Love On The Rocks.

Cat and Eliot got married in August 2012 at The Berry Head Hotel, Brixham, Devon.

This morning we have a coastal cliffhanger for you with a stunning fishtail dress, classy vintage touches and a view to die for.

And capturing that view… Green photographic.

Truly Delightful

My dress was bought from a wedding shop in Totnes called Truly Delightful. It’s a Benjamin Roberts design, number 2228. It is ivory with a vintage lace overlay, train and sweetheart neck line and ivory belt. I loved it from the moment I saw it. I had an idea of what I wanted, big princess dresses were not for me. This dress has an elegant vintage style to it and it is timeless. The vintage lace gives it the classic timeless beauty; I imagined Marie Antoinette wearing it at court. While at the same time the fishtale design gives it it’s sex appeal. Classic, yet sexy… The best of both worlds. Plus it passed the mum test (she cried when I put it on).

Because I didn’t want to take away from the simple beauty of the dress I just wore an antique necklace which Eliot’s mum lent me for the occasion (something borrowed). It was his Grandma’s so it also had sentimental meaning to it.

A Simple Bow

My shoes were ivory peep toe 5 inchers. They have a simple bow at the front. I had to decide on the shoes quite early as the dress was cut to my new improved height when in the shoes. Beautiful shoes and the pain was worth it.

A Work Of Art

My hair was a work of art created by Gail Hodges, a local wedding hair specialist. I wanted big glamour yet elegant. Luckily i have a lot of hair. She back combed the back to get the height and then made it into a low bow at the back. This is such a great option for long hair, it showed off the amount of hair while creating something special (I could never have achieved this myself). Even i was shocked when Eliot was trying to help me take out all the pins at the end of the night. My make up was done by a local beauty salon owner, Laura who owns the Sanctuary Of Wellswood. I went for big lashes and dark eyes for the glamour, yet natural lipstick.

White And Pink

My bouquets were done by a local florist in Brixham called Bouquets, on Fore street. I had a mixture of white and pink roses with gip for my bouquet and the bridesmaids had a flower called ‘wax’. They looked like they had just been picked out of the garden and really went with the vintage feel of the whole wedding. The best men and bridegroom also had wax flowers for their button holes.

Vintage Style

My bridesmaids (after an epic day battling what Oxford Street has to offer) were in pale pink vintage style dresses with beading on the bottom half and round the middle under the bust. The colour tied in with the flowers and the bunting that my mother made (all 100 foot of it!). The best men wore hired 3 piece grey suits from Burtons.

Grey Three Piece

Eliot’s suit was a bit of an ordeal, he initially wanted to wear tweed, I also believe I heard the words ‘brown cord’ come out of his mouth once. He ended up in the same grey three piece as the best men. At the end of the day whatever he wore wouldn’t have mattered, the look on his face as I walked down the aisle showed me just how loved I was and I felt so lucky to be marrying a man I truly loved (despite having a penchant for tweed).

Documentary Style

Green photographic specialise in documentary style photos, which I felt really fitted with the theme of our wedding and us as a couple. Beautiful photographs to me capture a moment, they are natural and it is in this simplicity and honesty that our memories of the day were captured.

Birdcage Cake Stands

Our cake was actually 250 cup cakes designed and made by my mum’s friend, Jane Carter. They looked beautiful with their pink and white flowers arranged in two vintage looking birdcage cake stands. I don’t like traditional wedding cake and the cup cakes not only looked impressive but tasted great too!

A Folky Feel

We opted for a Kaylee band for a folky feel to out vintage wedding. The band set up outside under an old mulberry tree. It looked beautiful. The weather had been good up till this point but then it started to rain. However, this didn’t dampen people’s spirits. At this point our wedding had turned into Glastonbury meets secret garden party. My sister in law fell over (although i think she was pushed) and got literally covered in mud. She told me she had a great time. So apparently wedding plus mud equals fun. An easy equation to master when in England.

Cover Songs

Our first dance was ‘Please don’t stop the music’ by Jamie Cullam. It’s a Rhianna cover and when Eliot played it to me i knew it was the one. Eliot loves his music (he used to be in a band) and he loves covers of songs done in an interesting way. The song is interesting and sexy. We had a dance lesson, which Eliot bought me as a surprise for my birthday two weeks before the wedding.

Unfortunately I got carried away and by the end of the hour we had produced something Patrick Swayze would have been proud of. Once in my dress i realised that the double dip lift to splits might have been slightly ambitious! We drunkenly went into another room before the dance and realised most of the dance was now impossible due to dress and alcohol. Anyway we improvised and it went surprisingly well.

Vintage DIY

My amazing mum made 100 foot of bunting and we put birdcages on every table with flowers in them as our table centre pieces. I also wrapped the napkins with brown twine and put a flower in them. This involved me and my bridesmaids cutting flowers from random bushes imagining we were characters from some kind of pride and prejudice novel. I also made a seating plan from an old suitcase which I put twine round and hung table names from with miniature pegs. I love DIY (but only strictly wedding related).

An Amazing Day

My wedding was special because it was my wedding. No matter what happens if you concentrate on the fact that all your friends and family are there to support you and you are marrying the man you love then you will have an amazing day. Don’t get stressed about things that really don’t matter that much, try and do things that suit you and not other people and make sure your groom doesn’t wear tweed.

Dress – Benjamin Roberts

Boutique – Truly Delightful

Hair – Gail Hodges

Makeup – Sanctuary Of Wellswood

Florals – Bouquets

Photography – Green photographic

Oh no! I’m not sure Cat would have enjoyed my talk on Groom fashion at the National Wedding Show a few weeks back… As I stood there (in a courdroy jacket) bleating on about the benefits of tweed! 😉

But of course, tweed isn’t for everyone and Eliot looked snazzy in his grey three piece.

Cat and Eliot had their day their way, and they did so well that it deserves to be shouted from a cliff top.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

16 thoughts on “Love On The Rocks.

  1. What a gorgeous backdrop 🙂
    love the little vintage touches

    Oh & loving the hair bow, it’s gorgeous – seriously want one in my hair!!!


    Cross between Jackie O and Memoirs of a Geisha.



  3. Wow I love that peach bunting at the ceremony! That is exactly what we’ve been hoping to buy/make!

    This wedding is so so beautiful! Every time I see a wedding by the sea I feel a little pang of envy, such a stunning backdrop!

    Congrats to you guys xxx

  4. Hmm, maybe i will reconsider my hatred of tweed. I think it was more to do with the hot summer day i was imagining, i had my husband’s welfare at heart. Thanks for the comments, the bridesmaids dresses came from one of the designers at Debenhams (Debut or something like that). I am sad it is over….

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