Made With Love……part 2

If you are looking for D.I.Y inspiration then seriously folks – look no further.

Danny and Nic’s homespun garden W-day has a whole heap of purse friendly, original and delicious ideas, it makes me want to jump into literally EVERY image and go join in the fun.


The Perfect Venue

Our wedding took place on Saturday 5th of June 2010 (a random sunny day in one of the rainiest months so far that year) at Thorpe St Andrews church in Norwich and then on to a lovely venue called Amber lodge. After scouring venue after venue across Norfolk and being told time and time again that ‘ no you can’t do that’ and ‘we have a list of our own caterers for you to use’. Amber Lodge near Acle, came as a welcome relief. An old vicarage about 10 minutes drive away from the church, surrounded by the very flat norfolk fields as far as the eyes can see. I cannot recommend this place enough.

Amanda the owner lives and breaths your dream, not hers. She literally let us have run of the whole place the week before, giving me a key to the front door and supplying us with tea coffee and laughter whilst we decorated to our hearts content. She didn’t laugh at our requests for a fire pit, or that we wanted all our family and friends to bring the cakes for the afternoon tea. She didn’t even flinch when we told her that Danny would like to make the starter of soup for the evening meal for 70 people.. even offering us the use of her giant pans!

Hopelessly Romantic

Danny and I live in a little bungalow with a gorgeously mature, modestly sized garden full of lush budlia, hydrangea and roses all in hues of purples, fushias and dusky pinks. Hopeless romantic that I am, I had envisage gathering up the blooms the evening before, elegantly placing them in vases and job done. Que one of the coldest spring times. I have never known our garden bloom so late.

A lot of finger crossing later I resigned myself on finding alternatives and trawled through the Marks and Spencers flower catalogue for inspiration. I settled on avalanche roses, purple and white stock, white carnations, and deep purple flowers can’t remember the other names. We got the flowers ordered from online flower market and couldn’t have been more pleased.

Two of my brilliant friends met me at the venue a coupel of days before and helped strip the roses of thorns and trim all the stalks of the flowers. It was like the blind leading the blind, we didn’t have a clue what we were doing! I borrowed, begged and bought a mixture of vintage cut glass vases for the marquee tables and glass bud vases dotted everywhere else. we had passed some beautiful rodedendrum bushes (grow like weeds in Norfolk… literally everywhere!) and so I sent hub2be and best friend armed with the unsharpest scissors ever, they arrived with arms of the stuff for that extra wow factor.

Tea Time Games

Danny’s family have a tradition of getting out the game of ‘pass the pigs’. Basically this entails 2 tiny plastic pigs with a black dot on one side and you get points for how they land. A good game honest!

Early on Danny had made a throw away joke about a giant version of pass the pigs. .. many evenings of sitting together and lovingly layering papier mache… I’m amazed that Danny’s attention span lasted.. but it did.. and so were born ‘piggy’ and ‘wiggy’ a giant perfectly scaled versions of pass the pigs. hehe

From the church we a stopped off at a thatched busstop for some photos and a lot of beeps from passing motorists. When we arrived people were enjoying a glass of Asti (very classy) and we then led everyone into afternoon tea in the little marquee outside.

We had lovingly collected all the china and cake stands ourselves and decorated the marquee with paper pom poms, a true true labour of love over the past year. Then followed a barn dance, some chilling out, a sit down dinner about half 7, a surprise casino and a bit of a disco.

The Bride Bakes

Our cake had two layers, One vanilla and one lemon. It was an american pound cake and made from a recipe that I had found on Martha Stewart. I am not a professional, and although I managed to conquer the intrepid cake dowelling and butter icing thanks to some advice from one of my friends , I didn’t feel confident enough to attempt anything higher or more extravagant. Simple is best!

The cake topper were two ceramic wrens, that I my grandma had given my mum, simple and just right. The flowers were from an orchid on our kitchen window sill, that had weirdly begun to flower (after 2 years!) just before the wedding. .. fate huh?! The cake cutting kind of got forgotten about until about 1.30 in the morning when we decided it would be a good idea… queue Beyonce ‘single lady put a ring on it’ coming on the ipod (total fluke timing) a bit of singing and a very wonky slice of cake being cut.

Rock My Wedding Inspired

I love polaroids and was very sad that I couldn’t get film, as I had envisage a polaroid guestbook. I got hold of a fuji and the guest book was made even more special by inspiration of Rock My Wedding’s very own Charlotte! I remembered seeing pics of her frame game and sent a link to all of my sisters, they came up trumps with a guest book/ photobooth mini marquee.

Everyone loved it, thank you Charlotte!

An Important Must Have

The photography was one of my real ‘must haves’. I think it comes from having such a rubbish memory but I love the way a picture can jog you back into that moment. I’m not a big fan of the traditonal grouped photograph although we did want a couple of whole group shots.

