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It’s been a while since I last shared some floral inspiration with you gorgeous lot, particularly of the table centrepiece variety. So it seemed right, fitting even, to share some flowery delights with you given that it’s summer.

Or at least it’s supposed to be. At least with this plethora of gorgeous blooms we can pretend that summer is actually here instead of staring pitifully out of the window at yet another downpour.

Just how important to you lovelies are the florals at a wedding – be it your own or one you’ve attended as a guest? From a personal perspective, big day blooms are a real highlight and a table doesn’t quite seem complete without a floral centrepiece sitting prettily amongst the place settings. I wonder why that is…

And so I couldn’t resist peddling my current favourite styles and inspiration this afternoon in the hope that some of you will opt for said trends on your big day.

Please say you will…

Smelling Of Roses

I love roses. Particularly the old garden varieties that are so intoxicating that you can literally get drunk on their heady perfume. In fact I love them so much that I’d choose them over peonies any day.

I know…controversial!

I’ve noticed, of late, a swing back to rose-based centrepieces which have been rejected in recent years in favour of less traditional blooms such as tulips, daffodils, dahlias and hydrangea and it’s so easy to see why.

Perfect for the summer bride who wants an extra dose of romance, I love how rosy centrepieces can look both traditional or ultra modern depending on how they’re styled and what containers are used.

Roses Wedding Centerpieces Centrepieces Romantic

If you’re searching for a romantic, otherworldly, midsummer night’s dream vibe then Damasks are your man, whereas Centifolias or ‘Provence Roses’ are just the ticket for ultra glamorous affairs.

Think about the colour palettes that you’re using too. Peachy pink hues compliment those nuptials held in the great outdoors from Summer through to Autumn whereas paler shades look fantastic in modern settings at colder times of the year.

Message In A Bottle

Milk bottles, medicine bottles, old jam jars and even beer bottles. This type of arrangement exudes style whilst being super kind on the pocket too!

Whilst combinations of different sized bottles have been popular for the last couple of years or so, it’s blue and green bottles – particularly old medicine and tonic bottles – that are experiencing a bit of a renaissance at the moment and it’s easy to see why. Their muted tones are the perfect backdrop for soft blooms and lush foliage making them pop against them.

Bottle Wedding Centrepiece Table Centerpiece Green Blue Organic Rustic

Simplicity is key to this look – single flower heads or branches and foliage look exquisite popped into a bottle or two. Remember to create interest by using vessels of different shapes and heights and then collate them together to create a single centrepiece. Don’t be afraid to use a restricted colour palette – says shades of blush or of greens as this only helps to create a more intense display.

Keep things loose and organic and don’t be afraid to be unconventional. I adore the fern fronds in the clear bottles in the middle of this board; elegant and chic you can guarantee that this particular arrangement won’t have broken the bank.

From The Garden

These arrangements are all about the organic, anything goes approach. Using greater amounts of foliage than the other styles and fewer blooms, these centrepieces are no less beautiful and perfect for romantic summertime nuptials.

Queen Anne’s Lace, Lamb’s Ear, trailing herbs such as Thyme and Rosemary, Limelight Hydrangea, Clematis, Wallflowers and Gardenias, Olive leaves, Mint and Poppies are just some of the gorgeous plants that suit this style perfectly.

Organic Wedding Centrepiece Table Centerpiece Wild Unruly Natural

‘From The Garden’ arrangements tend to be fairly substantial in size – it’s all about building one centrepiece up and out rather than displaying multiple smaller arrangements. Creating a sense of height is the key to this look, however it’s worth being conscious of about how you position these centrepieces on your tables for fear of blocking guests’ lines of sight.

Lastly I’d suggest paying attention to the vessels in which you’re placing your wild and unruly blooms. This style calls for vases with history and character – think trophy cups, antique urns, mercuried glass and textured porcelain and you’re onto a winner.

The Unexpected

And then there’s the unexpected. Think unusual containers and captivating vessels, natural elements and splashes of gold, even centrepieces that dress the entire length of the table and flow down the sides.

These are arrangements with the wow factor.

If you’ve decided to channel a particular theme on your big day then this style is for you. Accessorising your table settings with centrepieces that reflect your overall concept is both effective and savvy and caters for all tastes and budgets too.

Having a coastal beachside theme? Why not replace traditional florals with vases of beautifully coloured shells, arrangements of driftwood or even perfect pieces of coral. I love how this arrangement at the top also incorporates candles for the softest of illumination.

Unusual Wedding Centrepiece Table Centerpiece Pumpkins Succulents Coral Coastal

t’s worth thinking outside the box about seasonality too; for example groupings of gourds and pumpkins or spray-painted gilt leaves are perfect for Autumn weddings. Equally, I love couples who utilise everyday objects in different ways – the succulents planted in these silverplated candlesticks not only look fresh and vibrant but double up as the sweetest favours and the watering can centrepiece is simply genius.

I’ve yet to attend a wedding that has trailing foliage down the centre of the tables but lovelies this is on my wishlist for sure!

