Little Miss Worry.

So… I’m only a month into planning and it seems to be going really well so far, got the venue, picked my dress, narrowed our choice of photographers down to two and booked our catering tasting. All of these things have been a breeze but I have a couple of things niggling my little brain….

1. Money – I just don’t know how we are going to pay for all of this….and we are making big cuts!! let’s just hope all of my DIY bits and pieces are going to look fabulous.

2. Family – As my Mum and Dad are divorced… and I am born worrier, I REALLY hope they get on well on the day and set my mind to rest. The day is about Malc and I so just for twenty four hours I want them to be friends again.

3. My bonce – One of our cut backs is hair and make-up, I am pretty nifty with a comb so I’m doing all my bridesmaids hair do’s and my own too. My sister is planning on waking me up at 4am (to get me back for getting her up on her day!) so I’m pretty sure I will have enough time but I hope I’m not having a bad hair day and it looks well… rubbish!

4. My wibbly belly – I hope I trim down and fit into my dress!

I think I’m probably a bit early to be worrying about these things but I just can’t help it, it’s such an important day and you only do it once so naturally I want it to go smoothly. Although as previously mentioned I am a born worrier, I do know how to brush things off and just get on so hopefully my laid back approach will shine through on the day…

(Fingers, legs, arms crossed…)

So how about you lovely brides to be, any niggling worries whilst planning? Or if you are in married bliss already, did you have any worries and did your day go as smoothly as you wished??

Lots of (hopefully) laid back love


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27 thoughts on “Little Miss Worry.

  1. I can really identify with this post! I’m at about the same stage in planning and have less than 5 months to go. Last night I dreamt I organised the most disastrous party. I suppose my main worry is everyone has a good time, perhaps I’m overly concerned about what others think!

  2. Like you I’m a worrier. I had nightmares for months about nobody turning up, my dress not fitting and all our guests hating it. Our wedding day itself was perfect. Not everything went according to plan, but that was ok. I promise on the day you won’t give a jot, you’ll be so wrapped up in the excitement.

  3. Today I have a summit meeting with my Dad and his girlfriend to decide if the reception is in their garden or a hotel. His girlfriend has never really liked me but is excited about organising wedding stuff. The garden would save us money but the hotel would mean less chance for differences of opinion and clashes!

  4. Im exactly like you, a born worrier. I’m worrying about everything – if my DIY is up to scratch, if doing my own hair and make up is a mistake, will enough people come (it’s only a small wedding anyway!), will they have a good time and will I look good enough! I’m hoping everyone is right when they say you just don’t care on the day! 🙂 x

  5. I’ve had a few of my early worries ironed out now, but having said that for about 3 months now I have been saying I’ll leave that until after xmas, well here we are after xmas!! and the worries are creeping back in. I don’t think money makes a wedding, some of the most beautiful weddings are the stripped back simplistic ones. xx

  6. I tend not to worry and usually adopt a “it’ll be alright on the night” attitude, which can sometimes backfire on me, but there is one thing that is causing me a few pre nuptial nightmares and that’s to do with shoes! Now this might sound silly but I suffer from really swollen feet in hot weather.What if on the day of the wedding my shoes don’t fit ! Do I resort to wearing flip flops? Not really the look I was thinking of when planning my bridal outfit! Fingers crossed that there isn’t a heatwave on July 7th!

  7. Totally with you on all of those – but family is at the top of my worry list. Divorced parents, separated mum and step dad and all of whom remarried and all 3 couples coming to the wedding. My dad is making it a nightmare and really upsetting me and stressing me out 🙁 I really hope he doesn’t make a fuss on the day.
    Money will always be a worry and I now have less than 3 weeks to slim down after Christmas aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

  8. Oh and Vix your hair always looks fab in the photos on here – always really jealous of your lovely shiney hair. I’m sure it will look fab on the day x

  9. Worries are normal. To not have any would be more concerning than having them.

    I worried a lot about keeping other people happy, about how I would look in the photos, and that everyone would have a nice time. I worried that people wouldn’t approve of our religious ceremony at the venue, rather than at the church. But in the end – it was all FINE. 99% of the time, wedding worries never come to fruition and people pleasantly surprise you.

