Love is Sweet…..part 2

Jessica and Daniel’s super sweet W-day has lots of lovely ideas for you to steal, my favourite being the candy floss maker…

Yup, actual freshly-made candy floss. Love. The delicate and feminine table centres are also particularly pretty and as well as sound advice from the beautiful bride, Daniel has shared some of his thoughts on the day too.

Enjoy lovelies.

Found Via RMW

We knew from the outset that we wanted a photographer who could capture us, our friends and family in the way we truly are – nothing staged too much or poncy – just natural and fun.

Daniel and I trawled through websites and did meet some great photographers (and some not so great) but having come across David Long on Rock My Wedding I knew instantly I wanted to meet him.

I spent what felt like hours looking through his blog and just had this feeling we’d meet and get on with him and you know what, we did.

We met David in London on a lovely sunny day and he took us through his photos and style. Asking him to be our photographer was possibly one of the easiest decisions to make – and there and then on the spot said “will you shoot our wedding please?”.

From then on I watched David’s blog loving every single photo he put up and just knew it was the right match.

David is clearly so passionate about what he does and sees each wedding as an individual event. He captured everything so beautifully and I am so thrilled and lucky such an amazing photographer was with Daniel and I on our big day.

Since coming back from honeymoon and seeing our friends and family when I say everyone, I mean everyone, has said how fantastic he was on the day. Some people thought he was our friend that he fitted in so well. And since they have seen his shots on the blog they have all said they would recommend him without a shadow of a doubt to anyone. If our friends have said that, and it wasn’t their wedding, then they now know what we do already; David is a truly amazing photographer and is in our eyes top class and we cannot thank him enough for taking the most beautiful shots and being there for us.

The Great British Lollipop

I made our favours in keeping with our ‘love is sweet’ theme. Big red heart lollipops for the girlies and mini tobasco sauce for the boys. Topped off with individual name tags with our ‘union heart’ subtly tied in for good measure.

For a bit of interactive sweetness we got in a candyfloss machine for guests to use and enjoy some ‘love is sweet’ on a stick. I loved seeing our guests walking round with big pom-poms of pink fluffiness – brilliant!

DIY Decor

We had a box created for us which we filled up with bubbles, candy canes and sweet bags – all tied up with pink bows which I spent hours creating. Again – love is sweet!

During the champagne reception, pink champagne and a drink which is a champagne/beer mix which Daniel and I had on our first date was served – again, making it all so personal to us.

I created the table plan myself using multi coloured pink hearts, small pink pegs found on eBay and a large plain canvas with my trusty glue gun.

On our tables had whimsical balls we got from Heals which our guests managed to cover themselves and Newick in crepe paper whilst the unwrapped hundreds of meters to keep them entertained with the gifts and jokes inside.

We had two vinyl Mickey Mouse’s from the States flown in for our guests to sign as well as a traditional guest book. Most people just signed our Mickeys which are going to be our keepsakes from our day forever.

In the evening we got loads of glowsticks for the disco which people had great fun making necklaces, glasses and almost full outfits out of. One of my favourite memories is having glowsticks in my hair dancing away with my bridesmaids – truly magical!

The Ultimate 99

Oh my gosh – CAKE!

The simply divine Tina Hall at Sprinkles and Swirls created our gorgeous ‘99’ tower.

We went to meet Tina having given her some ideas about our day. When we walked in to the kitchen she had created a few different examples for us to sample and play with the designs. It was one of the most brilliant times sitting there with her cute coffee cups and cake forks eating her delicious cake.

We settled on chocolate sponge with buttercream icing on top with that all important flake. Our top big ‘99’ was just for us though – a scrumptious victoria sponge which we tucked in to with my parents at afternoon tea the following day.

Tina in my eyes is the Queen of Cupcakes – enough said!

The Most Important Element

Our whole ethos of the day was for our friends and family to have fun therefore getting the entertainment right was really important to us.

We had a brilliant pianist Iain Rae to keep the atmosphere lively from the moment our guests arrived through to when we sat down for dinner. We wanted a jazz vibe but some special tunes played as well throughout the day – he did it in such a fantastic way, and even learnt the tune I wanted to walk in too. Brilliant.

Music for us both is really important and we knew exactly what we didn’t want. A DJ who fades in and out really wasn’t going to work with us so Daniel set to work find a ‘proper’ DJ to fill our dance floor and mix like a pro.

The wonderful Brian and Jonathan were recommended to Daniel by another DJ and they certainly didn’t disappoint – their mixing skills were fantastic on the night and was delighted to see the dance floor remained fill until the very small hours of the morning.

Dancing In New York

Our first dance was actually our second – there we go, the secret is out! Although we did do a bit of twirling round to Adele’s simply beautiful ‘Make you feel my love’ which is a very beautiful song which we both love.

Our first dance was to Alicia Key’s ‘New York’ surrounded by all our friends and family dancing together. New York is very special to us as we got engaged their and this song reminds me so much of Daniel getting down on one knee in central park. So special.

The Most Wonderful Day

I think my Dad in his speech summed up our day and what it meant to Daniel and I “everything you see here today has been through Jessica and Daniel’s work to create for us all the most wonderful day” – we didn’t do this for us, we did it for everyone who came to spend the day with us.

