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Lauren & James: Waiting For The RSVPs

We are now officially under the 3 month mark. One quarter till James and I get married. ARRRGGGHHH!! Much like Danielle, we are feeling the pressure – just about getting everything done on time and not the marrying bit…I hope. The last few weeks have been filled again with more 30th birthday parties and a brilliant family wedding, and what a great few weeks it’s been; I have the photos…and the hangovers…to prove it!

I mentioned my ‘project’ of organising my best friends’ hen do in my last post. Well, after lots of planning and preparation, this finally happened last weekend and it was PHENOMENAL. Yes, that’s right, I said phenomenal. We went away to a lovely house just outside Bath called Welton Manor Farm; where the owner, Charlotte, lives with her husband and children and rents it out at weekends solely to hen parties…brave or what?! The house and gardens were absolutely stunning, with lots of big, bright and airy rooms and the cutest attic dormitory-style room which we nicknamed ‘the Annie room’. It was really ‘lived in’ and not your run-of-the-mill venue, which we loved and was just perfect for The Hen. We had a great time making the most of the house on our first night, and all woke up with suitably horrific hangovers the next day.

On top of the amazing venue, we had a great activity on Saturday night. I found a company called Murder to Measure, who essentially write and host a murder mystery specifically for you based on the information you give them about yourself and the people in your party. The Hen had absolutely no idea what was going on until the MC, a rather spectacular host called Stuart, walked in to the living room, and once she got over the relief that it wasn’t a stripper, she was suitably surprised! What followed was everyone brushing off their 1920’s outfits and best Am Dram it all got very rowdy and competitive, with plenty of laughs along the way. In addition to this, we also had a photographer which was Stuart (another one) from, who captured some brilliant shots – as you can see from my selection of photos for this week. Needless to say, many, many, many, bottles of prosecco, wine, spirits and shots later…we all arrived home happy and in one piece (although I did lose my voice for two days).

Now apart from regaling you about possibly the best weekend I’ve had for years, we have made some more progress on the wedding front. Our invites are finally out!! And I can share a sneaky peak with you now all our guests would have received theirs. As mentioned before we used PaperGrace via the List and we are so happy with the results – we’ve had some great comments on them.

My only *slight* irk from sending the invites out is the RSVP’s. Now, we’ve given our guests till 8th June to RSVP, and I would probably say only about 25%, if that, have done so thus far. I can’t lie it worries me how much chasing I’m going to have to do! Some people have said ‘you know I’m coming so it’s fine’, and I do know they’re coming so it is fine, but we’ve asked for things like song requests for the playlist and dietary requirements which we will need to know in advance. Anyone else had the same with RSVP’s?! I never thought I’d be bothered about it but it can impact a little later down the line! We’ve also had a few issues with accommodation at our venue, but it looks like it’s all on the mend now.

Teeny tiny rant over, we have also chosen our wedding rings. I love mine so much it hurts, which I guess is the idea but still, I actually can’t wait to put it on !! Not wanting to give too much away, all I will say is that diamonds really are a girls best friend ;-). James has decided to go for a ring too, which I know not every man decides to do – I’ve heard several reasons ranging from it feels weird to tradition. Anyone’s husband/fiancé decided not to go with a ring?

I have to admit, now the birthdays are over, I do feel we’re going to have more time to dedicate to the wedding planning. Between now and our next post, we have to meet our photographer, speak to the band, find our suits, meet our wedding co-ordinator, decide on decorations (any good recommendations for companies who do giant light up letters?!), and start thinking about all the little details. Oh…and there is the little matter of turning the Big 3.0. myself and going on my hen weekend to Ibiza ;-).

Until next time. Lauren xx

Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

15 thoughts on “Lauren & James: Waiting For The RSVPs

  1. hey lauren, its so close i’m not ashamed to admit that I had a certain smugness about me thinking “i’ve organised everything so I don’t need to panic” and then I got an email from my photographer who has had to cancel… after I had rang my 3rd back up photographer who unsurprisingly was booked for my date I started crying… in waterloo east train station.. like a crazy. I’ve managed to sort it all out now so i’m back to relaxing. although I still need to design my order of service and various other stationary for the day and stuff. my hen is like 2 weeks before my wedding and I’m so excited about it, Ibiza will be amazing so jel glad to hear its all coming together. The real bride posts are my favourite, its saves me boring the crap out of all my non getting married friends xxx

    1. OMG!! How did you get over that one?! I think that should be a post on its own…I can imagine that’s a lot of bride-to-be’s nightmare!

      Apart from that, hope planning going okay and have an amazing hen do! X

  2. Lauren, I am soooo with you on the RSVPs. Honestly, if one more person had said “oh you know I’ll be there”, I’d have bopped them on the head! Yes I KNOW you’ll be there but I didn’t send you an RSVP form with a bunch of questions on it just so you could say that to me. We had to chase quite a lot of people – I’m not sure how to make the process any easier…except maybe only make friends with super organised people who RSVP! 😉
    We’re getting married two weeks before you. 🙂 Can’t wait to read all about your day. xx
    PS. That murder mystery thing sounds EPIC.

