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The List {Minty Slippers}

When Danny from Minty Slippers first got in touch, I approached his website in the same way I usually do, full of optimism that we may be about to discover brilliance. The first film I watched was Rob and Lisa’s, which you can see for yourself below (and I urge you to). Those fairground scenes made the most wonderful first impression, even though there were a few tears involved, and I really didn’t need to see much more to know Minty Slippers were a perfect fit for our couples, and therefore our supplier directory, The List. One film in and I was hooked, so I of course watched a couple more, and before I knew it I had spent a good hour swooning over Danny and Julie’s gorgeous creations. So, make sure you’re sitting comfortably, because you’re about to see some truly stunning wedding films.

Danny: What we offer isn’t complicated, just simplistic and beautiful. We don’t set limits, we are happy to be where ever you are. We’re always listening and looking, watching and waiting for things in between, and through the lens.
The need to tell stories is essential to our lives, only second to nourishment and shelter. Love comes next. The sound of a story is the dominant sound of our lives.
We feel that stories bridge cultural divides, teach ethics, and instil values. Stories are the rule of two, imagination and new possibilities, never told in the same manner twice, and thats the Mintyslippers way.

The Head Honchoes
Danny is a professional boy geek, turned husband and family man. He got the girl – met her at the bus stop and fell in love, and married her.
Julie is the business, the mum, the order and the feeling. She’s an emotive editor and knows stuff about people. She is well known for her calmness and like of tea, as tea fixes everything!


“We really weren’t overly aware of you moving around on the day (that’s part of the plan I’m sure!), so to see all the amazing and special moments you captured was awesome! And I also just wanted to say how beautiful the shots and music are (that’s what I’m normally most interested in with anything I watch!).”

Lisa & Rob


“Wow – you guys ROCK! We love it so blooming much that I think we may have watched it about 10 times already! It so captures the day and spirit of us – thank you so so much! You were such stars on the day too.”

Kirsty & Karen


“You were FAB!!! We love love love the video and cant thank you enough! We have shown the video to family and friends and everyone thinks its fantastic. Thank you guys xxxx””

Cassie & Daniel


Don’t forget to visit Minty Slippers and the wealth of other talented industry professionals who have been handpicked for The List. All have the desire to assist you in creating the day you’ve been dreaming of, so what are you waiting for?

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  • Minty Slippers’ couple number 1 were our friends from college, and we are all still great friends today!
  • Julie and Danny have a daughter called Evie, who thinks that mummy and daddy’s job is “so cool”.
  • Minty Slippers – the name came from a pair of mint green slippers bought from a popular supermarket.
  • Danny is a super geek and knows all about technical things, Julie knows more about numbers and forecasts. A perfect combination.
  • The day only starts after a walk to get a coffee, a vanilla flat white is Danny’s favourite.
  • There isn’t much we can’t handle, Danny filmed a big wedding at the Victoria and Albert Museum with a broken ankle! He’s fine now though!

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Minty Slippers
e: hello@mintyslippers.com
You can find Minty Slippers in our Central London and National Videography categories of The List.


Author: Laura Humphrey
Laura looks after our handpicked supplier directory, The List, and all the amazing suppliers in it. She loves abundant blooms, stunning tablescapes and long, leisurely Pinterest sessions.

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