Over To The Dark Side.

Bridal is so pretty isn’t it?

All of the florals, all of the sunshine smiles and feminine frills.

So I guess it would make an interesting change to see what happens when you do something with bridal that is altogether darker, more editorial…edgier. And that’s exactly what Hannah Gooch of the Ebury Collection did when she collaborated on a styled inspiration shoot with photographer Nick Tucker.

There are no blooms, no paper poms, no petal strewn pavements. Instead there are feathers, there is skin illuminated with gold, there is big hair and a whole bunch of the sexy.

I love it.

And I want to know how many or you are now wanting to go home and go hell for leather on the whole smudgy eyeliner look – I so am.

Nick Tucker: This shoot was very much a full blown collaboration with Hannah Gooch of The Ebury Collection.  We wanted to create a darker, moodier, edgier, more overtly fashion shoot, than maybe your typical bridal stories.  Bright, sunlit shots of model brides tripping along flowery pathways have become very familiar lately and we wanted to do something a little different.  Not least because when I shoot weddings myself the brief is always really to capture the warm, light, radiance of the day (as of course it should be).  So here was a great chance to go ‘off-trend’ and do something unusual, and have fun!

Hannah Gooch: I’ve worked on styled shoots before and wanted to try and create something completely different, with a moodier feel and much more editorial and fashiony. I’ve admired Nick Tuckers photography for some time so thought I’d approach him about a collaboration and was delighted when he agreed!

Nick and I talked over email and felt that this shoot should be a fashion shoot, that just happened to be wedding dresses. So steering away from the soft, pretty bridal images that you usually see, to create something with more drama and mood.

I immediately thought about Fetcham Park as our backdrop and was delighted that Laura Caudery offered us the use of the house. The grand staircase and the incredible paintings on the walls and ceilings were the perfect setting.

Because we weren’t working with décor and flowers for this shoot, our team was fairly small, but consisted of talented make-up artist Sara, and Holly, who was our hair stylist for the day.

When it came to the styling of the shoot, I wanted to achieve something a little more editorial, and try some different looks. I particularly like the gold, dewy skin that Sara created for the shot of our model on the stairs in the gold Tammam dress, and the moodiness created with the big hair, feathers and dark eyes created for the look where our model is wearing the Joanne Fleming dress.

The great dresses and accessories from obviously all helped create something, we hope, is very special….

Photographer – Nick Tucker

Stylist – Hannah Gooch 

Venue – Fetcham Park

Make-up – Sara Vaughan

Hair – Holly Andersen

Dresses -Satin and lace dress Beverly Lister, lace dress Claire Pettibone both from Blackburn Bridal, Pink and chartreuse feather dress Joanne Fleming, Gold dress Tammam

Bespoke feather and lace statement headdress by Emma Freemantle

Bespoke floral headdress – What Katy Did Next

Jewelled headdress – Victoria Fergusson via Liberty in Love

Earrings and statement pearl necklace – Liberty in Love

Garter – Joanne Fleming 

Shoes – Harriet Wilde

Mask – Claire Pettibone from Blackburn Bridal


I want that Claire Pettibone dress in my life…..always have.

And a mask ooooh – I also want one of those.

Big Dark Sided Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

13 thoughts on “Over To The Dark Side.

  1. I DIE. So so beautiful, and I love the idea of taking bridiness over to the dark side. Is anyone else reminded of the ballroom scenes in ‘Labyrinth’?x

  2. It is really interesting to see a different take on bridal fashion, I really love the picture of the model looking up at the oil painting it is like she is part of the painting (does that make sense?!)

  3. I have to say that this feeds totally into my ‘Old Master’s’ obsession that I’m currently experiencing at the moment. Dramatic lighting, sumptuous fabrics, pale faces and dare I say it gothic glamour – ummm yes please I’ll have a dollop of that!

    Plus anything that features what is frankly an amazing headdress scores serious RMW bonus points…(whispers to herself) now how can I work that into my October wedding….hmmmm

  4. I think this might be my favourite shoot ever on here, it reminds me of the Twilight sage a bit! love the Claire Pettibone Sx

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