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Hot on the heels of our last romantically inclined artwork giveaway, today I am busting to show you the stunning art produced by Lisa Long of More than Words! Lisa creates the most stunning typographic artwork on canvases and now screenprints which make brilliant presents for that couple (we all know them) who didn’t have a gift list, a wedding present for your beloved or something to out on your own gift list perhaps?

I say it often, but never before have I been quite so desperate to purchase something we’ve featured on the blog. Without further ado, I’ll hand you over to Lisa to tell you all about More Than Words. Make sure you check out the Giveaway (yes you read that right… GIVE. AWAY. As in FREE to one of you lucky lot!) at the end of the post too!

More Than Words was launched in 2010 by creative designer Lisa Long. Her lifetime love of interiors and typography, combined with a search to find a piece of meaningful and high quality artwork for her own home, led Lisa to design what is now the ‘original Memories canvas’. She was soon inundated with requests from friends and family to design a piece for them… and from there More Than Words was born.

Less than one year on, Lisa’s typographic artwork has been commissioned by customers all over the world. Some of her high profile clients include Dannii Minogue and screenwriter and film director Richard Curtis. Lisa also works closely with interior designers and More Than Words artwork decorates the walls of several well-known corporate businesses, including the headquarters of one of the UK’s leading bridal magazines.

Lisa was a finalist in the 2010 Mumpreneur UK awards for ‘Most Unique Product’ and is currently shortlisted from thousands of nominated UK businesses in the UK.COM awards as ‘Best Creative Business Idea’, judged by Sarah Beeny and an elite panel of entrepreneurs later this month.

More Than Words recently organised its first professional product photoshoot in collaboration with some amazing UK wedding suppliers. Today we have first peek at the shots, including some hot off the press designs.

Artwork for every occasion

More Than Words produces bespoke typographic designs in a range of themes using your words and precise colours. Lisa also offers a collection of limited and unlimited designs.

Each unique piece is hand-finished in the UK to fine art standards onto your choice of acrylic, canvas, a beautiful framed print or the signature More Than Words ‘vintage framed canvas’.

“My list of creations is so varied – from designs to decorate new homes, celebrating the birth of a baby, personalised poetry…birthday presents for that person who has just about everything. I’ve recently created a huge Memories canvas as a leaving present for one of the most powerful men in British business!

The majority of my designs requests and the ones I love to create the most, are for loved-up couples celebrating an anniversary or as a gift to offer their bride or groom as a keepsake of their wedding day.

In fact, I’m often found at my computer with tears in my eyes whilst scrolling through the sentimental words that people send to me, be it their wedding reading, a poem they’ve written, their ‘favourite things’, quirky ways of saying ‘I love you’… I absolutely love being able to capture such special moments for my customers.

The first to bring you quality personalised bus blinds in the UK, More Than Words can also capture those special places from your first kiss, your first home and amazing holidays together.

Giveaway for Rock My Wedding Readers!

Recently More Than Words has embarked on its first range of hand-pulled typographic screen prints which have been a huge hit. We love this stunning, two-colour, teal and metallic gold hand-pulled silk screen print ‘I love just you’.

Lisa is offering one super lucky RMW reader the chance to win their very own ‘I love just you’ screenprint. All you have to do is leave a comment and email and the winner will be announced on Monday 27th February.

Photo Shoot Product Suppliers

Eddie Judd Photography

Lisa’s amazing clothes were provided by Young British Designers

DC Bouquets

Hush Home

Out of Love

Giddy Kipper

Tempting Cake

Fairynuff flowers

Get emailing ladies!

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

86 thoughts on “More Than Words…

  1. Am I the only one singing Bruno Mars right now…?! ‘the way you aaaare…’

    Yep. Anyway. There is some gorgeous work here-my favourites are the song lyrics and the personal pieces, it’s amazing what words can become and so lovely when they really mean something.


  2. These are beautiful!! Make awesome, awesome wedding pictures but actually I want them all for myself 🙂

    Please enter me into the competition! x

  3. I have loved Lisa’s work for a few months now when I spotted an example in one of my MANY wedding magazines! It’s such a modern and novel way of expressing yourself and a great gift!
    ….Did I say how much I love it?? hee hee

  4. I LOVE these!!!

    I got something similar from NotHS for my “paper” gift to the hubster on our first anniversary. I’d love one (or a few) of these for my walls!

  5. I love words. I have pictures and little plaques on hangers in my house – things like “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”! So very true. I’ve been trying to come up with funky but pretty ways in which I can get across my love of words into my wedding next year – these would be perfect!

    If I win this , it will take pride of place in my venue – promise. I’ll have to buy more and turn it into a word shrine…there’s never enough.

