Not On The High Street Pretty… have been sponsors of Rock My Wedding for sometime now… and we kinda think thats a perfect fit. Being all about making your wedding your way, we like to find quirky unique bits and pieces you can use to stamp some personal style on your day – where else can you find that than NOTHS?

Of course, it’s well known that NOTHS have a vast selection of the things that every bride needs – decorative letters, signs, bunting and there are extra specially different versions of these as well as the standard ‘wedding’ fare.

But I’d venture to say that there are a whole lot of savvy brides out there who perhaps haven’t thought a little harder about what NOTHS can provide for your wedding, so I thought today we could share some ideas of things to look for here 🙂

Jewels and Gifts

One of the hardest things to shop for for my wedding? Gifts. NOTHS has a massive range of (non-cheesy!) personalised items that make fantastic thank you gifts for your girls. There’s also handcrafted jewellery from brides wanting to take a step away from the traditional string of pearls.. but you know what? They have those too!

Personalised Initial Charm Bangle – Lily Belle

Flower Ring – Posh Totty

Cascading Earrings – Mia Belle

Modern Traditionals

I searched high and low for a garter for my wedding… I wasn’t really the garter type, but I thought, why not, I’ll just put it on later. Cue weeks of searching for something that didn’t look like cheap synthetic nastiness and an eventual purchase of a very simple organza affair. Whenever I see modern or vintage looking pretty garters now, I always think it’s worthwhile noting them down and NOTHS has several different designs from different sellers.

Garters – A Alicia

Keep Things Close to hand

Not every bride has a bag but for those that feel they need to have all their little bits and pieces to hand it can be invaluable. Looking back, I probably should have had one, rather than ask my mum for my lipstick whenever I needed it! Not only useful they can be another way of tying in your theme – I love this cute knitted one for a winter wedding or for the fifties bride how about this pop of patent red colour?

Knitted Clutch – Close Your Eyes Hold Out Your Hand

Red Patent Clutch – Peony and Moore

Evie Satin Clutch – Vicky Riley

Flower Corsage – LuLLiLu

Florals minus the Flowers

Not everyone is all about the flowers but finding good handcrafted alternatives if you haven’t the time or inclination to make your own can be tricky. These simple cotton buttonholes and corsages come in a range of colours to work with your style and will last for ever as a keepsake.

Cotton Buttonhole – A Alicia

Wrist Corsage – A Alicia

All the Little Extras

And I bet you never thought to look for underwear on NOTHS? All the (literally) little things are covered with beautiful and super pretty lingerie sets, handmade corsets and even the wee ones get a look in with unique flower girl dresses.

Silk Corset – Love by Susie

Cream Net Flower Girl Dress – Their Nibs

Blue Silk Bra (Matching knickers available) – Loulou Loves You

Sharing your Unique Style

And If you thought all that was good, what about this… The NOTHS Wedding list. Forget towels, sheets and bins and add some personality to your list by choosing fun, practical and stylish gifts. Homeware is all catered for, with even furniture, lighting, garden and kitchen items so you needn’t miss out and your guests get the advantage of being able to buy something you will really love.

So head on over to NOTHS for what I think could turn out to be a very productive shopping spree and hopefully might just tick off the list some of those outstanding items you’ve been searching for.

But before you do – do drop us a comment below and tell us if you have bought something from NOTHS for your wedding AND if there’s anything you’re still really struggling to find and we’ll see if the might of the RMW community can help 😉

Yours Truly,


NOTHS are Rock My Wedding Sponsors and this is a sponsored post.

Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

7 thoughts on “Not On The High Street Pretty…

  1. I’ve been a big fan of noths for a while now I actually purchased my wedding signs from them and even use them at work as they have such great and unusual home accessories.

    flower corsage’s very pretty
    postcard bunting brilliant idea


  2. ooooh I didn’t know they had a gift list! how tempting is that?! Can I order things just for me!? I’m sure no-one will mind 😉

  3. I heart NOTHS and have bought so many things from there. I have to stay away fromt the website otherwise I just spend too much! The massive letters are very cool x

  4. I totally love NOTHS and have bought quite a few things from there but, like Laura S, avoid going on there too often else I’ll buy everything! I have a VERY long wish list saved which I could maybe turn into wedding list…

    I love all the handcrafted jewellery and have been eyeing up a pendant style necklace for the big day but haven’t been brave enough to purchase yet! I did not know they did underwear though, I’m off to peruse that now!


  5. I love me some NOTHS! I cant wait til a bit nearer the time when I have some idea what I want because I spend ages perusing those pages of pretty on there! They had a lovely stand at the wedding event save the date. Lovelyness!

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