My Big Dirty Wedding Report…part 2

Naomi was one of the real RMW brides to take part in our first styled shoot back in January. For her contact sheets (if you’ve never seen them then you can have a peeky HERE) she suggested that swiping a bright crimson lipstick straight across her perfectly porcelain face with the back of her hand would make an awesome shot…. A girl after my own heart. And that pic of Madam Liddel and her pink streak not only remains one of my favourite images of all time to feature on Rock My Wedding but it also gave me an inkling to the level of coolness she and Gavin were going to bring to W-day….

For starters Gavin and Naomi held their reception in a cave. Yes. An actual CAVE. Naomi also decided to transform into what can only be described as the hottest. bridal. bus. driver. ever. And she donned a sexy leather jacket.

Yup that’s right. Biker chic is not restricted to just inspiration shoots people.

Oh and if you are ever stuck for ideas for your couples portraits…. get on your bridal suite bed with your man, cover it in rose petals…. and jump around.


I looked over at Johnny and as he gave me the most reassuring wink, he began to play a beautiful piece of music that he had put together especially for us. Johnny is one of Gavin’s best friends and a supremely talented musician, so it was a natural choice to ask him to play me down the aisle. My Dad tightened his grip on my arm and we walked.

I remember worrying about that walk in the lead up to the wedding. I’ll tell you now. I can’t remember it. I just saw my Gavin standing looking all nervous and I knew he’d have sweaty palms and be shaking, but he had the biggest most gorgeous smile across his beautiful big man face. When I reached him, we stood like two awkward teenagers at a school disco. It was the weirdest experience. All I wanted to do was say “How you doin’ baby? Did you have a good night with the boys?” but instead we just smiled and looked at each other. It was so unnatural. So I did the only thing I could think of doing and I grabbed his hand. That was it, I physically felt us both relax and turned my attention to the registrar.

The ceremony was just packed with emotion. It bubbles over and makes you laugh really inappropriately. And we did! On several occasions. Luckily we had picked some readings (one found on these polka dot pages) that distilled the air and allowed everyone to have a giggle and a cry. Gavin couldn’t get the ring onto my finger at which point I turned and said “talk amongst yourselves”. Then before I knew it, I was being asked to kiss my husband. Eh… Hells Yeah!! Massive kiss, cuddle, kiss, cuddle later and we were officially on a cloud called Nine and we wouldn’t come down for oh… about 5 months and counting.

Everything about our wedding day blurs from here on in. We talked, we did a lot of kissing, hugging, high fiving and cheers-ing (?). We were torn away from each other all day, I found myself talking to all of my loved ones, getting wrapped up in gorgeous little conversations and then glancing up to see my husband doing the same thing on the other side of the room. I longed for our eyes to meet on several occasions but I also wanted to just watch him go. Watch him be his own delightfully charming self whilst harboring a slightly selfish pride in knowing that I get the best of him and that he is all mine. The love and the joy was almost tangible, with everyone bursting full of compliments and well wishes.

A special delight was expressed about our buses, on several occasions… so I just HAD to have a go. Seriously, who’s going to tell the bride she can’t drive the bus? We joked about, had our pictures taken and basked in the gorgeous atmosphere until it was time to move onto the next venue. Gavin and I jaunted off first to check into our hotel (logistics!) but made the best out of it by trailing our photographer with us. No joke, when he arrived… we were actually jumping on the bed. It was not staged or false. That’s just how God damn good we felt!

After allowing sufficient time for guests to arrive at The Caves, and with me chomping at the bit to see the venue decorated, we made our way there. Here I will tell you that Gavin has a bit of Rock’n’Roll showmanship in him and decided that it would be a great idea for us to have an ‘entrance’. So the best man Graeme announced us in and out from the speakers blares Black Dog by Led Zepplin.

For those of you not familiar with this tune… listen to it! Beginning with the lyrics “Hey hey mama, see the way you move, gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove…” it then bursts into the coolest guitar riff ever! At that point, Gavin and I walked in. He high fived everyone on the way up to the top table and the place went nuts. True rock star moment.

The speeches were superb. I watch them over and over again on our DVD. The Chief did a spectacular job at having the guests in stitches with her natural infectiously beautiful way of telling a story and the Best Man followed with a killer. Then there was my Dad. His speech was phenomenal. So heartfelt, so proud, so absolutely him.

On the stag do my Dad found out that one of Gavin’s friends, after meeting me for the first time said “Your playing in the Champions League now lad.” He made that part of his speech and finished with “Well son, you’re now in the World Cup Final and you’ve just scored the winner.” He then gets Gavin up and puts a medal round his neck. It was awesome!

Music is a massive part of our lives and our relationship, so it felt perfect to have music playing in the background of the meal. One of the most spectacular parts of the day was when during the meal Hey Jude by The Beatles came on. Gavin walked around the front of the table and pulled us all up with him, which started a massive sing song! Everyone was up waving their arms and belting out “Na na na nananana Hey Jude!” It gives me shivers thinking about it and was just the most incredible moment, I danced with my little nephew Daniel in my arms and looked out over a sea of beautifully well known faces and knew that the night was just beginning.

