Organic Peach

Like todays Wedding, this Inspiration Board is something of a Vintage dream. Using shades of mocha, bitter chocolate and taupe in chiffon’s, lace and tulle , it’s not short of Romance. What makes the look modern however is the rustic edge, with wild style flowers, lots of garden details and touches of fresh green. Just because you’re going vintage doesn’t mean you have to forsake the odd modern touch too, if thats what you fancy – this distinctly modern cake works beautifully with a single chocolate band and a relatively new concept to UK weddings in the escort cards, can be tied to the theme with colour and the addition of vintage lace backing.

{ Image Credits }

Cake – April Reed Cakes
Birdcage Decor, Table number in centre piece and Escort Cards – SMP
Peach Hair piece – Wanderlustings on Etsy
Vintage Style Wedding Gown – 1051 Benjamin Roberts
Rose Bouquet – David Austin Roses
Dreamy Dresses – Maria Lucia Hohan via The Cherry Blossom Girl

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PS! Woo! It’s a three post day ladies! Come back in a couple of hours for a totally modern, fresh and mouthwatering take on our current favourite colour in the form of another inspiration board to totally challenge your preconceptions of what can be done with Peach ;).

Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

11 thoughts on “Organic Peach

  1. Hullo, I saw the escort cards on SMP but had no idea how to create the scalloped edging.
    Does anyone have any idea? Suggestions?

  2. Hi ladies,

    You can buy paper stamp/puncher thingys – (very technical – I know!) from craft shops. There are lots about that scallop edges, round corners and make pretty patterns for you.

    I’ll have a look for some for you all.


    PS I’m a touch over excited about the next board…. 🙂

  3. I have already checked at Hobbycraft and they only have heart one’s rather than long one’s to make edges. I shall google but I’m not sure what to google!

    I am debating the one’s my mum uses to cut up last years Christmas cards to make this years labels (a pre school set of zig zags) but I don’t QUITE think it’ll be the same.

    Stop teasing us about the next mood board!

    P.S. Have you seen the peach/pink/gold dream that Miss P and Ms Polly Alexandre did at Grimsthorpe Castle? I saw it and was like “wow”. Definately a real wedding to feature. They even had a tuk tuk!

  4. Rebecca, I bought one from the Martha Stewart range (I got it from a local craft shop, but seen them in lots of places and online)that made that effect, you can also buy scissors quite cheaply that give a scalloped edge too. I love this board the dresses are gorgeous those colours go so well 🙂

  5. I think if you googled ‘craft pattern cutters’ that might work but yes, martha stewart is a really good starting place. the diy section of her website has tons of ‘to do’ projects (including escort cards) which also happen to have the names of all the tools you need to make them!

    escort cards are the way forward (though I think I might have to start making mine now to have half a chance of getting them all done by april!!)

    LOVING the peach!

  6. Ooh I saw and bookmarked the very same picture of the dresses to email to my friend as I thought it was delicious (I think I described them as macaroons!). We must visit the same blogs!

  7. Luci- the dresses are by the designer Maria Lucia Hoban (I believe she is from Bucharest but might have mixed her up?!). Her dresses are amazing, I emailed them to my b2b friend just the other day as I saw them on another blog and asked her how the hell they slipped through my bridal radar (bri-dar?)!! Very reasonably priced too. I need someone to don one!

  8. Ps you can buy them online or stores in Dublin stock them, I checked.. All in the name of research obviously!

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