Lisa Webb takes everything you want documented during your wedding day, captures it, and then some. From stunning, light filled couple portraits to those beautiful, often unseen special moments. You can be certain that there won't be a detail undocumented, which makes flicking back through your wedding images a joy. Imagine sitting down together in five years time and seeing a tiny little detail you'd not noticed before. That's the kind of magic we love from our photographers! Over to Lisa... To me wedding photography is all about capturing the little things. The look in your Mum or Dad's eyes when they first see you in your dress or your suit. Your best friends face as they see you have your first kiss as a married couple. That first look at your partner after your ceremony, the "we-actually-got-married!" look. All these little moments that make up the big picture of your day, the story of the two of you. My approach to wedding photography is very natural, I want to capture you both exactly as you are, laughing with each other, capturing forever that absolute bursting happiness that you feel on your day. You should be able to look back at your wedding photographs when you're 80 years old and be transported straight back to your wedding day, my aim is give you creative, heartfelt and honest images that really make you feel something. lisawebbheader

“It was such a treat to arrive home yesterday and find your gorgeous parcel of photos and tea. We just got back from our honeymoon and this is our first week back in the real world so it was perfect timing to see the photos and relive our wedding day. We are so so delighted with all of the images, you did an amazing job of capturing the intimate and relaxed feel of our day and it really took us back looking through them last night. It was so lovely to have you there on the day, and you really put us at ease, especially in our first look. We are so happy to have found you as your natural and creative style is unlike so many of the photographers in the area. Thank you so very much for the memories you have captured for us!”

Mr & Mrs Dangerfield

“Lisa's photos have given us a long lasting memory of our wonderful day. She captured all the right moments and made us feel at ease. The photos we received are so natural and laid back just as we had hoped. She's the perfect mix of a blending into the background, approachable, friendly and helpful when needed without being demanding allowing you to enjoy your day. We couldn't think of a better photographer and would strongly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Lisa, we wish we could do it all again!”

Mr & Mrs Webster

“I have no clue where to begin..... the presentation of the box we opened was absolutely beautiful and so unexpected. Thank you so much for the beautiful package and lovely card. Another massive shock were the amazing prints you have done for us. Then the photos, wow picture this, we plugged the memory stick into the TV pressed play and boom it took us straight back to the 4th June. Now bare in mind I didn't cry on the actual day, I sat there and sobbed my heart out along with Dave and Amy. The quality and the style are better than we could have ever imagined. We adore every single one of them! Lisa you are truly amazing, thank you doesn't seem enough. You have truly captured the best day of our lives and we are so grateful. We are overwhelmed thank you so so much.”

Mr & Mrs Lee

Don't forget to visit Lisa Webb Photography and the wealth of other talented industry professionals who have been handpicked for The List. All have the desire to assist you in creating the day you've been dreaming of, so what are you waiting for?


  • I have the world's cutest German Shepherd called Buddy.

  • I can bake a mean cake but I can't cook for toffee...

  • I'm currently learning to play piano..slowly...very slowly.

  • I have a habit of growing my hair really long then cutting it all off again.

  • I can rap Jay-Z's 99 Problems to a tee.

  • Cornwall is one of my favourite places in the world, despite only visiting there for the first time this year!

Lisa Webb Photography
t: 07969 745526
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Written by Laura Humphrey

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