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Paddy & Debs: From Amazing To Reflective

It’s that time of the month again when you get to read my ramblings and thoughts on wedding planning. Today’s post covers a number of topics from totally amazing to reflective. As I’m a great believer of ending on a high we’ll start with the reflective.

This month I was made redundant. It had been on the cards for a couple of months so it didn’t come as a complete surprise but it did get me thinking about ‘bumps in the road to the wedding’, be they expected or unexpected. Although we knew that this was coming, we’d already booked a lot of the things for the wedding that would cost a significant amount of the budget we’d originally set before we knew about this. We can’t unbook some of these to free up a bit of capital so we needed to have a think about what our options were. The comfort of having a regular income and being able to plan income/expenditure we now realise was a luxury. We’re now in the position where the ‘nice to haves’ are in place and we haven’t quite sorted the detail on the other more mainstream parts of the day. It does make me question whether we should have saved a little more before booking the date, but with 18 months between getting engaged and the wedding day we thought that we’d be ok. We didn’t bank on one of us being out of full time work so close to the wedding.

Just reading the blogs of my fellow ‘class of 2015’, we have all had ups and downs from guest list dilemmas to massive venue upheavals and the uncertainties and upset that go with them. We, as brides and grooms, can plan everything down to the last detail but still, occasionally life will throw us a curved ball.

For Debs and I it was the uncertainty of not knowing where we would be over the summer and where the job search would potentially take us. We had to choose between relocating, finding new jobs and planning a wedding in four months, or sitting tight, enjoying being engaged and planning the wedding over the summer in this beautiful part of the world. We chose the latter, and as a result we have been trying to get as much of the wedding booked and in place as possible just to try and make it as easy for ourselves over the next couple of months.

Thankfully most of the things we had on our to-do list have been sorted and crossed off. It has been a bit of a team effort (as in a bit of me and a lot of Debs), but we’ve just about got there. Here in lies the crux. I know that I couldn’t have done it without Debs and I’d like to think that I played my part and did the things tasked to me, albeit eventually. It was, and is, a team effort.

The team wasn’t just Debs and I but the Debs’ Maid of Honour, Kirsty, and the other close group of friends that we’ve got that kept us sane. To them I would just like to say an enormous thank you. Once again you’ve made us realise what this wedding and marriage is all about. It’s certainly not about the table decorations or whether it’s sunny on the day; it’s more about the times when it rains and who’ll be holding the umbrella over you so you don’t get wet.

Right, enough of being reflective. On to the totally amazing things.

This month we have the engagement shoot with the fabulous Claire Penn and our perfect wedding invitations from Tez at Mr and Mrs Party Pants.

I was somewhat hesitant about the whole process. I am one those people who are self-conscious whenever a camera is pointed at me, and to be honest an engagement shoot was something I was apprehensive about. I was delighted to find out it was nothing to be worried about and we had a really had a lovely day.

The original spot we had in mind for the shoot was where we got engaged. Unfortunately due to a massive amount of tree felling it wasn’t particularly photogenic. So we went for Plan B – Betws y Coed. We were blessed with stunning spring day, clear blue sky and bright sunshine. Something that doesn’t happen in Wales at this time of year very often; we have, usually have a lot of liquid sunshine.

The whole experience of the photo shoot was, genuinely, a pleasurable experience and a far cry from the image of fixed smiles and cheesy poses I had thought it might have been. This was solely down to the fabulous Claire Penn. From the moment she arrived we felt at ease. All the shots were natural, spontaneous, genuine and thankfully she only photographed my good side. I, honestly, cannot recommend Claire highly enough and the whole process of the E-shoot. We feel so much more at ease now and can’t wait to see the wedding photos. Roll on August. We hope that you like the pictures, we just need to find some places to put them now!

We have finally sent out all our invites *cheers*. I know it seems to have taken ages but, having heard Sophie of Strange Case Collective fame tell the story of a wedding they did, it could have been a lot later… 6 weeks before the wedding later. But they’re out and now all we’ve got to do is wait for the RSVPs. At this point I really should say a massive thank you to Tez of Mr and Mrs Party Pants for doing such an amazing job and giving us a really quick turnaround.

We asked Tez for a bespoke design with the minimum amount of text, instead opting to use a website for all the details people might need. We figured this would save on printing costs and postage and it would also allow us to update any information at a later date. We also decided that on the reverse of the RSVPs we would ask the guests to jot down a favourite family recipe and we’re planning to make a book out of the suggested recipes – something that we can keep and use every day rather than having them in a box in the attic.

So to sum up… Bumps in the road are hopefully rare but they do happen. If they do, take deep breath, count to ten and tell your bridal party. A problem shared is a problem halved after all, and usually they’ll come to support you with a bottle of wine or rum which always helps!

Also, boys – E-shoots are nothing to be feared even for the most camera shy of people. Invest in a great photographer, it’s so worth it!

Until next time. Much love

Paddy and Debs

Photography by Claire Penn
Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

3 thoughts on “Paddy & Debs: From Amazing To Reflective

  1. Paddy you brought a tear to my eye. It’s so unfair what’s happened, you guys deserve nothing but absolute happiness… but, it just goes to show what a legendary team you are. That’s the beauty of marriage, life is never perfect but together you can take on the world and get through anything.

    And Claire… you’ve done it again. Absolutely dreamy pictures of two gorgeous people. So much love for all of you xxx

  2. You two can get through it, this I know. As Karen says, it’s never always easy but together YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. And thank you for the kind words. I just pressed the shutter – you two brought the magic. Ok that was cheestastic but I’ve had a glass of wine and have a wedding tomorrow so I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy! xxxx

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