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Lover Of The Light.

No Regrets Now

You’re not really supposed to have regrets about your wedding day are you. Don’t get me wrong I really don’t have regrets as such just a couple of things I wish I’d done differently.

That’s the beauty of hindsight I guess.

My wedding day was the most surreal, soul-tingling, life-affirming, radiant day of my life. It really was. There’s a part of me that can’t quite believe my luck in that I married the most beautiful boy, inside and out, and that I had the most immense twelve hours of all my days on this planet so far.

The other silver lining is that I get to share my experiences and top tips with you lovely lot. Because if I can help in the tiniest of ways to make your amazing wedding even more stupendous then I’m a happy girl indeed.

Just Me And My Boy…And A Camera Crew

You hear it time and time again but I’m about to join the hoards of brides that say…

‘take time out with your new husband to really look around you and appreciate the day’

because I promise you that you’ll look back and say to each other… I’m so glad we did that. I’m so glad we took the time out to breathe, to take a step back and really take in what was happening around us, to really grab a hold of all the love in the room.

I know we did.

Promise me you’ll do this. Cross your heart and hope to die…

It’s just as important to spend five minutes or so just as a married couple, just the pair of you with no-one else buzzing round. Have a cuddle, hell even have a snog if you fancy it but just BE with one another.

Pose for as MANY portraits of both of you as possible. Charlotte wrote a really compelling post about this not so long ago which you can find here and I heartily agree with each and every point she made.

Schedule in as many mini-portrait sessions as your day will allow. Given the time of year, the boy and I only really had time for one session with our ‘camera crew’; the light was fading and the speeches ran over which meant night had fallen by the time we had the space to commit to another.

We were lucky enough to have an unboundedly talented photographer in the form of Ann-Kathrin Koch and the dynamic duo that is Lee and Dawn from Shutterbox Films capturing our magic moments which meant everything that we wanted was recorded forever.


But I implore you summer brides to really go hell for leather on the portrait agenda – more is… ahem… always more.

If you’re a detail fanatic like me, mention this to your photographer. Ann and I function on the same wavelength having worked together before so she knew what I was after.

Hopefully you’ll have picked your photographer because you adore their work and their style so they’ll be photographing all the important bits and pieces in the way you love anyway.

Time Out

There’s one good thing about planning your wedding in five months – it comes round pretty damn quick.

Too quickly perhaps.

If anything I wished I had a bit more time – an extra month would have done it. Just so I could have collected another cache of trophies and been able to complete some of the DIY activities I wanted to include. I so wished that we’d had more table centrepieces and we did have an inter-house table quiz planned and a choreographed dance with the entire wedding party that we just didn’t have enough time to finish.

And whilst it isn’t the end of the world…I can’t help thinking about that one extra month.

Control freak?


Yes I admit it – I don’t really like to ‘let go’ all that easily. It’s one of my weak spots and it took a serious talk from the boy to realise that actually there were all these people around me that wanted to help out and I wasn’t letting them.

Whilst I did open up, and began to delegate towards the end of the planning journey, I think it was a lesson learned a little too late. If I’m really honest I think I ended up alienating a few people without meaning to and this is one of my biggest regrets.

I also wished that I’d invested in some gorgeous wedding day dressing gown fare, not that I got a chance to lounge mind.

I wanted to look like an ethereal hot sexy thang!

I’m not sure a two-tone denim look whilst prepping for the biggest day of your life fits into this category…

Talented Folks And Fantastic Friends

I can’t finish this epic trilogy without mentioning both Ann from Ann-Kathrin Koch Photography and Lee and Dawn from Shutterbox Films because without them I wouldn’t have any of these gorgeous photos or this heartfelt video.

It was Dawn’s smiling face and Lee’s calming influence that kept me going in the morning when I was running around like a headless chicken. I’ve always loved their work – emotion pours out of it like water from a sieve – but these two are the sweetest people you can meet. Kind-hearted and funny I beseech you to get them involved in your big day.

Ann’s work for me is like manna from heaven. The way she handles light is sublime, her attention to detail is second to none and I defy anyone not to look good in one of her photographs. Ann captures the very essence of love between two people – pure and simple. Having her next to me on my big day was a real treat – she’s incredibly loving and funny to boot.

I’m lucky enough to be able to call all of them friends and both Ste and I will be forever indebted to them for all the time and effort they put into the day.

