Once In A Lifetime.

Lizzie and Paul married in July 2012. Their ceremony was held at the magnificent Medieval St Mary’s Church in Bitton and a reception at Guyers House in Corsham followed.

The title for our wedding this afternoon comes from Pauls decision to go for tails for his wedding day. As a ‘king of casual’ he decided this was his one opportunity to push the boat out and go super formal. And clearly, he rocked it.

All of the beautiful light of Lizzie and Paul’s July w-day has been captured perfectly by Brett Symes.

I Felt Like A Princess

My dress was called ‘Gracie’ by Suzanne Neville, bought from a wonderful boutique in Clifton Village called The Mews. I knew it was the one as it made me feel like a princess. I looked in the mirror and thought ‘wow’, which very rarely happens!

The staff at The Mews are absolutely fantastic and made the whole experience of choosing a dress really special.

Simple And Elegant

I wanted to keep everything pretty simple and elegant. In terms of hair accessories, I wore a couple of simple diamante clips and a long veil for the ceremony and shortly afterwards.

For jewellery, I bought some lovely diamante drop earrings by Ozzie based designer Stephanie Browne. They arrived from Oz very close to the day! My Mum also lent me her special diamond (real as opposed to the rest of my diamante pieces!) bracelet bought by my Dad for their 30th Wedding anniversary. I was terrified of losing it but loved it too much to refuse wearing it.

Red Wine And Mud

I wore Kitten heels from the Rainbow Vintage Collection. They were Ivory with a little bit of diamante detail. Simple and elegant. They were covered in red wine and mud by the end of the day!

Natural, Special And Unique

My hair was done by two lovely ladies from Bobby Mak hairdressers in Bath. I wanted my hair to look really natural but special and unique at the same time. Claire hit the nail on the head with the style that she came up with.

Jill, my Mum’s friend, owns B-Lush make up, a Bristol based company. She did my make up on the day, which I loved. I feel that she struck balance between natural and glam.

Simple Elegance

A company called Passion did our flowers. They were wonderful. Again, the theme was simple elegance. We used a variety of crystal cut glasses to display the flowers on the tables.

For button holes and corsages, we used lovely roses in soft pale colours. Paul worse a special quick sand rose so that he stood out! Pale ivories, creams and pale pinks were used for the bridesmaid bouquets and my bouquet went even paler!

Once In A Lifetime

We Hired our groomsmen outfits from a local company, called Frocks and Tails, a few minutes walk from us! I was really surprised when Paul chose tails as he is very casual in everyday life, however he said he wanted to wear tails as it was a once in a lifetime chance to do so! In terms of cravats, the guys all wore ivory to tie in with the rest of the gang.

The bridesmaids wore Belle dresses from Hobbs. They perfectly matched the pale, simple and elegant theme. I Fell in love with the dresses as soon as I saw them. I was always adamant that I didn’t want dresses that were specifically intended to be bridesmaid dresses.

Casual Gear

Paul matched his groomsmen, except he wore a special rose. He looked great in tails and it was a nice surprise to see him dressed up so smart when he is always in casual gear!

Energy And Enthusiasm

Getting the right photographer was one of the most important choices for us. We wanted our day to be captured in a way that made us relive the memories for evermore. It was also crucial for us that we ‘clicked’ with our photographer so that we enjoyed being around them on what was to be such a special day.

It’s a cliché but when we met Brett Symes, he instantly ticked all the boxes. He has great energy, enthusiasm and warmth at the same time as taking the most incredibly, breathtaking photos. We were immediately excited when we saw his work, which was in a completely different league to everything else we had seen. One of our favorite aspects is his phenomenal use of light.

We booked Brett almost straight away and soon after went on a pre-wedding shoot. We had great fun and the photos were wonderful. We knew we had made the right choice. The photos from our wedding day surpassed our expectations, which were already very high because we had witnessed the quality of Brett’s work.

Brett makes you feel 100% at ease. He is great fun as well as being professional and super talented. It was an absolute pleasure to have Brett as our wedding photographer.

