Make You Feel My Love.

If you like Anna and Anthony have just four months to plan your wedding (or any amount of time to be honest) then a good place to start is to write a “what’s most important” list.

Anna and Anthony did just that meaning they stayed focussed on the W-day items they loved and didn’t lose any sleep over small details that in the grand scheme of things, would not have made a jot difference to the enjoyment of their big day.

And what a big day it was too. Simple, understated and very very cool. Think all-white colour scheme, floaty grecian gown, A.mazing shoes and some immense hat-wearing type action.


All of the gorgeous images are courtesy of Brett Symes.

A Natural Polish

We got married at Bristol Register Office and then had afternoon tea followed by drinks and dancing at Goldbrick House.

My hair and make-up were both done by Nigit at Serenity Beauty and Hair in Bristol. My day-to-day look is quite natural, which is how I wanted to look on my wedding day, so I asked Nigit to help me create a more polished version of the everyday me.

A Grecian Goddess

My dress was from Monsoon. I tried on six or seven dresses in different styles and I fell in love with two of them – this one and a beautiful embellished sixties-style shift dress. I loved the shorter dress (and still do now) but after much deliberation and trying on, I chose the longer Grecian-style dress as it felt more elegant and special.

Classic Cool

My bridesmaid was my sister whose dress was from Monsoon. I wanted her to have a dress that she loved and felt beautiful and happy in so asked her to choose what she wanted to wear. We went shopping together and both loved this dress. Anthony’s best man was his friend David who wore his own suit. He wore a navy blue tie to match Anthony’s.

Anthony bought a new suit for the wedding, he opted for a classic look, wearing a white shirt and navy blue tie. You can see in the photos how handsome he looked!

Fuss Free And Super High

A veil seemed too fussy for our relaxed wedding so I opted for a simple gold headband.

My dress was very long so I knew I needed some seriously high heels! I searched the shops for some coloured shoes (I initially wanted navy blue but couldn’t find any anywhere) but when I found these peep toe shoes in Next I knew they were perfect.

White On White

We wanted our day to be and feel relaxed and fuss-free so I opted for white flowers. Ruth at Scentiments Floral Design in Bristol created the most beautiful bouquets and button holes I could have hoped for. I remember exclaiming how beautiful they were to anyone in earshot when I first saw them.

Capturing The Imtimacy

Our photographer was Brett Symes. We didn’t want a traditional wedding or traditional wedding photography. We wanted our day to be relaxed, fuss-free, fun and intimate. When we explained this to Brett he understood what we were after straight away and had lots of ideas for how to make the photography interesting and different. We are so pleased that we chose Brett and absolutely love our photos, which capture the feel of our wedding day perfectly.

Raspberries And Cream

After a pre-work cake tasting session at Clifton Cakes (I didn’t realise there was a point at which it is too early to eat chocolate cake but I think 8.45am might be it..) we chose a two-tier cake covered in tiny duck egg blue and navy flowers. The bottom tier was chocolate cake with ganache and fresh raspberry cream and the top layer was lemon cake with fresh raspberry cream – it not only looked beautiful but tasted absolutely amazing.

Make You Feel My Love

We put together an ipod playlist of all of our favourite songs, which had our guests dancing til the end of the night. We had Bob Dylan’s “Make you feel my love” – Anthony is a huge fan of Dylan and we both love that song.

What’s Important

Goldbrick House is such a beautifully decorated place that we didn’t feel we could add to it or improve it in any way.

We didn’t want a traditional wedding with all the trimmings so when we first started the planning we wrote a big list of all of the items you could have on your wedding day and chose which ones were important to us (rings, guests, a beautiful dress, cake…) and crossed off the ones that weren’t (favours, flash cars, sit down meal…).

This helped to take all of the stress out of the planning as we didn’t get worried about the small things, we stayed focussed on what was important to us – making a lifelong commitment to each other and celebrating with our families and closest friends.

Anna’s Top Tips

1.Don’t listen when people say you have to plan everything two years in advance – we set our date in January and got married in May of the same year and didn’t feel panicked at any point whilst organising it.

2.Think about what’s really important to you and focus on that, don’t get bogged down in what everyone else has (and what people insist you have to have) on their wedding day. Make your day personal to you.

3.Your perfect day doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

4.Set aside a little bit of quiet time just for you and your husband on the day away from guests – I think the most time we spent together all day was when we were saying our vows!

Brides Gown – Monsoon

Maids Dress – Monsoon

Reception Venue – Goldbrick House

Cakes – Clifton Cakes

Photographer – Brett Symes

Florist – Scentiments Floral Design

There has been quite a bit of hoo-ha in blog land of late, numerous postings around the web on W-day blogs allegedly only featuring weddings with lots of details, couples feeling intimidated that their special day well….isn’t special enough.

