Love is Sweet……part 1

Today’s bride RMW reader Jessica has the ideal name because she reminds me of one of my most favourite female icons of all time – Jessica Rabbit. All glossy locks, luscious lashes and perfect curves.

Team those credentials with a girly pink colour scheme, fabulous photography, a stunning gown, an abundance of the loveliest personal touches and what do you get?

The sweetest wedding day.

Jessica and Daniel were married at Newick Park in West Sussex on the first day of Spring, all of the gorgeous images are courtesy of Love Lust member David Long.

Beauty Like A Pro

Make up is truly my “thing” – I love nothing more than doing my own so felt confident on the day that to walk towards Daniel feeling and looking like Jessica, I should do my own.

I went and visited my local Bobbi Brown counter – (I’m a bit of a regular) in the City and the fab Nicola Bedoes there helped with colour suggestions for my lips and cheeks, but I pretty much knew how I wanted to look. Like me! Nicola did help me with advice though on brush techniques and application though so I could do it like a pro. I’d definitely recommend visiting her or using her on the day though as she was fantastic.

The hair was a tricky one for me as well. After an awful decision to change colour before Christmas (don’t do it girls!), and then the dress changing due to the lace top, thankfully the wonderful Amanda Evans from Madeup created a simple and classic curled and slightly pinned back look on the day. I wanted that almost vintage feel, but not full on.

Amanda also did my two younger bridesmaids and flowergirl’s hair which was a stunning creation. These cute plaits round the back with a side loose bun with flowers in their hair was just so perfect for their ages and style of the day. She was also just so incredibly calm and a fantastic help during the day. Even holding my hand when I was being laced in to my dress! I would recommend her to anyone.

Princess Perfection

Having already gone to a few shops and attempted to find ‘the one’ a trip to The Wedding Shop in Colchester was on the cards for Mum and I one sunny Saturday.

I found the whole process of dress shopping incredibly daunting to be honest, I had badly hurt my neck on the flight back from New York where we got engaged and the first trip trying on all the dresses was pure agony. Also not being a size 10 and 6ft tall knew that some dresses really wouldn’t work on my shape or size. That said, I did keep an open mind and was shown various dresses by the wonderful staff in The Wedding Shop.

However, I started looking a little half heartedly through the rail that morning I just saw a big ivory bow sticking out the rail. Pulled out this beautifully simple dress and just had to try it on. It made me beam seeing its simplicity and style.

Straight away I knew this was “the one”. I felt like an utter princess – beaming from ear to ear. Although the back was being held shut with elastic bands, I knew this was the dress for me and didn’t want to take it off.

I would have quite happily walked out the shop there and then wearing that dress – albeit it a few sizes too small.

It was perfect. (and completely not like anything I thought I would choose!). The dress was from Beverly Lister – called Rio. Beautifully simple and classic. No sparkles. Just simple elegance and divine!

I knew I did somehow want to cover the tops of my arms during the day. I love vintage lace and thought of ways I could include this in to my dress taking some inspiration from the hundreds of wedding magazines and RMW posts I’d looked through. The simply wonderful seamstress Bryony at The Wedding Shop came to my rescue and made me this gorgeous bespoke, crystal button up the back, lace over piece for my dress. It is beautiful and so special to me now.

The trials for this top were made out of what I can only describe as curtain netting and I stood there a few times in the mirror thinking “oh my gosh, what is this going to turn out like?”. However, three weeks before the big day I tried on my dress with this lace top and it was just amazing.

A Simple Silhouette

I did buy a tiara and veil, but when I saw the lace top over the dress knew it wasn’t going to work for me and the overall look.

I wanted a very simple silhouette on the day and having a veil I felt would detract from everything being so simple and perfect on the dress.

So a trip to Jenny Packham and one stunning hair slide later, my outfit was complete…..

And oh my gosh. Shoes!

Well, five pairs later and a last minute visit to LK Bennett I decided on the gorgeously simple gold leather sandal. I had always planned to do several shoe changes throughout the day – in particular in to my baby pink crystal trainers in the evening, but my feet were so sore by that point, bare feet dancing was the way forward!

The First Day Of Spring

Daniel and I got married on March 19th 2011 – and it really did feel and look like the first day of spring!

Our stunning venue was Newick Park in East Sussex. The most gorgeous Georgian country house hotel which I have known since a little girl having grown up in the area.

Having got engaged in New York in April 2010 – we had already booked Newick for our big day before the end of May. I certainly knew it was the place I wanted to get married at, and Daniel once he had visited it was taken in too by its charm.

All our friends and family had assumed we would get married in London, us being such Londonistas, living and working in the big smoke, and I do love a good London wedding – but for me the countryside in spring was where my heart was.

Pink and Navy

Daniel wore a bespoke suit from CAD and The Dandy who created this gorgeous deep Navy with bright fuchsia pink lining for him and the rest of the men in the party.

