The result when a couple in love capture couples in love is always something special. Today we're welcoming the wonderful Rachel and Christopher of September Pictures to The List, and let me tell you, they are all kinds of Rock My Wedding cool. They both think each other is the better photographer, but they've actually both got it wrong... awkward. Thankfully, we're here to tell you that they BOTH capture magic. Every shot is framed to perfection, they'll get that all important mantlepiece shot which is going to end up in the hands of your great aunties as well as capturing that sneaky snog you thought no one saw AND they're totally lovely to boot. I've already shotgunned them both as my future BFFs, sorry about that. Hello! We’re Rachel and Christopher, and we divide our time between London, Los Angeles and wherever you’re getting married. We shot our first weddings in 2011, after years and years of shooting music festivals. The two have lots in common: everyone’s having the best day ever; there are a million things happening at once; nothing runs on schedule; they usually end with wild dancing. And like festivals, weddings aren’t photo shoots: we like to get out of the way and let you cry/hug/dance without even noticing we’re taking your picture. We get to bear witness to everyone’s most emotional moments (and most glamorous hairdos) and create a genuine record of you and your favourite people at your very best. Our super powers are a) being in two places at once and b) capturing moments without interrupting them. So, a few weeks after your hangovers have worn off, we’ll present you with the full story of your wedding so you can relive the best bits forever and ever. Magic.  

“What a lovely surprise to wake up to! They are amazing, thank-you so much and they capture the day perfectly! You guys were amazing and it felt like we'd known you for ages :) Thanks again you two, I'm so happy that we were able to have you guys there!” Chloe & Dave

“Hi Rachel and Chris!! How incredibly exciting! Thank you SO much. Cannot believe how quickly you turned around such INCREDIBLE photos. We are truly overwhelmed!” Beth & Raza

“Hey! They are ACE!!! I love them so much. You and Chris totally nailed it and I am so so so happy you were able to do this for us. Incredible. Thank you, thank you.” Zeba & Nick

Don't forget to visit September Pictures and the wealth of other talented industry professionals who have been handpicked for The List. All have the desire to assist you in creating the day you've been dreaming of, so what are you waiting for?


  • We both love editing pictures almost as much as taking them.

  • When we’re not shooting, we’re usually found searching through records at charity shops (Chris) and drinking cocktails (Rachel).

  • The longest weddings we’ve ever shot were three days (in Northern California and Budapest). The shortest was three hours (in Chelsea).

  • We honeymooned in Morocco and wholeheartedly recommend it. (Chris fell off a horse on a beach in Essaouira; Rachel almost burnt down the best restaurant in Marrakech.) We’ll love it if you ask us for hotel tips.

  • We always come home from a wedding really excited to look at each other’s pictures.

  • We had a baby at the end of 2016. Her name’s Petra, and we’re training her to be our assistant. She’s not very helpful yet.
September Pictures
t: 07541 856 514
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Laura Humphrey

Written by Laura Humphrey

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