Music Is The Fabric That Binds Us.

Music is, for myself and my delicious man, a part of the fabric that binds us. In our early dating stages, music was the main thing we talked about, danced to and bonded over most. Saturday afternoons were spent prancing around in my underwear (me, not Gavin) with a big old school set of headphones on, attached to his iPod whilst he showed off his extensive iTunes library and musical trivia knowledge. Not much has changed.

Music has always and will always fill our home. Whether it’s chilled out tunes while cooking, hardcore rock while cleaning or background party music when having friends around, we will always find an excuse to play something.

Luckily we have the exact same taste in music. Generally speaking we tend to love anything Acoustic, Folk-y, Rock-y, Grunge-y, Metal-y, Punk-y or Bass-y. Rock chick, yes I am. So how the hell do you incorporate that into your wedding and make sure everyone else (who maybe aren’t so fond of having their eardrums blown out) enjoys themselves too…

We asked our guests what they wanted to listen to! This brainchild was born out of a bit of RMW inspiration. We had a slot on our RSVP postcards that read “Name a song guaranteed to get you dancing”. The results were both varied and spectacular. I have since then seen this on many a wedding planning post and still to this day think it’s a great way to make people feel involved, whilst taking the pressure off you to come up with a playlist. Be that via the medium of DJ, Band or iPod.

So I figured I’d spend this post talking you through my mega music filled day in the hope that it may inspire/help some of you out in the music stakes.


My Dad, God Bless his golfers socks, made me a playlist. He even brought his iDock just so that as I was getting ready, the room was filled with music to keep me calm. I did not even think about this during my planning, but I cannot recommend it enough! Not only did it keep me calm, but it just filled the room with the most gorgeous atmosphere. Music really has that incredible way of transcending you and settling your emotions, don’t you think?


I can’t offer much help to you here as very luckily for us, one of Gavin’s best friends is the insanely talented musician, Jonathan Powell who wrote us an original piece of music for my walk up the aisle. Other than that, he just sat and played beautiful melodies on guitar to ease everyone into the day.

Wedding Meal

As some of you may know from my Big Dirty Wedding Report, Gavin decided he wanted a rock star entrance to our meal. Just as we were announced, out blasts the anthem that is Black Dog by Led Zepplin. We strutted our way through the crowd, Gavin high fiving people and me sporting my leather jacket of course. I have to say… it was pretty awesome.

While planning the wedding, Gavin and I made a decision to play music throughout the entire meal. So we came up with a playlist full of soft, slow, romantic tunes that were perfect for the most important dinner party of our lives. This is, apparently, not that common at weddings. But we found that the music once again filled the room with such beautiful atmosphere and relaxed our guests. Until Gavin got everyone up for an impromptu rendition of Hey Jude, complete with hand clapping and lighter waving. It rocked.

Wedding party

Ah ha. The party. Faced with a list full of songs, the length of your average queue at a Next sale, we were struggling with the order in which to play them all. So Gavin made a brilliant observation. Play everything in order of era. That way, you give the older folks a chance to be up enjoying their tunes earlier in the night and leave all the modern music for your friends to the end of the night, when they’re likely to be the last ones left standing! It went down an absolute storm at the wedding. The dance floor was never empty and it meant that Gavin and I could play our rockier tunes closer to the end without disgusting a conservative aunt.

The music at our wedding was something that many a guest commented on days after. So as a word of advice, I can say this… Please take into consideration the music your guests will want to dance to… But please do not deny yourself and your husband a chance to listen to your favourite music. Chances are, most of your friends and family will be right up there with you. Gavin actually had a nice boogie with his Mum to Sex is on Fire… an image that (haunts me) cracks me up to this day.

So I’ll leave you with a good ole list (you know how I loves them) of my Big Day musical suggestions:

Slow and Romantic

Lovely Day – Bill Withers
(Sittin’ on) The Dock of the Bay – Otis Redding
Beyond the Sea – Bobby Darin
That Ole Devil called Love – Billie Holiday
Feelin’ Good – Nina Simone
Romeo & Juliet – Dire Straits
The Bones of You – Elbow
Running to Stand Still – U2
Skinny Love – Bon Iver
Toothpaste Kisses – The Maccabees
Her Morning Elegance – Oren Lavie
Crystal – Stevie Nicks
Right Down the Line – Gerry Rafferty
Somersault – Zero 7

The Party

Do You Love Me? – The Contours (< This was the best party starter!)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen
20th Century Boy – T-Rex
Rolling in Deep – Adele
You’ve Got The Love – Florence and the Machine
Hush – Deep Purple
My Sharona – The Knack
Dancing in the Dark – Bruce Springstein
Hey Ya – Outkast
Ride on Time – Black Box
Jump Around – House of Pain
Rhythm is a Dancer – Snap
Love Shack – The B52’s
Just a Girl – No Doubt
Only Girl (in the World) – Rhianna
Lust for Life – Iggy Pop
Rebellion – Arcade Fire

What music will you be playing on your Big Day?

