Love Luxe.

The Luxury Wedding Show London took place last weekend at the suitably prestigious Saatchi Gallery on London’s iconic Kings Road.

We do love a bit of Luxury at Rock My Wedding but not Luxe just for Luxe sake (that sounds a bit dodgy but you know what I mean).

So, it was going to be interesting to experience what was billed as a collection of the industries top ‘experts’ (no mere ‘exhibitors’ here, no sir!)


The show didn’t disappoint – indeed there were some of the most iconic and influential bods working in the industry today, all under one very fancy roof. The catwalk was always going to be a massive draw for The Luxury Wedding Show London with names like Vera Wang, David Fielden and Vivienne Westwood.

What struck me was the sheer variety on display, varying hemlines, some interesting colours creeping into the line-up and what really stood out and made me remember that these were collections from the world’s top Bridalwear designers were the details. Lots of intricate needlework, lots of textures and huge amounts of layering. 2012 looks like it’s going to be a year of lace too (but then who couldn’t see that one coming!)

So, Charlotte and I laid claim to Champagne and nestled into the Phillip Starck seating. The room dimmed, music surged and lights danced. We soaked up the opulence. And here is just a small taster of what we saw:

Temperley London.

Temperley London have been around for over a decade now and we have had more than our fair share of Temperley brides on RMW. The Temperley London Bridal Collection consists of exquisite dresses, intricately embellished and finished to the highest standards, The 2012 range stays very true to the classic Temperley style of dress but with a growing emphasis on embroidery and lace. Temperley are so iconic that they were the first label I was able to identify in our wedding submissions – much to the amusement of Charlotte.

Candy Anthony.

Another very iconic designer, you can’t mistake a ‘Candy’ and in this collection the accessories are playing a vital roll in completing the look. With the 50’s and 60’s set to remain huge in 2012 the label is also placing floral flourishes centre stage. Is it just me or is there an RMW influenced colour scheme and even polka dots incorporated in this latest collection From Candy Anthony… Hey guys, no need to thank us 😉

Kula Tsurdiu.

Some of my faves were in the Kula Tsurdiu collection. I know what you are thinking… and it’s not just because they happened to be some of the shortest frocks in the show… they just hit that balance of quirky, non traditional yet still undeniably ‘wedding’ if you get what I mean. Maybe you disagree and let’s face it, that’s what keeps life interesting but I loved every one of these dresses. Maybe the pencil skirt look is a bit too businessy for W-day but check out the combination of the ruffled layers and the accent cuff. And both of the strapless offerings are equally as ace.

Vivienne Westwood.

Charlotte couldn’t sit still when the Vivienne Westwood section started, and she was right to be excited. One of the most influential and recognised designers in the world today (Vivienne not Charlotte), I was intrigued to see how the trademark neck lines were going to be incorporated in the 2012 range.

I’m personally not sure about the red dress, It seemed very popular on the day. There were a lot of jaws on the floor anyway. As quirky as ever, the Vivienne Westwood range will certainly appeal to the bride who wants to stand apart from the crowd (and has a bit of cash to spend). So very striking, yet undeniably feminine too.

Do You Love Luxe?

So, a little visual treat for a Tuesday afternoon, but what does it mean to you?

Did any of you pop along to the show? I know the Rock My Wedding readership crosses the spectrum of budgets from back garden D.I.Y right up to big big budget brides so It would be interesting to know what you make of an all out Luxury show.

Would you go along perhaps if you were looking for one signature extravagance? The dress perhaps, or the photographer? Or is all that Luxe in one place too much of a budget breaking temptation? We’d love to know what you think.

Oh, and of course please share your catwalk faves too!


23 thoughts on “Love Luxe.

  1. Wow, Adam I love the photography. Were you using that instagram thingy again???? I feel torn between wanting to go to that show or not. On one hand, I totally wouldn’t be able to afford ANY of the stuff, like not even one of their hairgrips, and if I saw something that I really, really liked I would feel sh*te! On the other, oooohhh it is so pretty! I have a love affair with lace at the mo to and to see them dresses in real life, well I might have got into trouble for wanting to pet them or something! xx

  2. I have to admit that I avoid wedding events (i know this isnt helpful!) I feel like if I need something I will find it on good ol’ interwebs, and going to any type of show, might make me think I need (ok WANT) things that a) out of my price range b) not really essential.

    Still it must be pretty cool to sit and watch these catwalks and get free champagne! Cant argue with that 😉

    Me: I always have a soft spot for Candy… they just look ‘fun’ (strangely I didnt end up going for a shorter frock, still time for a 2nd dress option)

    But like Charlotte, the Vivienne Westwood gowns would make me go ‘eeeek’ because they are so exciting (even though I wouldnt be brave enough to wear, even if i did have ££)

  3. Great photos, Adam.

    I wish I’d been able to get along to the show but I was photographing a wedding. I think out of all the shows this one and the Designer Vintage Bridal were the two I wish I’d made it to.

    And I love Candy Anthony and the Vivienne Westwood collections the best. I’m also not sure about the red…

  4. Beautiful pics, very atmospheric…

    I like to look at stuff like this just to see what else is out there – it’s not from a temptation or a lusting perspective really as we would never, ever (unless we won the Euromillions) be able to afford any of it.

    (Slight digression here though, Mr M and I were discussing recently, about if we did win the Euromillions, would our wedding change? And we honestly said we wouldn’t change a it at all – which obviously either means we’re on to a good thing, or just have NO imagination…)

    ANYWAY, the long-lace sleeved Temperly is to D.I.E for.

    The red dress is just Westwood’s way of taking the average (an ivory, satin, full skirted wedding dress) and making it un-average with a pack of scarlet Dylon and a washing machine. Yawn.