    Yes things can and do go wrong. But pick your battles, let go what isn’t important, and do what feels right


  10. So with you on those worries! We’ve been planning for just over a year now and my top worries have been money and my weight, Thankfully the money side seems to be ok now as we deliberately gave ourselves enough time to save up (we still have 10 months till the wedding) but I still have moments of feeling sick when I think of how much we are spending on one day….

    My biggest worry at the moment is fitting into my dress; I’ve put off losing weight and toning up and now panicking and thinking why did I not get off my behind this past year and do something earlier argh!

    Now as much as I’ve loved all the planning I just want to be married and start our life together as husband and wife as I’m done with all the stress. I just can’t wait for the wedding now although I’m bound to be saying after that I miss the planning! x

  11. You are so not alone. I am usually quite laid back, however I’ve found myself worrying about things that I never thought I would. My current concern is that i’ve bitten off a lot more than I can chew. I’ve decided to do my own flowers and I’m so worried that they are going to look naff!

    Second on my list of worries is money, money, money, and more to the point the severe lack of it!

    Arrrrggggghhhhhhh! I’m not getting married ’till August! How am I going to cope? To top all this off, my dress doesn’t fit yet! Xxxxx

  12. Vix that is so organised! What month is the wedding? I now have 6 months to go and everything is mostly sorted but lots of little stresses ie how I will look in photos? Will people enjoy it etc? Are the drinks too expensive at the venue? I’m hoping it will all be okay on the day though and have picked great suppliers which I hope will combat most of the stress.
    Rachie xo

  13. Vix-I am a born worrier too and worried about anything and everything in the run-up to my big day. I got so stressed about it that for the final few weeks wedding planning wasn’t the enjoyable experience it should have been. But the day itself was amazing-and truly the best day of my life-and I’m sure yours will be too. Everyone kept telling me that it would all come together in the end and they were right-it was wonderful to see all the effort we had put into the planning come to fruition on the day. And, although it doesn’t seem like anything will come together in those final months before the wedding, it will all be perfect on the day. Yes, there will always be a few things on the day that do not go according to plan but no one will notice and everyone will still have a great time 

    Good luck with the planning Vix-can’t wait to hear all about the journey and the day itself!


  14. Can sympathise with everyone on here! We’ve got 9 months to go! And my main worry is divorced parents (who havent had a civilised conversation for about 16 years!). We’ve tackled that by not having any parents on a table and each couple gets to host their own table (would highly recommend this)! But I still worry that there’s going to be awkwardness or that I’m going to constantly be on tenderhooks the whole day, although Mr G is adamant he’s going to have them all dancing together…

    Vix, from what I’ve seen on these very pages, you have that effortless way with your hair that alot of people (myself included – sorry!) are highly envious off! You’ll be fine on the day, just make sure you have plenty of practices so you know you could practicaly do it in your sleep and you’ll be absolutely fine girl! As for the money thing, I was really really stressng about this when we first starting planning as the odd monthly amounts didnt seem like much, but I sat and worked out how much we were saving each month and how many months we had and I was surprised at how much it worked out to in total!
    And as for your Wibbly belly, we all have bits that we dont like so Im not going to say “What wibbly belly” as I know which bits of my body need some work, all I would say is start that work NOW (not tomorrow or next week) and you’ll feel fab! Operation Dress is go! Good luck!

  15. Hey everyone!! WOW how helpful are you guys, I feel better already. It’s so nice to know that I’m not alone with the whole parent thing. I think it will always be in my mind but I just need to shove it to the back and they can get in line (!), I need to concentrate on me first and Lucia – you’re right, Im going to the gym today!! I have a dress fitting in 3 weeks 🙂

    We’re not getting married until 30th November this year so I have enough time to get my body sorted (aiming to get to where I want to be for June) then I can maintain it. I’m going to rope all my bestest in to helping me make everything!

    Thanks so much everyone


  16. Best of luck with it all Vix. I too found the amount we’re planning to spend on the one day frightening. But given the amount of fun I’m gaining from planning the whole event, I now choose to see it as paying for over a year’s worth of pleasure, rather than just that one day. That makes it all seem a bit more sensible and worthwhile 🙂

    And then all the fun that comes from remembering it afterwards will hopefully be an even bigger bonus!

