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Paddy & Debs: The End Of The To-Do List

Yes folks. Here we are again. You join us for the penultimate instalment of ‘Paddy and Deb plan a wedding’. This month we are covering boy shopping, dresses and how to fill a gap. So here we go…

A few weeks ago myself, Johnny (best man) and Tom (groomsman) braved the world of wedding clothes shopping, ably assisted by Debs, Cait and Sarah (friends). Thankfully the theme is informal/smart casual so we didn’t have to try on an endless rail of morning, tails and other wedding suits.

We’ve been trawling Pintrest and of course RMW for inspiration. Adams’ blog on this very subject proved very extremely useful in narrowing the final ensemble.

We had been trying to get a date in the diary for sometime but owing to us boys being freelance raft guides narrowing down a day proved a tad tricky. When the day came (after rearranging three times) we made our way to Cheshire Oaks. Lucky for us, Debs had a picture of the kind of look we were after, walked into shops, asked if they had something similar and moved on if not. Before we arrived she’d narrowed down the search and after 30 mins we had our trousers and shirts which was always going to be the trickiest bit. Lucky for us the French Connection shop we started in had some trousers which haven’t been finished totally so we can adjust the leg length – which is great when you have three guys who range from 5’7″ to 6’6″ tall. All we need now is to find some brown braces and decide which colour waistcoat will best go with grey trousers…

Talking of outfits, Debs had a bit of a dilemma last week and decided to make a really difficult decision; to change her dress with 9 weeks to go. Some of you may remember that Deb’s family member had really kindly offered to make her wedding gown, which she was thrilled about, but as time passed she started to doubt her choice about the dress and wasn’t sure if this style was the one she wanted for the wedding. It was really difficult for her to decide to change, especially so late in the day, but after a chance appointment at Narberth’s White Bride whilst we were on holiday last week, a dress that was a perfect fit (and a few tears later), she knew that this was the one she wanted to get married in.

Debs was really torn with what to do and petrified of what to say to Janis and her mum for fear of upsetting them. After talking with a number of other brides-to-be, boutique owners and people in the store that she’d never met before, apparently this is more common than she thought. When we spoke about it, Debs said “It’s a horrible feeling; to be torn between letting someone down who has been really kind to you, feeling a bit spoilt and really wondering whether you can justify spending money on something that you’re only going to wear once. But when I put the dress on I could imagine what it’s going to feel like when I am stood at the top of the aisle and see you for the first time on our wedding day and it left me kinda speechless. I guess that’s the ‘The One’ feeling that girls talk about…?”

So a quick call to the supplier and another appointment made to pick it up and she’s all set, she just needs her hair clip thing and shoes and I think that’s her sorted.

Everything else is coming together, although we’re a bit at a loss with how to fill the gap between the end of the ceremony and dinner. The weddings that we’ve been to previously all had a bit of a gap; filled with travelling to different venues, chilling in the sun, exploring the town whilst a venue is changed around or propping up the bar. Are people happy enough just to enjoy the day in the sun with a beer, or is there an expectation of official entertainment in one form or another? We’d hate to think that our guests might be bored and it hadn’t really occurred to us that this might be the case until we were talking about how best to keep the kids entertained in the afternoon; we didn’t even consider the adults until that point. Whilst we’re sure that the relaxed atmosphere we’re aiming for will shine through, do we run the risk of it being too relaxed and not living up to wedding hype and expectations?

All in all an eventful month. We are almost at the end of our Wedding To Do list, although I think Debs may have added a few things on the end, but hopefully we should get those sorted in the next few weeks.

So until next time dear readers…

As always much love,

Paddy and Debs

Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

9 thoughts on “Paddy & Debs: The End Of The To-Do List

  1. Yay! Sounds like its all coming together nicely.

    I have just had the whole close friend awkward situation too (photography) and its awkward but BOY do I feel relieved!

    Most weddings I’ve been to have just had a little chill out/drinking/sunshine period between ceremony and reception.. If, and its a big if, we can afford and the weather is ok we’re considering lawn games but its not a necessity.. I have survived many weddings as a guest without being entertained 🙂

    1. Aw, it’s horrible to have that feeling but if you know that it’s not what you want then it’s right to say something sooner rather than later!

      We won’t be renting lawn games I don’t think – if we can be bothered they’ll be a DIY effort. But you’re right with the weather, it’s all about that I think!

  2. I think a nice break in the day is good. A chance to relax, have a drink and a chat, an excellent time for bride and groom to mingle! How do YOU envisage the day? Don’t worry about your guests, we are there to see you. If you want sack racing and dominos, do it!!! If you want gentle music and chatting in the sun, do it!!! Although personally I am looking forward to the kids’ entertainment!!

  3. I can’t wait to see the photos of your big day! I’m also getting married at Hafod next summer so needless to say, I have been following your blog with lots of interest. I love the photo of the ten pin alley made out of hay bales!! That is so fitting for the venue, and a bit different to the usual garden games you come accross too.

    And congrats Debs on finding your dream dress! Im in the process of looking for mine now, but also a bit worried that i’ll change my mind with all the time between now and the wedding.

    1. Hi Erin! Yeah, we liked the bowling too, just need to find some pins…

      The dress is bitter sweet, but I am a bit in love with it. I’m sure Claire’s photos will be amazing. Just need to sort out some details so she has something to take pictures of 🙂

      Completely with you on the changing decisions. Our tastes have changed in the 9 months since we booked Hafod, but the basics are all still there, you’ll know when you’ve got it, just enjoy the decision making process, and have a glass of wine between dress stops!

  4. Lol @ hair clip thingy… I called it that at first but now 2 hair clip thingy meetings later I am now a hair clip thingy aficionado 🙂

  5. We have had the same thoughts about entertainment but to be honest of all the weddings I have been to, as long as the guests have a drink in hand and there’s some canapes going around, everyone seems to enjoy mingling and it’s usually one of my favourite parts of the day. It’s a great time to catch up with people you haven’t seen for a while. Although I may have to steal that pass the parcel idea!

    1. Gotta live Pinterest for the pass the parcel inspiration!

      We’ll leave it to the weather gods; if we’re lucky we’ll play outside, if it rains we’ll have drinks and mingle. It’ll sort itself out I’m sure…

  6. Aaaah the old ‘what-to-do-in-between’ dilemma – we’re having the same!! Personally, I think entertainment is a bit of a must. Lots of your guests will be surrounded by mates and have plenty to chat about while drinking in the afternoon sun. But I went to a wedding recently where I only really knew the family – all of whom were off having photos! So my brother and I got rather sloshed while catching up with each other – which was lovely, but not very sociable!!!!
    Some games would have been a great way to meet other guests and break the ice. So for our own wedding, we are going to have a couple of things on the lawn – nothing fancy, but giant jenga is always a winner and so cheap to pick up second hand (or if you’re lucky, like us, you’ll know someone who has a set already!).
    I LOVE the pass the parcel idea. I am definitely stealing that!
    Love the sound of your wedding guys, and Paddy will look VERY dapper!

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