Let Your Love Grow.

I love this time of year.

Granted the Christmas and New Year festivities are now over and many of us are feeling the pinch on the pocket but somehow there’s just so much to look forward to.

A brand new year lies ahead, full of promise and excitement, the nights are finally getting lighter and I’m guessing that quite a few of you got engaged over the holiday period – congratulations and hello!

Perhaps most exciting though is the appearance of lush green shoots poking out of the soil – it’s like Nature is saying ‘hold on, Spring is just around the corner and it’s going to be wild’.

Not surprisingly then, I started thinking the first blooms of spring – snowdrops and crocuses, daffodils and anemones and before I knew it I was compiling an inspiration board of the most glorious bouquets for you lovelies to pour over.

And I just had to share it…

Spring Greens

Where best to start than with the floral delights that inspired this post. Admittedly there are some flowers that technically don’t make their appearance until the end of spring in this clutch of images but the colours are absolutely bang on.

Youthful and carefree, Spring Green bouquets are ideal for weddings hosted in the first few months of the year and even into early summer. Light yellows and greens are beautifully offset by blush pinks and lilacs. Try mirroring these hues in your wider decor choices to create a clean and fresh atmosphere for your big day.

Spring Greens

Spring flowers are usually heavily fragranced – think hyacinths, narcissus, tulips and even daffodils so bouquets using these blooms offer up a double sensory experience for beautiful brides as they glide down the aisle.

I’m particularly in love with the hyacinth and tulip bouquet in the middle of this board. It’s like someone has watercoloured the head of each of these blooms – just dreamy.

Ferns and Foliage

I adore brides that think outside of the traditional flower box by opting for foliage and ferns, seedheads and succuluents in their floral arrangements. There’s an understated beauty about these forgotten plants so I’m thrilled to see the popularity of them is increasing.

Perfect for a rustic wedding or for those brides who aren’t so enamoured with traditional blooms, these natural elements really hold their own. For example they certainly aren’t going to be wilting at the end of the big day.

Ferns And Foliage

‘Ferns and Foliage’ bouquet elements tend to fall in the same colour spectrum giving you the freedom to play with texture and composition – an architectural take on the traditional bouquet if you will. If you’re worried about your posy appearing too flat, why not add viburnum berries into the mix. Their petrol blue iridescence adds the perfect amount of va-va voom.

If you love this look but want to add a element of softness to these somewhat masculine posies then I’d suggest wrapping the ends of your bouquet in a wide ribbon in a pastel shade or lengths of lace.

The perfect whimsical touch to a gorgeous posy.

Old School Beauty

Here at RMW HQ, we’ve noticed a comeback of late of some of the traditionally forgotten or once out of favour flowers. Blooms like Dahlias, Marsh Mallow and Violets – all wonderful and glorious in their own right so I’m glad to see them flaunting their wares again.

‘Old School Beauty’ is all about grown up glamour – these bouquets don’t shout for attention but they exude a seductive allure regardless. Often appealing to those brides looking for a more sophisticated feel they offer a sumptuous beauty without appearing too stiff or done.

Old School Beauty

With their muted palettes – I like to call it ‘tea-stained’ – blush pinks, creamy yellows and faded peaches you can’t help but see their romantic elegance. I love the contrast of these blooms against a darkly seductive ribbon wrapped about the stems.

This bouquet looks fantastic at late Summer and early Autumn weddings – it’s almost as if nature is singing its last hurrah before darker, stormier nights arrive.

Think Pink

Another bridal trend experiencing somewhat of a resurgence is the bold use of a pink colour palette. Fun and girly, ‘Think Pink’ is perfect for those brides who want a truly romantic feel to their wedding. Aside from decor choices, one way of subtly integrating pink and blush hues is by choosing blooms in this colour spectrum.

Perfect for Spring and Summer weddings because of the availability of pink blooms such as sweet peas, O’Hara roses, peonies and tulips, bouquets in this shade are both eye-catching and frivolous; hell if you can’t be frivolous on your wedding day when can you?

Think Pink

If you’re looking to create interest or are anxious about your bouquet seeming a little ‘intense’, try selecting flowers in a range of pink hues rather than adhering to a single tone of pink. Pairing hot pinks with candy shades and the briefest touch of lemon yellow or mint green is the key to a successful ‘Think Pink’ bouquet.

