Meeting On-Line – Is It Still Taboo?


We actually covered this subject a couple of years ago, since then apparently 1 in 3 recently married couples* met on the internet.

Surely on-line dating can no longer be a taboo/a fact folks don’t want to admit to for fear of embarrassment?

I know quite a few of my friends and certainly weddings we have featured right here on these very pages are world wide web love stories, including the make-your-heart-melt engagement of Emma and Mark which I’m going to share today.

Have yourselves a read lovelies – there’s nothing like a happily ever after to brighten up this grey October afternoon.

A couple that met on the internet online dating and are now getting married_0270

Emma The Bride: Mark and I met the modern way… Online. I have now grown to love saying “I got him off the internet”.

It was Easter 2012 and after much protest about how I would “never be one of those people” I decided to give in and so I put a profile online. I was horribly judgmental. I apologise. Errrrrr… I’m still apologising.

The reason I gave in was because my beautiful friend had encouraged me. She herself had found her own happiness and was about to be whisked away on a mini-break by her newly acquired online boy so I thought maybe I should give it a go… Hell I wanted to be whisked away!

Still feeling slightly skeptical, I wrote a profile that was epic. War and Peace epic. In the hope that if anyone bothered to get to the bottom of it and respond then maybe, just maybe, they could be the boy that I was searching for…

Mark was the boy.

He sent me a message that was just lovely – sincere, sweet and intriguing all at the same time.

I was in.

A couple that met on the internet online dating and are now getting married_0272

Three days later Mark was making his way to Tunbridge Wells to meet me for our first date.

I remember walking to meet him and seeing this man standing outside the train station, he looked great in his white tee, Fred Perry raincoat and reading a Hemmingway book. My stomach flipped.

We decided to have a ‘get-to-know-you-coffee’ so we headed to Juliets (anyone visiting Tunbridge Wells this is a must, KILLER cakes!)

Our coffee date lasted 6 hours. YES. That would be SIX hours.

I pretty much skipped home after we said Goodbye, called everyone in my phone to tell them about my date and then declared on Facebook that ‘I think I just felt my life change’. Yes folks, I knew.

For the second date we had dinner at Roast in London. It was on this night we kissed, in the middle of a twilight lit Borough Market…

A couple that met on the internet online dating and are now getting married_0271

Mark quickly became my everything.

Six months later we found ourselves talking about travelling, marriage and our ever after. We were so entwined that I knew I’d found my forever.

After already pointing out (and trying on!) the ring of my dreams with him on a walk home through The Lanes, I thought Mark would propose on our impending trip to NYC in the December, it was the obvious moment (so me and my Mum thought!)

However, 3 weeks before our trip, getting ready for bed, hair scraped up, makeup off… He looked at me in a way that I knew.

Mark told me he couldn’t wait any longer for me to be his fiancée, his wife…

Presented before me was my boy, with a box, a simple question… and the most perfect ring.

A couple that met on the internet online dating and are now getting married_0273

It wasn’t the grand gesture, it wasn’t the public announcement… It was intimate, romantic and perfect. It was me and him. In our home. Just us.

The months that followed have been so magical. I left my job, handed in the dreaded blackberry and left the London rat-race, I ‘officially’ moved my life to Brighton, we embarked on a month-long trip around Europe, I have started my own business AND I’ve planned our beautiful wedding.

A couple that met on the internet online dating and are now getting married_0274

For our engagement shoot we decided to stay in Brighton, as it’s so much of who we are as a couple. Mark loves colour and is a coffee connoisseur so it made sense to head to Marwoods, a great coffee shop tucked away near The Lanes.

Photography was easy for us – clean sharp images that capture a moment. Jo Thorne from Horseshoe Photography was a delight to meet and we just knew she was the right person to photograph our day. We also like to support local so as she hails from Brighton she was in!

A couple that met on the internet online dating and are now getting married_0275

So there you have it, our story and yes… I’m very close to being an online dating statistic.

Our wedding is now just three weeks away as I write this… and I simply can’t wait to be Mrs Hla.

A couple that met on the internet online dating and are now getting married_0276

Photography: Jo Thorne at Horseshoe Photography

Did you meet your soul mate on the internet?

Have you refrained from telling the real story or could you not care less?

Love is love is love as far as I’m concerned.

Big No Taboo Love

Charlotte xxx

*data as per

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

31 thoughts on “Meeting On-Line – Is It Still Taboo?

