Oh My Fashion God.

We have some H.O.T gossip.

Or at least hot as of yesterday folks.

Apparently word on the (fashion blog) street is that the design house of the late great Alexander McQueen has been chosen to create Madam Middleton’s fabulous W-day frockage.

No. We are not kidding you.

Can you imagine?

Sarah Burton, the new creative director of A. McQueen’s place of pretty and nominated designer of aforementioned Royal threads is said to have “been chosen for the discretion afforded by her relatively low profile, as well as for her alternative take on elegance” *

The fashion house have since firmly denied claims.

Well then. You know what?

If the rumour’s true we will actually die.

Please please humour us lovelies and tell us in the comment box below what YOU would like to see Katie wear come April 29th. Rebecca and I would LOVE to read your thoughts and style ideas this dreary Monday.

I’m thinking feathers. And backless. And some kind of amazing train that is so long it takes twenty five maids just to carry it down the Westminster ailse……

Big If I Were a Princess I’d Be Rocking McQueen Love

Charlotte xxx

* As per the Telegraph, read the rest of the article here.

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

15 thoughts on “Oh My Fashion God.

  1. Agreed – it absolutely HAS to have an amazing train. I am hoping for a bit of vintage styling with some intricate lace detailing… I cannot wait! x

  2. Oh my fashion god indeed!!!

    I’m thinking lace, something structured but chic and understated – with bows. Backless would look super on Kate’s athletic body! I’ve never seen her wear her hair up so I wonder if she will opt for a natural ‘down’ do?

    I really can’t see her wearing a big full pouff on.

    If these rumours are true then what a tremendous credit to the McQueen legacy! I’m so excited!!

    Jen x

  3. Oooh can’t wait for the Royal wedding! Kate will look beautiful in a bin liner but I can imagine her in something plain, satin and quite figure hugging, like Charlotte Balbier Isabelle.

    I also think she’ll have her her down and wavy with a statement hair piece maybe!

  4. I think it will be quite full on and big – a really simple dress wouldn’t look right in Westminster Abbey, plus she can change out of it for the evening reception. I am really interested to see how she wears her hair. She will definitely have a veil – I would like to see something really long with intricate lace.
    I think it will be a departure from her usual style as there are certain things (veil, train) that are dictated by the occasion and the location. She has the height and the figure to carry off something spectacular – can’t wait to see it. (In the daily mail there is a picture of Plum Sykes in a McQueen wedding dress and it looks incredible).

  5. Ooh i am so excited – i’m thinking figure hugging kind of fishtale but with a long train.
    Agree with Jenny re: the hair, cant imagine what it would look like up! Wonder whether she has to wear a tiara?

    VERY exciting! xo

  6. It has to have sleeves and her arms have to be covered. Its protocol and no matter how much she rocks it, protocol is uber followed. You remember the furrore about the car/cariage, imagine what Daily Mail readers would think if the future head of the Church of England had her shoulders uncovered.

    She’ll HAVE to have a veil so my idea of a coat won’t work.

    She’s wearing the Queen’s rocks isn’t she and I don’t think a full on BLING tiara will look right with hair down. I am thinking something akin to the bride in Amazing Grace? A kind of pouffy fabulous chinagon.

    I can’t see her pulling off fluff or ruffles. I see simple and elegant still.

    I still hope its Bruce Oldfield instead.


  7. Am I turning into some sad Royal watcher? She had her hair up when they went to launch that lifeboat a couple of weeks ago. I think it was quite a windy day so that was probably why.
    I am so excited and loving the fact that weddings are in the news all the more because of the Royal wedding!

  8. Good Spot Amy! Of course…two Kate Ms are getting married this year!! And if either of them are wearing McQueen… I would put money on Moss over Middleton.

  9. TBH I dont think she will stray far from traditional as the world will be watching and she is not quirky in any shape or form. I think she will go for classic elegance, satin, ballgown style with tiara and veil. I know her (sort of) and I guarantee that she will want to look every inch the classic, stylish princess…

    Plus there are definately protocols that she will need to adhere to (as will the maids which I cannot imagine in a month of sundays will be going down the aisle in anything other than a full length classic number).

    I think the big dress may be making a massive comeback without the help of a certain BFGW programme ;o)

  10. I can see lace, embellishments, long sleeves, and a slinky look from the front with a long, long, long, long train. High tiara, with a sweeping up do with a long, long, long veil. She would look gorgeous in a bin bag though, so I don’t think we have to worry too much x

  11. I totally agree wth Mrs Jones2011. I would love her to adopt the RMW mantra of “your day, your way” but sadly for her I don’t think she’ll have much of a choice 🙁 I mean, can you imagine her able to strut down the aisle in something like Swan Lake from Ian Stuart?! Will’s granny would have an epi! (maybe that’s the plan though, early coronation?!)
    I think she’ll go for Bruce Oldfield or something of that ilk but I would LOOOOVVVEE her to go for McQueen!

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