Love Is A Rose.

When Ant and Vicky started searching for their venue for their wedding in July earlier this year they had three specifications.

Firstly that the venue ooze a laid-back atmosphere.

Secondly that it convey a ‘country feel’ for their guests.

And lastly, that it be on a farm or in a barn.

When they finally found Upwaltham Barns, they immediately fell in love and didn’t look back.

And lovelies, when you see this delicious array of images below, all captured by the wonderful Ed Peers, you’ll completely understand why.

We have a bride swathed in cappuccino coloured lace, a dapper groom complete with pipe, clouds of gyp and an adorable breakdancing youngster.

What’s not to love?

Cappuccino Lace

I’ve never been a really girly girl and originally was determined not to be a bride who spent huge amounts on a dress. I bought one online and when it arrived it was beautiful, but I never really felt comfortable in it and it didn’t make my mum cry (she cries at everything).

I reluctantly booked a few appointments at wedding dress shops and stumbled upon the gem that is Bridal Rogue Gallery in central London. The minute I walked in they made me feel comfortable and it was much more fun than I expected.

I had always liked lace and when I tried on their ‘Simone’ dress in cappuccino I loved it. Return trips with more bridesmaids and a suitably teary mum confirmed my choice and I joined the legions of brides who overspent on the dress, but didn’t regret it for a second.

A Most Prized Possession

My most prized piece of jewellery was a ring that belonged to my grandmother. It had particular sentimental value as a year before my parents had been burgled and all of the jewellery my mum had inherited from my grandmother was stolen, apart from this one ring which, thankfully, she had with her at the time. It meant a lot to me to be able to wear it.

For my headpiece the ladies at Bridal Rogue Gallery helped me out by taking the appliqué from a Filippa Scott ribbon bracelet I liked and putting it onto a band for me.

When it came to shoes I didn’t want anything too high. Ant and I are roughly the same height so I didn’t want to tower over him and am rubbish at walking in skyscrapers anyway. I got a pair of ‘Anya’ from Rachel Simpson in mink suede with gold detail that went really well with the dress.

They were so comfortable I wore them all night long.

The bridesmaid’s dresses were much harder to find then I ever imagined. Although we didn’t have a set colour scheme for the day I decided I wanted them to match the colour of the flowers, so we were looking for a pale pink. A few options were tried and swiftly returned and thankfully my lovely maids were very patient with me.

On one, slightly panicked, shopping trip just a few weeks before the day I did my best impression of Supermarket Sweep and tore round a department store grabbing anything in the correct hue. One of these was from Almost Famous and it looked stunning on all of them. It was such a relief, and they matched the flowers perfectly. They teamed them with nude shoes and did their own hair and make up.

A Family Affair

I decided to have quite natural make up in pinks and browns which went nicely with my dress and flowers. My make up was done by Arabella Hewitt who did a fantastic job of keeping me calm in the morning and was great fun to be around. I discovered Arabella when talking to her mum Meera who runs Full Bloom and did our flowers, so we kept it as a real family affair.

When we had discussed flowers Ant and I both liked the idea of keeping them fairly informal and having a country style element to them. We met Meera from Full Bloom at an open day at the barns and she had an example of a Memory Lane Rose buttonhole with her.

We loved the slightly vintage look to it and felt it would fit the style of our day, it was combined with some Gypsophila and Rosemary for my bouquet, the bridesmaids just had Gypsophila. They did such an amazing job, the flowers were absolutely stunning.

Winklepickers And Polka Dots

Ant wanted to get the best man, ushers and my dad a suit to keep, so from the outset we were looking to buy rather than hire. With 5 suits to find it wasn’t easy and Ant spent a lot of time pouring over various websites. In the end he managed to do an amazing job and got them all three piece suits in the Austin Reed sale.

They teamed them with winklepickers and polka dot cravats in different colours with Ant tying it together with a multi coloured number. He looked incredibly handsome, which made walking down the aisle much easier!

A True Classic

One of my favourite things about the day was my gorgeous car. My dad has always had a thing for Jaguars so when I found a vintage E-type for hire from Vanilla Classics I just had to get it. It was nice to just have the two of us in the car going to the venue and, even though it was only a short journey, he loved driving it.