So does ‘Smelling Of Roses’ float your boat or are you more of a ‘From The Garden’ kind of gal?

Whilst roses tug at my heartstrings my inner magpie can’t help but be captivated by the glass beakers full of oversized sequins at the bottom here. Just perfect for New Year’s Eve festivities don’t you think?

Perhaps you’ve chosen not to have any florals at all, what will you be opting for instead? I have to say that the coral and candlelit creation near the bottom here has my heart aflutter. What do you think?

And I’d love to hear more about your big day themes. Anyone care to share?

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

16 thoughts on “Left Of Centre.

  1. Flowers are so so important to me and organising them has been the most exciting part of planning so far I reckon!

    If it’s even possible, I think we might be having all four of these trends 😀 all will become very clear very soon (aaaargh!) Good to know we’re on trend though!

    Absolutely adore all of these images Lolly! xxx

  2. Beautiful post Lolly, these I cried myself to sleep last night having had yet another disasterous meeting with our florist! (H2B’s Aunt, aca-awkward..) Even showing her beautiful pictures dug from RMW doesnt seem to get the message across! In my head it will be ‘Smelling of Roses x From the Garden’ but in reality I think we will end up with service station carnations… still, noone will care about the flowers…. right? xx

  3. Lovely post, I think flowers can really make a reception pop, especially if your venue is a bit of a blank canvas.

    Our wedding is only 6 weeks away now (eek!) and, though bouquets, buttonholes and the church are sorted, I’m trying to work out flowers for our reception… We’re going down the jam jar route, but are struggling to work out how to go about ordering the flowers to go in them as we’re doing them ourselves. The lady doing our flowers in the church has kindly offered to order them through her supplier, but as I’m not a flower expert, I’m finding it hard to work out which / how many / how to specify the colour to her. Any advice would be gratefully received!


  4. @Tabitha I knew I could count on you to love this floral post – glad you approve doll xx

    @Anon You cried yourself to sleep? Ahhhh pet I really feel for you. If you don’t mind me asking have you chosen your H2B’s aunt for financial or political reasons? Is it worth looking at other alternatives? If you can’t avoid using her then I’d suggest that you make a list of your favourite blooms and either share that with her or ask her if you two can make a trip out of visiting the flower markets/wholesaler together to pick out the flowers. That way you’ll know that you’ll have less of the service station carnations and more of what you fancy.

    @Naomi – we love the jam jar route! How many tables are you having lovely? I’d suggest opting for about 4 jars per table (size dependent of course) and then at least a dozen extra just in case to add to arrangements wherever they’re needed. The way I’ve worked out order quantities in the past is to have a little play beforehand. I always purchase a small quantity of the types of flowers I’ll be using on the big day and then arrange them in a few jars to see how they fill them out. Then I multiply the number of blooms I need for one jar by the total number of vessels I’ll be using on the day. I’d always suggest ordering about 10% extra too (if there’s room in the budget) to accommodate the fact that some flowers won’t be of optimum standard and as a bit of a contingency fund. I hope that helps…

  5. Hi Naomi-
    I think the first step would be to find out what is in season for your wedding day flowers for the jam jars (maybe think whats in your bouquet/buttonholes and order the same/similar) As your wedding is in July some of the summer flowers you could get hold of are stock (in white/pink/red/purple) astrantia (white/pink/purple) delphinium (blue/white) snapdragons (many colours!) astible (white/pink) dahlia (white/pinks/orange) scabiosa (blues/purple) and lots more!
    Even if you are having a lot of jars I would just stick to a selection of 4-5 kinds of flower/foliage-the reason for this is that when ordering flowers from suppliers you will have to order in a “wrap” -this can range from a wrap of 10 to around 50–if you select too many varieties and many of them only come in large wraps you might be wasting a lot!

    Maybe give yourself a shortlist of flowers (say up to 10 varieties) then ask your church lady to get in touch with her supplier and get them to give you a wrap size and approximate cost so you can work out from there your best options. For quantities per jar it depends what look you want-you can be as minimalist or abundant as you wish-you can bunch together a few “filler” flowers and cobine with a single rose for example, or fill a jar with 4 stems of stock and nothing else-you could always buy a few stems from your florist and have a play around with a jam jar to see what works.

    As for colours/varieties- if you have a colour in mind take this to your church flower lady and if she is familiar with doing orders then she should be able to source the variety for you especially if you show her an image. Pinterest is really good for images!

    Hope this helps ( I’m a florist and have a July “jam jar” wedding coming up so just getting mine planned too!!)
    Good luck and enjoy xxLinzi
    ps this website is really good for rose varieties which you can generally get any time of year https://www.wholesale-rose-directory.co.uk/
    oh-and remember to make sure the costs you get quoted include the VAT so you dont get a suprise when you go to pay!

