Miniature Wreaths – The How To.

I’m guessing that the majority of you reading this post are now sick to the back teeth of anything remotely Christmas-related.

You’ve munched your way through the super-sized tin of Roses and probably made yourself feel sick in the process, played enough board games to fulfill your year’s quota of ‘quality’ family time and made a permanent bottom shaped dent in the sofa courtesy of the 68,972 classic Christmas movies that you were compelled to watch.

I know I have.

So you’re probably thinking that a DIY wreath tutorial really isn’t top of your viewing priorities right now. Well, I’m here to persuade you that wreaths are not just for Christmas.

Wedding Wreath By Ann-Kathrin Koch

Many of you will know that I’m a huge fan of the wreath – in fact it is a gloriously versatile creature that can be used in all manner of ways as part of your wedding decor.

You don’t believe me?

Allow me to elaborate.

You see the wreath doesn’t just have to hang elegantly from the doorway of your reception venue although this does make for the most wonderful style statement.

No, indeed these foliage circlets can also make the most beautiful chairbacks and pew ends, double up as bespoke placenames at each guest’s table setting, or add an organic element to the wedding breakfast when integrated into table centrepieces.

Hell you can even crown yourself with these arcs of delight as a finishing touch to your wedding outfit if you want to.

The beauty of wreaths is that they are so incredibly easy to make. Honestly, hand on heart folks, I promise they are…all you need to do is follow these simple steps.

What You Will Need:


Circular wire wreath frame, florists wire, wire cutters, scissors (preferably florists scissors) and moss.

It’s Totally Up To You:

Foliage/Flowers – we used different varieties of eucalyptus and viburnum berries (I’d love to be able to tell you which ones but I am officially rubbish and cannot remember what the lovely market trader said they were).

Ribbon – to match your colour scheme.

DIY Wedding Wreath Step 1

Step 1 – First Base.

There are two basic techniques typically used in creating wreaths. The first consists of wiring materials to a metal base and the second involves applying them to a rounded straw or foam structure.

Floristry folks – feel free to jump in here if there are any others that I’ve missed.

I like wire frames the most as I think they offer bucketloads of versatility plus they’re sturdy enough for heavier materials such as thick branches and citrus fruits if you’re looking to introduce them into the mix.

I chose a double-wire frame to create a truly luscious wreath; if you’re after a more delicate and ethereal look and feel however I’d recommend purchasing a single-wire frame to help you on your way.

DIY Wedding Wreath Step 2

The first step is to pad out the main structure of your wreath base to give it substance.

I used moss as the base material for the wreath and picked up a huge bag at my local flower market for the grand total of £3.50. Cheap as chips!

Following the shape of the wire base, secure your moss to the frame using florists wire. I used several individual pieces and bunched them up next to each other to ensure that I created a really circular shape rather than relying on a single piece of moss to cover the whole base.

Top Tip: Don’t be afraid to really pad out your base with plenty of moss as it means you’ve got a really great foundation to work from – you don’t want to see any of the wire base in the finished product.

Step 2 – It’s All About The Bundles.

Select several stems of your different varieties of foliage to create small bundles. Aim for approximately 4-5 pieces of foliage per bundle and try to select stems of different heights to add interest.

DIY Wedding Wreath Step 3

Wire each bundle together by wrapping your florists wire tightly around the stems three times leaving the excess wire pointing downwards. Do not cut this excess off as you’ll need it later.

DIY Wedding Wreath Step 4

Step 3 – Overlapping And Wrapping.

Once you’ve created your first bundle lay it flat against your wreath base and push the excess wire of the bundle through the moss padding.

Wrap the excess wire on the bundle tightly around the moss to secure it to the wreath itself. Secure the ends of the florists wire and cut off any excess if necessary.

DIY Wedding Wreath Step 5

Add a second bundle to your wreath overlapping the previous one by approximately half or whatever you feel is most appropriate. Secure this bundle to the wreath in the same way as you attached the first as outlined in step three.

Always make sure that you secure each bundle with the the stems pointing downwards towards you.

DIY Wedding Wreath Step 6

Continue adding bundles of foliage to your wreath following the steps above until the mossy base is fully covered.

Top Tip: I twisted the wreath slightly in an anti-clockwise direction each time I added a bundle on top of the one before to make the wreath easier to work with. This way you’re not forced to constantly change the position in which you’re working.

Don’t be afraid to intersperse clusters of holly, fruits, feathers, bells or other adornments that reflect your wider wedding decor amongst the greenery bundles.

DIY Wedding Wreath Step 7

If you’re striving for a really luscious looking wreath, try using greater numbers of bundles placed closely together for a thick and leafy feel. Don’t be too rigid with your placement of your bundles either as you’ll lose the sense of the organic that makes wreaths so beautiful.

DIY Wedding Wreath Step 8

Top Tip: Don’t try to include too much foliage in a single bundle – a thick bunch of greenery can be difficult to wire together making the whole process cumbersome and your fingers hurt.

Step 4 – Beribboning.

Finish off your fantastic creation by looping a ribbon of your choice around the wreath and securing it tightly. We loved the simplicity of the mossy base as well as the foliage filled circlet so we opted to show you both.

Which is your favourite?

DIY Wedding Wreath Step 9

So there you have it, a foolproof step by step guide to making your very own circlets of glory.

The perfect way to wile away a rainy afternoon – from the looks of the weather forecast folks there’s plenty of time to make literally hundreds of them.

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

18 thoughts on “Miniature Wreaths – The How To.

  1. Fab tutorial Miss Lolly!!
    Although you are now making me want to stop work & start making wreaths instead!! Eeek! :-/
    Ps. adore the top wreath with all those pretty flowers & feathers!! Oh how I adore feathers!!!

  2. This is gorgeous! I may also want to make a smaller version and put it on my bridesmaids heads.

    Love the look of INTENSE concentration on your face @Lolly 🙂 and same as Becca… your wedding wreath is a stunner! xx

  3. @Karen deffo make some for your bridesmaids – perhaps I’ll do a flower wreath crown for you lovely lot soon…let me know if you’re interested.

    I also look slightly maniacal when I concentrate don’t I – no wonder some people say they’re scared of me!

    Thanks for the ring love as well. The boy did good!

  4. @Lynsey that has actually made my day – I am so showing the boy this when I get home tonight.

    Honestly sweetheart thanks – Adam is a genius with the camera (and photoshop too) though 😉

  5. @Lolly – OMG!!!! Seriously!?!!
    You have to stop with all this teasing I NEED to see your wedding pictures, like NOW!!!! haha :-p

    Agree with @Karen on a few points – Hell yeah to the flower crowns!! Can I be your model?! haha
    and yes that is one hell of a beauty on your finger 😀 he did do good indeed!

  6. So so pretty and I love the wreath you had at your wedding Lolly! If that’s a sign of things to come then we are in for a serious treat (as if I didn’t know what already!) /Gets impatient/ xxx

  7. @Kat everyone has a creative bone! Maybe you should come down to Brum and we’ll have a crafty day.

    @Lynsey – shucks, now you’re making me blush.

    @Becca @Tabitha they’ll be appearing very soon – I have to admit though I am super nervous!

  8. If you think the wreath was immense then you should ruddy well see the rest of it 😉

    Kat – I can style something but not very good at the “making” of anything. Glue, scissors and sticky back plastic are not my friends.

    Charlotte xxx

  9. Luscious! What lovely things come all in a day’s work for you. 🙂 And yes, glad to hear an update on YOUR PHOTOS!! I was just thinking about that the other day, wondering if I’d somehow missed them!

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