May Day Marriage

Kat Forsyth Photography

When I was a little girl, I wanted a rainbow wedding. Ask my Mom, she’ll back me up. I wanted 7 bridesmaids all in the colours of the rainbow. I was somewhat addicted to watching Rainbow Bright…maybe it stemmed from there. As it happened, I was short by 1 bridesmaid on my actual day but my three flower girls wore bespeckled dresses…encapsulating the colours of the rainbow, so I kind of achieved a life long dream…sort of.

At this point you’re probably thinking, ‘what on earth are you prattling on about girl?!’ but I’ve not gone mad. Promise.

Let me introduce you to the May Day Marriage shoot where we’re bringing you the sweetest little dresses from Love Lust List member Little Bevan and a host of inspiration for your flower girls as well as some gorgeous hair and make up styling for, well, you.

Aren’t we good to you!

The concept of this shoot came about when stylist and florist Gwenda Wilkes had a conversation with photographer Kat Forsyth about The Wizard of Oz, the conversation evolved through ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, rainbow bridesmaids, ribbons and maypoles and eventually arrived at May Day Marriage!

So, here it is…enjoy.

May Day Marriage

Gwenda The Stylist: The ancient pagan fire festival of Beltane was celebrated with bonfires, feasting and dancing around a Maypole, a symbol of sacred fertility, marking the occasion when the Goddess and the God would perform the Great Rite (I’m sure I can leave the rest to your imaginations!). This old world holiday was an ideal day for handfasting ceremonies. And so the theme took shape: the May Queen Bride and her seven attendants – 6 bridesmaids and a page boy in every colour of the rainbow – plus her King of the May.

May Day Marriage

Exuberant Young Love

Sarah from Riverhill Gardens kindly permitted us to use her beautiful venue, to which we all arrived on a very un-Spring-like morning! Immediately setting about the transformations, Hayley of Flair Beauty did a wonderful job of Olaya’s hair and make-up, creating a soft, natural look befitting her youth. I have previously worked with Liam, our male model, and I knew that he would be great for the role in this shoot. On the day, both of their lovely personalities combined into a natural chemistry that conveyed the precise sense of exuberant young love that I was hoping for.

May Day Marriage

The Maypole

Charlotte of Wilden Bride brought along two of her gorgeous dresses, including a re-worked vintage lace piece (her mother’s own wedding dress, no less!). To complete each bridal ensemble we added fabulous veils by Dornellie and exquisite jewellery and hair accessories by Rosie Weisencrantz Vintage Creations.


Our second Sarah, this time of Little Bevan, created the most wonderful silk outfits in order to bring our rainbow-clad entourage to life. Our child models did a valiant job of remaining thoroughly professional despite being barefoot on the sort of day that they would rather have been wrapped up with scarves, hats and gloves! To keep them warm, Charlotte busied herself with creating our maypole, which was danced with great enthusiasm!

May Day Marriage

The Festival Of Flowers

Happily for me, Beltane is also known as the Festival of Flowers. I chose a different type of flower to represent each colour; tulips were red, roses were orange, sunflowers were yellow, carnations were green, hydrangeas were blue, delphiniums were indigo and stocks were violet. A small posy of each bloom was provided for each bridesmaid and a buttonhole for the pageboy. The whole spectrum was represented in the trailing bridal bouquet. I adore using colour in a suitable vintage theme and this shoot, which had something of a 70s hippy vibe about it, was the perfect opportunity to indulge!

May Day Marriage

Undeniable Warmth

I adore the way Kat captures the intimate, fleeting moments as well as the more formal portraits. While there was an inescapable chill in the air, Kat’s images exude such an undeniable warmth, which was certainly present in spirit if not in meteorological terms!

May Day Marriage

Venue – Riverhill Himalayan Gardens
Photography – Kat Forsyth Photography
Bridal Gowns –Wilden Bride
Bridesmaid dresses – Little Bevan
Hair & Make-Up – Flair Beauty
Flowers – The Vintage Floral Design Company

How striking are those sunflowers!

My absolute favourite thing about this shoot (other than the perfection that is the models skin!) is how considered it is. Look back at the last image and you will notice that the brides bouquet is made up of all the wonderful flowers used in the individual posys of the flower girls. Absolutely gorgeous.

So tell me you lovely lot, how many maids are you having? Will they be all the colours of the rainbow?

And how do you feel about having different posies for each of your maids? I thoroughly love the idea. There’s something about matching a flower to a personality that makes me smile.

It is Friday afternoon….go on, indulge me.

I’m off to work out what flower I am…maybe today I’m a bit of a pansy – I always like how they seem to have a smiley face. (Ok so maybe now I’ve gone mad.)

Lots of flowery hippy vibing love


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

13 thoughts on “May Day Marriage

  1. Oh my giddy aunty this is amazing! I have my bridesmaids in different coloured dresses and I love the idea of different bouquets to match their dresses. So beautiful x

  2. @sam you should totally do different coloured flowers to match your maids dresses! I’d love to see 🙂 what colours are we talking here? Pastels, brights?

  3. I am doing this as well… 4 maids in dusky/pastel shades of pink, blue, green and lemon – the same as my mum did in 1976!

  4. Kat’s photography is beautiful! I think us non-photographers forget that capturing colour, really is hugely difficult!! But Kat has reflected all of the colours of the day perfectly! (You should see my BTS pics from my camera! – rubbish!)
    Gwenda is the undisputed queen of floristry, as displayed!

    Mother had not seen the images of her dress before now, and she loves them!! It is possible for Vintage 1980’s to look good! 😉


  5. Thank you!! I’m hoping that because you think that I might one day get featured on RMW… My ultimate dream! Xx

  6. I love this shoot, it’s so playful and reminds me of playing dress up as a little girl. If only I had such amazing props like this to work with when I was young!!! 😉

    Those bouquets are absolutely stunning – so unique and fabulous!

    Jessica xx

  7. It was a fabulous shoot and we were so blessed with a sunny day. Would be lovely if you could credit my jewellery and hair accessories, which feature in many of the photos, thanks Rosie x

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