Love In Colour…..part 2

Rachel and Richard filled their day with colour, love and truly personal touches – reflecting them both as a couple as well as representing their cultural influences.

The RMW team are especially in love with the rich jewel hues of the maids dresses and florals – we adore a bit of vibrancy…..

And if anyone is interested in tasting some of the most divine cupcakes ever made then bride Rach bakes them 😉

Mixing It Up

We sort of had a theme – I’m half Indian, and we wanted to include that into the day, so we went with lots of colour for the girls. Their dresses were from Dessy, and we went with the same dress but in a different shade of purple or pink for each. They all looked stunning, and the mix of colours was really effective.

As a gift for them, I asked a colleague who makes jewellery to design a set of jewellery for each girl matched to their dress colour.

For my maid of honour, I actually asked her to make up a necklace based on RMW’s Rebecca’s double stranded necklace, and it looked perfect with the low back of the dress.

Floral Fancy

Our flowers were done by Heather Blackmore, who does the flowers for the chapel normally. She was brilliant – and very patient, putting up with lots of chopping and changing! We went with her to buy the flowers a week before the wedding, and she really helped us bring our ideas to life whilst sticking to our strict budget.

We wanted lots of colour in the marquee and we had a mix of tall vases and goldfish bowls, with underwater lights and clear cellophane in the water, which looked like cracked ice – cheap but very effective.

We just wanted to use our favourite flowers where possible, so Rich went for cream calla lilies for his and the boy’s buttonholes. For the bridesmaid’s bouquets we used one big head of green hydrangea with some gorgeous spray roses. For my bouquet I asked for a hand tied bouquet of white freesia, purple hydrangea, white and fuchsia phalaenopsis orchid, cerise roses and pink and cream spray roses.

It was just gorgeous, and smelt amazing.

Not Just A Photographer

Our photographer was Zoe Collyer who we found through Rock My Wedding.

We loved her style from the start and she understood exactly what we were after – relaxed, informal shots with a few non-stuffy formals. I can’t say enough about how great she was in the run up and on the day. From going on a coffee run in the morning to helping with hair and make up in the final frantic minutes to staying on late for surprise fireworks, she was an absolute star. So professional whilst being like one of our friends. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

A Great Love Of Food

Food is very important to us! We decided to have a big Indian feast for our meal, and our caterers, Sapna were excellent. We had dishes of curries, rice and naan served on each table and it was a really fuss-free way of serving everyone. The food was delicious, and all our guests told us how much they enjoyed the meal. I wish I’d had more!

Our cake was unbelievable. Rich’s Aunty Sue makes the most beautiful wedding cakes, and we were so lucky that she made ours for us. It was a four tier cake with marble sponge, carrot and fruit layers with the most realistic sugar flowers I’ve ever seen – honestly, no-one could believe that they weren’t real! It was absolutely delicious! Again, I wish I’d had more!

Simple D.I.Y Decor

In the chapel we only had one simple white hydrangea and foliage arrangement on the altar, and no other flowers as we felt the chapel didn’t need any other adornment. Instead we had all the candles lit inside and the effect was just magical.

In the marquee we had fairy lights strung from the ceiling along with some DIY Martha Stewart tissue paper pom poms that we made (spotted on a very early RMW post!), and that my mum and dad hung from the roof of the marquee – they looked fab!

Because the wedding was at Winchester College, we decided that we would do the seating plans on blackboard and name each table after a school subject, so we painted some chipboard with blackboard paint and then asked my lovely sister-in-law Jo to write on everyone’s name with chalk – they looked brilliant.

Family Entertainment

We opted for both a band and a DJ, as my brother Jonathan is a very talented guitarist and plays and sings in a band, and we were so pleased that they played a set for us on the day. My other brother Andrew also plays guitar, and joined them for a few songs, and it was really special to have them playing for us. After that, we just asked the DJ to play lots of motown and disco to get everyone dancing.

My brother Jonathan and a very good family friend entertained us all while the drinks reception was going on by playing show tunes and rat pack classics on the guitar and piano – they were superb.

We were going to have a first dance, but to be honest we didn’t feel that comfortable about it, and knew we would feel really nervous, so in the end we decided not to have one – and we were so relieved! We did manage to grab a few dances together though which was lovely.

Making It Yours

There were so many things that made our day so special. I can’t even describe how thankful we are to our parents and families for organising and planning the most brilliant day, especially my mum – how she managed to juggle organising our wedding and a demanding full time job I will never know, but I suspect her crazy planning charts helped! They even planned an AMAZING surprise firework display for us as they know how much we love them – they kept the secret so well, and we didn’t have a clue!

We have many friends and family who live abroad, and we were so lucky that so many came to be with us from all over – New Zealand, America, Canada, Australia, India….the list goes on! We felt so lucky and so honoured that we were able to share our day with all of our loved ones. I remember looking round at everyone and thinking how blessed we were to have the support and love of so many wonderful people, and how joyful everyone looked. When I think back on our day, that’s what stands out.

My advice to other brides would be this: don’t sweat the small stuff! On the day there were some things that I forgot to do that I swore I needed to do, such as throwing the bouquet etc, but who cares?! I certainly didn’t!

Our ceremony was the most special part of our day and was very emotional, and I’m so glad that we spent a lot of time thinking about what to include. This is the really important part of the day, becoming husband and wife, so don’t lose sight of that.

Take time to look around you and to speak to as many people as you can. I felt like I was constantly talking to one person after another, but I wouldn’t change that for the world – it’s the one time in your life you will get to see all your family and friends in one place, so make the most of it. And don’t forget to really enjoy it all – all the planning beforehand and the day itself.