Last Minute Thoughts

And lastly let me leave you with this… please nominate someone as your lipstick and veil monitor.

My bridesmaids made off with my lipgloss – I know! You just can’t get the bridesmaids these days and unknowingly my veil got caught on my headpiece a couple of times which is not a hot look during your first dance *sigh*

Admittedly these are minor points but it’s just something I’m putting out there, something I’m passing on.

And if you’re a bit of a lightweight like me I’d recommend pacing yourself on the special juice throughout the day. I made a conscious decision not to drink until we sat down to eat and I’m so glad I did.

It meant that I remembered everything.

Because it’s the memories that stay with you long after the day has passed isn’t it. Something to tell the grandchildren…

Dress Charlotte Balbier
Shoes Jimmy Choo
Venue Iscoyd Park
Stationery Tom Gautier
Photography Ann-Kathrin Koch
Videography Shutterbox Films
Makeup Make-up By Jodie
Groom Tiger Of Sweden
Groom’s Shoes Paul Smith
Groomsmen Zara
Fur Stole Hope and Grace
Cake Caroline’s Cake Company
Flowers Selina Godsall
Catering Rupert Frazer Worden
Band The Moneypennies

I’ll leave you with this final video – there’s some pretty ‘special’ dancing towards the end…

I hope you’ve enjoyed these posts as much as I’ve loved sharing them.

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

37 thoughts on “Lover Of The Light.

  1. Oh for goodness sake – I told you….too much pretty & my mind would explode!!! :-p

    Lolly, you & Ste are just too gorgeous for words & make an amazing couple
    I have enjoyed every word of your 3 part report.
    You put your heart & soul into the wedding & it definitely paid off, because your day looks like perfection!

    Congrats on what looks like a fantabulous day
    And even BIGGER congrats on becoming a MRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I promise Lolly, that Dave & I will definitely take some time out & make sure we get some couples shots, if they are even near as glorious as your we’ll be happy little bunnies!

  2. Ann you have completely out done yourself! These shots are so beautiful! Anyone wanting an amazing photographer, then there is no one better than Ann!!
    What a beautiful wedding! Congrats!

  3. I’m so glad you shared these musings with us, Lolly. Thank you for reflecting on some of the less dreamy-perfect-romantic side of things.

    I thought I’d finally tipped over into brideinsanity when I purchased a getting-prepped silk robe earlier this month solely for the purposes of wearing while I have my hair and makeup done… a far cry from my ancient BHS fleece monstrosity with dog biscuits permanently in the pockets. And your tip about the special juice – I was torn; I should let my hair down and indulge! It’s my wedding day! But wait! I’m a certified lightweight – I’ve been drinking 5% diet wine for the last 10 months (and only half a glass a week at that) and I’m seriously out of training. You’ve assured me that it’s ok to pace yourself.

    As for Shutterbox – well there’s one decision I had no hesitation in making. In fact the first time I met Lee he’d literally just got back from your wedding that day and was so bursting with excitement and emotion over it I’ve been dying to see the footage ever since.

    You and your day have been more inspiring that you could imagine, making me think very carefully about my decisions and myself.

    P.S. What WAS your special juice by the way?

  4. It’s official – I’m in love with Lolly’s attention to detail! The pumpkins, flower fairy headdresses and little be-ribbonned bells at the ceremony were beeeeeautiful! I am also an old-school confetti girl – got to be one of the moments I’ll have on my big day that makes me smile like a lunatic when I think about it!

    The highlights film from Lee and Dawn at Shutterbox Films also made me emotional and giddy at the same time – can’t wait to meet them! 🙂

  5. @Lolly – what a gorgeous conclusion. Your couple shots are out of this world as expected! Great advice too and lots of things to take on board.

    @Pip – I’m thinking the same thing about some sort of slinky dressing gown. Or velour tracksuits a la Britney!

    Oh my biggest fear of the day is drunkness, sadly not me, but Lee who is the worlds BIGGEST lightweight! He’ll be fast asleep by 4pm if he’s not careful (this has happened at weddings before) and I do worry that his best man is a bad influence. xxx

  6. @Karen – I can point you in the direction of a most excellent ebay shop… not sure I can help out with yer juicy couture trakkie though…. And on the topic of couple portraits, a certain Claire Penn and I were shooting the breeze earlier regarding the importance of scheduling in extra time for them – so I take it you’re on board with that?!

