones that have had to be shaped specifically to fit engagement rings. One of my friends has a gorgeous gold ring that is slightly pointed so it can fit her vintage engagement ring, I won’t have to do this with mine but I’d be interested to hear if anyone has had to do a similar thing. Also, how did you choose your ring? Is it like your dress where you have something in mind but chose something completely different?!

That’s it for wedding updates this month. My only other news is that one of my bridesmaids, Flic, is running the London Marathon this weekend, any good luck vibes you can electronically send her way would be appreciated I’m sure! On that note, if any of you crazy bunch are doing the same thing, I wish you all the very best – anyone who can run a marathon is a hero in my eyes.

Until next time, Lauren xxx

Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

6 thoughts on “Lauren & James: The Invitations.

  1. That was my favourite part having the bands made. I wanted one to fit specifically around my engagement but wanted to wear it as a standalone ring if I wanted so didn’t want one with a huge gap. We had a lovely local jeweller come to our home with cases of samples! He made a wax version of my band to fit perfectly with my engagement ring. I had a white gold ring but wanted something stronger so went for palladium (looks like platinum without the price tag)

  2. We picked up our wedding bands last weekend! Mine was custom made to fit with my three stone engagement ring. It has a twist in it which fits perfectly with the stones. My other half got some fancy-pants German ring which is palladium (must be the hot new thing!) with a sneaky bit of rose gold too. I joke, but it is lovely.

    1. Ooooh Sarah I have been wondering what I would do re wedding band, because I have a 3-stone ring too. Does it look good with a band on one side of the ring only? I mentioned to my fiance the other day that I was worried I might need TWO wedding bands so that the whole thing is symmetrical. He nearly fainted in shock!

  3. Choosing bands makes it so real…
    So I was set for having band full of diamonds.. But realised in 4 years it will be getting an eternity ring for our 20th anniversary of being together..
    So thought my band had best be not so bling.. I have chosen a band & I’m having 3 diamonds set into it to represent me,hubby to be & our son! fiancé is having fairly plain band with beveled edge! We collect them in a week!

  4. I had a similar issue with my wedding band – the bezel setting of my engagement ring did not sit flush against a straight band and I desperately wanted to avoid having to have a notch cut into my wedding ring for the stone. I wanted to be able to wear my band independently, if I wanted to, and not have it look like it was missing it’s partner.
    I tackled this by buying myself (didn’t seem fair to my husband-to-be buy it) a ‘middle ring’ which is a twisted band with recycled diamonds (for a bit of extra bling!), my engagement ring stone sits neatly in the dips of the twist and then my wedding band sits underneath. Greedy? Yes. But I love stacking rings and have the long fingers to carry it off, with still more space for an eternity ring – eventually 🙂

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