There was dancing and singing, Champagne and Stella Artois, loved ones wrapped arms around each other to songs they requested in our invitations, women bribed flip flops off others with free drinks, my sister (who is an award winning dancer) did the entire Single Ladies dance on her own on stage, my brother fell into a barrel and my sparkly shoes did come off…

The day was so exhausting that at midnight I accidentally fell asleep in the toilets for 15 minutes. I stress not drunk, but tired. I rejoined the party with a new lease of life and fresh face of makeup. The place was absolutely jumping until 3am. I ended the reception on stage with my husband, no shoes, black feet, torn dress, covered in sweat, dancing like a mental to Arcade Fire. When it was time to go, there were many tears from dear friends and family as we parted ways for our endless honeymoon. And here I am, in Perth Australia with a husband I can’t keep my hands off and the memories to prove that I absolutely, completely and utterly Rocked My Wedding.

I think at the end of this report I clapped. Yep. There was Adam, hand across his chest like a proud old lady and me clapping to my computer screen like some kind of mental loon…

Sometimes writing just does that to you, you know?

And obviously you all want MORE and you also want to hear more about the book so it’s a good job Naomi has recently started a completely fabulous a-little-bit-of-everything blog “Rocked by life“. It’s waaaaay cool. And so on my favourites already.

I’m more than a little bit sad this is over to be honest however, I know this isn’t the last we’ve heard from Mrs L.


Big Rocked By Naomi and Gavin’s W-day Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

33 thoughts on “My Big Dirty Wedding Report…part 2

  1. What an amazing g beautiful account of the day I’m sat on the bus crying! So much love and gourgeousness (not sure if that’s a word!) wishing you both all the happiness in the world. Now over to rocked my life… Xx

  2. WOW-this wedding has rocked my socks off! Naomi-I think you are the coolest bride ever!!

    I’ve only just got round to Reading part 1 + 2 but it was well worth the wait. Everything about this wedding oozes style-I especially love the amazing shots of the bus driver (!) and the fact you had your reception in an actual cave!!

    I wish you both all the love and luck in the world on your travels-you deserve it. Can’t wait to read your new blog….

    Happy Tuesday everyone 

    P.S. Also loving the fact you had a certain Miss Church as your make-up artist and wedding guest!

  3. I love you for dancing like mental to Arcade Fire. I’ve been gagging to see your wedding in all it’s glory for ages now, I feel revived and cheerful for reading how your day went, you are beautiful and your words literally bounce with how happy you are.

    Jen xx

    ps. Who’s the lady in Yellow who looks like Charlotte Church?

  4. What I love the most about this wedding is that you can see just how much these two love each other AND how much fun they have just being together.

    Its stylish, cool, beautiful etc.
    BUT the most important thing of all, is that you are both just so gloriously happy. A very important reminder that THIS is what it is all about. (Love that you had music playing during meal and that you had to get up and dance/sing)

    Fantastic report, have missed Naomi and looking forward to reading more about your adventures.

    Abi xxx

  5. Firstly Wow your cave looks amazing love all your signs did you make them all (I suspect you did) the flipflops I love I wanted to do them for my wedding but run out of time (and money)
    Your cake(s) are so brilliant the ducks are genius.

    Leather jacket with bridal gown I feel you have started a new trend!

    The jumping on the bed like mad fools in love makes me smile one of my fav photos.

    Did you make your hairband as I seem to remember you were making one it looks brilliant you are one very talented lady!

    This has to be my favourite wedding on RMW you both look so in love, having so much fun and all the personal touches really make them you. I have really enjoyed reading your reports and your blog Naomi and I feel a little sad it’s all come to an end

    p.s your husband is gorgeous 🙂

  6. Nooooooooooooooooooooo! It can’t be the end! I don’t want it to end! It has been the most awesome wedding report and Naomi the more I look at the photo’s the more gorgeous a couple you look!
    Proper stunners!

    The caves look holy sh*balls amazing and looks so atmospheric and glam!

    And now your on an endless honeymoon….that is going on my list of things to do before I die. An endless holiday.

    Huge congratulations to you both and will definately follow your adventures on your blog!

  7. MORE PLEASE!!!! Pretty pleeeeeease?!? With cherries (and little rubber ducks) on top?

    One of my all time fave write ups, Naomi – just fantastic!

    That photo of you driving the bus is H.O.T! And the jumping on the bed ones? Love them.

    And just when I thought your Dad couldn’t get ANY cooler, he goes and delivers what sounds like the most awesome speech!

    Have an amazing year lovelies, and congratulations again on a stunning wedding, for a gorgeous pair!