We love details here at Rock My Wedding. We love personalisation and that little something quirky, we love the effort that goes into D.I.Y projects and a bride and groom that dare to be different. We love variety.

But you know what?

Most of all we love the love.

And a perfectly captured moment of the way a pair of newly weds look at each other right after saying “I do” is always going to mean more to us that an image of a table centre, no matter how beautifully styled that table centre may be.

And that folks is all I have to say on the matter.

Big Sometimes Simplicity Is All You Need Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

33 thoughts on “Make You Feel My Love.

  1. What gorgeous pictures. I love that photo just about the ‘What’s Important’ subtitle – what a cool backdrop!!

    Everything looks so gorgeous x

  2. What a beautiful day! You both look so happy and relaxed.

    We are considering the same food wise, however I am worrying a bit about guests getting hungry. Can anyone give an indication of timing they have used to coordinate a day with no sit down meal, but still ensuring well fed guests?

    Wonder if Anna could give any tips?!

    PS – major dress envy. It is gorgeous!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring our wedding and thank you to Ruth, Katie and J for your lovely comments. We absolutely love our photos.

    J – our ceremony was at 2.30pm so our guests will have had lunch beforehand. We then had afternoon tea with lots of cakes from 3.30ish until around 6.30pm when our evening guests arrived. The buffet was at around 8pm but because people had filled up on cake during the afternoon I don’t think hunger was an issue! If you’re worried about people being hungry you could always introduce canapes at some stage before dinner.

    Hope that helps.
    Anna x

  4. A beautiful wedding, I too love all the details I am putting together but definitely don’t see it as the most important part.

    The most important thing is the cake! ha ha ha 🙂

  5. Might be a strange question but what are the sticky out things in your bouquet? I really want some in mine and have seen them a few times recently in magazines, just no idea what they are called!


  6. What a beautiful wedding. Love the flowers, and gorge photography. It’s reminded me that I don’t need a million little details… Sometimes keeping it simple really is best – and no less stylish, either. It’s given me some inspiration! x

  7. Another beautiful wedding…and you really can just see how much they love each other!

    On the detail / no-detail front…surely that is the whole point of a blog like this…it’s all about YOUR day, YOUR way…

    It depends on the people involved…my friend, Steph, tells me I am the type of person that is ALL about the detail and maybe I am…I work in PR and events as my day job…maybe it’s something to do with that…but I am thoroughly enjoying organising all the little itty bitty details…of which there are many! However, if me (and my man!) didn’t enjoy doing that, then we wouldn’t be doing it…it’s because we WANT to do it that we are.

    Some of our so-called friends have tried to make us feel ‘silly’ for all the little things we are planning – but I think that says more about them than it does us! Our real friends are so excited (and very patient!) when we tell them about the details! Obviously, I am keeping lots of them secret to enjoy on the day!

    Anyhow, ramble over, what I am trying to say is that if simplicity is your thing – then, bob on. You will have a beautifully simple wedding that I am sure will be simply stunning.

    However, if like me, it’s not your thing, and you’re the type of girl / bride who doesn’t see why you can’t wear a bow bangle with studded shoes, then that is fine too! And enjoy cracking on with all those details!


  8. Oohh. Isn’t it funny..I noticed that you had started blogging more weddings with less details pretty much imediately – this was my comment posted on “The Bordeaux Bride” post last week:
    “It’s nice to see another wedding that isn’t full of oodles of “details”. Yes, I love weddings with bird cages and jam jars and typewritters etc., but sometimes it is nice to see another wedding that was all about the people and the venue.
    Our day wasn’t full of decorative things, but was still amazingly personal and it makes me happy to see another bride’s day on RWM like this. It is all about our day our way after all. (“,) xxx”

    I think the reason I noticed is because I really, really wanted to submit our wedding in for consideration to RMW, but didn’t dare for fear of rejection due to lack of said “details”, as I felt that our day was too plain – which is how we wanted it, but didn’t seem to be the done thing in blog land!! Anyhoo, seeing other weddings similar to ours has reasured me that I’m not the only person who doesn’t own a sewing machine, or feel the need to provide a sweet table etc! xxxxx
    (Sorry if this sounds in anyway negative, it really isn’t meant to!! 🙂 xx)

  9. @Sarah – um.. I have no idea what they are (!) will try and find out!

    @Jenny – oh good 🙂 and I know – the flowers are lush.

