Making It Yours…..Part 2

I love nothing more than to see a total mix of styles that when all thrown together make utterly gorgeous Rock My Wedding worthy W-day eye candy.

Romina and Rich did just that with a generous helping of Old Hollywood glamour, fresh modern florals and an amazing amount of personal ways to entertain the guests.

Keep your eyes peeled for all of the RMW inspiration 😉

The Lawsons Rock!

We came across Lawson Photography through Colette who had worked with them on another wedding. We went onto their site and were really impressed by their pictures. Now we are no professionals on photography but these pictures stood out from the rest!

Rich hates having his picture taken but they made him and me feel completely at ease. They’re a lovely couple and it turns out I knew Laura from our dancing days at university! Pictures are so important to me; they capture a single moment in time but will last forever. We are so happy with our pictures and couldn’t recommend them enough…..The Lawson’s Rock!!

D.I.Y Table Plans

I love old black and white movies and the whole old Hollywood era, everything was so glam back then. After getting engaged at the top of the Empire State building and a surprise trip to Tiffany’s it seemed apt that this would be our theme! We decided to name our tables after old Hollywood stars such as Audrey Hepburn, Judy Garland and Fred Astaire. I made black and white pictures of each star and popped them into some crystal frames, again sourced from our local garden centre.

Our table plan was placed in individual frames along with some pictures of past family weddings. It was lovely to show our family history and to think that one day our picture will be used in the same way!

Prop Perfection

For our guest book we chose to do a DIY photo booth. We bought lots of props, an instant camera, a big photo frame and made some ‘slogans’ Charlotte O’Shea style and voila! I’d seen the idea on RMW and thought it was fab, guests had lots of fun with the props and we have and even funnier guest book to look back at!

Needless to say the props ending up spilling out onto the dance floor in the evening! Again I took inspiration from RMW and made myself some personalised bunting! I handed it to Laura and Pete and said we can use it if you want, I wasn’t sure if it would look silly but the pictures look ace and started off an impromptu tug of war!

Delicious Designs

We loved our cake and it got so many compliments on the day, not only did it look awesome it tasted delicious! I found the design online and asked a local cake maker if they could replicate it, Patisserie Viennoise in Otley did an amazing job.

We had a small 3 tier to cut and around 50 balls of different sizes. Neither of us particularly like fruit cake so went with vanilla, chocolate, lemon and carrot cake, each one more scrummy than the next.

A Sweet Idea

We thought about favours for a while but if we are completely honest didn’t find anything we liked for the money we could spend. We’d seen pictures of sweet tables and thought it was a really fun and quirky idea so decided to go with that. It made a much bigger statement than individual favours but also did the job.

We had so much fun buying the sweets, though we found it hard to resist tucking in before the wedding. In the end I actually found all my jars and cake stand at the local garden centre…..brilliant!!

A Relaxed Atmosphere

We wanted our guests to have fun and the atmosphere to be happy and relaxed so we chose to have a band play during the drinks reception and meal, in the hope they would get the party started. They didn’t disappoint! ‘Mad Dog and The Sophisticats’ greeted us outside the church straight after our ceremony with a rendition of ‘Congratulations’……it was fabulous! They played Jazz music whilst guests enjoyed cocktails and canapés and more mellow music during the meal before finishing on a complete high.

They managed to get each and every guest singing and dancing in their seats to songs such as ‘I am the music man’ and ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’ it was amazing! For the evening we decided to have a DJ who played motown and disco as we thought this would appeal to all ages.

At Last

Me and Rich don’t really have a song, the only one that we could think of was ‘oops upside your head’ which we used to dance to back in the day at the local club whilst at university together.

In hindsight maybe we should have gone with this but we didn’t think it fitted in with our theme and I wasn’t about to get down on the floor in my dress. However, we happened to come across ‘At Last’ by Etta James which seemed appropriate in two ways. One, the words our lovely and two, it took 8 years for Rich to propose so by the end I was shouting “At Last!” My close friend Kristen Spitty sang it beautifully for us which made it extra special!

Making It Yours

Every wedding is unique and special to the couple getting married. I was blown away by the choices and decisions I would have to make when I first looked into planning our wedding. You feel a pressure to come up with something new and interesting to make your wedding stand out from the rest! Does anyone actually care or notice for that matter that the ribbon is the perfect Tiffany blue colour or that the font used on the invitations is carried through to the place cards? I don’t think so!

Planning Inspiration

The day is about you and your fiancé and the commitment you’re making to each other and that’s the most important part. Don’t get me wrong I loved, yes LOVED planning all the little bits and they were important to me but they weren’t unique…..I grabbed inspiration and ideas from anywhere I could (mainly the lovely RMW)! Take what you like and make it yours and don’t be worried if it’s been done before. After all that’s why the lovely team at RMW do what they do…… inspire all you lovely brides to be!