  8. Hello you big sexy bunch!!

    How the hell are you? I’ve been reading part 2 & your comments while eating a mad ass chocolate cake (for those of you on twitter I’ll post a pic. It’s sooo good!). I loved every single part of my wedding day which you can clearly see by my big stupid face in those pictures!

    @Abi Lady HarHar – I would chest bump you any day sweetness! What a crackin’ comment. The love IS what it’s all about!

    @Stacey – the signs were a 2min Word effort & the flip flops were 2 for £1 at B&Ms. And strangely comfortable!! Oh & the headpiece was half Primark & have my own customisation. 🙂

    You are all so lovely it’s hurting my face.

  9. oh my actual god, I am speechless.


    there’s a video right? please tell me there’s a video

    mrs r x x x x

  10. Love this. Amazing write up, incredible images.

    Naomi – if I were you, I would have the bus driver image blown up on your wall as big as you could get it. Just gorgeous.


  11. Fan-bloody-marvellous!! That’s definately my kinda bride!!

    I loved following her journey through the polka-dot pages and it’s so lovely to see it all come together.

    I hope they have a rocking life together x

  12. This wedding is gorgeous, lovely bride, lovely husband (especially the book – thats incredible!) and brilliant write up. I am just so sad it ended its like reading a great book and wishing there was another part!! xx

  13. Freakin’ marvellous!!! I love the photos at the top table and am seriously lovin the leather jacket fan-flippin-tastic.

    Well done Naomi, a truly unique and you wedding xxx

  14. Love looks like a leather jacket and jumping for joy on your wedding night bed.


    The caves looked absolutely amazing, it’s a stunning venue and just perfect for your cool city wedding.

    Your photos are incredible and really capture just how much fun you guys are having.

    The whole thing is just amazeballs Naomi!


  15. All I can say is, this is without a doubt THE BEST WEDDING I have ever read about!!! Although I love reading everyones ideas on how they did things, reading about all your emotions just made it for me.

    I cried happy tears, laughed, felt pangs of jealousy and love that Charlotte Church did your wedding make up.

    You truely look so incredibly happy and I can only hope that my wedding day (whenever that may be) will be half as good as yours looks.

  16. SO AMAZING!!!
    I was right in my part one comment… quite simply Naomi- YOU ROCK!!!! And when you ROCK you ROCK HARD!!!

    Of to read you blog now…

  17. I’ve seen so many unique weddings on these polka dot pages, but I can honestly say I think yours is the most uber-cool-leather-jacket-donning-bed-bouncing-new-school-glamourpuss wedding I have ever seen.

    I am totally jealous of anybody who has the balls and style to 1) think of, and 2) pull off a wedding like this. And then, just to top it all, leave the country to enjoy newlywed bliss for months on end.

    Makes me feel a tad sheepish about my classic affair, but then, I’m not ‘too-cool-for-school’ enough to pull this sort of thing off!

    Naomi, your writing style is right up my street. You belong on RMW xxxxx

  18. I have one last thing to say off the back of all your glorious comments.

    The backbone of all my wedding decisions has been the Rock My Wedding community. You girls (and some before you) genuinely helped me make this wedding mine.

    It’s not about being ‘different’ or ‘cool’. It’s about being yourself and soaking up every minute of the day. You’ll find that if you do that, your happiness and your big dopey smile will be pasted all over your pictures. And that’s what I love about ours.

    Thank you all for helping me do it my way.

    @Sarah – I dream of a classic affair. But I’m just not classy enough to pull that sort of thing off 😉 You, my lovely, are.

    Revel in everything your planning brings, but don’t forget to throw yourself head long in on the day and Rock Your Wedding.

    Now I’m off to sob into what’s left of my chocolate cake.

    *waves goodbye*

  19. Naomi’s husband Gavin here!

    Thanks for all your amazing comments. I’ve been reading them over Naomi’s shoulder and it’s been brilliant to re-live the day again 5 months on and to get back just some of the buzz that we felt then.

    It was an incredible day (totally biased, I know) and Naomi deserves every single beautiful comment you guys are writing because she put so so so much into that day and it clearly all paid off.
    However, don’t be fooled for a second in thinking that Naomi mustered all of this inspiration and style and Rock for just one day. She does it day in, day out. The wedding was just one moment in Naomi’s never ending list of “where the hell does she get it from?”
    I don’t mind admitting that I’ve no idea how she does it but being caught in the whirlwind that is my wife is an incredible place to be.

  20. Naomi, you look amazing! And you and Gavin just look so utterly delighted and in love. It looks like it was a cracking day, and so much fun! I loved the write up too, so hearfelt and really summed up your feelings of the day.

  21. All the girls (and boys) here in Berwick absolutly loved reading the account of your wonderful wedding day!!!! We were so blessed to be part of the day and can confirm that the love you two had for each other could be felt during the ceromony. Never have I met two people more ment for each other than you two. We are so privelidged to have been part of your day and can’t wait to come out and see you in Oz ( no pressure ha ha ) love you both and hope to hear from you soon XXXXXXX

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