    R xx

  6. Ha @Amy, NOW it’s Barry White! Fairly certain at least one of my coworkers is calling the Men in White Coats as I type, humming love songs to myself, the day after Valentine’s Day…

  7. I have to have one of these, nay, I NEED one of these.
    Off to send an email whilst humming Bruno Mars (thanks Aisling!) under my breath! xoxo

  8. I LOVE these! One of my friends had one made after their wedding and its gorgeous! I was thinking of getting one for me and hubby as our ‘paper’ 1st aniversary, and now you’ve just convinced me!

  9. Oh how gorgeous! When I was fretting about my weight for my pending July wedding my wonderful fiance made me a CD which started off with the song ‘I Love You Just The Way You Are’. Made me cry, I’m such a lucky girl. These are all so stunning. I love the turquoise and white, my wedding colours, perfect for the beach on which we’ll be saying our I Do’s! (Here’s hoping the dress fits…!). x

  10. Oh wow I absolutely love these and would love one of this as a wedding present for my beautiful boy! Please pick me to win xx

  11. Wowzers!

    (I’d say that’s all I can say but it’s not! I’m so off to email a picture of I knew I loved you to my h2b with a BIG hint, hint, nudge, nudge attached!)

  12. Oh my god, your designs are just incredible. Such a simple but wonderful idea and beautifully executed in each individual canvas. I so want one of these now. Please may I win one!?

    Much wordy love,


  13. What an incredibe idea
    Something that displays your hopes and fears
    As a couple something you will keep
    That looking at will perhaps make you weap
    Tears of joy that remind you of “you”
    Where you can sit opposite and get lost in the view
    A piece of original art by the wonderdul Lisa
    In your home it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

    I’d LOVE to win one of these for our home!
    Lots of love

  14. Aaah, the ‘I knew I loved you’ piece just bought a tear to my eyes (what a ‘narna eh?!). I’d love to own a beautiful piece of More Than Words art!x

  15. I LOVE THESE (as Lisa knows!)

    and the blue one and white one, 8 from bottom, is infact ours!!! MrJKD loves it as much as me!

    *i knew i loved you before i met you, i think i dreamed you into life* from our first Wedding Dance, by Savage Garden.

    Thanks for a brilliant post girls! xx

  16. Oh my days, you ladies are completely spoiling us recently! I’ve gone all giddy. Ooh, calm down.

    I have cleared a space above our bed in *hopeful* advance of winning one of these beauties. Simply stunning. xx

  17. Mine would say “chocolate kisses, love is, just as you are, I was in the middle before I knew it had begun, origami, bacon sandwiches, tea, aimless wandering, the southbank, Rome, Room 207, Highgate, Hampstead Heath, yellow bedsheets, running away with you, come away with me, we tell each other farytales, lamposts, The Anfield End, peonies, daffodils, madras, love.

    The story of my life.

    P.S. Everyone, we got my engagement ring from Mr Jon Keith Diamonds. I could not recommend more. I get some amazing comments about the titanic and icebergs and I just sit and think “and it was a TOTAL bargain and its JUST as we wanted it”. Honestly ladies, it was an education. All brides in need of fabulous bargains at bespoke prices should totally check out Jon.

  18. ‘I love you just the way you’ are sums up how I feel for him and how he feels for me in just one sentence.

    We could exclaim for hours all the smallest details that make us feel the way we do about each other, but this says everything without saying alot.

    As a couple we choose silly over serious in most aspects of our life, and this will hopefully be represented in our wedding!
    But it would be lovely to display a piece of art such as this at our venue, to simply say everything we need to say.

  19. These are super awesome, I love the colour of the “just the way you are” print. Would be very stoked to win one of these, we’re hoping to kit out our new house with some funky artwork over the next few months!

  20. Evening Ladies!!!

    How exciting is this? I am so going to have to get Lisa to make me something now. Grrr! (What a hardship!)

    Hope you’re all sending you entries in to her via email as well as commenting – you need to do that to have your entry counted.

    Best of British everyone!



  21. Aw, these are gorgeous. They look amazing, but the actual words and personalisation is just as beautiful! best go and send an email then… x

  22. These are sooooooo inspiring… they do bring a tear to your eye – I want them all!!! Actually, whilst I’m wedding-obsessed at the moment, I can think of loads of occasions / presents / people that they would be just perfect for. Amazing! Please enter me into the competition!!!

  23. So pretty! These are right up my street!! Beautiful words, beautiful art. Plus…blues and golds are our wedding colours and Bruno Mars features heavily in the playlist (and I might even be persuaded to squeeze in a little Barry White after all you ladies have got me singing it!) Well done Lisa and RMW, you rock! x

  24. Oh wow these prints are really amazing and would love to have the All you need is love print! May be the first item on the wedding list! x

  25. Ooft!! After I rubbishly long day at work this post have put a big smile on my face (currently grinning like a loon into my iPhone!). What fabulous art, will be entering the comp and perusing the website 😀

    Thanks again wonderful RMW team for the fabbio giveaway xxx

  26. So personal – and can I be a design geek for one moment but lovely fonts. Really love the layouts and use of space. Love them – please can I have one??? 😉


  27. ah, beautiful. as a professional communicator, and lover of all things wordy, i adore the idea that you can literally spell things out for your guests…so they can see for themselves exactly how and why you fell in love in the first place. i’d just have to be strict with myself on wordcount!!