Enjoy every moment and remember that perfection is a road not a destination!

Much love, Romina and Rich (The Thornton’s….whoo) xx

Well Well Well……what a lovely lovely wedding and such wise words from the bride. It’s submissions like this that make all the hard work completely worthwhile.

With huge thanks to Laura and Pete from Lawson Photography and Romina and Rich for sharing the Big Day fabulousness with Rock My Wedding

Big Inspirational Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

25 thoughts on “Making It Yours…..Part 2

  1. Gorgeous! I love you many RMW ideas can be identified, but how it still feels like it was very personal and special to them, rather than just a carbon copy of something that’s already been done. And I love that Romina is still wearing her hat on the dance floor – always think it’s such a shame when brides shed their amazing headpieces for the reception.

  2. Wowsers. I just love this – manages to be both modern yet timeless. Retro glamour at its finest – I will be stealing lots of ideas and not feeling the least bit guilty, as per Romina’s very wise words!
    Would love to know where you got the silver picture frame, as have been searching for something similar high and low. And is your local garden centre B&Q or something more independent? Er…not that I’m like stalking you or anything… 😉

  3. I really really love this! So many fab details, not least the amazing cake, tables, band etc…

    Also i really think you pulled off the sweetie table beautifully.. It looks really stylish!

    Rachie xo

  4. Ooh, don’t quite know what to say….thankyou so much for all the lovely comments! They have put a huge smile on my face….like ear to ear cheshire cat smile!! After following this site from pretty much day one and loving what the girls do it was hard not use their inspiration! : )
    Ha ha Laura, the big frame was bought off ebay and we sprayed it silver ourselves. As for the crystal ones they were from my local independent garden centre….couldn’t believe it! Thanks again ladies, you all ROCK xx

  5. those round cakes are amazing! (how on earth do they get them out of the moulds??) that cake shop used to be my pay day treat when i worked in otley

    (mmmmm cake)

    i love that you can see different RMW ideas made personal in this wedding, it looks like it was tons of fun to plan and attend. x x x

  6. Ah, will you look at this. Just look at this marvellous wedding! Romina, this is one of my me all-time favourites, you’ve executed it all stunningly! LOVING every detail. As for stuff being done to death… As far as I know, we only ever (god bless us and save us) have one wedding each, so I don’t see how things can be done to death once? How can you ever ever have enough sweeties? Or photoframe games? As Romina has displayed in oodles, it ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it.

    Am utterly overwhelmed with this one and need to sit down. Gorgeous.

  7. Gorgeous wedding!

    I love the DIY photo booth idea. Where did you get the instant camera from? I’ve been looking for one for a while but not found anything suitable.


  8. I too have ‘pinched’ the photo frame game and spent all weekend making captions!!!

    Once again beautiful wedding…congratulations x x

  9. Wow I absolutely loooove this wedding & how gorgeous are the Bride & Groom, one of my fave to date, I saw some of the photos on the Lawsons blog but it was really nice to hear what Romina had to say about the planning and wedding too 🙂 it’s near on impossible for everyone to have a wedding without having an idea that someone else might have had before, but so what (I had the sweetie bar, cupcakes, captions (thanks RMW!)) but it’s how you personalise those ideas that’s the important thing, after all if we all had to have a ‘unique’ idea what what be the point of blogs such as RMW, SMP if not to inspire you with ideas that you can change to suit you and your hubby! I love reading this blog even after being married for 6 months and I can’t see myself stopping as it’s provided me with much inspiration in other areas & I have already recommended it to a couple of newly engaged peeps so they can get inspired ! Happy Friday for tomorrow everyone xx

  10. I love love love this wedding! So fun yet stylish. I so wanted a candy bar but couldn’t find inexpensive jars so had to go without. I’m planning on putting all the little touches we had to sacrifice into my 30th birthday party instead!! It’s going to be like a wedding ‘take two’! Congratulations!


  11. What a stunning wedding! And also I wanted to say thank you for the reminder that it is in fact ok to do something that has been done before!!! I am still 1 months away from our big day with 4 weddings between now and my own. I am trying so hard to be original that it is getting a little stressful!! Now I am a renewed focus to do exactly what we want to do whether we’ve seen it a million times or not! Just with our own special touch! (Which will of course be better than any of the other weddings I’ve ever been too!!)

  12. Lovely wedding! Everyone looks like they’re having a great time, which is what it’s all about.

    I would also like to know about the polaroid camera – was it expensive to get the film etc, and did you have someone doing the photos or did everyone just do their own and stick them in the book?

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