Oh Kate!

Do any of you have a creative idol

Do any of you have a creative idol?

You know, someone that inspires you, whose work you can spot from a mile away and makes you smile even on the wettest, most miserable Monday. Someone who invites you to rethink your perspective on life, who encourages you to break your own boundaries, to try something new.

Perhaps you have a wedding idol – someone who has been a guiding light for you during the planning of your big day theme. Someone that has ignited your creative passion…if so we want to hear all about it.

I’ve talked about a couple of creative geniuses before – people that have and continue to invigorate me on my artistic pursuits. Today I want to share another of my favourites – one that you’re probably already familiar with.

Kate Spade.

I love this designer. In fact I love her style so much that I not only treated my bridesmaids to her sweet bangles as a thank you gift but I also indulged in her ‘Things We Love’ book as a birthday present to myself earlier this year.

Chic, glossy, girly and fun, it’s impossible to resist the Spade effect – I defy you to read the book and not find at least one thing that you can’t help falling in love with. I also adore how her style is imbued with a sense of humour too – there’s something a little bit tongue in cheek about many of her designs.

It seemed fitting then to try to imagine the Kate Spade bride in this week’s inspiration post – what flowers she’d pick, what she’d dress her maids in and the decor she’d choose.

The following is my take on it…see what you think.

Flashy Florals

Move along. There’s no room for shrinking violets here nor wallflowers either.

No sirree, it’s all about florals that pop. Single blooms of large proportions – think peonies, hydrangeas and roses – and florals of saturated hues so bright you need sunglasses. It’s all about making a flower fashion statement.

Granted, taking this approach is a much easier task for Spring and Summer brides when a wider variety of blooms is in season but you needn’t fear if you’re marrying late in the year either. The mantra of a successful flashy florals approach is to go large (or go home).

Flashy Florals Pink Kate Spade Inspired Flowers

Don’t be afraid to mix up colours and textures; bigger blooms rather than more delicate flowers should be used here and it’s ok to have clashing hues. I love combinations of hot pinks, burnt oranges and pops of turquoise and lemon. Try not to aim for a polished effect either; floral arrangements in this style look best when they’re a little wild and unruly – a bit like the morning after the night before.

If you’re still nervous about the bright bolshiness of your flowers, try limiting colour to your vessels instead. I love the glittery turquoise of this vase at the bottom which really pops against the white head of this blousey hydrangea table centrepiece.


Remember when you were younger and food was fun? When you cared less about the delicate balance of different flavours and more about how exciting something looked to eat?

Don’t fret, it’s easy to introduce a sense of drama and humour into your big day food and drink. Try adding colour through the display of dramatically iced cakes or play with proportion by fixing a supersized topper to your wedding cake using the brightest blooms.

Imbibe colour pop wedding inspiration cocktails

There’s no such thing as too much champagne either. Why not dust the rims of elegant champagne chutes with edible glitter to make the whole experience that little bit more magical. Trust me your guests will look fabulous with these in their hands.

Think outside the box – if you’re holding your nuptials at the height of summer why not introduce some cooling canapés into your champagne reception. I love these watercolour inspired ice lollies with their different stripes of dazzling colour. If you’re feeling really naughty then you could add a dash of alcohol into the lolly mix before you freeze them or even splash out on custom molds complete with your bespoke monogram.

I know – fancy!

Pink Ladies

Think sassy, think fun, after all a wedding is the perfect excuse to play dress up whether you’re a bride or a guest.

This look is less about the delicate wallflower; instead it’s about channelling the confident self-assured woman that you are. Someone who isn’t afraid to let her outfit pack a punch without letting go of her femininity at the same time.

Sexy heels, bright metallics, sequins, silks and tafettas, strategically placed bows, oversized clutches and the prettiest underwear translate just as easily to bridal looks as they do to maids too. Dress your girls in sweet skirts with architectural details or bold dresses in statement prints.

Pink Ladies Kate Spade Inspired Bridesmaids

Accessorise with abandon – after all overstyling is key to the Spade look. So stack up those bangles, wear that statement watch and ‘ring up’ with your most delicious cocktail pieces. I particularly love the idea of a modern bride accompanied by all of her favourite accessories with a statement clutch as a finishing touch. There’s no such thing as too much…

Keep make-up matte and fresh-faced. A favourite look of mine is to keep the eyes and skin simple, luminous and dewy but really going hell for leather on a bright lip in hot coral or pink. Just remember to appoint one of your maids as lipstick monitor to ensure that you look your very best all day.

Bright And Beautiful

I think a lot of brides (myself included) tend to veer away from using bright colour palettes in their big day – particularly in the decor – for fear of it appearing too much or not embodying a romantic enough vibe. With hindsight I think I fell into this trap. I worried that opting for anything too neon, too intense, too colourful would look brash and wouldn’t last the test of time.

But actually a striking colour palette, handled in the right way, looks amazing. It’s eye-catching, edgy and oh so fun and I do wish I’d been a bit braver with some of my colour choices on my big day.

Lately I’ve seen lots of weddings using a more muted palette of soft peaches, creams and ivories with a dash of pink or yellow here and there. And don’t get me wrong, they look breathtakingly beautiful but there’s something exciting about bolder colour palettes.

Bright And Beautiful Wedding Decor Inspiration

Bolder table settings using bright hues are invigorating, I mean there was a rational reason why dining rooms were all painted red back in the day. Richer, more intense colours stimulate conversation which is perfect if you’re having a particularly large do where guests may not know one another. Don’t be afraid to use pattern in your decor either – both spots and stripes are particularly hot for 2013 and beyond.

Trust me when I say that guests will delight in unexpected details too – sparklers as a centerpiece, dip-dyed cutlery, bags of glitzy sequins in the place of traditional confetti and even heart garlands strung from the back of the getaway car instead of tin cans.