    @Pamela – oooh lovely long comment. Yes exactly, that is the point – we like everything anything and all that is in-between. I was very much a details girl as it happens and I get VERY excited by a beautifully styled table centre… I just sincerely hope we (as a W-day blog) don’t put pressure on people to have a wedding in any particular way at all – just however they want.

    Oh and don’t let anyone make you feel silly. And I’m loving “bob on” 🙂

    Charlotte xxx

  10. @Charlotte – I LOVE a “bob on”. And don’t worry…I shall not allow anyone to make me feel silly because I am a detail girl and to be anything other than that would not be true to myself!

    It’s funny, when we first started planning the wedding I kept saying simple, simple, simple because I love my fashion and was SO concerned with being CHIC and STYLISH.

    So, I bought a dress. From Net a Porter…tried it on…mum liked it, dad said “fine” (which I thought was the best I would get!) but big sister scrunched her nose up and said, “No, that’s not it…not good enough – try again”.

    After a few weeks of being mad at her because of the scrunched up nose gesture , I relented. And we went to a “proper” dress shop. And there, I found the ONE. Total Carrie Bradshaw moment – the dress that is now hanging up in my mum’s spare room majorly kicked the butt of my plain, chic Net-a-Porter number…

    And, it’s not plain, it’s probably not simple, but it is still chic and stylish and more importantly, it is ME, ME, ME.

    And, had my ballsy sister not had the guts to say shove simple where the sun doesn’t shine I could have walked down the aisle in something quite, quite different and not quite right.


  11. Thanks again for the lovely comments.

    Claire – I am with you, cake is very very important!

    Sarah – I will email Ruth the florist and try to find out for you.

    Peridot – I am regretting that comment a bit. I reckon I could eat chocolate cake at most times of day. Must have been having an off-day!

    Jenny – just stick with what you love and it’ll all come together. We love the photos too!

    Pamela – I am loving “bob on” too! I completely agree with you. It’s all about what you want and what you enjoy. I ooh and aah over amazing detail-filled weddings on blogs but just didn’t want that for my own wedding. I bet your wedding will be amazing and full of lovely little surprises.

    Lydia – I felt the same, I didn’t think anyone would be interested because we didn’t have any details! You should definitely submit yours for consideration.

    Anna x

  12. These pictures are utterly lovely. Im also a wedding photographer and I see a huge number of images and I would put Brett’s work up there with some of the best as its very instinctive for him as you can see from how relaxed and lovely you all look….Congrats to you both.x

  13. more hat wearers please!

    details are such a personal thing, one man’s (woman’s?) lush finishing touches are another’s unnecessary baubles, that’s why i loved rmw when i was planning and still love it now as an old married – because it features everything from plain and simple to totally bonkers (stuffed alligators and spray painted pink transformers anyone?).

    its hard to remember the whole ‘your day your way’ mantra when you’re in the thick of planning and research and negotiations with family etc but this wedding just goes to show that chic and glamorous doesn’t have to take two years to plan!

    mrs r x x x

    Oh, and that isn’t to say i don’t totally dig the stuffed alligators and the pink transformers btw!

  14. @Mrsrnow – bless you, that is so what we are trying to achieve – a bit of everything, bonkers, brilliant, chic, simple, super pretty…. as long as it’s got great photography and a whole lot of love.


    Charlotte xxx

  15. One detail I’d like to mention is the hat… I have a bit of a thing about them. Probably because they just don’t suit me…

    But I love a suit finished with a hat and Anthony looks so cool… somehow a hat can be really smart but with a hint of cheeky casual all at the same time… not even sure if that makes sense but anyway, a great stylish wedding all round!

    right, I’m rambling, i’ll get my coat…. and hat.

    Adam x

  16. i have those peep toe shoes, and i am impressed if the lovely Anna managed all day in them they are HIGH!

    Lovely wedding, loving the flowers and the cake. Consider it electronically pinned.

  17. This is gorgeous! We gave ourselves 6 months and with 2 months to go we feel pretty relaxed. I love the dress – bridal but very cool at the same time.

    I love the fact that the couple went for a wedding which was about just that!

    I am enjoying “the details” but in the end, the detail which matters is the love!

  18. Wow! Everyone looks to happy and laid back. The bride is gorgeous and the groom looks sooooo cool, hmmm if only I could get Andy to stick a hat on! I love the brides nails!!! And it goes to show that weddings without heaps of details are still ‘blogworthy’. A beaut.

  19. This is the first wedding in a very very long time that has dug into the emotion for me. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all beautiful and gorgeous in their own way, and I can’t exactly put my finger on why this wedding is different for me but it is. It speaks to me off the [screen] pages.

    Anna – a totally beautiful wedding in a very ‘pure’ kind of way. Like you’d distilled everything a wedding should sum up and then sprinkled it around your day. Congratulations!

