Love Unlimited.


It will come as no surprise to some of you that I am a huge fan of the unique and completely delicious typography style art work available at Coulson Macleod. So much so that I already have a piece in my hallway ( check out some pictures of the O’Shea residence if you want a peek) and have at least another two from their range on my interiors wish list.

A week or so back the lovely Hannah one half of the dynamic Coulson Macleod duo got in touch to tell us that the talented pair were engaged ( can you imagine the amazingness of that wedding?!)…and how much she loved looking at pretty on the pages of Rock My Wedding

Hannah then went on to tell us how she wanted you lovelies to be some of the first to see the their brand new Love Unlimited collection. And win a print. For like FREE.

Yup that’s right folks. It’s gorgeous giveaway time here at RMW HQ.

* The winning print is as seen: A chunky handmade, vintage-style, rough-sawn solid oak frame surrounding a white-washed oak panel printed with distressed typography. The size is 54cm x 54cm x 8cm.

Of course not only a perfect addition to your current home decor but also an ideal Valentines gift, wedding gift, birthday gift…..and an absolutely wall-worthy back drop to your own Big Day.

So what do you have to do to win one of these beauties I hear you say?

Well then. You just need to drop an email with the subject matter “RMW Print” to with your name, address, telephone number and the title of the print that you love the most.

The Coulson Macleod team will pick a lucky Rock my Wedding reader out of the hat at Midnight on Monday 7th February so all entries must be in by then.

Good luck you gorgeous lot!

And don’t forget to leave us a comment if you entered and which one you chose below 😉

Big Let’s Grow Old Together Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

69 thoughts on “Love Unlimited.

  1. Oh my life. Is it possible to be this excited? And to have this many limbs crossed at once?

    If I was choosing for me and myself only, I’d have Between us we forget the world.

    But Mr K is more practical than that. He’d have problems with the logistics of such a statement.

    So I’m going for Grow old with me, the best is yet to be. Because it’s TRUE.

  2. I love all of them.. How exciting. I would love the ‘Grow old with me the best is yet to be’ to start off my collection. Xx

  3. Defintely Grow Old with Me. At the moment I feel so excited and yet so nervous about the future and everything it holds. But knowing that I can deal with it with him makes it all OK!

  4. Oh… ‘I Found You’ brings a tear to my eye…

    As does imagining just how literal Mr K is…for different reasons though obviously!

    What a cracking giveaway, well done to the RMW team and to CoulsonMacleod-and Congratulations on your engagement too! Exciting times!


  5. I chose the print which says,
    “I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you”
    So beautiful!

  6. Eeeek! This giveaway is awesome! I just bought the boy a Coulson Macleod for our first wedding anniversary, which is this Sunday!

    Would love to win the ‘I Found You’ one to add to the collection so soon. I too have lots of limbs crossed 😀


  7. I can just imagine it, Aisling. He’d come hme, look at me giddy with excitement over my new print…and be like “but the world is not ours. That statement is inaccurate.”

    Oh to have married a poet…

  8. Wow, what a lovely way to brighten up my rainy Tuesday afternoon!

    My most favorite is definitely ‘Grow old with me, the best is yet to be’.

    Keeping my fingers crossed now….

  9. Ooooooh, I love these so much. I don’t know which one to pick out of the second and the third one though?! Decisions, decisions…. x

  10. Congratulations, Hannah! Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Being Engaged!

    I went for “Grow old with me’. It’s being read at our wedding and I would love a physical reminder to sit alongside our memories of the day.

    Fab competition, thank you!

  11. These are gorgeous! I have entered and have picked the ‘grow old with me, the best is yet to be’, because I think that is a beautiful sentiment! Fingers crossed x

  12. Anna K, mine is the same. I think its from his engineering background. Everything is black and white. He did once write me a poem about my nose (so unromantic but yes I kept it).

    We have conversations where he’ll look into my eyes…

    Him: “your eyes…..pause”

    Me: “yes…..”

    Him: “they’re all bloodshot and you have chocolate around your mouth…that had better not be my easter egg AGAIN”.

    I love the “I found you one” the best. Between us we forget the world reminds me of that snow patrol song.