Something For Everyone

We went for a Simple M&S Romantic Pearl cake, three tiers of lemon, fruit and chocolate – something for everyone.

Passion added a pretty posy of flowers and some ribbon to the cake to make it stand out on the day. It tasted great! You can always rely on M&S!

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

We hired Live Bristol Band – ‘The Receptionists’ – they were absolutely fab. Emma, the lead vocalist, has an amazing voice and ensured everybody was busting some moves until the early hours. I enjoyed a great (drunken) rendition of ‘Lady Marmalade’ with her as a duet, clearly thinking I was a great singer when I am tone deaf!
Home made play list by Paul, which was enjoyed by all ages throughout the wedding breakfast even though it included tracks by Questlove and Fourt Tet. Paul loves his music so it was a really great touch to know that he had picked each of the wedding breakfast songs for one reason or another.

While waiting for my Dad to return from the loo for his speech, Paul got the whole crowd singing along to ‘Can’t take by eyes off of you by Andy Williams.’ That’s a good memory.

Let’s Stay Together

Our First Dance was to Let’s Stay Together by Al Green.

We found it really hard to choose a first dance song. There are a number of tracks that we both absolutely love, however none of them would have been appropriate for a first dance. They are generally either way too slow or way too fast.

There is nothing too exciting to report about our choice… it’s a song that we both really enjoy, it’s good to dance to and we really believe in the words!

Green And Blacks

From the outset, we agreed on a few things that weren’t particularly important to us. Favours were one of those things! However, we didn’t want our guests to leave completely empty handed so we made sure everybody had a different Green and Blacks chocolate. It added to the atmosphere as there was lots of discussion around ‘the best flavour’ and there was lots of swapping going on. Green and Blacks (all flavours) is my favorite chocolate.

Snappy Guest Book

We gave out Polaroid cameras so that everybody could take a pic of themselves and add it to the guest book. Paul made the table plan, which we now have hanging on our wall at home, which creates a lasting memory of the day.

We had Lots of bunting, candles outside in jam jars, fairy lights – lots of pretty things including an ornate black board to present the order of the day.

We Felt Lucky And Loved

Genuinely, it was our amazing family and friends that made our wedding so special. We obviously loved everything that surrounded everybody, however without the people involved it would have been nothing!

We felt so incredibly lucky and loved on our wedding day; it was overwhelming how kind and generous everybody was. We loved the fact that everybody seemed to have an amazing time on the day and they are still talking about the experience now.

In terms of advice, I think a lot of people say the same but it is about keeping things in perspective and remembering what is important, what the day is about. Nobody is going to notice, you included, if the details don’t go exactly according to plan.

Venue – Guyers House

Dress – Suzanne Neville

Shoes – Rainbow Club

Hair – Bobby Mak

Makeup – B-Lush make up

Flowers – Passion

Maids – Hobbs

Photographer – Brett Symes

Cake – M&S

Entertainment – The Receptionists

Some classic wedding touches served up for you this afternoon with a nice elegant and modern twist. I’m currently sat here wondering about the implications of chopping the Volvo in against one of those classic Rollers…

The Rolls Royce makes for a very sensible daily run around and would look perfect sat outside RMHQ at the Custard Factory. FACT.


12 thoughts on “Once In A Lifetime.

  1. Where oh where did you get your Just Married bunting??? I LOVE IT! So much so that you’ve prompted my first ever post on here after a long time reading every day 🙂

  2. Let’s Stay Together does have the perfect beat for a first dance, great choice guys! What fabulous photos, thank you for sharing Lizzie and Paul x

  3. Great collection of images, I’ve been following Brett’s work for a while and it never fails to capture the romance and fun of the day. Congrats on your lovely wedding.

  4. Gorgeous wedding and I LOVE LOVE the grooms cufflinks!! Am desperate to get them for my own H2B – any chance of finding out where they are from? I would be soooo grateful!

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