Opting for a really ‘full’ bouquet full of blousey headed blooms will ensure you pull this look off beautifully. If you’re keen to avoid a posy that’s too round in shape then ask your florist to leave some of the more delicate flowers slightly longer in length to create that looser handpicked look.

It’ll look blinking gorgeous!

So lovelies, which is your favourite? I’m torn between Old School Beauty and Spring Greens.

Perhaps you’ve opted for a different look entirely, if so we’d love to hear all the details.

Maybe you’re not having a floral bouquet at all. Did you see Celine’s bouquet in her Parisian wedding last week? She chose a bouquet of pink pom poms and it looked IMMENSE.

So come on let’s hear what you think.

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

29 thoughts on “Let Your Love Grow.

  1. Love this post Lolly, so timely for me as I have another meeting with my lovely florist this week. One of the main reasons for having our wedding in April was the flower choices, coupled with the fact that for me Spring is all about new beginnings – something quite symbolic about it. (Oft! That was a bit philosophical for me!)

  2. @Amy Old School Beauty is a little bit delicious isn’t it. When I think of these types of bouquets I want to dine at a age-beaten oak table with a floral crown in my hair. Just scrummy.

    @Lynsey always happy to oblige lovely. April is a gorgeous time to have a wedding – there’s so much to choose from flower wise…however will you decide? What’s top of your shopping list?

  3. Ah Lolly I loves!

    You and I have had words before over my ‘no greenery’ brief. I love a green bouquet full of foliage and ferns, and for those brides who go for the ‘i just picked these up in a meadow’ look, but for me I want structure structure structure!

    I’m going for a lot of fragrance, but every flower I’ve chosen is for a reason:
    Yellow David Austin roses – My mum’s bouquet was yellow roses
    Peony – My favourite flowers
    Freesia – Mum’s favourite flowers and also when I was born, she had a vase full of freesia next to her hospital bed. My sister hated me that much, she scremed her head off and pulled all the heads off the freesia!
    Willow branch/fluff – My sister had them in her wedding bouquet and as a nod to my beloved’s nickname/my new surname.

    We’re trying to work daisies in somewhere too, as my Mother In Law’s veil was trimmed with daisies!

    I absolutely love brides too who use Dahlias in their weddings. So retro – they need to come back with a bang! In fact, sod it – yeah, I’m having Dahlias on the tables!


  4. I am in LOVE with the pink bouquet, 2nd row left. So so gorgeous. And I love pink in a wedding (had quite a bot of it in my own!).

    The succulents and foliage bouquets are also something I have come to love a lot. We have some crackers in the bouquets gallery!

    Awesome job Lolster! Thanks for sharing with us all.


  5. Ah memories of spring and summer sunshine…
    I love the ferns and foliage, for me green is the most important colour in a bouquet and lets any other colours really come into their own.
    I’ve seen some autumnal bouquets with wild blackberries which look amazing, I wonder what fruits could be used in spring/summer..?

  6. @Nicola I love bouquets that use fruits as well as flowers – I saw a really amazing one once that used apples – it sounds naff but it looked fantastic. As for Spring/Summer it’s a bit more difficult because berries and fruits tend to be harvested (traditionally anyway) in September time. Wild strawberries come to mind and gooseberries could look pretty cool too.

  7. @Karen we have come to blows but you have firmly put me in my place with this recipe of floral delights.
    In fact you made me weep a little bit. This is the most wonderfully sentimental glorious list that I’ve ever heard so I’m actually really thrilled that you’re going down the ‘structure’ route. I had freesias for my gran in my bouquet so I know how important it is to get a little bit of everyone in there. It will look amazing.

  8. @Lolly This will come as no surprise to Charlotte but I’m going for white (with a little bit of my beloved grey in the form of Dusty Miller) and massive. Like hunners of flowers! Some white narcissus are a must. No reasons as sentimental as Karen unfortunately, I’m shallow so am basing it purely on looks 😉

  9. As you all know I plan to make my bouquet – I know I’m nuts!!
    But if it all goes hideously wrong I really, really want the bottom left bouquet from the ferns & foliage group – it is just too pretty for words!!
    Also really liking the Dahlias 🙂

    @Karen – your choice of flowers is just too lovely, such a gorgeous, gorgeous sentiment 😀

    Although all these ladies who know what their families favourite flowers are always make me feel shameful for having no idea!!! I’m a bad daughter/granddaughter! :-/


  10. Wow Lolly these are so incredibly beautiful, where do you find them all????

    I think my favourites are in the top section, row 4 on the right. Then the second section, row 3 on the right! Although it’s pretty hard to choose.