A Self-Confessed Camera Geek

Photography was always very important to us, it’s the one thing you keep forever and we wanted to get it right, plus I am a bit of a camera geek. Neither of us are fans of staged photos and when we found Ed Peers we thought he would understand what we wanted. Meeting him confirmed all that and really put us at ease.

A number of guests have commented that they hardly noticed he was there, he blended in so well. The pictures he took of people laughing and enjoying themselves are exactly how we wanted to remember the day. I cannot thank him enough!

If Music Be The Food Of Love…

Music is a big thing for both of us, but more so Ant who is usually found with a guitar in hand.

Even our reading, read brilliantly by Ant’s sister Laura, was the lyrics from Bob Dylan’s ‘Wedding Song’. For the first dance Ant let me have one of my all time favourites – The Traveling Wilbury’s ‘Handle With Care’.

Ant wanted to make sure that we had the right music on the day and a band that could keep everyone dancing.

He found The Tumbling Dice and they had just the sort of set list we were looking for with a mixture of old and newer rock n roll, something for everyone but no cheese! They were perfect and had the dance floor packed all night long.

We also had a brilliant blues player called Lou Glandfield, again found by Ant, who played in the courtyard after our ceremony. Everyone loved him.

Music very quickly became the theme of our day and once it did everything seemed to fall into place. We made our own invites which were made to look like CD covers with a picture of us at Glastonbury on the front. I made table confetti from old music paper and we had different flavour cider’s to drink after the ceremony which gave it a festival vibe.

Continuing the music theme we named our tables after all our favourite artists with the top table being Neil Young. I also walked down the aisle to his song ‘Love is a Rose’. Neil Young is an obsession Ant inherited from his dad, who passed away last year. It was really hard not to have him there but good to know he would have loved those choices.

For our favours we decided to do CD’s with songs from the day so our guests had memories to take away with them. We found a brilliant company online called Band CDs who make CD’s to look like mini vinyl. We created two CD’s, A sides, chosen by Ant and V sides by me, which we burnt at home one (very long) evening.

Without doubt our biggest stroke of genius came when we were trying to think of ideas for a photo booth in the evening. We really wanted one but didn’t have the budget to stretch to another photographer. So we decided to make a DIY version. Ant made a screen that we set up in the garden of the venue and I collected a number of different film cameras from Ebay. The light bulb moment came when we decided to tie it into the music theme and ‘The Beatles Booth’ was born.

A few Sgt Pepper costumes and inflatable guitars later you couldn’t drag people away from it and the pictures are brilliant.

All The Colours Of The Rainbow

We weren’t sure what to have for a cake but wanted to make it a bit different. I saw a picture of a rainbow cake and thought they were a really fun alternative and Ant agreed. A friend of ours, Lauren Prater, made us a two tier cake with cupcakes as well. She really surpassed herself and not only did it look stunning but it was delicious!

I loved the fact that with a plain exterior everyone got a surprise when we cut it open to reveal the colours! I had also seen examples homemade cake toppers and thought it would be a nice touch so bought a kit from Goose Grease on Etsy and spent a fun Saturday sat in the garden painting them to look like us and making miniature bunting.

When Life Hands You Lemons

The one slight disaster we experienced happened two days before the big day. Ant’s mum had booked coaches for the return journey to our hotel and out of the blue received an email to say the company had gone bust.

Thankfully our lovely friends and Ant’s mum hit the phones and internet and found an environmentally friendly bus company that runs its vehicles on waste cooking oil. And so we ended the night on ‘The Big Lemon’ bright yellow bus and wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Boutique – Bridal Rogue Gallery

Make-Up – Arabella Hewitt

Shoes – Rachel Simpson

Bridesmaid Dresses – Almost Famous

Ushers Suits – Austin Reed

Photographer – Ed Peers

Blues Singer – Lou Glandfield

Live Music – The Tumbling Dice

Venue – Upwaltham Barns

Florist – Full Bloom

Car – Vanilla Classics

Favours – BandCDs

Cake Toppers – Goose Grease

Guest Transport – The Big Lemon

So folks, what do you think?

I, for one, am completely in love with Vicky’s beautiful coffee-coloured frock; it is exquisite and the back detail is to die for. I’m also secretly lusting after Ant’s three-piece suit especially the polka-dotted cravat – it would make the most awesome hairband.