Is there anything you would like to play but don’t feel you can get away with it?

Trust me, if we can play Prodigy ‘Smack my B*tch up’ and have my Granny up busting a move, it might not be so bad.




P.S. For more song choices and the post that inspired this post click here.

Author: Naomi Liddell

43 thoughts on “Music Is The Fabric That Binds Us.

  1. Ah music is my FAVE subject! We too are gee-tar lovers and spend a lot of time choosing songs for everthing from the ceremony to dinner to the evening. Some we’ll feature are Foo Fighters- Everlong (accoustic version), Ryan Adams- On Your Side and we are exiting to Feeder- Feeling a Moment. Our first dance will be to You & Me Song by the Wannadies- because it’s not too stuffy and we want everyone to join in and start leaping about like crazy. In the evening we’d like a big ole party with some Prince, Starship, Chakka Khan and plenty of motown. Eek can’t wait! xx

  2. Thank you so much for this post,music choices are my stress of the month! We also love rock music but really want everyone to have something they like to dance to. Hmm. We opted for era music too and to play our stuff later on but have got a saxophonist for a couple of hours. so need inspiration for funk/soul music for her to accompany, was thinking Amy winehouse Valerie style so all ideas very much needed!!!help!!xxx

  3. My fiancee and i are having a musicly themed day. I’m a music teacher and my friends are going to be singing me in and out of the ceremony to some special arrangements of can’t help falling in love/can’t take my eyes off you for a retro feel! Our day then will be pretty much full of music that Brian and i adore, all of which will be put on a disk as a cd favour. We’ve got “great expectations” by elbow, “book of love” Peter Gabriel, “you and me song” wannadies, ” sweet child of mine” taken by trees, “it must be love” madness, ” this will be our year” ok go

  4. and “if paradise is half as nice” by amen corner. Will name all our tables by these song names. Then its pretty much a free for all on the request front. With big band music and a bit of rock for good measure! Make sure everyone has an excuse to get up and boogie!!

  5. Our playlist was the first thing we got to work on once we got engaged. We met on a house music chat forum so like you it’s a massive part of our relationship.

    We’re DIpodY ing the music the whole day. I couldn’t bear to leave something so important in the hands of someone else. So much so I’m not even going down the asking guests for song suggestions with their RSVP as is becoming the done thing these days. Mr P’s worked as a pro DJ and we know what works and what doesn’t.

    The ceremony/meal music is all romantic, melodic, favourite songs that transcend era, then the party will get started with funk-soul-disco-mowtown crowd pleasers, moving through to house classics then finishing off with the underground house bangers that brought he and I together and unite our rave buddies. EEEE can’t WAIT!!!!

  6. We have 6 weeks left and are siill deciding what music we want to play (it is starting to feel like time is slipping away from us!)
    We are getting married in Scotland in a little log cabin over looking the sea, hopefully if the weather obilges we will have the ceremony outside. The only music choice that we have made, is that I will walk down the aisle (either inside or outside!) to Led Zepellin, Thank you – I can’t wait!!

  7. Ah Naomi, you are a girl after my own heart! I loved your wedding report, it summed up what we wanted for our day – we almost chose the Caves as our venue too but ended up falling for a venue up the road from it! We are also big ‘music heads’ and it is one of our most discussed aspects of the day. And not music for music’s sake – music that sums us up. We’re definitely including ‘Lets Get Married’ by The Proclaimers and ‘Mr Blue Sky’ by ELO in the ceremony. First dance is still being decided but we have an ever growing playlist for the meal incoroporating all of our friends first dance songs so far along with our first dance songs that didn’t make the cut (I really wanted Today by Smashing Pumpkins but then realised the lyrics ‘I gouge my eyes out’ my not be appropriate!) We are only asking our closest friends and family for their song choices and following the ceilidh (with a band that wooed me by playing Billy Jean!) I hope it will be the best party ever – Old school Rock like the Stones & AC/DC right through to Old Skool dance and Lady Gaga & Klaxons etc! I cannot wait! x

  8. The first song on your ‘romantic’ list was what I walked down the aisle to 🙂 Bill Withers – Lovely day…and a lovely day it was!