  7. You are SO beautiful. What a gorgeous couple and the photography just captures you together in such a perfect way! Congratulations.

  8. @Lolly – your wedding is truly beautiful and thank you for making me even more excited about picking ‘my’ Charlotte Balbier dress when I go shopping at the end of March!

  9. @Becca have you exploded then? Gosh sorry about that! And thanks doll for all your thoughtful and kind musings. You’ve put a little smile on my face knowing that you and your boy are making time for some shots – of course they’ll be gorgeous!

    @Philippa – go girllll! You got yourself a silk robe! Now that’s what I’m talking ’bout! I’m thrilled to hear that I’ve been able to give you some inspiration – my job is done. My special juice was prosecco and maybe a bit of gin slipped in too (not actually into the prosecco mind!)

    @Becky we LOVE confetti lunatics!

    @Karen can you not slip Lee some water every so often…

  10. Just beautiful… Lauren, you have such a way with words… our hearts skip every time we look back on your day. A stunning wedding from start to finish. Thank you all for the kind words… it really does mean so, so much to Dawny and me…

    We’re looking forward to meeting some of you this year (and next)… 🙂 x

  11. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Thank you for sharing Lolly.
    The highlights video is brilliant – just the perfect way to capture the confetti throwing, the bell ringing and the dancing! In fact, I LOVE the bells, what a fantastic idea. We had little flags on the seats that everyone waved as we walked down the aisle as Mr and Mrs. They said things like ‘hurrah’ and ‘hip hip hooray’ and I just remember walking out the room through a sea of waving flags. A sea of little ringing bells… gorgeous!

  12. Oh Lolly thank you for your report – what a dream to read and swoon over the gorgeous photos and video over an afternoon coffee break!

    Actually not the first time a bride has told me to make sure someone is on lip gloss duty, as a friend of mine recently told me her BMs didn’t go to her and she spent a lot of time running to try and find them – not ideal!

    Now I’ve read this I’m even more excited about mine and Al’s e-shoot which we just booked this morning! Generally we don’t take enough photos of us and when we’re old and wrinkly I know having lots of lovely photos is going to mean so much! Must try harder on the photo front!


  13. Well Lolly and Ste where do I start?… For the last 3 days I have been sat staring in awe at your utterly beautiful, wholly romantic and super stylish wedding. When I begin to design my gowns I dream of brides like you Lolly, a complete natural beauty who simply just looks like she was born to wear a Balbier! Ste you handsome devil and WOW what an absolutely gorgeous married couple you make!
    The photography is beyond beautiful and I purely love the natural light and the way Ann- Katherin Koch has captured you both and your wedding guests and party with perfection. Don’t get me started on the films by Shutter box! I think I have only just managed to stop the tears, 3 days on and you have had me weeping over these ultra cool, unique and vibrantly beautiful short films of your intimate wedding day. I just can’t stop showing and sharing with everyone!
    Finally, I love love love your venue…. Well that’s a given as I just would wouldn’t I? Holding our own wedding reception there later this year, Myself and Teddy have been delighted to see Iscoyd showcased in all of it’s glory on RMW and dare I say it? It’s made us EVEN more excited to say our ‘I do’s’ in just 11 months time.
    So all that’s left to say is a tremendously huge congratulations Lolly and Ste, this is the start of your life together and may it be dazzlingly magical and full of love, laughter and an abundance of happiness.
    Lot’s of love always, Charlotte x

  14. Oh wow! Your three posts are amazing and I have enjoyed reading every word of your detail and advice. You wedding looks like an amazing perfect day for your family and you look stunning Lolly! Your portraits are stunning, I love the light in those photographs. The photos f you coming out to all your guests waiting are my favourite, the way the camera seems to follow you two out, and I am a sucker for confetti shots!

    It is all fabulous and I may be doing a bit of a U-turn (like Usher) in my planning and theme and taking a lot of inspiration from your day. And your words of wisdom to take time a side will stick with me I promise, and I may even force myself to enjoy my longer than planned engagement 🙂

    Thank you for sharing.

