My Baby Just Cares For Me… Part 2

Well, we couldn’t leave you hanging on for part two of this Scottish gem for too long.

let’s delve straight back in to Hannah and Stewart’s Glasgow based big day. All images are courtesy of Love Lust members Lillian and Leonard.

A Hard Cake To Top.

My Auntie the super cake maker offered to make our three tiered fruit and sponge cake, topped with a hand-knitted bride and groom with perfectly matched wedding attire. The knitted bride even had a tartan garter!

Talent In Abundance.

We are lucky enough to have lots of musical friends who were more than happy to contribute to our day. It was great way to make the wedding feel more personal, and to involve some of our close friends.

One friend played solo fiddle whilst I walked down the aisle. Another friend sang during the ceremony accompanied by acoustic guitar and fiddle. We set up a brief open-mic session during drinks reception, and for the evening entertainment a friend put together a ceilidh band – the perfect way to get family and friends to mix and fill the dance floor!

Dance Like No-ones Watching.

We chose Nina Simone, My baby just cares for me because it was the only song we could dance too, and we were definitely ‘out-danced’ when other guests joined the floor…. embarrassing just thinking about it – best not mention this!

Treats All Round.

I have noticed that at other weddings, favours are forgotten and left behind. I decided to have a treats table for guests with retro sweets and homemade mini cupcakes and whoopee pies. I spent 6 months in charity shops finding glass jars and vases for the sweets and borrowed some vintage cakestands from a friend. I completed the table with Ebay sweet scoops and pink striped bags.

We asked our guests to tell us an interesting fact about themselves along with their RSVP which we printed out as a table quiz sheet and placed in a small airmail envelope which we used as name place settings. It was a great way to break the ice for guests who hadn’t previously met and the facts provided great material for the speeches!

Plan B.

We perhaps had too much to arrange for the day (slightly stressful!) but I wouldn’t change any of it. We set up our table centerpieces the day before the wedding featuring old hardback books which reflected our guests interests and glass jars and bottles for our flowers.

On the morning of the wedding I was at the venue before breakfast, setting up a table of retro sweets, our vintage suitcase table plan and a collection of old family wedding photographs stretching as far back as our great-great grandparents.

It was perhaps the over enthusiastic and slightly micromanaging events planner in me that made me want to arrange so much of the detail for the day, however I don’t think Stewart was very happy when we had to get up the morning after our wedding to clear it all up!

The Freedom To Be Personal.

We both loved having a Humanist ceremony, which is legal anywhere in Scotland. We had complete freedom to create a very personal ceremony that reflected us perfectly, and dispensed with a bit of the formality that can sometimes creep in.

The involvement of our friends and family meant a lot, whether it was a bit of DIY from my Dad, the amazing cakes prepared by my Auntie and close friends or the army of musical talent throughout the day. It was such an honour to have so many people make such a huge effort for our big day.

My advice for other brides would be – don’t think that your wedding has to have all the aspects a wedding magazine tells you… and mostly ignore the time lines and budgets!

And don’t be afraid to negotiate with your venue and suppliers to get exactly what you want.

Venue – St Andrews in the Square

Photographers – Lillian and Leonard

Dress – Magie Sottero

Accessories – Nieve Bridal Couture

Make-up – Eye Candy

Hair – Bowers and Peacock

Blooms – I Heart Flowers

Maids – Alfred Sung

Groom – Apsley Tailors

I think all the planning clearly paid off. A totally relaxed affair with a really creative vintage twist and a classic colour scheme. And such grand surroundings too. Apart from that sandwich bar perhaps 😉

Hope you’ve enjoyed this one, and don’t feel guilty about stealing the odd idea. Not the books though – that one is MINE.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

19 thoughts on “My Baby Just Cares For Me… Part 2

  1. This is my favourite wedding so far (and I’ve been a regular RMW reader for over a year!) It’s like looking at my own ideas come to life, I’ll definitely be ‘stealing’ (share and share alike, right?!) some of these details. Gorge.

  2. I love Glasgow. It is my job to sell this wonderful city, so Adam – get yourself over here!! I’ll arrange a free city tour for you 😉

    Lovely wedding too – St Andrews in the Square is beautiful!


  3. @Sarah – It does look good, I’m really tempted…. any chance of throwing in a free flight from Birmingham 🙂

    @Jenny – glad you like it – I’m a big fan of the stationery too, I didn’t say that in the report but I love the understated combination of the brown paper and typewriter font.

  4. @Adam – I love the stationery, too. I’m actually doing something very similar (well, the plans are still in my head, yet to come to life) and this has given me so much inspiration.

    Does anyone know where I can buy vintage books like the ones the bride uses?

  5. I bet you could get a job lot of books off ebay… might be a bit random but could be quite fun too… or charity shops. Depends on your definition of ‘vintage’ of course!

    …You might just end up with a load of Mills and Boon and Judy Blume… which could work!

    @Roz Scottish Party? now you’re talking. I’ll put that one firmly in the suggestion box.

  6. Loving the books – Adam, I’m afraid I’m going to beat you to it with these, unless you’re planning to get hitched before 7th June next year ;o) To be fair, they were on my ‘real bride’ mood board, honest!
    @ Jenny – there are tonnes of old books like these at car boots, and (some) charity shops, that aren’t at all expensive. We’re only using them on one table, so I haven’t needed to buy many, but have seen loads.

    This wedding is a real stunner – gorgeous personal touches throughout.

  7. @ Adam
    Ha ha! Thanks ;o)
    It IS genius! I’d be seriously worried about some of the things some of our friends would come out with though! Love the originality of it though

  8. Thank you for all the lovely comments! Was lots of fun to plan and had an awesome day.

    @ Jenny – the books were either from charity shops in Edinburgh or various family members. Was originally going to have the books personalised for each guest on the table but ran out of time and effort!

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