Their crisp white shirts and baby pink silk ties, tied in to the theme with the bridesmaids.

Daniel’s best woman (yes, not man) wore a super cute navy shift dress to match up with the boys on the day.

We did quite a bit of searching for bridemaids dresses and in the end the high street threw up the best dresses I could possibly ask for!

My chief bridesmaid wore a grown up and gorgeous deep purple dress from Monsoon. The younger bridemaids were in cute chiffon dresses from Coast, and flowergirl in her gorgeous dress from Next.

Love Is Sweet

I’m a pink girlie girl and I knew, and so did everyone else who knows me, that my day was going to be pink!

Newick is a simply stunning venue with original features, roaring fireplaces and amazing features which we just wanted to enhance than do anything different to make it beyond recognition.

Little posies of pink flowers, jasmine, peonies and roses were dotted all around in vases and gorgeous glassware, with tea lights and taller candles filling the building. The fireplaces we wanted to make a feature of – so they were covered in each room with flowers and candles.

Our order of service were bright pink cootchie catchers which we found through Esty. They were made out in the US by the lovely Kat just for us which added from the outset our fun and sweet theme to our guests.

Feminine Blooms

The ever so talented Donal at Pollen flowers in Brighton created my gorgeous girlie blooms for the day.

Donal captured exactly how I wanted my flowers to look, but only better! Pinks, creams and highly scented was my overall brief and the smells on the day of all the gorgeous blooms was just sensational.

I managed to see Donal and his team before I went up to get ready and his van was full f the must beautiful pinks – I knew he was going to create some magic and he did!
The side tables around the venue had vases of roses and hyacinths in to give off the gorgeous scent of spring. He also made these adorable tiny vases for the dining tables to sit at the base of our large candelabras.

Button holes were the avalanche pink roses with some jasmine in – they also looked amazing.

My bouquet was made up of peonies, roses, jasmine, and all these other amazing dainty flowers. The bridesmaids had a down scaled version with my flower girl carrying a pomander of pink avalanche roses. Amazing.

Photographer – David Long

Groom’s Suit – CAD and The Dandy

Florist – Pollen flowers

Brides Gown – Beverly Lister at The Wedding Shop

Brides Accessories – Jenny Packham

Brides Hair – Amanda Evans

Brides Shoes –LK Bennett

Brides Make-up Tutorial – Nicola Bedoes

Maids Dresses – Monsoon

Venue –Newick Park

It’s official. I am obsessed with lace sleeves.

It appears Jessica was working that Grace Kelly-esque look a good month or so before Madam Middleton too, our readers are clearly the most fashion forward right?


Plenty more pretty coming up in part two lovelies.

Big Girly Pink Love

Charlotte xxx

21 thoughts on “Love is Sweet……part 1

  1. Jessica Rabbit indeed! Va-va-vooooom!
    I am loving the lace sleeves, together with the union jack ring pillow!

    Off to find some origami fortune teller thingys! xoxo

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! 🙂 I’m also a curvaceous girl looking to cover those arms in an elegant way – that lace overlay is exquisite and she looked just fabulous! I’m loving the bespoke origami thingys – where do you get those from?!

  3. Gorgeous lace dress – Grace Kelly indeed!

    On a random note – love the Super Fly card! would love to get one for my hubby. Are we able to find out where it is from?

  4. Hurrah – you don’t see many Best Women on these pages! Mr K had a Best Woman too. Scrubbed up very nicely in a navy dress!

    What a phenomenal bride! You look unbelievable! Loving the lace…and the bow. And the lashes. And the hair. Fangirl…moi? x

  5. HAIR ENVY! I’m growing mine out for the wedding and I just wish that I could get it to look like that! Gorgeous.

  6. I love Newick Park. I attended a wedding there on the 5th February and was amazed by the beauty of the building and the surroundings. It looks even more beautiful in the sunshine as it was a very wet winter day when I was there.

  7. I love love love the lace sleeves! It really makes the dress into something extra special. I was intending to plump for a lace sleeve but I have a feeling they’re going to be all over the place now. Jessica is obviously too cool for school and got in there ahead of the trend!

  8. Ah, roses and lace – love this! Especially the bouquets and buttonholes – the jasmine really makes them for me. I’m now worrying my florist won’t live up to my epectations!

  9. I was wondering is there any chance can you contact the bride for me and ask could I buy one of the bridesmaids dresses, as I am getting married in September and they are the same as mine but I need an extra one as one got damage, I know its a longshot but I just thought Id ask:)
    Worried bride, Emma

  10. Hi Emma,

    Jessica AKA the bride here…. we have two dresses – one worn, the other new (we got an extra just in case something happened on the day) in sizes 8 and 12…

    If you still need one and the sizes are right perhaps drop Charlotte a note at RMW and she should be able to pass on my email address to you.


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