  15. Lolly – thank you so much for sharing your most special day with all of us – I don’t know why you were thinking people wouldn’t like it! It was beautiful and classy and modern all at the same time! I didn’t watch the video but only because I can’t watch films of weddings of people I don’t know….freaks me out! LOL! 🙂

  16. @Lolly – He’ll have to! Apparently he’s ‘not drinking until the evening do’ …like i’ve never heard that before!

    @Pip – yes pleases!! Cant wait to get back to the land of FB Brides to see what you and Claire have been chatting. It’s Liverpool v Arsenal tonight so I can fully indulge. I need pictures of your slinky negligee too! (ew)


  17. @Karen I love that you are using football time to get fully stuck in. I shall be doing the same, hiding in the corner of Dannys pinning away.

    Oh Lolly, what a wedding. Your three posts have been beautiful and great advice about having someone there for lipgloss and veil checks. After being a bridesmaid so much I know full well how important it is to make sure the bride doesn’t run out of lipgloss… or wine.

    LOVING the cake cutting picture too. You did not disappoint 🙂

  18. @Lolly I have never really thought about having a professional videographer but after saving all your videos for one lump sum of loveliness I feel like I should reconsider, it all looks so beautiful and would add another level of depth to the memories! I don’t know what to do now!! Help!!

  19. Lolly I am utterly in love with your wedding. This post has made me super happy as I have booked Ann for my wedding this year- every time I see her pictures I get so thrilled that I chose her! Every shoot makes my heart ache her pictures are THAT awesome… if only I had your big eyes to look that good in them 🙂 I do have one question – can you tell me where you got your gorgeous chair covers from? I love them! Gorgeous wedding, there isn’t one detail I don’t like! And congrats!! 🙂

  20. What a beautiful pair you both are and equally as beautiful in person. You both radiate happiness and love for each other. I’ve loved sharing your wedding journed over these past few days. Ann, your photography knocks my socks off every time I see it and despite little snippets of the film from Shutterbox, this is the first time I’ve watched it – Lee & Dawn your skills are immense.

  21. @Laura I love the sound of the little flags! Did everyone keep their flags as a memento – we asked our guests to keep our bells if they wanted to as a reminder of their day and there wasn’t one left in the place at the end!

    @Kitty you’ve booked your e-shoot! Amazing. It’s so wonderful and nerve-wracking at the same time. Make sure you enjoy it – it’s weird but fun as well.

    @Charlotte – I really don’t know what to say other than you’ve left me speechless and I’m sitting here with the boy with tears in my eyes reading your lovely comments. Ste is particularly thrilled with being named ‘a handsome devil’ and has taken to telling everyone within earshot. I’m so glad that you think I did your breathtakingly gorgeous dress justice – it really was a joy to wear and I didn’t want to take it off. I’m positive that you and Teddy will have the time of your lives – Iscoyd will be beautiful at Christmas with all those log fires burning – and you’ll certainly bring an extra dose of glamour to the place. Lots of love Lolly xxx

  22. @Kirsten xxxx

    @Stef oh yes please enjoy your engagement – it was one of the most magical times for me and once it’s over it’s gone. Make the most of all of it. It was a pleasure to share it sweetheart x

    @Sophie glad you liked the cake shot 😉

    @Sama I really should shouldn’t I 😉

    @Vanessa do it! Please get a videographer! Honestly it is the best feeling snuggling up to your boy and reliving your day again. Especially when it’s cold and grey outside. It reminds you of brighter times and just how much you love one another.

    @Emma you’ve got the lovely Ann? You LUCKY LUCKY girl. And I promise you that your photos will look exquisite. Are you talking about the Mr and Mrs chairbacks? I got them from the awe-inspiring shop BHLDN. Be warned once you step foot on that site there’s no turning back…

    @Jo love you woman!

  23. Ok I DO NOT have enough time this week! I have my very first wedding fair as a company this Sunday and there is still a crazy amount to do!

    So I have just one tiny point for now: YOU TWO ARE JUST TOO HOT!!!!!!! I mean really surely one ridiculously good looking partner in a couple is enough? Oh well…

    But seriously Lolly I think I was right yesterday your right up there with Beal and Timberlake and well that is just how it is!