And I also adore how both Vicky and Ant almost carried their Beatles photo booth theme all the way through to their guests’ transport…a yellow bus. Well it’s impossible to get a yellow submarine these days…

Proof that even if things don’t work out according to plan at the last minute, it doesn’t mean that everything is lost.

As my grandma used to say, things have a funny way of working themselves out.

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

16 thoughts on “Love Is A Rose.


    Perfect music choices, gorgeous outfits, amazing dancing child, I also see lots of stuff we’re planning thrown in and executed to perfection!!

    But erm… BEATLES BOOTH??? Sign me up for that one for our very own Scouse extravaganza! Brilliant xx

  2. Before I even saw the first photo, I knew I was going to love this…
    ‘Country feel’, ‘farm or a barn’, bride in ‘cappuchino lace’ – the photos couldn’t load fast enough…

    And then the photos – the dress is AMAZING! I love all of it but particularly the colour. The BOUQUET! Breath taking roses.

    The venue…that chandelier! The CD favours – so thoughtful. The boys in their wedding ties – looking so laid back!

    Oh and the amazing dress (or did I mention that already..?)

    The only photo missing was the inside of the rainbow cake – would love to see that.

    Beautiful wedding – you could feel the enjoyment coming out of the photographs – lovely!

  3. LOVE IT!!
    The Beatles Booth….genius!
    (plus good to see a home-made booth worked well, as there may be a little home-made booth making it’s appearance at my shindig!)

    The coffee coloured dress is simply divine! Just stunning 🙂

    And I love all the musical touches

    Congrats guys xxx

  4. @Karen did you buy anything? I’m toying with the idea of buying some just for kicks. Is that allowed?

    @Nicola – we might post a picture of said rainbow cake on facebook later so keep your eyes peeled…

    @Rebecca I know the booth is epic isn’t it. I so wished that I’d mocked one up at my own wedding. Instead I bought a heapful of masks and moustaches and dispensed them amongst the guests. I think there’s an image somewhere of me wearing a tiara whilst trying to bust some horrendous dance moves.

    Anyway I digress, the point I was trying to make is that a homemade booth is a cracking idea!

  5. There must be something in the name Ant (being my husbands name also) that makes them so fussy about getting the right suit…but aren’t we glad because what dapper grooms they make!

    Here are my favourite things:
    • The dress. I love to see a slightly alternative coloured wedding dress. Amen to Vicky.
    • A short haired bride. Such great inspiration for other short haired brides who can’t have an amazing updo but can rock her crop till the cows come home.
    • The favours. What a brilliant brilliant idea.
    • Erm…the fish and chips. ‘Nuff said.
    • The cakes.
    • The way Vicky tells her story.

    Massive congrats to you both and may the smile continue forever 🙂


  6. @Becky – we’re doing those favours too! (hush)

    @Lauren – I havent, mostly because Lee REFUSES to tell me what he’s wearing so I have no idea what clothes I can paint him in! It’s bookmarked though 🙂 xx

  7. @Lauren – you don’t want to know what Karen said when us girlies suggested that exact same thing!?!! heehee

    And I believe every wedding needs tiaras & masks, so am very glad to hear you included some in your big day! Were there any feather headbands? I am going to HAVE to include my hand-made feather headband into the props box! Although maybe it will actually spend all evening on my head?!!! 😉

    @Becky – I agree the groom does look very dapper indeed! I have pinned & will be showing the other half later!! 😉


  8. @Lol @Becca – hahaha maybe i’ll do the outline and he can fill in the middle bit like a small child!

    yes, i’ll do that! x

  9. Absolutely love this wedding and knew I would just from looking at the description.

    Just wondering if you can tell us more about the catering you had? It looks amazing and would love to hear more?


  10. Thank you for all the lovely comments, we had the best day ever and were really pleased with how it all came together.

    @Vixter we were very lucky that the venue’s own catering company Nibbles2Nosh were amazing and helped us put together a ‘posh’ BBQ served to the tables with strawberries and ice cream for dessert! It fitted so well with the style of our day. The fish and Chips for the evening was one of their options and I have to say they went down a storm.

  11. Delighted that your day was amazing! Love the whole theme, beautiful photos and a stunning setting. Honoured that our E-Type could play a small part. You know where we are if you want a Classic Car for your first anniversary!!
    With love from everyone at Vanilla Classics xx

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