  5. Hi lovelies….

    When I was planning I liked to look at pretty much anything in all budgets, mainly for inspiring what I might choose rather than it being what I would choose (does that make sense?!)

    @Lianne – The Temperley long sleeved lace is just as beautiful in the flesh – and a little a la Madam Middleton.

    Charlotte xxx

  6. Adam what a fantastic post and love the snaps you have took!!
    It sounds a special day and far too luxe for me but I would still go to have a neb anyway. It’s no different to me looking at a all the other over the top luxe stuff I can’t purchase right now.
    But man it’s great to see it all, I love temperley gowns! If I had the slim whimsical figure I would have loved one! I don’t really get the red dress but in ivory or White I would be only knees, boring I know.

    Ace stuff Adam, fashion is clearly your bag, even women’s!
    Get ready for fashion questions coming your way via email haha

  7. I know this isn’t really the point, but I love the back wall from the catwalk show! I wonder if I could make something like that out of paper to go behind the top table, with lots of paper flowers! Its so pretty and then would look lovely in my house after– oooh so exciting!

  8. I think it would be nice to go along for a bit of “ooh, if only we had a bit of a bigger budget…” but at 50 quid a ticket, I couldn’t justify going! Beautiful dresses though, love a bit of lace!

  9. Thanks guys – glad you like 🙂

    @kelly – not instagram this time, I was using charlotte’s Nikon

    It seems the general response then is that Luxe is nice but it’s more about what you like, rather than shopping in a particular price bracket… and of course there will always be cheaper designs that take ‘influence’ from the super labels. As Charlotte says though, it’s all inspiration…. and free champers of course 😉

    @Alex, bring it on – but don’t blame me for any wardrobe catastrophes…

    @Laura – I know what you are saying, the backdrop was ace… I wouldn’t fancy attempting it in paper though but be my guest – as long as we can steal the idea for a future RMW DIY

  10. Great photos Adam!

    Candy Anthony has to be my favourite. One of my close friends tried her hardest to get me to go check out her collection but I really wanted a full-length gown so I never made it. I did consider getting one of her dresses for our rehearsal dinner the night before but I think they might be a tad out of my budget!

    It sounds like this was a great wedding show! I’ve only been to one in Paris, and to be honest, it was really disappointing. £50 is very very expensive but if there are lots of designers there that actually do provide you with inspiration then it would be tempting….

    On another note, I did once see a bride with a red wedding dress come out of Islington Town Hall. She also had matching red hair. It’s not my thing (though i do love red dresses!) but she certainly stood out from the crowd!

  11. THaNK YoU SOOoooOOOooo much for the tickets RMW!!!
    (I won the comp!)

    It was so interesting seeing all the pretty in person and the fashion show was SOOOOO good!!!

    And although I would NEVER wear a red wedding dress, it was SO striking and SO beautiful!!!

    But the best best best thing was spending the day with my bridesmaid, I haven’t spent the day with just her for too long and it was amazing fun!!!

    Great post Adam I think you’ve summed up the experience really well! I look forward to more fashion posts from you soon!

  12. My friend had a red dress for her Scottish wedding after a traditional Asian one in Singapore. She looked awesome! It was a deeper red than that one but was stunning. Shame the photographer took mostly black and white photos where it looks black – she’s not happy

  13. Pics are amazing guys!

    Whenever I see images like this, and such a vast array of dresses I get a funny feeling in the pit of my tummy, I think it’s longing, or envy, or jealousy even? I wish I could go back and do it all over again. I am so inspired xx

    Ps. Not a fan of the red dress. However I would totally wear a purple version and ROCK IT Dita style x

  14. Pics are amazing guys!

    Whenever I see images like this, and such a vast array of dresses I get a funny feeling in the pit of my tummy, I think it’s longing, or envy, or jealousy even? I wish I could go back and do it all over again. I am so inspired xx

    Ps. Not a fan of the red dress. However I would totally wear a purple version and ROCK IT Dita style x

  15. My favourite dresses out of this lot are the top right Temperley and the bottom right Kula Tsurdui, other than that, none of them light my fire. I hate the Vivienne Westwood ones – I know structure is cool but they look uncomfortable to me and you see the dress rather than the girl – fine on a catwalk but not a great look on the day. Controversial I know as Viv is popular, but there you go. I’m not a ‘labels’ sort of person, I buy stuff because I like it and it suits me rather than because of what shop/designer it came from. If it happens to be designer then fine, but I don’t seek it out.

    My wedding dress is by Marianna Hardwick – someone I’d never heard of before, and a name I’ve never seen mentioned in blogs, but I never asked who it was by when I tried it on and I just had to go check the label to see if I’d actually bought a designer dress or not!!

    I’m with Abi on the ‘searching the web’ front – you can find EVERYTHING on the web 🙂

    And Laura/Adam …. I want that back wall too. I just told myself off for even contemplating how I would try and make it. Its just a DIY step too far. But very gorgeous!

  16. Thank you RMW for the tickets! We had a great day and really enjoyed the catwalk show. I think the Temperley ones were my favourites too. The red VW one was a bit much but I could see someone wearing it without the veil to tone it down a little.

    The paper flowers at the back were actually done by one of the ‘experts’ – can’t remember the name off the top of my head but they were wedding planners and they had lots more flowers on their stall made out of the FT (pink!). I’d really like to steal the idea but I don’t think they’d travel well. I am making some pretty ones out of felt and a glue gun!

    A lot of the prices at the event were a bit silly, particularly for things like videos and make-up artists, but I did get a lot of good tips for our honeymoon.

  17. Cracking post Adam! Great pics too!!
    For me, it’s all about the Temperley (surprise, surprise!), and that BEAUTIFUL polka-dot Candy Anthony. Lush!

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