Made In Belfast.


I like very much the fact that groom Phil found photographers Navyblur whilst perusing Rock My Wedding. I like very VERY much the fact this wedding is fashion epic-ness and we get to share it with you gorgeous lot.

Bride Nino is all huge brown peepers and hot pixie crop, her maids are decked in mis-matched yet perfect-for-them frocks and the venue “Made In Belfast” is one of my favourites in the whole wide world in terms of decor and design.

Also the couple’s idea of naming all of their tables after a famous Phil or Nino made me laugh out loud…..and the apples used as paper holders is simple, cheap and genius.


NOT Celine Dion

Nino The Bride:I didn’t try on any dresses, and as a little girl never dreamt of wedding dresses – in fact, while kicking up a fuss about having to wear a white dress for my First Holy Communion, I had my Uncle Norman record me declaring that should I be found walking down the aisle again that it would be in a white suit! Luckily for me time and basements are unfriendly to VHS tapes…

Thinking of Celine Dion’s Givenchy backwards suit *shiver* 
I knew I wanted a simple 50’s style dress. My criteria: short, blush and print. Though not blush, I fell in love with this flowery white silk organza. From there, I asked about for leads of seamstress’ and met with lovely Amy from New Fashion on Dundas and Bathurst in Toronto.


Inspired By

The overall look was inspired by a post from Cherry Blossom girl – vintage, dreamy, soft, fantastical candy colours. 

Though I loved the idea of a bird cage veil, I didn’t want to wear one for the entire day and night and short straight hair + accessories can sometimes mean sporting a lumpy bumpy hair dent.

I fell in love with this Peter Pan collar from BHLDN. I didn’t go crazy with other accessories because the fabric felt quite busy. Though Phil’s wedding gift to me was a pair of grenade earings, I opted for the small gold roses from Coal Miner’s Daughter in Toronto.


50’s Influences

As I’m not from Belfast, Christine from Navyblur recommended Ashley Morej. She did make up for myself, and my lovely bridesmaids. Again, just wanted to carry on with the 50s inspired look – a strong lip and wing tipped eye. She was lovely to work with.


Dreamy Florals

The candy coloured buds for the bouquets and buttonholes were from Alexandra Florists on York Street. As well, Phil’s mum’s friend kindly made equally dreamy flowers for the church.


Feel Good Factor

We wanted an eclectic ensemble, and with bridesmaids and groomsmen scattered about in a few different cities, instructions had to be simple. Ultimately, we just wanted everyone to feel good.

We asked the girls to choose from four colours – light blue, lemon yellow, soft pink and lavender. As well, encouraged prints, patterns and a wiggle silhouette. 
Monique found her pink dress at a vintage store on Queen Street in Toronto (for a whopping $20). I loved her stripey sleeves and sky high (to me anyway) winged heels.

Leah the owner of Dalston Grey (a vintage & contemporary shop in Toronto) already had her blue dress, but it was 70s ankle length and A lined. She had the talented Mystica Cooper from Bay Cooper reconstruct the entire dress. It turned out great, I really loved the lace bodice and her flowery heels.


We found Laeticia’s yellow dress on Etsy. It was from a vintage store called Fishing for Lions in Venice, California. It was a gorgeous silk wiggle dress from the 50s, the yellow spotty print was beautiful!

Had a little snafoo with Cathy’s lavender dress. As she was working in Greece, she didn’t get to try on her vintage dress until a week before the wedding. Unfortunately if just didn’t work, but luckily we found this pretty lace number!

All the girls looked beautiful, and was happy with the way it all came together!


For the guys – asked them to wear their own grey suits – not too light, not too dark. Each guy had to find a pocket square and tie from the same four colours as the girls – patterns and print were highly encouraged, but ultimately wanted everyone to feel good in what they were wearing.



Phil was absolutely swoon-worthy standing at the end of the aisle.

When he first mentioned that he wanted to wear a blue suit – that wasn’t navy – my mind immediately went to Lloyd and Harry from Dumb & Dumber. But, the fella has good taste and he found this midnight blue suit and pink polka dot pocket square (my personal favourite) at Reiss. His cufflinks were my little wedding gift. They were made using vintage watch parts and were from Jenny at ReFound in Belfast.