  1. I have just forwarded this story straight to 3 of my friends who are forever bemoaning their single status and yet refuse to online date. The taboo is long gone people!! And if this doesn’t prove it I don’t know what will. And look at how gorgeous they both are!! Internet dating has got to be a winner if these are the types of folks you can find on there! Such a wonderful, wonderful story. It really brightened my morning. Many congratulations to them both. Hopefully we’ll get to see their wedding on these pages soon….! 😉 xxx

  2. I met my fiancé online and we’re always happy to tell people how we met, but there’s definitely an air of ‘ok…’. I don’t think it should matter how you meet someone and it makes sense to actively look for someone with similar values and interests to you. Opportunities to meet your forever in everyday life can be difficult, so why not go out and find what you want in life?

    1. Iz I couldn’t agree more, I met my husband through friends almost a decade ago (!) but if I was single I would definitely get myself on-line, why waste time waiting to “bump” into someone? x

  3. I met my H2B online and enjoy telling people how we met, often delighting in their shocked/bemused/interested faces! I’m surrounded by friends who are all happily loved up thanks to the www. However my OH is a little more reluctant to reveal how we met, although, after two years is becoming a little braver. Why shut doors on all potential opportunities available at the click of your mouse? Even though me and my man frequented the same places, we may never have met if it wasn’t for the web and that is just a thought that I don’t like thinking about!!!

  4. I met my lovely fiance online through a dating website and you do still get some funny looks when you tell people how you met, I must admit I do hate being asked that question because I’m never certain what the reaction will be. Even his mum still tells people we met in a bar, she cant bring herself to admit it!

    But I dont see why people still have a thing about online dating, meeting in pubs/clubs is hard work filled with drunk people and chances are you wont remember them the next day (or they wont remember you!). Why wait around forever to stumble across Mr Right when he is probably online waiting to send you a cute message and take you out on a date?

    Since I met my boy online I’ve got 2 of my friends to use the same site and both are now in very happy relationships – once you have come round to the idea its very rare that it doesnt end up working out for you!

    1. Once met a guy in a club under the influence of something awful like barcardi breezer, agreed to go on a date only to turn up and realise I must have a) had actual massive barcardi goggles on b) been really quite deaf

      Internet dating seems way safer to me!

      1. Haha, Charlotte that cracked me up! I’ve definitely been on a few of those.. I agree with all the comments, it’s odd that some people find online dating odd when it means at the click of a button you can find people with similar interests!

        Emma and Mark’s photos are gorgoeus, and reading through her description of them meeting really made me smile.

        I met my (fairly new!) husband online, his profile was the first one I saw! We didn’t live in the same city so kept in contact via emails, then texts then calls for 3 months. When we eventually met it was something else – falling in like he said (worried saying love would freak me out, bless). Our first date was about 10 hours long – wandering around London, the cinema, the park.

        Yay for internet dating..! Those wary should definitely give it a try 🙂 what is there to lose?! 😀

  5. What a gorgeous story *it made me cry a little when Emma describes the first time they met* and what a totally hot couple! Good luck to them both on this next step in their adventure together.

    I don’t think there should be such a big taboo about meeting online – it makes perfect sense in the world we live in, after all we do everything else online these days so why should dating be any different?

    1. I cried too Jo – ‘we were so entwined that I knew I’d found my forever’ got me.
      What a beautiful way to describe love.
      Fern x

  6. What a lovely story. I love seeing people’s faces when I say that I met my fiance on Twitter – they cant quite grasp it! And here we are 3 years later and getting married next year!

  7. What an absolutely gorgeous story!
    Huge congrats guys, Hope you have an amazing day & we all look forward to seeing the wedding pics!

    ps. my lovely mum found her partner online…..they’ve been together over 10 years and now live in France in the middle of nowhere!
    it really shouldn’t be taboo any more


  8. I met my husband on-line nearly 3 years ago, I was a bit embarrassed to have ‘resorted’ to online dating but the thing is HE’S THE ONE and if I hadn’t met him online I might never have met him at all! I found him within an hour of joining the site, 3 weeks later we met in person, 5 months later we were engaged and after the wedding of my dreams we’ve been very happily married for nearly 18 months. To think that I could have missed out on all this wonderfulness in my life just because I was too proud to go looking online! Lots of people still don’t know how to react when we tell them our story but a lot of my single friends are now giving the www a go!