    My bouquet will be a mixture of Spring Greens and Ferns and Foliage I reckon and I’m a bit the opposite of @Karen, I hardly want any structure at all! As I said in one of my real bride posts, there’s only one flower (sweet peas) that I’ve specified. Apart from that I’ve just asked for flowers that are in season and shown my florist lots of inspiration pics for the general feel and look that I like. By going in season and not being too specific, I’ve also really kept the cost down!


  11. Girls – some of you might remember in my post about veils, there’s a non-existent disease that I have called Chronic Nostalgia. This is a prime example! I am absolutely incapable of making decisions unless they’re based on childhood memories or ridiculous sentiment. xx

  12. @Rebecca it’s astilbe hon. We used copious amounts of it at Pretty Naughty and at the National Wedding Show – it’s even prettier in the flesh. And no you’re not nuts – just so long as you leave yourself PLENTY of time to make it and get ready and I’d recommend practising a fair bit too.

    @Lynsey I love all white bouquets – you should check out my ‘Blooming Lovely’ bouquet post for some ivory/alabaster toned inspiration there. And Narcissus smell DIVINE. Am very much looking forward to seeing a picture of the final posy!

  13. @Tabitha I’m not quite sure where I find them – I’m a bit of a pinning addict so I’m always coming across something or other that I squirrel away for another day. And sweet peas are my absolute favourite – unfortunately they were out of season for my wedding but they remind me of happy summer days in the garden with my grandpa. A quick whiff and I’m instantly transported back.

    @Karen Chronic Nostalgia is the best affliction to have!

  14. @Karen @Lolly – I know they’re such happy little flowers I can’t help but smile!! My choice was also inspired by my Grandpa’s my garden 🙂

    My florists also told me the loveliest thing that whenever she smells the flowers she had in her bouquet she’s transported right back to walking down the aisle and the look on her groom’s face, so you should make sure to pick flowers with lovely smells 🙂 it gives me butterflies just thinking about it! xxx

  15. @Lolly – thanks my dear!
    Well I currently have the circles cut out for 19 of my satin type flowers (but that’s just in the pink material) The plan was to get loads of material cutting done over Christmas but then I went & broke my wrist! I know, genius! So now I have to wait until the cast comes off & get straight back into fabric flower making

    But I am compiling a collection of pretty flowers in case it all goes horribly wrong!
    Plus I still haven’t decided about the table flowers – original plan was to have fabric flowers for that too, but will have to wait & see!!!

    @Tabitha – that sounds lovely!!

  16. Ahhh so pretty!

    I absolutely LOVE sweet peas – my Grandad always used to grown them so they remind me of being at my Nan & Grandad’s house, plus they smell and look lush! I was a bit worried about our wedding being quite soon into sweet pea season and not being able to get them – however, sister-in-law to the rescue as her fella’s dad is in the sweet pea society (a whole society for sweet peas, who knew!?) and has assured me that he’ll get them for me 🙂

    Half of my problem with choosing the flowers has been that I have absolutely no idea what any of them are called. My poor florist is having to decipher e-mails from me going “I like the kind-of pinky flower in the 3rd bouquet from the left in that picture”. Sure she’ll be glad to see the back of me!

    Gorgeous post Lolly – has brightened my miserable Monday right up 🙂

  17. Despite the fact i’m getting married in the summer, I’m going for Spring Greens look. I was going to go daisies (or similar) all the way, but I’m now mixing in sunflowers to add a bit of colour and ‘pop’. I love the whole ‘freshly picked and tied together with twine’ look, so the florist is hand-tying all the bouquets and leaving the stems loose.

    I did flirt with the idea of having lots of colour and despite being very anti-pink, hot pink was a favourite. I loved the burst of colour and maybe if we’d gone for a more city-based venue i would have gone for that, but i feel like the whole fresh, spring-like look goes well with our chosen venue, so thankfully it all worked out well in the end!

  18. ooh, so many pretties! I went with a ‘no greenery’ approach to my bouquet but I really love all the ‘ferns and foliage’ ones! Yet another reason why I want to get married every year. At least! x

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