  6. Oh, thanks for the advice. Sorry it was a bit whiney… Purely political, she is charging like a wounded buffalo! 😉 Thats what makes it sting even more… Sadly, its not worth looking at other alternatives as I dont need the stress of a family feud with three months to go! Have suggested I go with her to ‘pick’ the flowers and given her so many pictures and ideas of the type of flower I like, although the H2B said that a trip to the flower market may not be the most relaxing thing two days before the wedding… and I may have to agree with him on that! I have delegated the communication to him now and he has stepped up a treat, so maybe we will get somewhere! @Tabitha I am SO intrigued now! 🙂

  7. Beautiful! Flowers are quite important to me, and they are playing a large part in our venue decorations (or rather the only part really!). We are having flower arrangements centred on an old English variety of rose (more of a looser style rather than the tightly formed commercial varieties). We are also having arrangements on the tables that sort-of has trailing foliage, not as gorgeously abundant and rustic as the version above, but essentially a long line of roses and other foliage in a variety of vases, among other things, ideal for our narrow tables from a space perspective. I am so excited to see what it all looks like on the day. Also spent more time than I probably should have done with my nose in some fragrant roses this weekend…! Blissful. x

  8. I Love flowers, I have become a complete pinterest addict! We are getting married in October next year and I am planning lots of foliage, roses and hydrangeas. Also imagining autumn leaves and acorns but not quite decided what form these combinations will take. Probably sprayed gold though. I love the flowing folliage, possibly for the top table!? A beautiful post. I’m thinking a mix of a few large arrangements and have single stems in varied vases on the fireplaces, side tables dotted around our venue. So exciting!
    We are having an afternoon tea, set up on each table with cake stands etc so not sure how many extra bits on the table would look cluttered and unnecessary. Any opinions?xx

  9. This post has come at the right time! I was in the ‘really not bothered’ camp. I am getting married in a garden full of flowers in Italy, so I didn’t feel like I needed to spend a lot of time/ budget on them. That was pre-pinterest and RMW. I am now OBSESSED with all things flower related! Luckily it is not too late to change my mind, but now I need to decide what to have! Also, do you think it is ok to have corsages instead of bouquets for the maids? Then I can spend that money on my centrepieces…what do people think?

  10. These pictures are gorgeous – about to start pinning-a-frenzy! Thanks Lolly.

    We’re definitely going for from the garden/meadow… and the more foliage the better… lots of meadow grasses, a few stems of wheat and barley, a little lavender for the colour and smell. My H2B’s stepdad is making some wooden boxes as centrepieces from old pallets to complete the farm-y barn look. He’s even pre-rusting the nails holding them together to make it look extra farm-like, he’s really bought into the vision!!

    It’s definitely saving on the pennies going down the foliage route. Reading this post I’m now thinking roses in there too…. hmm! We’re also sprinkling dried grasses and flowers along the tables to give a really natural outdoors-indoors feeling…. hoping that all of these ideas come out as I’m imagining!!

    I love the idea of corsages for the bridesmaids @anna – good thinking! It’s a bit different and gives them a gorgeous accessory for the day too.

  11. I love those white pumpkins! They are just amazing! Look at all of the time spent in making the other table decorations, yet despite their obvious beauty, do not stand out anywhere near as much as the pumpkins.
    The colours in this image are so vivid, I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like it, especially compared to the other photographs. Well done to the photographer: https://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/2013-05-23_0002.jpg
    I really do enjoy reading posts on this site, they are always full of interesting content and information.
    Thank you for this post, it’s been a treat!

  12. Amazing pictures, flowers are my big area of confusion! I don’t really know what I want or what I don’t like! More research needed but I have to say i do like the herb pots and that would so go with our outdoor spring theme…need to get pinning on this think 🙂 Great ideas, thanks!

  13. Lolly these pics are so beautiful… I absolutely adore roses and peonies too! Sadly, an October wedding means no peonies for us but david austen roses are a great alternative. Our groomsmen are all going to be in navy but the rest of the colour scheme hasn’t quite fallen into place yet! Do you think the peachy blush tones will still work in late October? xx

  14. This is such as gorgeous post! XD
    Our theme is a mix of vintage, boho and beachy so we’re having david austen garden roses in a peachy blush colour arranged in lots of different wine and cider bottles, jugs and jam jars as centre pieces, and we’ve been scouring boot sales and charity shops and found vintage cameras etc to use as well! Really looking forward to putting it all together now! 🙂 xxx

  15. Thanks so much girls for so much inspiration. Our wedding is 5 weeks away (gulp!) today and we still haven’t nailed down the flower arrangements mostly I admit because I have a complete obsession (h2b would say that’s an understatement) with my love of all things flowery. We’ve a stunning barn, a willing florist navy blue suits fushia pink dresses for the bridesmaids and creamy oyster dress for me lots of bottles, urns, jugs, mason jars and told the florist to use peach blue and pink for our August wedding and no idea how to work a ‘roses & from the garden’ vintage-y look on round tables without it looking like a visual jumble sale. Please can you help with any suggestions/advice.
    I’m so worried it will all look hideous after dreaming of a beautiful Rock my wedding worthy photoshoot of a day!
    Stressed out confused yet ridiculously excited bride

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