    Like you music was so important to us every song we picked really set the tone of our day. We had such songs as Electric feel – MGMT, Labrinth – Let the sun shine and some proper dirty bashment (as we spent most of our early years dancing ridiculously in bashment clubs!) We also got our guests to make up part of the playlist by having a section on the RSVP cards (great minds eh!)

    I love when I hear any of the tunes we chose for our day – music is everywhere and I am surprised by how often I hear songs from our wedding day.

    What would the world be without a tune or two!


  9. @Louise – I love that the You & Me Song is going to be your first dance. Excellent choice! I’m already jumping around in my head to it.

    @Kelly – Have you heard Amy Winehouse’s version of Sam Cooke’s ‘Cupid’. Absolutely stunning! I’ll get my thinking cap on for you.

    @Sarah – You’ve just given me a bit of a song list to look up there! I feckin love new music. Thank you lady.

    @Phillipa – I am so with you sweet! Gavin and I thought the music needed to be in our full control as it was so important! I also love that your wedding will end hard-core-rave-stylee. That rocks.

    @Carol – Which Zeppelin song lovely? Your venue sounds incredible. I miss Scotland.

    @Charlotte – Honestly… I don’t think there was a guest seated when we played that song. My Granny was jiving with Gavin and everything.

  10. @Caroline – I love the sound of your day. Gavin’s brief for our wedding reception was “A-balls-to-the-wall-rock-and-roll-party”. We certainly achieved that. Hahaha! I love ‘Today’, I didn’t even know it had those lyrics!

    @Becky – What the fudge is ‘bashment’? It sounds ace.

  11. @ Naomi – We are having ‘Thank you’ as the aisle song, I love the music and the lyrics are just perfect (just thinking of the lyrics make me start to well up – god help me on the day!!)

  12. Music has been under discussion quite a lot over the last few weeks, and we’ve decided that we definitely should throw it open to suggestions, as we know our musical taste is not for everyone, and also not necessarily danceable (except I’m allowed to veto anything by the Beatles after too many years of having to play/sing them in junior concert bands and school choirs – trust me there’s nothing quite so bad as Yesterday sung off-key with a broad yorkshire accent, also Abba, because I just can’t stand them.)

    On the ‘music you’d really like to play but don’t feel you can get away with’ front – finding the most inappropriate song has turned into something of a game between my fiancé and myself!

    Our current list includes
    Not a Virgin Anymore – Poe
    Venus as a Boy – Bjork
    Pretty Like Drugs – Queen Adreena
    Pretty Polly – also by Queen Adreena
    and finally, Bad Things – Jace Everett (also known as the theme to Trueblood)

    I know we actually have more, but I’ve forgotten some of them…

  13. Loving a bit of Arcade Fire this morning! I’ve been trying to convince Mr S that we should have “Ready to Start” as our first day, just so we can jump up and down lots – he seems to think we should have something a bit more sedate… x

  14. This is a fantastic post! My fiance and I like a broad selection of music but do tend to favour rock, alternative, indie tunes. However, with enough glasses of bubbly I’ll be happy dancing to pretty much anything (some exceptions, such as anything involving line dancing or a routine!).

    What sort of songs did your dad put on the preparations playlist Naomi?


  15. @ Caroline H – Snap – we’re playing prominent songs from friends/family weddings before I arrive at the ceremony – and keeping it a surprise from them. I’m preying the photographer/videographer will catch my sister’s face as her ‘walk down the aisle’ song is played right before mine.

    My aim for the day is to induce MAXIMUM tears and joyous weeping!

  16. God I can’t leave this thread alone…

    Amid all the slick & cool, I’m having a no-holds-barred-Beyonce megamix.

    Single Ladies>Countdown>Crazy In Love>End of Time. I’ve yet to inform Mr P that I require him to edit and mix these beauties….