I wish we could have our day all over again, it was truly magical.

And it looks truly magical – that last image is a beaut.

With huge thanks to Rachel, Richard and Zoe Collyer for sharing this gorgeous affair with Rock My Wedding.

Big Vibrant Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

20 thoughts on “Love In Colour…..part 2

  1. This is definitely one of my favorite weddings ever! The marquee is totally magical! I do love a pom pom!! And fab they served Indian food – I would have loved that as a guest!

    Also the colours of the bridesmaid dresses are just divine! And I love the flowers!! Basically I love it all!!

    Congratulations Rach – you also looked amazing!!!

    Rachie xo

  2. love the church, love the bridesmaids dresses being different colours, love the fireworks, love it all, Rach you look stunning as well! xxx

  3. Oh dear, oh dear – this one made me cry! It just all looked so perfect, and yet very naturel too. I really love the jewel colours on the BM’s, but especially loved the bride’s advice at the end….sigh…!

  4. I so wish I had been invited to that wedding. It was beautiful.
    I loved the bridesmaids dresses – both the style and colour.
    The marquee looked spectacular with all the fairy lights.
    Congratulations Mr & Mrs RachBakes

  5. Gorgeous. Lovely words about the service and the first photograph of you both in the chapel.
    Flowers are absolutely stunning. Beautiful.

  6. I didn’t think this wedding could get any more beautiful after the first installment but I was wrong! All of the details were inspired – what a stunning day.

    I am loving the menu, pom poms, fairy lights & the bridesmaid dresses…. in fact, I love it all.

    I can I just say I have a bit of a girly crush on Rachel now? She is purdy AND she bakes! That is all! x

  7. Morning!

    I firstly need to apologise for what is likely to be an epic comment-you’ll see why shortly!

    So, Anna K is currently on a farm in Cornwall sans Internet, volunteering with disadvantaged city kids. I know. She actually IS perfect. *Sigh*
    I have been tasked with informing you that she hears (via lengthy text messages) that your wedding is gorgeous Rach, and she can’t wait to get back and see it for herself. So be sure to check back on Tuesday for the traditional ‘Today I am loving…’ comment that only Anna K can deliver with such aplomb! (I thought about iving it a go on her behalf…but really, who am I kidding?!)

    From me… Rach you look SENSATIONAL. You know I don’t ‘do’ wedding dresses, but you look stunning in yours and I can’t imagine you in anything else. Your shoes (both pairs!) the nail varnish (both kinds!) all the different colours of the maid’s dresses and your hair and make-up all belong on the pages of a fashion glossy!

    I love the marquee decoration, having just spent all week making 200 of those flipping pompoms I know how much time and effort they take so kudos! The flowers are so pretty…and the food! Is it very wrong to crave curry for breakfast?! In fact, is it very wrong to be musing over breakfast at 11.15?!

    The whole day just looks incredible, and for those of us that were lucky enough to meet you and eat your scrummy cupcakes, it’s lovely to see that you had such a perfect day because you certainly deserved it!

    Love to you and Mr H!


  8. Man oh man, those bm dresses are deeeeeelish and have given moi a wee idea….may have to steal those shoes also… just generally in love with this whole day! xoxo

  9. My venue will not allow fireworks and I’m gutted. I am wondering if I can sneak them in?! I think they would notice though 🙂

    Congratulations on your wedding and thanks for sharing xXx

  10. Rach, this is amazing. Was lovely to meet you at the RMW meet up and have been keeping an eye out for your do! I’ve been weighing up red nails to match my red shoes for my big day (in three weeks) and this has completely convinced me!
    You looked amazing and the bright colours rocked!
    Congrats x

  11. Absolutely stunning.

    Loving the jewel like colours – they work so well together.

    The firework photograph is simply beautiful.


  12. By far one of my fave weddings on here…
    So much so I had a dream about it after seeing this on Saturday!

    I love the bursts of colour. The b-maid dresses are the same as mine (in a different colour) and I love the different shades! Just gorgeous.

    I love everything. The bride is one of the most stunning ever!And the photography captures every fabulous moment.

    I’m swooning, in a big way!

  13. I know you!!!

    Ha! god bless cocktails.

    Seriously though, this looks like one totally amazing bash, there are many many things in it that I heart, some that I will be shamelessly stealing and some I will merely have to lust after in an unrequited fashion – sigh.

    well done mrs x x x

  14. Sorry I am only just getting round to commenting – but what can I say – FABULOUS WEDDING!! Loving the colours, the dress, the venue, the pom poms, the pictures and especially the food choices – wow!!!!

    Was so great to meet you the other week. I should also thank you….there was a box of cupcakes left and as I was one of the last to leave, I obviously took them home. I did however give the doormen one each and they LOVED them!! xxxxxxxxx

  15. Thank you messenger Aisling!

    Oh man…oh Rach this is in my top 5 RMW weddings EVER (and mine’s up there too, so really it’s in the top 4!)

    Today I am loving….

    – your writing. You crack me up, lady
    – your dress. Especially the back shots. Not usually one for ruffles, yous have absolutely seduced me.
    – the jewel-toned maxis with those brightly coloured tootsies. What beautiful, beautiful BMs…exotic and glamorous and everything a girl dreams of being
    – your shoes. Both of them. I have serious shoe envy. None of my shoes are good enough.
    – THAT firework shot. Serene and dramatic and perfection.
    – An indian feast followed by a sweets table…er…your wedding is like my ideal birthday

    Going to stop now lest I sound like a fangirl but honestly, I have been looking forward to this for an age! Congratulations to you both – a perfect day of fun, laughter and love!

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