I met Mr Lee Robbins at university when he was just starting and I was just finishing , and we have remained friends since. I have always been knocked down at his abilitiy to capture the moment that no one else can. He is photographer for Jones The Bootmaker and I would literally drag people to the shop to show them his work. I really really wanted him to do our photography as I knew he was exactly the style I was looking for quirky, vintage/modern, relaxed and down right fabulastic.

Lee put a photobook together for us, I knew it would be good, but we were quite literally blown away by not only the images but the way he had put them together to really capture the essence of the day. All the photos sent to RMW are by Lee Robbins.

Entertaining The Guests

Our first dance was the start of the ceildh band, neither of us wanted a soppy first dance, although an impromptu version moon river was sung to us as everyone was leaving… last dance maybe?

If you are ever in Norwich on a saturday, go to Castle Mall and under the stairs is a lady called Karen who runs a stall called fabfudge OMG the best ever fudge. Danny ordered 100 bags thinking we would have some left…. there was none left.

A Labour Of Love

Our wedding was a true labour of love brought together over a period of 10 months. At times I was overwhelmed with inspiration from sites like Rock My Wedding and, but in the end we really felt we made it ours. It really did feel like us, and we definitely couldn’t have done it without our amazing friends and family.

I am just trying to think of a word……


Yup. This wedding was Spectacular.

With huge thanks to Nic, Danny and Lee Robbins for sharing the D.I.Y dream.

Big creative Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

37 thoughts on “Made With Love……part 2

  1. This has rendered me speechless (which is rare).

    It is truly spectacular but also completely and utterly personal and I love the idea of a separate marquee for the photo booth. And the pom poms and the giant pigs. I would bet good money on the planning and the crafting being as enjoyable as the actual day. I LOVE IT

    Was it a Fuji instant as we’ve been looking at sourcing one. Would you recommend?


  2. I’d like to be friends with Nic and Danny. And if there wasn’t the minor inconvenience of getting married myself on the same day, I’d have LOVED to be at their wedding.

    Congratulations Nic and Danny!


  3. What an inspirational wedding!! Love it! Love the pompoms, the pigs (I do love a game of pass the pigs), love the home made photobooth, the home made cakes, the sparklers and the fudge. I love it all!! Planning a wedding is such an adventure and making so much of it yourselves really gives you time to spend with those you love the most in the run up to the big day and when the results are this good, why wouldn’t you do it!! 🙂

  4. Tuesday started off well with the barrista at my new local coffee shop remembering my order and then the rest of this post… The dress is still divine – in fact it looks even more fabulous in these pictures. Love the pom poms their colour, how well they suit the flowers and their general greatness. Great wedding.

  5. Love the pom poms, I had the same in similar colours at our wedding and they were so fun to make and looked really effective. What a fantastic wedding. Love the last pic. and that dress! swoon! xx

  6. I love this DIY wedding and love pass the pigs! Ah, what an amazing wedding. Everybody looks so happy and relaxed, just how I want people to feel at my DIY bash.

    Can I ask where you got your chairs from? Trying to find wooden chairs to hire for my farm wedding and cant find any suitable chairs that don’t look too formal…


  7. Wow! what an amazing wedding! So similar to what I have in mind for my own wedding. Living in Hull we have really struggled to find somewhere that will let us do our own catering etc. We have now found a church hall that is a blank canvas and though l have lots of D.I.Y ideas, I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off! After seeing this beautiful wedding I know that with a little help from my friends our perfect day is possible! 🙂 xx

  8. Awww… I didn’t want it to be over! I wish I could keep procrastinating with your lovely photos.
    Pom Poms rock! I’m hosting a workshop on how to make the fabric kind today!
    Totally loved that last photo!! Superb!

  9. Today, I am literally having an apoplexy over:

    – giant pigs (“makin’ bacon”! I played that game SO MUCH as a kid
    – pound cake wedding cake – big love
    – groom with vintage cup and saucer – one of my favourite groom pics ever in a year of RMW
    – pom poms and a. Table. Of. Cake
    -Anyone for an apple tea-ni?
    – barefoot ceilidh first dance

    Um, Danny and Nic, do you mind doing the whole thing again so I can come, I play a mean pass the pigs. (Also I think Nic and Aisling might be genetically weddingly linked).

    Beautiful! x

  10. Love that last picture… Think I may have to find some sparklers for my day.

    Giant pass the pigs is genius! Love it so much!

    What a gorgeous wedding – congratulations! 🙂

  11. What a beautiful wedding! Didn’t check RMW yesterday so just looked at the whole lot…LOVE everything. A very talented photographer and a very very creative bride and groom.