Elegant glassware and playful accoutrements epitomise the Spade spirit – it’s worth looking into hiring key pieces for your tables if you’re keen to make a real style statement in your wedding reception. Even opting for glasses in the same colour as your centrepieces can really help bring a look together without breaking the bank.

Bright And Beautiful Wedding Inspiration Decor Pink Turquoise

Pay attention to your paper pretty. The Kate Spade bride relishes beautiful type and metallic foils as well as humourous and inspirational turns of phrase. Go all out on interesting table names, sweet place cards, luxurious favour tags and the all important thank you note.

Who else loves Kate Spade then?

Is it a look you’re considering for your big day or is it just a little too bright for you?

Perhaps you’ve got a style icon that’s inspired your wedding day theme – why not tell us all about it.

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

19 thoughts on “Oh Kate!

  1. Like you Lolly, I absolutely LOVE Kate Spade. The colours are so vibrant and have a real sense of fun. My colour scheme has ended up being black, gold and cream – almost Gatsby-esq as I really love the era and the classic feel to it. But this post has made me wish I’d incorporated more colour!

    I also really love her jewellry and fortunately was gifted a Kate Spade necklace to wear on my honeymoon and beyond!! https://www.katespade.com/say-yes-%27%27mrs%27%27-necklace/WBRU5977,en_US,pd.html

  2. Big Kate Spade fan here. My wedding style is definitely inspired by her…and then thrown in a barn. Coral, pinks, red, gold, glitter, stripes and, erm, lots of wood. Oh and it’s next week. Gulp.

  3. Hmmmm. I have a few. I need to give this some serious thought. Although there is a Kate Spade T-shirt that I have coveted for a very long time.

    Am now inspired to invest!

    Also LOVING that pink peplum Lolly!

    Charlotte xxx

  4. @Ashley I LOVE that necklace – I was actually tempted to wear that one on my wedding day but my mum had already bought me a diamond and sapphire number as my something blue so it wouldn’t have matched. That said I’m still tempted to buy this…


    @Sama NEXT WEEK?!?! Blimey that’s come around really really quickly hasn’t it! I’m also at a wedding next weekend so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for amazing weather for both you and one of my best friends. And I need to see pictures of all this coral pink stripy glittery wonderfulness!

  5. I heart Kate Spade! I wore Kate earrings on my W day – they were gorgeous crystal bows with pearls hanging – so cute! I now wear them a lot with tops and jeans. https://www.amazon.com/Kate-Spade-York-Bridal-Earrings/dp/B007PG1DYY/ref=pd_sxp_grid_pt_1_0
    And my lovely groom also went wild in Kate Spade before the wedding sending me the ‘Mrs’ necklace and the tie the ‘knot’ bracelet https://www.katespade.com/sailor%27s-knot-hinge-bangle/WBRU4154,default,pd.html to open before the wedding and a gorgeous Kate Spade watch as a memento of the day to open when we got back to the hotel https://www.katespade.com/metro/1YRU0107,en_US,pd.html?dwvar_1YRU0107_color=979#start=18&cgid=ks-jewelry-watches – spoilt bride!
    My only regret is that I didn’t wear Kate Spade shoes to my wedding – the shoes I chose were so uncomfortable that I was unable to wear them again and my heart still pines for the sparkly bow slingbacks but now I don’t have an excuse to buy them!!! 🙁 Maybe if I dope enough hints I’ll get a nice anniversary present!

  6. Hooray for brights! I am planning a big colour-pop day and this post provides some fantastic inspiration – big thanks RMW! I just love love beautiful spring flowers in vivid colours – they always make me smile. My venue is full of white spaces, which is brilliant for providing a blank canvas, but I really want to add some of our personality to it with some warmth and colour. After months of agonising, I couldn’t narrow it down to just one shade… So I have just decided to go for it and have a full-spectrum of bright and beautiful blooms and decor!

    I must say, the bouquets in this post have got me drooling. And those bright and gold spotty napkins are fab. I think this is also a great excuse to treat myself to some Kate Spade goodies – purely for research purposes, obviously!

    x x

  7. I too <3 Kate Spade. I really want my man to put that MRS neckalce round my neck on the big day. Will it happen? Unlikely. Can one of you ladies give him hints for me?

    Love all the gold and bright and beautiful!

  8. @Byrony!! Super spoilt – your boy came good!! I adore the tied knot bracelet – so sweet that I might have to buy it for myself. Is that allowed?

    @Jessica pleasure sweetheart! Pleased to give you some colour pop inspiration and yes I definitely think you should invest in some Kate Spade goodies to help with your big day research!

  9. I HEART KATE SPADE! My love affair started with a bag and then I designed my whole wedding with her as inspiration! Multi-colour bridesmaids, lots of pink and orange combinations, bright, colour-popping, classy fun! Just ordered the ‘knot’ bangles for my bridesmaids and a lovely pair of earrings for me 🙂 Thanks for this great post, it’s got me all excited, I might just go and do some crafting…

  10. Kate Spade do some fab spectacle frames too, my Mum has been coveting them but they’re really difficult to get hold of in UK.

    Hopefully it won’t be long before Kate Spade makes her mark over here.


  11. Our colour scheme is bright white, Fuschia, pink, pink, white, silver, raspberry, fuchsia….did i mention pink?

    With retro carnation blooms.

    Wicked. or at least i hope it will be!! Come on August, bring me sunshine!!x

  12. Oh my! This is like the opposite of my browns and dusty rose themed wedding, but couldn’t be more perfect for my Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette-themes hen party. I am ON those dip-dyed balloons!

  13. In love with the Kate Spade style – fuchsia and gold is my new favourite colour palette.
    Am with you @Laura – adore the dip-dyed balloons! x

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