  20. Oooooh, I do love Goldbrick House! And I heart this wedding too! Simple, elegant, and clearly a day full of happiness for everyone involved!
    Amazing that you accomplished all this in 4 months. We would love our to have taken less than two years, but we’re still saving our pennies 🙂

  21. I am overwhelmed by all of these lovely comments, thank you.

    Sally – Thank you so much. Brett is great, he understood from the first time we met him what kind of day we wanted and he completely captured the relaxed feel of the day. As you said, he also made us feel at ease the whole time.

    Mrs r – thank you! I totally agree with you and also still love looking at wedding blogs now.

    Adam – Thanks, I get what you’re saying! Ant does love a good hat.

    One jolly girl – Thanks! I managed to wear the shoes until about 7 or 8pm when I had to give in and take them off. They are quite comfortable considering how high they are!

    Pollyanna – thank you! Glad to hear you are still feeling relaxed. I hope you have a wonderful day.

    Kelly Reds – thank you! We did feel completely relaxed all day. And good spot on the nails! Everything else was so plain I thought I could get away with a bit of colour!

    Shirley – thank you! You have picked up on exactly what we were after for our day. I’m overwhelmed by your comment and so pleased that you like the photos.

    Mrs A to be – Goldbrick House is amazing! Thank you for your lovely comment. Hope you’re enjoying all of your planning.


  22. Amazing photos of a great wedding. Brett did a fantastic job didn’t he? (I don’t think he realises just how flippin’ good he is!) Such beautifully crafted images and documentary moments and lovely delicate processing. Fabulous. Anna is stunning, and her and Anthony look so happy. A wonderful wedding.

  23. Anna,
    Thank you so much for this post. Now I know where to direct the people who just don’t get it the next time I try to explain the concept of our simple, budget wedding – firmly focused on marriage, family, friends and maybe a bit of scrummy cake and fab photos. You are possibly my wedding-twin! You’ve saved my sanity just as I was about to fling in the towel and suggest eloping. Now I know our day will be amazing, for the most genuine of reasons, just as yours looks to have been.
    Heaps of congratulations on your marriage, I wish you very many happy years with your new hubby! x

  24. Wow. I pretty much love everything about this wedding.Everything looks beautiful,funny and sweet~Love your photos,it’s very surreal.A happy day~Wish you~:)

  25. Thanks for the lovely comments about the flowers. The ‘sticky out things’ are veronica and lisianthus (check them out on google images if you’re not sure).

    Fab photos of a lovely couple!

  26. Adam – thank you so much. Brett is brilliant, I’d recommend him to anyone and everyone.

    Faye – thank you! I felt like you do during our planning too but we stuck to our guns and I think people finally understood where we were coming from on the day. Keep going and make sure you plan the day you and your husband-to-be want. If you ever need a pep talk let me know!

    Grace – thank you!

    Ruth – thank you again for our beautiful flowers.


  27. WOW what a lot of lovely comments. I loved photographing Anna and Ants wedding. From the moment we met pre-wedding it was very apparent how relaxed and genuine they were. We discussed the photography and the overriding feeling I got form them was that their wedding wasn’t to be overshadowed by the photography and that the images needed to reflect the relaxed intimate nature of their day.

    The wedding was just how it should be with love taking centre stage and surrounded by their close group of friends and family – low stress, maximum enjoyment!

    Now don’t get me wrong I do love a nice mason jar or a vintage birdcage but they need to mean something in the context of that couples wedding. I am happy to confirm that there was not a vintage typewriter or an old leather suitcase in sight at this wedding but only happy because that just isn’t Anna & Ant and therefore it would have just felt false.

    But as I was processing their pictures, it struck me that there where LOTS of details in this wedding, the way in which Anna & Ant looked at each other, the gaze of a grandfather looking at his granddaughter, the laughter of the best man, the meeting of old friends, the making of new friendships (not to mention that hat!). Surely these are the details that make ones wedding unique and individual.

    I echo the thoughts of many of the comments here, with the lack of ‘styled’ detail surely Rock My Wedding wouldn’t be interested in featuring this wedding. And for that reason I almost didn’t send it in. But I’m delighted that I did and a massive thank you to Charlotte for featuring it.

    If you’d like to see lots more pictures from this wedding please have a look at my blog post:


  28. I bookmarked this page *ages* ago as inspiration – as my wedding is going to be at Goldbrick House, and we’re also going for a relaxed vibe. It’s now only 3 months away and I’m so excited..! These pictures are lovely, and the description of the day is exactly what I’m hoping for. I cannot wait 🙂

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