As with most things over the past three weeks since my (our) last post – planning to write this ‘a good week before’ and just pretend that we’re writing as if it’s the day before the wedding DID NOT GO TO PLAN. It is now, ONE DAY BEFORE WE GET MARRIED. I’m sure that’s giving you a flavour of exactly how this post is gonna go down! For any of you that are in the lead up to getting married, I hope to god that you’re feeling the same (well actually I hope you’re feeling all nice and calm) but I’d like the re-assurance of knowing that we’re not the only ones with our heads on fire...The only thing tranquil about this post are the beautiful images from our engagement shoot with Ann-Kathrin Koch - we spent a day wandering about our home town Cheltenham and its glorious surroundings...looking at these beautiful images makes me so excited for the big day.
What a complete rollercoaster of emotions – mostly happy ones, a lot of excited ones, some anxious ones, some ‘everyone is really f**king annoying me ones' {sorry for the swears guys}. There’s been a lot of swearing recently especially when I unknowingly ran over a cone outside my gym as I came down off a curb...I dragged it for about 100 meters hearing some weird sound thinking that I’d knackered my little fiat. Once stopped I finally realised what I’d done and I then had to crawl around trying to pull it out. My personal trainer saw the whole thing and laughed at me for about a week. Nice one Lizzie!! I have so many tales to tell, I’m not sure where to begin but what I really wanted to say early on is...BE REALLY ORGANISED, ALWAYS...BUT REMEMBER, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE MORE STUFF TO DO. That has been the real story of this week in particular. I made an action plan on Saturday, yes, yes Adam laughed at me too...My action plan estimated that we’d be totally done by Tuesday evening so we could hang out, spend all of Wednesday having romantic walks, a nice pub lunch, dinner, maybe some drinks. Obviously, this did not happen but, on the plus side – at lease I factored in a whole additional day. IT HAS DEFINITELY BEEN REQUIRED...Adam had to drive to London on Tuesday and Wednesday for final suit fittings, turns out he's lost a little weight in the last few weeks! Cad & the Dandy have been amazing at sorting everything out and the suit now looks great and fits like a glove!

Elmore Court

Elmore Court actually think of everything, Rachel who is basically the boss of our W-DAY is a dream. Keep in touch with you venue people, update them about the little things. I’ve found thinking about all of the questions/comments/changes/additions and sending it all across in a one’er has been useful for both parties. Also, I’ve found having a little wedding sub folder in my inbox has been amazing as once I’ve actioned stuff I just drag it all in there. I also told Adam off last week for not CC’ing me in to emails – what a COW. Sorry babes. But it’s handy to know what’s happening especially when you’re dealing with so many suppliers. Did I mention I had controlling/OCD tendencies??!

The Country Flower Company

One of the loveliest things about weddings is the friendships you build with your people...Jemma Gade our florist from The Country Flower Company is the loveliest lass ever. Adam was in London last week so Jemma and I arranged a little Skype catch up to go through all the final floral plans. That bit didn’t really take very long but we had such a giggle – she had her G&T, I had my Earl Grey and we had a right little goss, it was lush. Really looking forward to seeing all of her creations come together. DID I SAY THERE'S A FLORAL ARCH?! Eeeeeek.


Pinterest, pinterest, pinterest – oh and Severin from Hepburn Collection. He’s going to be creating some right magic in the hair department.


I feel this has to be worth a mention. It was so special to have all of my best girlies together and lovely that everyone got on so well. My bridesmaids did an awesome job. I did spend the entire week wanting to relive it all as I had so much fun...I can't begin to imagine how we’re going to feeling after the wedding.


Errr so this was fun (not). The pain was mainly brought on by my own ideas of having everyone in different dresses, dresses that blended nicely together and that flattered whoever was in it. Advice here, have a credit card. Second bit of advice here, keep a little note of all of the returns you make – it gets confusing. I had initially said the girls could get their own but you have SEVEN it’s quite hard to say yes to certain dresses when you’re not sure what the others have chosen. I ended buying a load of dresses that I liked, in all of their sizes needless to say the trying on phase was A LOT of fun (for me maybe not for them). I still haven’t seen them all together but they all look incredible and all have dresses that flatter their beautiful figures.

Wedding Planning

I think it’s fair to say that we both underestimated the amount of admin that comes your way in the lead up towards the wedding...Skype chats, finalising all the details with various suppliers, checking over invoices, getting things removed, getting things added, going over every fine detail and realising you need to spend £500 on stuff you forgot. I’m not sure what advice I can give here, but I guess if you’re semi-prepared with everything else then you have more capacity to deal with this stuff. Having the week off before the wedding has definitely helped, and make sure you have a last minute contingency budget! Things we’ve learnt...
    Remember that the small things don’t really matter – as long as you’re both there – who cares. Be nice to everyone. Be nice to each other, be kind and have patience – you are a team after all. Get help in, Mum, Dad, best mate, whoever. DELEGATE {to trustworthy individuals} Relax, go with it and just enjoy the day...I don’t think there will be anything else we can do.
Sorry if this post has sounded little bit manic and is! I hope this post has gives you something to take away, even if it’s just a laugh at how rubbish our final stages of planning were (Adam as a Director of Rock My Wedding really should know better!) How are everyone elses W-DAY plans going? Any thoughts or general words of advice that might help us through the next 24 hours (apart from GIN obviously - that would definitely help). I’d love to stay here for longer and chat but I’m going to have to go as I had a spray tan last night and it didn’t take! Back for another one I go. Lets hope I don’t turn orange!

Written by Lizzie Crohill

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