  24. @Lolly yes I sure do! I feel in love with her photos and the second I had my wedding date I called her! First stop is my engagement shoot this month in St Anton! Eek! Thanks for the chair back details – another site for me to loose myself in wedding planning bliss..woop! 🙂

  25. I’ve saved reading these posts for the last few days until I had time in the evenings to sit down and properly enjoy them – and it was so worth it. Despite having actually been there and knowing most of the what and how from Lolly herself this has been such a treat. And I can’t even get started on Lee and Dawn’s amazing videos.
    I’ve been a fan of their work for a while now and when Lol was looking for someone to film her wedding I knew exactly who it was going to be. Working together with them on the day was fabulous and seeing the results just amazing.

    Good to see some familiar faces, too! Hi Adeline! Hi Jo!
    And helloooo Emma! I am currently wondering if my North Face jacket has got another shoot in it or if I perhaps “must” invest in a new down jacket? Thank you for the lovely, lovely words, can’t wait to see you.

    And Charlotte, your ever so kind words are more than appreciated! I am a little envious that you still get to have your wedding at Iscoyd, it is definitely a place that is grand and cozy and warm and pretty and beautiful all at once. I am so glad you enjoyed seeing and reading about Lolly’s wedding – can’t wait to see what you will come up with yourself!

  26. What a truly beautiful wedding, I love everything about it and I can certainly see why you chose the venue it’s stunning. I completely agree with you about the wedding photos and getting more personal shots. We had our wedding in Italy and painstakingly chose a photographer from Rome, they have taken some beautiful of the moment images but there are very few images where it just the boy and I and I am so disappointed, it actually gives me a little sick feeling when I think about it. So I can’t stress enough take some time out with your photographer it’s only a few minutes out of the whole day, those photos will last you a lifetime.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful day. Xx

  27. Lolly La Pop/Lolly Dolly/Lo Lo Lemon (a new one – as per todays dairy milk comment..)

    I obviously knew your wedding was going to be the stuff of glossy magazines and fashion campaigns since day one – and hell, I was THERE so I saw it for myself.

    But even I didn’t really see “everything” until your 3 perfect posts and beautifully captured moments (camera AND film.)

    In terms of styling it was a triumph, in terms of love it was so full of it you could feel it radiate through every Iscoyd-pretty-park room….and as a guest I had a completely amazing time.

    All in all then…..a PERFECT day.

    May you and Ste have a lifetime of happiness and pure unadulterated joy.

    Big Love Lollipop

    Charlotte xxx

  28. It’s been epic.

    So many amazing things about this wedding Lol that I can’t help but feel a teeny bit in awe… For example, It’s not every day that we get the designer of the featured wedding dress commenting on the blog – @Charlotte Balbier such beautiful words too…

    Not only that but such immense photography by Ann-Kathrin Koch, such a cool set of films from Shutterbox and to top it off about 150 heartfelt comments of love from the RMW community.

    Lol, you did RMW proud.

    RMW, you did Lolly proud.

    Lolly & Steve – Live happily ever after – we all KNOW you will.

    All in all, today has been a good day.

    Adam x

  29. Lolly, Lolly, Lolly!

    I think I may have slightly run out of words to say how much I, and from all the lovely comments, EVERYONE, has loved and admired your wedding!

    So all I’ll say is I wish you and Ste a whole lifetime of happiness and love together! Xxxx

    P.S. I can’t believe Charlotte Balbier commented on your post – you are totes famous! x

  30. @Lolly Yes, everyone did keep their flags! During the day the boys all had them tucked into their suit jacket pockets and now my sister has a little jam jar with some in on her desk! I’d definitely have kept a little bell!

  31. Absolutely blown away by the love, thought and total and utter stylish stylings (let’s pretend it’s a word) that went into your wedding. Love the English country gent theme and the wreaths with the feathers? Wow. Not to mention you looked beyond stunning!

    Congratulations to you both. It looks like it was such a magical day – the photos and films are immense.

    And Charlotte, what a dapper wedding guest you were too – you looked fab! 🙂 xx

  32. Since booking our wedding at Iscoyd nearly a year and a half a ago I have consistently searched for wedding photography at Iscoyd to help me imagine what our big day will be like. Lolly, I have to say for me yours is the most beautiful and if ours is anything like this I will be one very happy bride. We get married on 1st June 2013.

    Congratulations on your big day and I hope you have a wonderful future together.

    P.S. Can you tell me if Rupert sourced your white striped table cloths or is this something you did? Thanks

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