Once Upon a Cornish Fairy Tale… Part 2

I don’t even know where to start with the inspiration-fest that this wedding is. It’s just an explosion of pretty, unique, and super chic FUN. Exactly what we love. And these detail shots are amongst the prettiest I’ve ever seen.

If you can, maybe later, after work, click through to the bands link below and play the sample medley they have on their myspace page. I often play these while I’m putting a wedding together and it absolutely sets the scene musically.

I wish I had been a guest at this one!

A Meeting of Minds

Amy Murrell was our photographer – fantastic, captured the feeling of the day and we didn’t even notice she was there!

Amy is super cool and as soon as I saw her previous pics, I knew that we were of a similar mindset in terms of wedding photographs which is so important.

Cake Pop!

The cake pops were by Pop bakery – we wanted something a bit different and we stock Pop bakery at Harvey Nichols so we went for a load of delicious cake pops with S & Ls on top! Plus a Victoria Sponge on top for us to cut!

Make it Yours Decor

The decor was something that I had lots of ideas about – My inspiration came from the Sofia Coppola film ‘Marie Antoinette’ and the interiors at the private members club, Babington House, Somerset. I love the colours in the movie – dusky pinks, duck egg blues, cream lace, lemon yellows. Then I love the sophistification and eclecticism of Babington house. Boconnoc House as a venue was chosen to compliment the two inspirations – the cool grey slate of the building and the ornate cornicing in the rooms. I then worked with a friend of mine, Fiona Leahy, who worked her magic on bring all these elements to life – she runs a design company and produces lots of the events for Harvey Nichols so I talked her through my ideas and we set in motion putting things into practice.

We had candlelabras with beautiful lilac, celadon and grey candles, Monogrammed lace with ‘S&L’ and a Love seat in the garden with netting pom poms in ballet slipper pink, blue and white.

For food suprises a herb bar served mohitos with freshly picked mint. A little garden shed served Falmouth Oysters and hay bales were covered with cool grey linen.

Huge weather balloons lined the drive in cool grey and peach and rosettes were given as name places at the table settings, which guests wore all evening!

The dancing room was a rich maroon colour so we simply had an S&L neon on the fireplace. Fiona has such a unique creative vision to make everything look beautiful and really understood my ideas and brought them to life.

For Entertainment, we wanted a rock and roll band – choosing the Hot House Playboys who played 60s and 70s Rock and Roll, including my favourite, Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire!

Our first dance was to a Nancy Wallace cover of ‘You’re the First, the last, My Everything’. A beautiful cover of a very apt song.

How much fun, style and general ‘out-of-a-fairy-tale-storybook-prettiness’ is splashed all over this page right now? It’s heartstopping, mesmerising and breathtaking all in one.

I am so glad that Amy Murrell found Rock My Wedding and knew this was perfect for us instantly – if you want to make your wedding look this beautiful, definitely go and check out her website. Big thanks to Shona and Luke for allowing us to share this too.

Just Wow.

Yours Truly,


Especially Amy is a Rock My Wedding Sponsor however all Real weddings are chosen on individual merit and no part of this wedding is sponsored.

Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

39 thoughts on “Once Upon a Cornish Fairy Tale… Part 2

  1. Love all the details, absolutely gorgeous x
    p.s any chance you could pass on the supplier for the S&L neon light, would love this is for our wedding!

  2. Ummm…. WOW….

    I would have loved to have been invited to this wedding but it’s sort of lucky I didn’t get an invite because I may have been thrown out for trying to steal absolutely EVERYTHING.

    I love the vases on the table.
    I love the candelabras.
    I love the rosettes.
    Ok I just love EVERYTHING on the tables in general.
    I love the pom poms.
    I love the food ‘sheds’.
    I love the colours.
    Ok I just love the whole damn thing ok?

    The venue is beautiful – Babbington house was one of my top favourite all time venues ever, but just above our price range, so would have loved to have found somewhere like it, but more in budget – so yep, LOVE the venue too.

  3. Oh my gorgeousness…. Just fabulous!!!!
    Want those neons!


    P.S. Despite that film being voted one of the worst of all time by some important film list (pah, what do they know!!) it’s one of my guiltiest pleasures. I just love all the pretty. Makes me want to eat macaroons, drink champagne from a coupe glass, wear frou frou and run around Versailles with a lap dog squealing about cake!

  4. oooooooooh, what a stunning colour scheme!!!!

    I am also LOVING the addition of a cheeseburger on the wedding menu. That is amazing!

  5. Oh my – they had their own lace panel made with their monogram for the window! How beautiful!

    The colours in these images are just wonderful, I love the peach and grey details, tres gorgeous xxx

  6. I think you’re looking at the monogrammed Lace Rebecca?

    Did you get my message to email me confirmation that you received my email regarding the Hello!Lucky prize please?

    So glad you all love this. Amy actually photographed Babington House for their wedding brochure too – another testament to her amazing skills. These detail shots are just stunning.

    I for one would like to know where the rosettes were from. Do you know Amy?


  7. LOLLIPOPS! A LOLLIPOP CAKE! Bloomin’ magnificent, totally get why you love this one so much. What I like so much, sorry, love so much, is not the detail, the lovely fancy bits and pieces, but Shona and Luke’s sheer joy at their day. Happy, fun pictures to go with their theme.

    But I’m in trouble. Mr S will now be furious for me banning his Burger and Chips request when he sees this. *hides*

    Could look at this one alllllll day! One of my absolute faves xxxx

  8. I adore the colour palette, so fresh and good enough to eat!
    The pom poms are divine as are the rosettes for corsages, inspired.
    I also wonder whether they had a door policy for the guests..how cool do they all look?!!
    Really love this wedding.

  9. I love the mismatch dining room. Definitely the kind of thing I am looking for at my wedding – this is great inspiration.

  10. Absolutely STUNNING! The decor is gorgeous. And geek alert – the couple in the pictures where the guy has a beard – weren’t they on Location x 3 with Kirsty & Phil?

    Beautiful! x

  11. Everything about the decorations/locations/attention to detail is completely swoon worthy. I absolutely love it all!
    The cake is so much fun… and I also love the neon lighted initials.

    Top marks from me! x

  12. Just beautiful – love how it has the mixture of looking relaxed yet perfectly styled. The thought that has gone into how the wedding acheives the look really shines through but hasn’t gone over board. Love the different chairs!
    Looks like a really inspirational wedding and I for one am inspired! x

  13. Oh my word….
    Marie Antoinette theme (Victoria, I’m with you!), lollipop cake, love seats and mojitos? Damn I have some work to do!


  14. I a not disappointed with part two its even more stunning if that was at all possible.

    the balloons – are dreamy
    rossettes – are genius idea
    the cake – is so much fun reminds me of charlie and the chocolate factory
    table styling – a vision of vintage pretty
    the heart light – a retro delight
    the large letters – very jealous

    all in all one of my favourite weddings (I can always tell if I wish I had been a guest!) love all the elements of it

  15. I want my wedding to look as heart breakingly beautiful as this! It looks so well put together and I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo loving the balloons and the pom poms, oh and every other single thing.

    A job really well done!!!

  16. Oh dearie me. My wedding is 5½ weeks away and everything was sorted and this post has just given me severe wedding style envy!!!

    I LOVE the pom poms. Yup, definitely nicking that idea.

    The tables are gorgeous too – so fresh looking and funky!


  17. This is unquestionably THE most inspirational wedding I have seen this side of the pond. Incredible!

    Please, please, please reveal some of the suppliers (neon signs, stationery, balloons, etc). This is a wedding emergency, please can we know?! xx

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