  13. Absolutely gorgeous prints and a fab competition!!! RMW you never fail to disappoint. Off to gaze over all of the beautiful prints by Coulson Macleod now 🙂 xxx

  14. Absolutely amazing – I love the “love makes the ride worthwhile” print, I must be able to incorporate that into my wedding somehow! Congratulations Hannah – so exciting! x

  15. I LOVE Coulson Macleod, and have been itching for one of these prints for AGES! I would love any, but the one I’ve gone for is ‘I Found You’… would make THE perfect Valentine’s gift too 🙂


  16. Fab giveaway, thanks. I’m going for the ‘Grow old with me’, as can’t imagine my life ahead without hubby! Fingers and toes crossed. Congrats to Hannah on their engagement! x

  17. E-mail sent & chose ‘Between us we forget the world’. I already know where it would go in the house I am yet to own!!

  18. Grow old with me is my fave, although they are all fabulous – love them! Hope I win the print, but if not I shal be dropping some hints for V day 😉
    K x

  19. Has to be the Grow old with me one. The Glen Campbell song gets me every time. I have been coveting Coulson Macleod’s work since I saw the photos of your abode Mrs O’Shea. That’s way too long! May the luckiest lady (or gentleman) win x

  20. OOOOOOHHHHH how lovely!! I love ‘I found you and loved you and all the world was mine’, how perfect, sums up everything I feel about my marriage x

  21. My fave on the website is the love one with the whole paragraph about it…I am hoping for that one to use at our wedding!

    Out of these 3 my fave is the forgetting the world one because that is literally what happens when we are together…everything else dissapears!
    Wow! Gorgeous gorgeous! Thanks!x

  22. Definitely “Grow old with me” – a lovely quote. I have been a fan of these ever since I saw Charlotte’s home decorating post…what lovely news that the pair are engaged aswell! x

  23. This is so exciting! Quite difficult to choose a favourite, but I am pretty sure “Between us” is the right one 🙂 this blog is incredibly cosy and full of love, I really love reading through it!

  24. I picked ‘I found you and loved you and all the world was mine’
    I just love it, it makes me feel happy inside, thinking of Mr H! x

  25. What an ace competition, gorgeous prints! I chose ‘Grow Old with Me’ as the sentiment is lovely and hopefully true! x

  26. I just had to pick ‘i found you’ as it is so beautiful. I would love to use it for my wedding and then have it hung up in our home. i can picture where it would go now

    What a wonderful giveaway this is!!!


  27. I found you.
    Grow old with me.

    Arrrggghhhh, cant we pick two?!

    Ok ok, if i HAVE to choose: Grow old with me. Because its just so, well, apt.


  28. I chose ‘Grow Old With Me’. We had this quotation printed on the back of our orders of service for our wedding and, after a rubbish day, it has just made me smile to see it and remember that nothing is that bad when I have my lovely husband.

    I’d so love to win it and come home to such a fabulous reminder every day. x

  29. I am very indecisive. This was a hard decision. After much to-ing and fro-ing, I plumped for ‘Grow old with me’. Great comp… more please! x x x x

  30. Ooooooo I’ve been lusting after one of these beauties for the past 6mths. A great comp, thank you ladies & Hannah!

    I’m going to sleep on it but I’ll probably plump for ‘grow old’

  31. I’ve gone for ‘Grow Old With Me’ I have everything crossed – it would be an amazing birthday present for my arty other half… though making him cry on his birthday might be a bit mean!

  32. Ah, so lovely! I too have gone with the majority ‘Grow old with me’ (don’t we all have excellent taste?!)

    As an English bride who has snuck off to the states (legally mind!) to be with her man, I am crossing everything in the hope that my new postcode doesn’t rule me out!

    Thanks for the lovely competition x

  33. congrats Hannah and hubby-to-be on your engagement – such a special time, enjoy it! and thank you for including all of us in your celebrations…

    “growing old with me…” is our favourite 🙂

    Thanks again,

  34. I’ve been desperately wanting one of these for ages, but can’t afford one, what with saving for W-Day so am seriously keeping fingers crossed for ‘I Love You’. Have the pic as the background on my ‘pooter!

  35. I chose “I found you” because is sums up how I feel about my amazing H2B. I now have cramp in my toes from crossing them so much! I so so so hope I win!

    Thank you RMW for being eternally amazing and offering the comp!


  36. I love Coulson and Macleod, was browsing their site last week to read the ‘Love is…’ reading to show the Reverend!

    Loving ‘Grow old with me…’ ( I have everything crossed!)


  37. So difficult to choose… Do you love me because I am beautiful or am I beautiful because you love me. I like this one. Reminds me of the eye of the beholder.

  38. Ooohh, this is exciting! Have been away for the week so catching up on all the RMW posts and so glad I’m just in time to enter this! It’s the “grow old with me” one for me too I think, although I would love it to be the start of a collection!

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