  17. This is very timely – me and the boy were dancing round the living room until 3am this morning trying to find perfect songs for our wedding (which is in 9 days time!!!!) So far we’ve only settled on the first dance – Smells Like Teen Spirit, and a some bloke rock he wants to play – Bloc Party and the like, and some electro stuff I want to play – Kraftwerk. The best part is (and please don’t tell anyone – it’s a surprise for our guests) is that we’re going to be DJing the first set of the evening! Mr & Mrs on the wheels of steel. Can’t wait!

  18. Cripes. My boy and I both love music, but our tastes couldn’t be more different. I am into jingly jangly indie and he is into harcore, ear-bleed-inducing metal. I haven’t the first clue how we are going to put a playlist together – we have already nabbed the only romantic 2 songs we both like for the ceremony (Villagers and Arcade Fire). It’s going to be tricky!

  19. @ Carol – that is SUPER cool. We’d do the same but my mixing skills start & end with cake. The 1210s will be in situ though so I’m sure Mr. P and his pals won’t be able to resist.

    Wishing you all the best for your (imminent) wedding 🙂

  20. Eeeek! My favourite subject! Me and Mr are massive rock fans (I describe my type of music as the stuff hairy old bikers listen to) so obvs we would love a Motorhead, AC/DC fest but few of our friends are into the same stuff. I was panicking how we were gunna make sure we got everybody up and dancing but the decades idea is ace! I’ll be walking down the aisle to an acoustic version of Foo Fighters ‘Everlong’ swooooon! And we’ll be skiping back up it to Israel Kamakawiwoʻole’s (had to copy and paste that bad boy) ‘Over the Rainbow’….pretty! I can’t wait to get cracking on the playlist…we’re gunna have music aaaall day too! I’m excited now whoop!

  21. We had music playing during our meal as well and I would also highly recommend it, it definitely creates a good atmosphere and I think it made things a bit less formal.

    My husband and I have completely different tastes in music, so choosing our wedding songs took ages (the words ‘if you mention Ronan Keating one more time, there will be no wedding’ may have been uttered)! We got there in the end, though. 🙂

    Despite our divergent musical tastes, we both really wanted to have Rooms on Fire by Stevie Nicks as our first dance, but we were both really afraid we wouldn’t be able to dance to it properly. Our main concerns were that the song was too fast, too long and we wouldn’t be drunk enough! In the end we had Make You Feel My Love as our first dance, but asked the DJ to play Rooms on Fire later in the night, so we could dance to it in a more inconspicuous fashion. For anyone who wants a particular song but doesn’t think it fits the first dance bill, I’d recommend this approach – you can still dance to a song that means something to both of you, but it’s more enjoyable because you don’t feel as if you’re ‘on show’.

    PS Naomi, you rock for having The Zep as your entrance music!

  22. Thank you Naomi – fab post! I was just proofing my reply cards and have quickly added ‘Name a song…..’ – what a wonderful idea.

    Thank you too for music suggestions as Mr H and I are struggling a bit. We have completely different taste in music do it is most definitely not the thing that binds us!!!!!

  23. This was such a well timed post…I’m getting married on Sunday and we still have no playlist…we have a band but need an Ipod for the in between bits and after they have finished up.

    I tend to verge on the cheesy end of the spectrum but the boyfriend has much better taste in music so we are finding it hard to meet in the middle. I just want people to dance and have a good time so think well known hits would be the best option but I think he wants something a bit “cooler”.

    This is last minute…I need help!

  24. We too bonded over concerts and gigs and there is always music and dancing in our house. I have to say that I found it quite difficult deciding on songs for the wedding, lots of the songs I thought of I worried didn’t sound right for a big day. One of them was Romeo & Juliet by good old Dire Straits – amazing song and I wish we had included it now!
    In the end, we went with what we loved and it was perfect. We had flamenco music for the guests coming into the ceremony (I am a lover of flamenco and all things Spanish!).I then made my entrance to Make you feel my love by Bob Dylan/Adele, and after we were married a huge whoop went up when everyone heard the opening bars of Let’s get it on by Marvin Gaye. Possibly inappropriate but one of my favourite moments! We then had an amazing, soulful band followed by lots of motown and more current house,r&b and rock-ey songs. Our first dance was to Neil Young’s Harvest Moon – hardly anyone knew it but it makes my spine tingle 🙂

  25. I’ve found this surprisingly tricky. Firstly there’s 12 years between me and my fiance and whilst he likes some of ‘my’ music, I tend not to like his. And I kind of stopped listening post mid-90s.