  17. I could have written your post – as exciting as all this wedding malarky is, how flipping scary is it at the same time?!

    The Big Chris (Husband to be) is always telling me to ‘calm down, you’re going to have a stroke’ – and that was before wedding planning began!

    I worry about everything and everyone…it would be my favourite past time if it didn’t make my tummy tie itself in knots!

    So, I have just put my name down on a Monday night yoga class at my gym…I have never done yoga before but I am ready to get my chilled head on…it will also give me the opportunity to wear a cool headband which I always enjoy! x

  18. Bloomin’ ‘eck Vix – you sound very organised! However, I know it doesn’t help when people say that, because nothing can stop you feeling disorganised!

    The money issue is a big one for us at the moment – Mr A is very lovely about it all, and keeps reassuring me it will be fine (which is almost certainly true), but it does feel like a huge amount to spend on one day.

    As fo family – I reckon your ma and pa will put their differences aside for one day. In fact, I’m sure of it!!

    Big hugs xxx

  19. I totally understand where you are coming from. From the day we got engaged, our 4 sets of parents (both of our parents seperated and remarried) have been causing conflict and stress, something that seems to be only worsening the closer we get to the wedding. We are trying to slim down (cross trainer just ordered right now!!), somehow find £7000 and keep everyone happy. Sometimes it all seems like such a stressful task it makes me wonder if it will ever get easier, but then I picture the moment when we’re at the front of the church and imagine how it will feel to say those vows and be pronounced husband and wife, and I KNOW that it will all be worth it and I would go through it all a million times over, just for that. Best of luck Vix, I know how you feel but also know (and hope) that all of these stresses will pay off in the end 🙂 x x x x

  20. Thanks girls,

    MrsA-to-be – I really hope they do, I think I am just one of those people who will think about it too much so its my own fault, I should really care a little less.

    It will definately be worth it, I know it!! I cannot wait to walk back down the aisle together as H&W!!!



  21. Yes my lovely – I can’t imagine a better feeling than that!

    As for the ‘rents, I ummed and ahhed about inviting my mum (whom I’ve seen oncein 9 years), just to keep the grandparents happy. My dad said it was my choice, and he would have been fine with it, but I decided against it. It was nice to know it would has been amicable though. Families – who’d have ’em?! 😉

    What venue have you booked? Or is that for another post?
    I’m so nosey 🙂

  22. @susi – that is amazing advice… I’ve been sick to the stomach thinking about budgets. Nice way to look at it! Xx

  23. Vix, I have the same problems with the divorced parents on the boy’s side. Its horrific, and i know there will be something, but dont sweat, i have hope for you (and myself) that they are bigger people and know how important it is! i basically said to Mr. N, ill be on the dancefloor with my friends and family if your looking for me and if they’re looking for trouble, the door will be nearby! Keep the faith! x

  24. I know exactly what you mean with the parent thing! I have had the same problem, one person said to me “You need to think you will remember this day for the rest of your life, make sure what ever is in your control are happy memories.” from that I have decided what to do.
    The slimming down on the worry side, I want to chew my arm off! However I can’t stop thinking, if I can not slim down for the biggest day of my life, when will I ever – here’s to eating rice cakes and apples instead of chocolate and biscuits!
    Reading all your comments back has really helped me to think, it is normal to worry! Glad to share some of the worry with others, so thanks! x

  25. Ahhh thanks girls again – great advice.

    Mrs A-to-be – that must have bee such a difficult decision to make and I am grateful I am still close to both of them. They will just have to get on with it………………and the venue…….all will be revealed soon, I promise!

    Essien – firstly, gorgeous name by the way! and second I will keep the faith all the way Im sure they will be fine, its more me worrying about them.

    Thank you

  26. Phew! Not just me then! Money being the biggest stress! Grrrr!
    I’m trying to remain calm after I went to the doctors yesterday with breathlessness and dizziness. He simply told me to breathe!
    ….”Its not your asthma, its anxiety! You’re hyperventilating!”
    So breathing now until the big day in 3 months!!

    In through the nose…out through the mouth…repeat!

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