I think it is all too easy to turn in to a bridezilla and let things blow out of all proportion if you aren’t careful. Don’t. If you can’t enjoy your day and are worrying throughout, really the only person who will lose out is you.

This is what my mantra was for organising my wedding and yes, there were moments where I was lying at 2am wide awake fretting about something or another – but, really, this was time wasted as it achieved nothing apart from add to my dark circles. If it needs sorting – just do it! I didn’t delegate anything out despite offers of help; I just got on and did it because I wanted our friends to have the best party they had ever been to!

I did start planning right after we got engaged and probably with hindsight bought too many wedding magazines! But the one thing I would recommend is to start early, you will have more time to meet people, see them face to face and make sure you can get into all the nitty gritty details rather than passing them by at the last minute and not having the day of your dreams.

One piece of advice given to me early on was that when you walk in to the room – stop, take a deep breathe, look around and take it all in as it will all pass so quickly. My gosh they were right. So do take time to look at your loved ones when you walk down the aisle.

My day was perfect. Daniel’s day was perfect. Our day was perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing and when I was sitting there at 3am with my chief bridesmaid, Daniel and his best woman my cheeks hurt from smiling, feet from dancing and knew I wouldn’t ever forgot this day.

From The Groom

Daniel: The day went amazingly and looking back at the photos now brings a smile to my face.

Newick Park was an amazing venue and they managed to cater for our every need. We bought our own champagne beer (Deus) for the drinks reception and also suggested a different dessert (dulche leche cheesecake) which now seems to be on their main luncheon menu. All these things made it personal to us, and add a little something different to the mix of the day.

I definitely recommend trying to meet all your suppliers before the big day so you can explain exactly what you are after and ensure they can deliver to your needs.

Music is very important to me and spent we ages working through our playlist. There was not enough time on the evening to play all the tracks we wanted to play but definitely a great selection. If music is your thing I definitely would send time on this. Dancing at a wedding can be great fun and if you have the right music everyone will get down and dance.

I was a little nervous for the groom’s speech and recommend reading your speech out loud in the run up to the big day so you have it imbedded in your brain.

All the little things we did on the day definitely made the difference, the photo booth from David Long was great. Jessica is right, we had an amazing day and I hope everyone else had such a great time on their own big day!

Photographer – David Long

DJ – Brian and Jonathan

Pianist – Iain Rae

Cake –Sprinkles and Swirls

Venue –Newick Park

Although my hips wouldn’t thank me for it, I would certainly love to have been a guest at this sweetly styled affair, the cupcakes look particularly delicious.

Anyone else splurging on the sweet stuff for W-day?

Big Candy Coated Love

Charlotte xxx

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18 thoughts on “Love is Sweet…..part 2

  1. I enjoyed reading yesterdays and enjoyed todays even more. Table centers are So soft and delicate with out getting lost, the Brides dress is fabulous ad she looks stunning. All the little touches, brilliant x

  2. It all looks so perfect and crisp and clean I love it!
    I love the bride and her gorgeous dress, I love the cakes, I love the DIY and the candy floss! Is it wrong I want some floss now at like half 9 in the morning??

    Amazing and full of great ideas too! x

  3. Some great ideas here and i love the subtle glamour of the tables. It all works together really nicely!
    Rachie xo
    PS: I will be having more than one cake 🙂

  4. Yes, I also feel peckish for SUGAR!

    I had a look at the photographer’s website but I assume that because he doesn’t have any pricing details, he’s horrendously expensive? (In the ‘if you have to ask, you can’t afford’ way…)

  5. Hi there – thanks for all the lovely comments on Jess & Daniels wedding over the last 2 days.

    Peridot – I’m having my website & blog re-designed at the moment and the new site will give an indication of cost.

    It’s not too horrendous, in fact I think it’s pretty good value! Feel free to drop me an email if you’d like to discuss…

    Thanks again – David

  6. Hello,

    Thank you so much for your kind words about our wedding…. love reading them and it is really all down to David’s amazing photography that they are featured on RMW.

    David’s charges are incredibly reasonable for the quality and professionalism he provides. In fact, he certainly wasn’t the most expensive photographer we met but knocked the others socks off without a shadow of a doubt!

    The lace was chosen last year, way before the Middleton wedding was on the cards – so yes, I got there first ;), and loved the lace on my big day. It is the most gorgeous piece and worth every penny.

    Our guests certainly had a sugar rush, but it was fun and they all enjoyed the sugary pinkness. 😉 Seeing guests make their candy floss pom poms was brilliant fun – a real ice breaker and well received by all.

  7. Hi Jess

    Wow what a stunning bride!! I was actually in the same year at school as you, and not at all suprised that your wedding was so so lovely…a lovely wedding for what I can remember such a lovely person 🙂

    I am also getting married in September and having a very similar sweet love theme-even your fortune tellers which I know in the states they are called cootie catchers but for the life of me I cant remeber what we used to call them over here back in the day.

    Any way congratulations to you and your husband on your wedding and once again wow what a gorgeous day.


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