  28. Brilliant, I can just imagine h2b’s face presented with one of the personalised ones, I love the ones full of memories, oh another item to add to my ever growing wedding budget spreadsheet!

  29. OMG! Fabulous i want one, I admit I did cry a bit when I didnt get a Coulson Mcleod so is it myyyyyyyyy tuuuuuuuuuuurn now? xxxxx

  30. i love the idea that something so personal and romantic can be captured and put in your home that will create a lifetime of conversations and be admired by anyone!

  31. I would love to win one of these! Our home is so bare because we can’t afford to decorate in run up to the wedding, so one of these beauties would bring a bit of love to the walls of our house! x

  32. Bookmarked ‘more than words’ when I saw it featured before and am planning on getting one of the antique framed ones as a surprise present for my Fiance for our wedding in June. They are truely lovely pieces and look timeless. Please enter me into the competition. Wol.

  33. My H2B is obsessed with buying prints! Every week there’s a new tube through our door. We have one spot that needs to be filled though! Above our bed! We haven’t found the right piece yet, but ‘I loveyou just the way you are’ would be perfect!


    Ive been with my (now) fiance since I was 14 & he was 16. Being childhood sweethearts we are planning to get married in 2014, 10 years from the day we offically started dating.
    I would absolutley love to win this so that it could be part of our wedding day for guests to view & a life long piece of art that travels with us where ever we go, as a reminder of our courting days.

    Lots of Love

  35. These are lovely! The sort of thing I would love to make but would only end up like a nursery Blue Peter project. Fingers crossed I’m saved glue stick and scissors.

  36. Theese are brilliant i love the way the words are used to make pictures. i’m such a fan of sayings and quotes. i am a lucky lady my fiance is a singer song writer in his spare time while also being a very talented guitarist and he has writen and recorded a song for our first dance it would look soo good to have the words with lisa’s magic woven to make something truely special.

  37. What gorgeous works! I really Love the – I love you just the way you are print. I would like to put that up @ our wedding in November!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win <3

  38. I Have two more than word art pieces and the are absolutly stunning the quality is fab and Lisa is so helpful and nothing is to much trouble. I will soon be back to buy more x

  39. Wow, these are lovely! We’re both from Scotland and living in New Zealand and going back to Scotland next year to get married up in Inverness so would be great to combine some Scottish and Kiwi sayings in a beautiful work of art!

  40. I’m not a newly wed or bride to be … We’ll be 10 years married in April. “I love you just the way you are” sums up our now 14 year journey. Employed, unemployed, student, graduate, frequently apart due to P’s job, pregnant, enormous, hospitalised, recuperating, nurse, patient, parents, disappointed, proud, desperate, overjoyed, stressed, emotional, homesick, apart, juggling, reunited, celebrating, giggling, loving…. I feel my own piece of art coming on!

  41. Please enter me! We are saving so hard for our wedding that we decided our little flat would have to wait a little longer before getting the decorating facelift it desperately needs. Having one of these beautiful pieces on the wall would mean I would smile instead of seeing the cracks and faded furniture………

  42. Ooooh… these are just toooooo pretty. I want!
    Especially love the one with a typewriter font, with the couple’s favourite things. I’ve just had a great half an hour sitting at my desk thinking fondly of my other half and all our silly habits and secrets!

  43. The “I think I dreamed you into life” brought a tear to my eye too, lovely.

    Good ideas for presents for the 7 (!) weddings I’m going to this year (including ours!) x

  44. Wow, how beautiful are these?! I have just spent 20 mins scrolling up and down this post looking over and over the prints. I don’t think I can even choose a favourite as they are all so amazing. I am a sucker when it comes to quotes and sayings..put them into artwork….aahhh I love!! x x

  45. These are amazing – am going to be dropping hints to everyone I know (including Mr W for our upcoming wedding) that I want one of these. Any of them. I love fonts, stationery and words in general and particularly when they’re made into art – and I love you just the way you are is exactly the right sentiment!

  46. Goodness…these are just beautiful! As an English teacher, I’m asking my students to write their thoughts on love, poems and general lines of wondrousness for me to use throughout our ceremony and on our stationery. I think that’s what I’d love….words crafted by a thoughtful, simple, beautiful young writer, then crafted by an artist who appreciates the power of words, such as Lisa x

  47. So romantic to have all those lovely thoughts/phrases for all to see on your big day. What a wonderful way to show people how you feel.

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