    The good bits are that one of the choirs I sing with is hopefully coming along to sing a couple of Cole Porter numbers at the ceremony (I seriously love CP). And we’re playing that sort of music (and maybe some classical) for the reception and dinner as background. Then we have a ceilidh band for the first half of the evening – it’s the DJ bit that gives me The Fear. I suspect our playlist is Not Cool – and I’ve sacrificed most of my indie stuff as not being danceable in favour of stuff that I hope will get most people up. Just 2 Cure tracks (not my favourites), 1 Dandy Warhols and 2 Lemonheads because I couldn’t bear not to.

    Finally, I am an utter hypocrite because I never dance at weddings/parties! My pigeons may well be on their way home to roost!

  26. We have just sent our invites and on the back of he rsvp card we asked them all to send us the name of a dance floor filler, a feel-good summer song (our wedding is July) and an old school favourite. So that way we got some older tunes too.

    Naomi, how did you get hold of all your songs, did you just buy each one individually??? Wondering how I can save and thinking Spotify might be a good bet.

    Love the idea of ordering by era!


  27. OMG!! Haven’t had time to read everyone else’s comments (am at work!!) but I LOVE ‘Do you love me!’ and that would DEFINITELY get me bopping 😉

    Great post, lovely xx

  28. Brilliant post! I’m quite into my music – the boy less so – and I really want to find the right music for the ceremony/first dance. I keep thinking about nice, dignified tunes for walking down the aisle, but the reality is I keep coming back to Queen ‘don’t stop me now’! I just think it would be hilarious and a total ice-breaker! I really don’t want a solemn ceremony. The boy has met my tune request with some mild trepidation to say the least, so we’ll see nearer the time (we’ve got a year to mull it over!).
    My other favorites at the moment are Barry Louis Polisar ‘All I want is you’ and the Divine Comedy ‘Have you ever been in Love’, which harks back to my teenage love of Neil Hannon….each to their own I suppose! It would also be relatively easy for the four left feet we possess to muddle through something.
    Loving everyone’s suggestions – will keep looking through them for inspiration.
    Inbal x

  29. I compiled a huge playlist for our wedding breakfast too. I love listening to it when I am driving on a long car journey. It takes you straight back to the moment.

    And Sex On Fire? Well, whenever I hear this song now I instantly recall my father rocking out with my friends on the dance floor, so much so, he was like the King of the Moshpit!

    I feel quite chuffed because I did exactly what Gavin did and set our playlists in decade order too. However, I will say the older generation put us to shame. They boogied on down to everything and came into their own when there was a breakdancing dance-off.

    Funny as!


  30. @Philipa – hadn’t even considered pre-wedding tunes, cue even more playlisting & first dance songs that didn’t make it!

    @Lauren – LOVE Harvest Moon, what a brilliant first dance song!

    We wanted something slightly more unusual but ‘us’ and have an ever growing list that also includes Romeo & Juliet. It also included ‘Pictures of You’ by the Cure until I realised that it was 7 minutes long! My current favourite (that changes daily)being Strange Currencies by REM. I am adding Neil Young to the list though I think!

    I’m going home from work to go onto Spotify tonight & start increasing those playlists again! I think we are on about 15 hours of music now, ah well 5 months to whittle it down! I think I will need to get a dirty dancing megamix in there too as I had somehow managed to miss that.

    1. @Caroline H, love it when I hear something really
      different at weddings, as long as it means something to you that will shine through! We have Neil on our wedding DVD too which the world and his wife have seen and so many have asked what the song was. Nice to see we’re educating others on Neil Young too 😉

  31. We are only just starting to think about these things at the moment but as we are both huge movie fans we are hoping to plan it so that all the music from the day is from a movie soundtrack. Not everyone will get all the references but we will have our own little in-joke. And then we can dance to The Power of Love by Huey Lewis and Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship. Awesome!!

    Oh, and the groom has requested the Star Wars theme, played on the organ, for exiting the church…

  32. @naoimi the only way I can describe it is a West Indian music mash up – think about that ridiculous tune that features in Beyonces ‘Who run the World’ tunage…its basically that and lot of awesome dancing! There was a pretty good dance off on the night of our wedding! x

  33. @Katy that is brilliant! We also have a movie theme with our table names, with Mr H being a big Star Wars fan too, I never thought of a movie theme for the ceremony either but I LOVE the star wars music!

