No Place Like Home.

Well there isn’t is there?

And that’s why Laura and Ben decided to hold their W-day reception celebrations in their own back garden…..well if it was this pretty you would wouldn’t you.

I’ll be honest, sometimes I fail to feature the “dress hanging” image because there are usually so many more pictures I prefer however, it appears Liam Crawley sure knows what to do with one – it is almost atmospheric, I could feel the “I am going to put that beauty on soon” anticipation of it.

And then there are the blooms – lots and lots of colourful florals everywhere, I am particularly loving the hanging candelabra’s in the marquee and the delicious array of pinks and purples in the Church (which dates all the way back to 1308 I might add…)

Summer’s finally here lovelies.

No Place Like Home

Our home is the most special place in the world to us so to be able to celebrate our marriage there was just wonderful. All we wanted was a relaxed, fun day where everyone that we cared about was there and they were well fed and watered. Ben worked so hard on the garden in the months leading up to the big day so I was thrilled for him that the rain stayed away in the afternoon and we all got to enjoy it.

Something Old

My shoes were actually my “something old”. They were a pair of shoes I wore when I was a bridesmaid for one of my bridesmaids, Sarah. They were still immaculate and a perfect match for my dress – they even had the bow on to go with the bow around my waist. It was nice to be able to get another wear out of them, especially seeing as they had some lovely memories from Sarah’s wedding associated with them.

The Only Bride

My dress was Lusan Mandongus, style L1913B and I bought it from the wonderful bridal shop in Nantwich, Amy Louise Bridal. It is a beautiful shop and it was such a special experience getting my dress from there. Sheila, Amy and all the team made me feel like I was the only bride in the world! My mum even got her outfit from there from the Ian Stuart mother of the bride range.

I wore a Ronald Joyce veil, again from Amy Louise, and jewellery from the vintage range of Jon Richards at Debenhams.

The Perfect Combination

When I walked through the door of the church I was desperate to see Ben and wished he would just turn around, but he said it took him a few moments to compose himself. When he did and I saw him smile, it was all I could do to stop myself galloping down that aisle!! I loved the morningsuits he and the groomsmen wore, I thought they were the perfect combination of traditional and modern.

Dusky Pink And Pretty

The week after we got engaged I had my nails done and fell in love with the soft dusty pink colour the manicurist used. That was the colour theme then sorted for the entire wedding! A couple of weeks later I was walking past Mango and saw the perfect dress in the window – it was just the colour and material I had imagined. I added a couple of bits to make them more bridesmaid-like, such as a cream sash and pearl accessories.

The colour of the dresses was then used to tie everything else in, from the ribbons on the orders of service and cake, to the table plan and accessories. My mum’s amazing Ian Stuart outfit was even chosen with that colour in mind!

Marilyn And Mary

The two ladies who did my flowers were wonderful! We couldn’t have been happier with what they produced. All I asked for was wild types of flowers in various shades of soft pinks, creams and green loosely tied together with hessian to keep with the wild country garden vibe. I love astromeria and other very natural and unstructured flowers like cowslips.

Marilyn and Mary did a perfect job translating the style I’d explained we were going for. They are based in Market Drayton and have done the flowers at so many our of friends’ weddings that we had every confidence in them.

As for the button holes…Ben is quite traditional so wanted something smart. Marilyn and Mary put together very simple but elegant buttonholes of a single cream rose for him and the men.

Natural Beauty

I really wanted to keep things natural and look myself, so I used all my usual stuff from Bobbi Brown, Guerlain and so on. The last thing I wanted was to be made up like a drag queen or buy all new stuff that went terribly wrong on the day!

We had the help of two fabulous hairdressers who came to our house on the morning of the wedding and did my, my mum’s and the bridesmaid’s hair. I wanted to wear my hair up so that the detail on the back of my dress could be seen, but also wanted something that was natural and loose to fit with the relaxed style of the day. I bought a beautiful hair piece from Glitzy Secrets which tied in nicely with my and the bridesmaids jewellery.

A Chance Meeting

We found Liam Crawley by chance on the web and went to meet him at his studio to watch some slide shows of his work and get a feel for his style. We obviously made enquiries with numerous photographers, but Liam was the only one who took the time to meet with us and listen to what we wanted. He and his wife Bee were wonderful, even offering tips on planning and useful websites.

Great Cake

We are lucky enough to have a professional cake maker in the family… Lizzie Clubbe from Lizzie’s Lovely Cakes! Her cakes are AMAZING! Hands down the most tasty and beautifully decorated we have ever tried. Between ideas Lizzie gave us and things we’d seen in magazines, the three of us came up with the design – a simple but elegant three tiered cake, with different icing design on each tier.

We had two tiers of fruit (so we could keep some for Christmas!) and one of victoria sponge (because that’s my favourite!). Lizzie is on Facebook – have a look at her page and the genius cakes she makes!

Divine Decor

Amanda Cross from Tent and Garden, our marquee provider, was such a huge help with ideas and planning. Amongst many things, she provided us with the huge candelabra which Marilyn and Mary covered with flowers and hung over the top table. She also sourced the fab archway we had leading from the garden to the marquee and all the beautiful furniture on the marquee veranda, which we decorated with accessories from our house.

