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Paddy & Debs: Clicking With Suppliers

This month, if nothing else, has been one about gaining perspective, about working out what we want, or don’t, out of our married life together, starting with our wedding day but far beyond. Suppliers, ace life events and scary times have all made us pause (again) and re-evaluate.

Let’s start with our suppliers, most of whom we’d like to call friends too. We’ve been blessed in the most part with finding the most gorgeous, helpful, fun people to work with to make our little day just lovely for us and those who are coming along. Claire Penn took our gorgeous engagement pics (see blog post here if you missed them), Papertwin have helped us get used to a camera, Carmel who is making our origami flowers has added more options to her portfolio, Tez and Kate from Mr and Mrs Party Pants who designed and printed our invitations have helped us create a mini family recipe book with RSVP returns, Joanne and Pete at Hafod Farm have surpassed all expectations with their updated venue- now with marquee! And finally Julie from Vinomondo and who has just opened the very lovely Bank of Conwy Wine and Tapas Bar is extending our wine, gin and whiskey collection nicely.

All in all, we think that we have a good relationship with all of these gorgeous people. However, I’d say that whilst some people may push you to one supplier or another, if there’s something that doesn’t quite feel right, if you don’t ‘click’ with them, then it may be best to walk away…

We had a slight hiccup and with one potential supplier this month. Whilst I would be the first to admit we may not be the most organised on occasion, especially when a family crisis and another family wedding gets thrown into the mix, receiving a text message, at 10.40 PM with a snotty (and to be honest downright bloody rude) message as potential clients instantly turned us off, and when asked about that supplier since, we’ve been honest – not impressed. A plea from us as clients…if someone makes an enquiry and you don’t hear back from them, just take a second to think about whether there’s a reason for it. Could you drop them a line to check in rather than texting late at night assuming that they’ve not been in touch because they cba? Also, have a little moment of reflection about how your behaviour/communication comes across; if you email short, drafted and informal messages, then you can possibly expect to get that in return. If you have a clear contract from the start and are friendly in your approach, you should expect a friendly, yet professional, relationship with clients. If you decide to be rude, you can be sure as hell that they’ll tell other people in their position and you could risk losing a lot more than just one gig…

Yes, there are times when clients dilly dally, and yes maybe could have reply back sooner, and yes we realise you’ve got a business to run and appreciate you can’t wait for a response for ever, but really that is no reason to be rude. EVER. Rant over.

But worry not readers, it turned out for the best this month as we’ve found a caterer! Mark’s menu was an instant hit with me because it made my mouth water, to the point where I had to go and have a bagel before I could do anything else. Yes the food sounds just that damn good. We are using Chuck Wagon BBQ. I seriously cannot wait. Mark is great, so helpful and just a really nice guy who is on our wave length.

Speaking of really nice guys, we got our Papertwin ‘Mr and Mrs’ video through the other week. Those boys are a genius when it comes to editing. Debs and I waffled on and on when answering those questions, and rather like the engagement shoot it really wasn’t as bad or as nerve wracking as I originally thought it would be. If you find yourself with a spare 6 minutes and fancy seeing Debs ‘over share’ then the video can be seen above!

Next week is boys shopping week. Thanks to Adam who beat me to the post (pardon the pun) with his article on grooms outfits, which is just as well because myself, Johnny and Tom still haven’t got anything to wear yet. Debs and I have got an idea, a lot of which was covered by Adam, of the look we’re going for and we’ve shown J and T some photos. We’re going for shirt, braces and bowties, maybe with a waist coat of good measure. They seem ok with the look so all we’ve got to do now is find it. Any suggestions of where’s best to look?

Debs has got a few words to say before we sign off…

So, with three months (to the day) to go, we’re at a point where still nothing seems certain other than the date. Paddy doesn’t have his suit, and neither do the boys, my dress is being kept a secret by Janis (how can the bride to be not know what the dress looks like?), we’ve decided on catering but we’re still not exactly sure how many people are going to be joining us. But you know what…that’s ok. This month outside of wedding-land, hasn’t been the easiest but we’re still here, we still have a gorgeous day to look forward to and we’re still super excited about being married.

We’ve seen how Hafod Farm is coming along; not that we want to spoil it, but the marquee is up, the workshop is now a fully kitted out bar, there’s a transportable horse-box bar (oh yes!) and a log cabin on site. To say that this has surpassed our expectations is an understatement, what Joanne and Pete have achieved in nine months is unbelievable. Hats off to them. They’re now one of the most popular wedding venues in North Wales and the North West, and no wonder! Massive congratulations to them both.

About six weeks ago, my brother announced that he was getting married, today. They’ve sorted everything in that time and everyone around them is so happy, they’re happy and we’re all really relaxed. If that has taught us anything it’s that it really doesn’t matter if not everything is planned and finalised by the ‘three month to go’ mark. That bitchy suppliers probably aren’t going to be the people who will make a real difference to your ‘big day’ and that whatever goes on outside of wedding prep, being focussed on what will make you happiest throughout your marriage, rather than in the run up to the wedding is what is most important. It’s grounded us if nothing else, despite the odd two-day crazy that I have, we’re all good.

See you all next month!

As always much love,

Paddy and Debs x

Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

6 thoughts on “Paddy & Debs: Clicking With Suppliers

  1. You are very good not to name the evil caterers who were rude!!! How dare they DEMAND an instant response when you are making such an important and expensive decision. You are classier than I, I would have been tempted to warn others off.

    However…I LOVE the look of your new caterers and I have now picked my dress. So needless to say I am happy!!

  2. Aww you two are just the cutest – love the video.
    I think we might have the same wedding day…it’s my fiance who has the countdown app on his phone (it was freaking me out too much!!) but this sounds about right…
    E x

    1. Aug 28? Just over 10weeks! Where has the last year and a half gone?

      thanks for the comment about the video 🙂 we’re getting used to the thought of having the camera team there 🙂

  3. Thanks for the post Yes I agree, he should get some of those huge images and big bold text and make people scroll a lot to read a little bit of content.

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