    1. As awful as this sounds it’s nice to hear someone else is having the same challenge and it’s not just me! And I’m not being overly crazy worrying about it! Interestingly enough, the people who have rsvp’d are either super organised, or have got married/getting married quite recently, plus a couple have done it because I’ve reminded them (but they are super close friends).
      Even closer for you then, hope you have an amazing day and good luck with all the planning…and your hen do (if you’ve not had it yet) xxx

  3. Love, love, love the idea of a murder mystery hen do!!!

    Also love it that the hen was terrified it was a stripper…lol maybe Stuart should do that on the side?!?

    Fern x

    1. As soon as he turned up at the door I just said ‘she thinks you’re the stripper, she’s a bit scared’ and he just totally played up to it, it was amazing.
      The guy who ran our night actually sent a little message afterwards saying ‘I don’t usually do this but I had a lot of fun with you all’, which was lovely. Xx

  4. Aaaargh the murder mystery hen sounds EPIC!! (I seriously hope my sister is reading this post! If you’re reading, Rachel – then hint hint!)

    I am also with you on the RSVPs – but have faith! Our wedding is 3 weeks on Saturday, and our last RSVP came in yesterday – we set a deadline of April 20th (a falsely early deadline!) and exactly a month after that deadline we finally know where we are (now for the table plan!). Some people did the whole ‘I’ve told you I’m coming thing’ which was more frustrating for my poor mum than for me (the rsvps all went to my parents house, but addressed to me and my fiance, which in hindsight was perhaps a confusing plan for everyone…)

    And wedding rings!! Aaaargh, such a lovely lovely part of planning. Diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend aren’t they 😉 We are both having rings, and my fiance will be the first man in his family to wear one – that makes me really proud 🙂

    Lots of love for the 3 month countdown and can’t wait for your next post xxx

    1. Gah 3 weeks Saturday!! That’s so close! And you haven’t been on your hen yet?! We sort of had to do ours early, partially because I wanted to tie it in with my 30th and also because we had so many birthdays, weddings, etc we just couldn’t have done it any other time.

      I can’t recommend the murder mystery enough, so so so much fun. Everyone completely embraced it too which obviously helps.
      By the time I write my next post you’ll be married…Eeek! So absolutely best of luck, enjoy The table planning and most importantly, your big day xxx

  5. If you are half as good at organising weddings as you are at organising hen dos your guests will not know what’s hit them!! Thank you so much for the best weekend ever – it really was perfect. Now for round 2 – get ready Ibiza!! Love you xxxxxx

  6. OMG I think I am one of the non RSVPers and I’m a bridesmaid arrrgrgrhrgrhrghrrhrrhrhhhhhhhh
    My only excuse is I’ve just been absolutely far too busy assisting Heather with your HEN!!!
    Whoopsy. xx

    1. Well I’ll just about let you off considering 1. Hen 2. You’ve booked your room 3. You’ve got your dress. And I do ACTUALLY know you’re coming! Big love xxx

  7. Hi Lauren!
    I know how you feel about RSVP’s. All of our day guests sent back our RSVP’s which is great, but so far only about 5 of our invited evening guests have RSVP’d and our wedding is in 3 weeks times!!! It’s only a quick email they have to send us, it doesn’t even cost them anything.
    I’m not wasting this crucial time chasing anyone for them, we’ve just guessed how many will turn up and if there isn’t enough for everyone on the night then tough luck – they should’ve told us.
    People don’t understand what goes into a wedding unless they have actually done it so they assume it doesn’t matter. But it so does. I think it’s rude not to RSVP officially when the bride and groom have spent time, money and effort into choosing invites. Plus postage costs are nuts!
    The Murder Mystery Hen sounds fab!
    Good luck with the rest of your planning xx

  8. My son in law doesn’t wear a ring because he is a vet and worried it might come off inside a cow. Fair enough really.

  9. Hi – love your progress updates 🙂

    We are on our 40 day countdown! eek. We are as manic as you with best friends hen party organising, hubby-to-be has lots of stags, and we have just had out own! But all amazing fun.

    I was so worried about our RSVP situation! We sent ours out quite early, and asked for them back quite early too. If someone said they were coming but didn’t RSVP we assumed no dietary requirements, and I think you might have to send some text reminders for the songs, or if you get enough back, may have to leave those ones out….we also found we got RSVP’s back after the cut off date too, so I bet they keep coming. (The invites actually came from my folks, so even those who verbally said they were coming, I still sent a message to double check, so I could confirm.)

    We did get pretty cut throat, and 3 weeks + after the deadline we messaged those who we heard nothing from saying we didn’t hear anything, and due to deadline with suppliers, we assume they can’t come, which we are sorry to hear…we added a note on the end saying if you did send your rsvp, let us know, as it might have got lost in the post. We soon got responses with great apologies.

    I think, unless people are getting/or have been married, they won’t quite get what goes into the planning process!

    Ring wise, I have mine all sorted…although I have huge knuckles and teeny fingers, so going to be an entertaining one in the church!! Hubby to be isn’t having one, I’m not fussed either way…I suggested that means I get an extra present 😉

    Good luck 🙂 xxx

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