Rose Heywood from Lightech, the company that provided all of the lighting inside and outside of the marquee, was also superb. She and Amanda worked brilliantly together to get the lighting style absolutely perfect, from the spot lights focussing on each table arrangement and the soft uplighters around the sides of the marquee to the wax flares lighting the way to and from the marquee and the uplighters in the trees. With the help of Amanda and Rose, everything just fell into place to create the relaxed country garden vibe we were hoping for!

Special Moments And Advice

Driving to the church was a chance for me to steal a few precious moments with my dad, I really enjoyed that part. Plus we all really enjoyed the speeches at the reception, they were excellent!

However, the most memorable part of the day for us both was undoubtedly being in church and saying our vows. It was very special (and emotional!) and the part I had been anticipating the most!

The more relaxed you are the more fun you and your guests will have. Remember it is a party, not a magazine shoot, and if something goes wrong or not quite to plan who cares?! No one will even notice! Yes be ultra organised and multiple lists are essential, but don’t try and micro manage – delegation is key! Your family and friends are a great source of help. We certainly wouldn’t have been able to pull all the tiny details together without the help of ours!

Photographer – Liam Crawley

Venue – Home!

Brides Gown – Amy Louise Bridal

Brides Headpiece – Glitzy Secrets

Bridesmaids Dresses – Mango

Marquee – Tent and Garden

What a dress.

And what flowers….love.

Anyone else considering having the big day in your own abode?

Big Home Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

16 thoughts on “No Place Like Home.

  1. The little row of shoes is so cute!

    and I love those maids dresses from Mango. What a lovely garden wedding it looks so fun xx

    Hannah xx

  2. Flipping well LOVING Mango at the moment…those bridesmaid dresses are so pretty!

    I also really like (and I am not sure if this is intentional) but on the photo underneath the ones of the confetti cone (which is super cool btw) that the way the bridesmaid is holding her flowers actually makes it look like the groom is rocking a Lana del Rey floral crown, and we all know how partial I am to one of those!

    They clearly have a very, very, very beautiful home (I love a Belfast sink in a kitchen, I do, I do!) and I am so jealous! A wedding at home sounds epic but I am the type of girl that when I want my bed, I want my bed…I’d be throwing guests out at 11am!


  3. And, he looks so happy to be wearing a Lana crown…and not many men would be…

    Although he has just married a stunning woman…so maybe that’s why he is smiling…

    Nothing to do with the crown after all.

  4. @Pamela – the Lana crown (an obsession of mine) was one of the first things I noticed! Love it!

    The dress was my second choice and I’m having wobbles now – it looks GORGEOUS.

    Congratulations to you both, and well done on putting together such a beautiful wedding. I love the comment about it being a ‘party not a magazine shoot’… been trying to keep that in mind of late!

  5. I agree completely – there definitely is no place like home! This wedding is beautiful and the photos ooze a relaxed and comfortable vibe.

    Although it is no longer my home, we are having our reception where i still call home – at my Mum and Dads house. I am crossing everything that it comes across just like this wedding. We too want a party , not a wedding shoot.

    We have only been engaged for 5 months (it was a Christmas day proposal) and the decision to have our reception at ‘home’ didn’t happen until February. As my parents were moving house, we were doing a lot of research into venues around May 2013. However, after visiting one such venue (well a field on top of a hill in reality) we got home to be asked if we would consider bringing the wedding forward by 9 months, moving it to August 2012. As my parents knew how much and for how long i had dreamed of getting married at home, they then asked their buyers to delay completion so that we could have the exact wedding we had dreamed of. Unfortunately, this resulted in the sale falling through about a month ago. I have so much to thank my lovely mum and dad for – hopefully we will have pictures as pretty as these to make them proud of!

  6. What great images, it looks like a beautiful and relaxed day. I particularly like the picture of the (gorgeous) bride reading the card from her future husband with the cheeky bottles of smirnoff next to her! 🙂
    P.S. Fab dress!

  7. Oh and also – as a Londoner, I have extreme home jealousy. Their house and garden looks like something out of a Good Homes magazine!

  8. I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine today – what a great wedding to start the (dare I say?) summer off.

    @Pamela, love your flower crown spot – you have to admire those happy accidents!

    @Ellie, I think we all still call Mum and Dad’s house home…. As a 31 year old I still call there house in Worcester ‘Home’ even though it’s not even the house I grew up in!

    This is a beautifully relaxed affair and I agree with your comments that Laura and Ben’s garden is a little bit special.


  9. Lovely to see a bride and groom looking so relaxed and happy – the pictures capture the atmosphere perfectly. A radiant bride. Everything about the day looks gorgeous!

  10. Loving the kitchen shot at the top with all the booze lined up 😉

    SUPER excited to see a Lusan M dress on here – can’t wait to wear mine – and to see these BM dresses. My cousin had the same ones for her wedding last year and they look GORGEOUS.

    Beautiful home, beautiful couple, beautiful wedding 🙂

  11. Such a cute couple and everyone looks over the moon to be there. I hope that everyone looks just as happy on our big day. Congratulations guys.

    Beckie K x

  12. Your flowers (bouquet) are just gorgeous what i have been looking for, for so long. Is there anyway you could post or send me some pictures so i could show my florist- if you dont mind. Sorry to be cheeky but they are just perfect just like your wedding
    Clare xx

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