    Thanks for the flowershop link too – been looking for someone that will deliver to Portugal and now I have found them – thank you xxx

  12. Ha! Sarah B – say hello to a fellow ‘poo’ head!

    Also, loving pass the pigs (also yahtzee, mastermind and kerplunk – definite idea for a gamesroom coming along here)

    Part 1 of this wedding was pretty cool but part 2 for me, has all the best bits in it. the pom poms, the flowers, the totally relaxed vibe of everything.

    another brilliant example of taking inspiration from here, there and everywhere and making it your own.

    big cheered up tuesday morning love x x x

  13. I’ve sunk lower and lower in my chair that I’m now almost under my desk as I’ve lost control of my limbs and am dribbling.

    Most.Favourite.Ever. It has FUDGE. Say no more.

    My eyeballs have struggled to absorb all the magnificent detail so I will come back to this later and take… my… time to soak up every last bit of its perfection.

    Too much for me this morning, too much! xxx

  14. J’adore this wedding… naturally wonderful!
    I looooooved Pass the Pigs as a kiddy and what a great idea to have a blown up version!

    I would also love to know where you sourced the Fuji camera please!

    Congratulations. A beautiful couple on a beautiful wedding day! x

  15. I am totally, butterflies in stomach, in love with this wedding, it’s really inspired me with some ideas for my own big day. Effortlessly stunning…lovely xxx

  16. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

    Any idea where you can buy a similar string of ourdoor lights? I can only find them on US sites…

    Congrats on your beautiful day! X

  17. LOVE this wedding. The pass the pigs idea is fantastic – we used to play this all the time when we were travelling! – Don’t suppose you’d put a price on your pigs to sell them?!! xxx

  18. such a beautiful wedding, love the hanging blooms/pompoms & the picture frames and polaroids – really personal touch. Was admiring the brides dress and then copped i just featured it on my blog yesterday LOL! Looks amazing in real life as on the model. Congrats guys!!

  19. Love this! Such lovely attention to detail! Gorgeous.
    Just a quick note if you’re looking for Polaroid’s:
    As I’m sure everyone’s aware, the Polaroid factory closed down years ago and the only film that’s available now is expired (which can lead to some lovely effects, or dud film!!) HOWEVER! There is hope, a Scandinavian (who else) collective have bought out the old factory and equipment and are producing the film again. It’s expensive but it’s totally amazing. Gives me faith in humanity stuff like this:
    Hope this is helpful! xx

  20. Wow, what’s not to love? The dress, the polaroids, the afternoon tea, the dress, the pigs, the pom poms, the dress, the PIGS people!! Swoon. Yet more proof that you really can rock it your way. Congrats!

  21. This wedding looks absolutely fabulous – so personal and relaxed and fun! And so many ideas to add to my already impossibly long list of things to make (suddenly the 9 months before our wedding on Saturday 4 June next year doesn’t seem quite enough!!)
    Nic – if you’re reading this – do you have instructions for making the pom poms or are they online somewhere? And where did you get the lovely gilt frame for your photo booth? I really want to do something like that but can’t afford to spend much on buying a frame. And I’d love to know where you got the camera for the photo booth too. Sorry for all the questions. I am turning into an ever-so-slightly frenzied DIY bride. x

  22. Catherine, the paper pompoms are Martha Stewart… I’m sure they’re not exclusively hers mind you…! But the instructions are on her website along with A LOT of other pretty-so wedding blinkers on lest you get distracted by lots of other fabulous ideas!


  23. Ladies – does anyone know where the lovely maids dresses came from? – I’ve had an enquiry…. Will Nic be popping in later to answer questions Charlotte?

    I really feel this is one of our best wedding yet on here – I am so in awe of the whole thing – Thanks so much for sharing guys and Lee of course!


  24. An even more amazing post than yesterday! Such a beautiful wedding and everyone seems to be having so much fun! Further incentive, if it was ever needed, that DIY is def the way to go! So much inspiration, I’m going to have to look at this wedding so many more times to take in all the DIY loveliness! Can’t wait to attempt to make my own pom poms! Thanks for the polaroid film link Lou!

  25. Aaaah! This soooo fabulous! I am also planning on some pom pom decor for our Marquee, and love the idea of having the photobooth in a Gazebo…

    How long did it take you to make all the pom poms Nic? x

  26. yay we are on RMW! we are so so touched by all the lovely comments, and thanks to lee for submitting our wedding (he is ace guys if you want further recommendations!)…

    I only wished I had checked my puncuation more in my answers to you questions charlotte lol.

    It was such a wonderful day, and definitely worth every bit of effort! xxx

  27. Wow! Wow! WOW!

    What a lovely wedding – very similar to what we are hoping to create for our day.

    Nic I live near Norwich and have also been collecting china for my wedding (think I have one of your sets if that’s an Aynsley set I spy?). Would you be interested in selling any of it on?

    Thanks, xx

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