    For our table name signs we are re-inacting the movie posters for each table name! We are obviously on the Star Wars table and our cake toppers are star wars lego Princess Leia and Hans Solo!

  34. Guys… I am currently scribbling down so many tunes! I shall be having a bit of new music night tonight I reckon.

    @Carol – Wow… Led Zeppelin Thank You is the perfect aisle song. The lyrics are stunning, but I never would have thought of it! Well done.

    @Ruby – Your shouldn’t-really-play playlist cracked me up! Not a Virgin Anymore? Pretty like Drugs? I do not know these tunes but I shall be getting acquainted.

    @Kitty – My Dad’s a bit of a rocker too. There wasn’t much romantic about the playlist, more just songs that remind me of growing up. Pearl Jam, U2, The Cure and Blue Oyster Club were some of the bands that came to mind.

    @Philippa – There is nothing wrong with a bit of The Beyonce! My sister ended up doing the entire Single Ladies dance on stage at our wedding. It rocked. (She’s a profesh dancer).

    @Carol – I’m guessing you’re not the same as The Zep Carol? But DJ-ing at your own wedding? Instantly awesome.

    @Kate – More songs? Eh…

    Gimmie Some Lovin’ – Spencer Davis Group
    Billie Jean – Michael Jackson
    Love is the Drug – Roxy Music
    Brown Sugar – The Rolling Stones
    Suicide Blonde – INXS
    Town called Malice – The Jam
    Black Betty – Ram Jam
    Walk this Way – Aerosmith ( ft. Run DMC)
    Teenage Kicks – The Undertones
    Club Foot – Kasabian
    Kids – MGMT
    Filthy Gorgeous – Scissor Sisters
    Stereo Love – Edward Maya
    Ooh La La – Goldfrapp
    My Favourite Game – The Cardigans
    Come Together – The Beatles
    Papas Gotta Brand New Bag – James Brown.

    Woooo….Hope that helps!

    @ Lauren – Neil Young, Harvest Moon… Sensational.

    @Jemima – We just raided our folks/friends CD collections and bought whatever we couldn’t accumulate.


  35. Afternoon ladies! *high fiving* you Naomi! Top top top post.

    Ok so slightly disgusted with myself that i didn’t know that Bon Iver did the original to Skinny Love as i only know the Birdie version… (goes to itunes and immediately downloads “for emma, forever ago”) but just staying on Bon Iver for a moment please, their self titled album, oh my word i know every riff off by heart. And i hope their track Perth is obvs the reason you live in Perth now? 😉

    OK back to the wedding music, i love music like a lot of the ladies here, i love lyrics – sometimes slightly obsessed with lyrics. There shall be “getting ready” playlists, there shall be “road trip to the venue” playlists, there will probably need to be a “calm down everything is going to be sweet” type of play list.
    But for my entrance it has got to be Highland Cathedral played by a piper. Our first dance song is a bit of a secret but it’s a scottish song and our ceilidh band shall be doing their own interpretation. The words mean a lot to me & the kilted one.
    I look forward to making all the playlists that our wedding will need, it’s got to be one of the best parts. And as we have just taken up jive dancing we have a whole new realm of music to explore.


    Mr Mac & Myself actually 1st met at ‘ local bands on a lorry in our local square’ type thing. It wasn’t until the following week we got together. That is almost 13 years ago! my lord i feel old now…i am only turning 28 this year so really old at all but feel it oh yes!

    Music will defo b a main part of our day, me walking down the aisle to Lau (a scottish folky type band), my dad helped me discovering them. He has seen them live & they are great. My dad & brother are very into music…both play drums.

    Then we will have a selection of songs playing as we ‘tie the knot’ during our humanist ceremony, to Lana Del Ray playing while we sign the register. We will also have music playing through out our meal as i also agree it creates a nice atmosphere. Plus there are so many songs we love we can’t whittle it down.

    Our band for night is JUDE! A local band of young men that are our friends. They play a wide mixture of rock, pop, retro then a wee slot for Scottish country dancing which means everyone can burl round the dance floor. I adore our band & whenever they play locally we are always there to support them. Our first dance is Candy by Paulo Nutini. He is a fellow Scot & our memory of that song is lying back on the hill with the flags at T in the Park, sun shining listening to this song. It means something to us as that was just after we got engaged.

    I just think music brings so many memories & love that with the wedding we have a chance to make new ones with songs we love.

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