  9. Having met my Mr….now fiance (of just under two weeks) online just over two years ago, I cannot sing the praises of Internet dating enough. Yep I did go on three awful dates before ‘the one’ and had to quickly make my excuses and leave but I can safely say that signing up online was the best thing I ever did! My flatmate was so inspired by my story that he sharply got online and I got this text message this morning ‘I am engaged…that is all’ two success stories in one comment – can’t be bad!
    Emma and Mark look very much in love – gorgeous pictures

  10. Gosh… Look… It’s me and the boy! Thank you for all your lovely comments and it’s so nice to read about other tales of online love! Here’s to the internet… For bringing us all sorts of loveliness… Like husbands… and THIS blog! x

  11. Gorgeous story, so beautifully written and stunning photos. I’m in two minds to send this story to my MOH, who has been on so many bad internet dates, she’s thinking of becoming a nun! It may make her sob into her desk with jealousy! And being the grand old age of 28 means we don’t go out any more to meet real life boys for her (we probably should change that!). If anyone has a single brother/cousin/colleague that is half as gorgeous as Mark, please let cupid over here know! xxx

    1. Pleeeeeease send this to your MOH.
      Also tell her I met Mark at 31 and a 1/2. Engaged at 32. Wedding before turning 33!
      Oh… and Mark will be a bit chuffed when he reads that ‘gorgeous’ comment x

  12. This brought tears to my eyes and made my heart flip a little. It is such a beautiful story…and so romantic. Surely that isn’t something that should ever be taboo…no matter how that love came about?! I hope to see Emma and Mark’s wedding gracing these here pages very soon 🙂 xx ps. can I say how much I LOVE it when you share engagement shoots because it means that I get to read a pure love story…fabulous!

  13. I met my coffee boy on the world wide web too. And I am in no way ashamed. In fact I’d shout it from the roof tops gladly. With our shared taste in so many things, it was strange that we hadn’t already met. And perhaps in time we would have done anyway. But I’m grateful for every second that speeding things up via the internet bought us. Hurrah for technology and boyfriend shopping and that incredible feeling when you find “the one”.

    In other new s- loving these piccies. Fab work from Jo and super cute couple to boot! x

  14. I met my boyfriend online. Our first date was supposed to be a quick drink but lasted 7 hours and we’ve now been together 3 and a half years and are planning to buy a house together soon. When we first got together, not that many people I knew met people online and I used to say we’d met through friends of friends. Now I think it’s very different and most of my friends have tried online dating at some point so I don’t mind saying how we met at all. My sister met her boyfriend through twitter and my best friend just met a new guy online too so I would very much recommend it. As someone else said here, you do everything else online now- catching up with friends, shopping, finding flatmates, finding jobs. Why not finding love? If you’re considering it, go for it!

  15. I met my fiancé online in May 2012. by April 2013 we were engaged by July 2014 we will be married. Online matchmaking worked for us and we, rather sickeningly I know, often look at each other and say I’m so glad you found me. I’m hearing impaired so was never going to meet someone in a bar as my response the every chat up line or introduction was ‘pardon?’
    A wonderful story and engagement shoot; testament to the fact that love is all around…but you might just have to go looking for it xx

  16. I met my HUSBAND (we only got married in August, the novelty of writing that hasnt worn off yet!) on a dating webiste.

    As most other people have said I didnt want to meet someone in a bar.

    I went Man shopping online instead, I had my shopping list and went out to shop!! He was the second i put in my basket, and I took him to the checkout 7 years later 🙂


  17. I met my boy online. After going on a string of absolutely terrible dates after meeting other guys online (one thought that Shrek the Musical was a good idea, and turned up in a white blazer and hawiian shirt…….I was mortified), I had pretty much decided to throw in the towel with it all, but saw his profile and sent one last message. I heard nothing back for 2 months. Forgot all about my account. But then got an email notification that someone had replied. It was my Matt, he had been about to delete his account, giving the whole internet dating thing up as a bad job. We both hate to think what would have happened if he hadn’t decided to read my message before deleting!!

    It took us about 5 months to actually meet up (he’s in a touring band, so during the summer months he is often away).
    But when we did meet, we both knew. 10 months later we are engaged, sorting out our first home together and beginning to plan the wedding.

    Internet dating works! We got to know each other so well by not having the pressure of trying to make a good first impression face to face on an awkward date. My best friend also found her lovely boy on the same site and has been with him for 18 months.


  18. I too met my lovely man online and i’m proud! Sometimes its in the way you say it. I have no qualms in telling people. But I have to admit to not being sure about online dating until my gorgeous colleague told me she was doing it. As a result, I signed up and voila! I’m happier than i’ve ever been in a relationship before (hence hiding on RMW) and would recommend online dating to anyone!

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