Let’s Do Dallas Baby.

A wee while ago the very fancy and luxurious bridal boutique Adamo ran a competition to offer two lucky customers the opportunity to enter their prize draw.

And no it wasn’t to win a bridal gown but to wear one, or two…or um three (!), then be photographed in full styled glory by the lovely Craig and Kate from Craig Williams Photography.

I know. Lucky so and so’s right?

The shoot took place at Cliff Barns where there are two “venues” to choose from, Dynasty and Dallas, both full of quirky touches and eclectic southern charm. It was Dallas that was the location of choice and provided the perfect backdrop for real bride winners Joss and Abbie to showcase a wide variety of accessories, frocks and general fabulousness.

And as well as unique W-day inspiration there is a whole heap of rock-the-dress idea gems and hair-do could -do should-do greatness on these pages today folks.

Oh and must mention the cake.

I am completely and utterly obsessed With. The. CAKE.

So without further ado…… let’s do Dallas lovelies.


A Raw Country Influence

Lauren at Adamo Bridal: Our brief was Rustic, Country, Raw, Cool. Not the instant association you would make with a typical wedding dress, which may usually conjure up words such as ‘pretty’ and ‘princess’…and that’s exactly why I loved this shoot!! Our brides at Adamo tend to love the quirky and we really got to use some of our quirkiest dresses to stand out against the rustic grandeur of the venue Cliff Barns.

Alan Hannah’s full-skirted gowns with an edge (amazing appliqué silk flowers and specially commissioned checked fabric); Cymbeline’s layered lace and bustled-up skirts; MiaMia’s all-over ruffles and Ugo Zaldi’s flowing silks….each one utterly unique and just that little bit (dare I say it) ‘different’!!

The moral of the story is – your wedding dress shouldn’t be wearing you, you should be wearing the dress! If something isn’t ‘you’, then don’t feel you have to wear it just because it seems to have the tear factor with your Nan. Our models showed off exactly how to bring the cool to your wedding day style!

The Photography

Craig Williams Photography: We did the shoot as this amazing venue called Cliff Barns, they have two venues based on Dallas and Dynasty and we were at Dallas! This shoot is full of Stag Heads and cowboy saddles galore and with two stunning brides in the pictures we think the results were incredible.

Love Your Hair

Cassandra Rizzuto: Lauren Williamson asked me to be involved in this shoot i was given the guidelines of 1950’s but I did not want the hair to look like we just played dress up with the Models, so I just went with what came to me on the day. Although I had in my head Quiffs and Rolls. Our first look was some elegant loose curls to compliment the gorgeous dresses and brilliant make up by Lucy.

Then it was time to Rock it!!! With Abbie I went with a really high quiff but kept it textured but kept the back very sleek to make sure the quiff stood out. I styled the Quiff free handed with my fingers and my favourite hairspray Big Sexy Hair “Spray and Play Harder”, the name says it all.

Our second model Joss I went with a side roll, again with a lot of texture because her hair had previously been curled to spice things up a bit and give her a more of a New England charm (As seen in May’s Vogue Magazine).

Bridal Beauty

Lucy Baker:My initial inspiration for the shoot was make-up a bit like Dita Von Teese wears but in a modern fresh way, i.e not quite so traditional. The models both had very different colourings though so I worked that look for Abbie, who had black hair, as she could take a lot of colour, the red 50’s hollywood glamour lips and matt skin worked so well on her!

The second model, Joss, was much fairer so I really wanted soft pastel colours to accentuate her lovely big eyes and great smile. I was aiming for a more wearable, slightly vintage bridal look with peachy undertones to suit paler women, which is why I used the soft dusty colours and powdered the skin quite heavily so it didn’t look modern and sheen-y.

Photography: Craig Williams Photography

Bridal Gowns: A selection of Cymbeline, Ugo Zaldi, Alan Hannah and Miamia at Adamo Bridal

Hair: Cassandra Rizzuto of Love Your Hair

Make up: Lucy Baker

Venue: Cliff Barns

Tiaras: From a selection at: Flo and Percy, Halo and Co and Ivory and Co

Cake: Fancy Nancy

So then, anyone for a cow print sweet treat this afternoon?

How about some scarlet lips a la Dita Von Teese?

Biker boots with your bridal gown perhaps?

Which ever way you rock it, make sure you rock it your way.

Oh and a big “Hello you look fabulous” to real brides Abbie and Joss in the comments box from you kind and gernerous lot would be greatly appreciated…

Big Stetson Wearing Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

23 thoughts on “Let’s Do Dallas Baby.

  1. I am in love with ALL of their hairstyles. Very different and each so beautiful. The headpieces compliment them well too 🙂 Great job guys!!! I have to twitter this… 🙂

  2. I wish I’d thought of asking for a ‘Rustic, Country, Raw, Cool’ dress when I went dress shopping. That’s exactly what I wanted but didn’t find.

    Back to the top to read the rest now…

  3. The girls genuinely look like models! Let me rephrase that… they should be models. I tend to get a little overexcited, look at all the photographs and then go back through and read the script. So I did a massive double take when I realised that Abbie and Joss weren’t professional models. They look stunning. I am so busting out the hairspray and back combing my hair into a huge quiff tonight ladies!!! Gorgeous shoot! xox

  4. Wowsa! Awesome shoot. First of all, you’d never know Abbie and Joss weren’t proper models, they look amazing.

    Cliff Barns looks ridiculously cool as a wedding venue, if I was getting married in London I’d head there first!

    I like the frills dress and the checkered short dress the best. And the make-up, hair and photography are all brill!

    Oh and I almost forget how amazing the cake is! How do you make a cow cake? I need to know!


  5. If I was going with a short dress I think I’d totally have to rock it with biker boots. As it is, I think i’ll definitely be taking some hair inspiration from this- loving the quiffs!

  6. I keep coming back to look at the photos and I keep noticing lots of other things I love! Like the red lippy. And the amazing hairpieces. And I now have a major craving for cake… xox

  7. Ok, so I have just been drooling over the Cliff Barns website, first for a uni reunion get-together next year, then fantasizing about getting married there and ‘how had I never heard of this place before???’, when I head on over to RMW (as I do every evening), and there it is!! Doing the boho hair/biker boots/Dallas thang TO A TEE.

    Well done all, amazing shoot xx

  8. Those ladies look proper gorgeous, great shoot. Particularly lovin the sparkly hair… I tried that short checked Alan Hannah dress on! It was soo much fun to wear I couldn’t stop spinning round! It would be great for a summer wedding xx
    Ps moooo

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