Found Via RMW

Phil spotted the wonderful Navyblur while perusing Rock My Wedding. We immediately loved their style and sense of humour, crossed our fingers and hoped that they would be available on the 4th of October. Luckily… they were!

Xander spent the morning with Phil and Christine with myself. They were both great to work, it felt very easy and comfortable – my morning with Christine was great, it felt more like hanging out with a friend which was great for keeping nerves and butterflies in check. They really enhanced a great day, and have given us so many beautiful tokens with which to remember it.



Phil’s sister’s friend, the incredibly talented Claire Galway from Cakes a Go-Go made our cake. We wanted something simple and white with a geometric pattern. The toppers were an ode to the place Phil and I met – Korea.

Claire did an excellent job of translating/interpreting our ideas (such an excellent job that we saved the little guys, took photos of them out and about in London and used the photos as thank you cards!)
And, most importantly, the cake was absolutely delicious!!!


Walk Like….

The first dance….. We didn’t want one. But, unwittingly met each other on the dance floor as Walk Like an Egyptian was playing. A circle formed around us, so I guess that was it. I suppose that’s why most people organize these things.

For favours we made a donation to Breast Cancer Northern Ireland and gave each guest a mini chocolate bar from SOMA Chocolate in Toronto.


Made In Belfast

Made In Belfast was everything we had wanted and imagined. From the décor and atmosphere and food to service, it was incredible. Claire and Sean were fantastic and so easy to work with, as was the rest of the Made In Belfast team. Their seamless service really made for a great night – as did the food and mojitos!

Ultimately we wanted our wedding to be a good night out – and, thanks to these guys, it was!

Our advice is simple and cliché, but true – soak up as much of the day as you can, find a moment with each other to enjoy all that’s happening about you.


Brides Collar – BHLDN
Venue – Made In Belfast
Grooms Cufflinks – ReFound
Grooms Suit – Reiss
Cake – Cakes a Go-Go
Photography – Navyblur

Super SUPER cute.

I would very much like to be on Team Phil Collins please…….and have a mojito!

Big Polka Dot Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

20 thoughts on “Made In Belfast.

  1. Possibly one of my most favourite weddings to grace these pages, I just adore Nino and Phil’s big day. Nino looks beautiful, her maids look spectacular and I’m in love with the florals and the venue. EPIC!

  2. Soo cute! Nino looks perfect and I bet if Lolly had been doing her ‘hair post’ this week Nino would definitely have featured in the fabulous short style section!! Love the bridesmaids too – the mix match works perfectly! xo

  3. WOW!!!!

    Sometimes you can tell your going to love the wedding just from the very first photo! This is one of those weddings!!!

    Nino is AWESOME there is beauty, and genuine joy oozing out of her!!!

    As for the wedding it’s oozing joy to with a very, understated coolness. Nothing looks contrived it looks naturally awesome!!!

    And yes I to @Charlotte have that venue on my ‘places to visit’ list, as well as my places to visit pinterest board!!!

  4. Looooooooooove ALL of this!! Could I be biased….? Maybe a wee bit as Phil is my handsome brother and Nino, my beautiful new sister-in-law!! What an AMAZING wedding this was! So personal, so much fun and I guess you guys can all tell this by looking at the photos and hence your lovely comments! As for the photos-they must be the best photographers ever….did I mention that the superbly talented Navyblur are shooting my wedding this July!! 😉
    Beautiful photos of a truly beautiful couple xxxx

  5. Ahhhh! I love this wedding and I have been to the venue! I managed to organize a surprise weekend to Belfast with my man and just so happened to organise a wee shoot with our now wedding photographers before we even were engaged (who says no to pretty photos?!) Wondering around we found MIB and they managed to squeeze us in for a quick dinner. Let me tell you the food and cocktails are AMAZING! And everything is locally sourced. My man has been saying ever since that he wants to style our new house on Made In Belfast!

  6. I often have a look at this website but have never felt compelled to comment until i saw this wedding. It’s just perfect. Everything looks natural and effortless.
    I imagine it’s easy to get swept away into wanting everything, bigger, better and shinier but this is just the epitome of understated chic.

  7. I just adore everything about this wedding. It’s personal, quirky and above all it looks like it was great fun! Nino I love your style!

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