Perfectly Detailed… Part 1

I don’t quite know where to start with todays wedding because it is an absolute extravaganza of unashamed pretty. It’s also the wedding of a friend of ours, Julia Ford, Photographer and Art Director at WEDDING magazine and her husband Ian who is an international celebrity photographer. Together they have the wedding photography company Modern Photographic. Pretty good basis for a visually stunning wedding eh? Well, even knowing all this already, I was still wowed by the pretty perfection Julia created at Beauberry House for their wedding day.

Pretty Pink Perfection….

The One

Our wedding was on July 2nd 2010 at Beauberry House , organised by the lovely Oleia.

I only ever went to see Beauberry – I knew they were perfect. The venue is light and airy with a contemporary interior in a Georgian mansion.

Dress Decisions

Working at WEDDING magazine I was bombarded with choice. My initial thought was I wanted a very very simple evening dress, except after buying one as the day approached I realized it didn’t feel special. So I sold it and quickly searched for a new one, luckily I searched for sample dresses and found a stunning Pronovias dress, it was perfect and I knew instantly it was the one.

I guess its one bit of advice I always give friends, don’t settle and think about the style of dress you would pick to go out in. If you hate strapless bras/dresses don’t buy a wedding dress like that, your wedding is a reflection of you, not what you think you should look like. Having said that if you want a huge fairytale- then go for it!!

Vintage Accessories

I knew I wasn’t a veil kind of girl, they look stunning on most girls but it just wasn’t me. I scoured WEDDINGs amazing fashion cupboard for accessory ideas. I loved the idea of a bow but like the veil it just wasn’t me. Then I discovered Flo and Percy, their pieces are stunning, I chose the Clarice hairpiece and a matching cuff. They are like vintage heirlooms and looked perfect. Everyone commented on how beautiful they were.

Like my photographer I phoned Kate Hughes shortly after getting engaged, I knew she was the lady for the job. She has been a beauty writer for WEDDING for quite some time but she does the makeup for celebrities and high profile weddings so having her do my day was such an honour

A Shoe Disaster!

Well apart from changing my mind on my dress I had another slight hitch before my wedding. Ian and I were in Cannes, he was shooting for the film festival. Ian had said whilst I was there I could go check out the shops and pick something special heel wise as a present from him for the big day. I had my eye on some amazing jimmy choos sandals in gold…

Then disaster happened. I feel down a flight of stairs in Cannes (in the middle of the day, in flat shoes and not under the influence of alcohol!). Instead of spending my time floating around the shops in Cannes and going to parties it was spent in a french hospital followed by a wheelchair assisted flight home (Ian had no choice but to stay behind in Cannes as he was working).

I was on crutches for the weeks leading up to my big day and one the day itself I bought some sparkly flip flops from Debenhams- but thankfully no crutches.

Honestly it didn’t spoil anything, and just goes to show that nothing can spoil marrying your best friend.

An Intimate Occasion

We didn’t have any ushers or bridesmaids, as the wedding was intimate (with just 39 guests) we decided that everyone who we invited was equally as important to us. However my gorgeous niece, Annabelle and Ians best friends little girl, Laila, were both 2 ½ and made the cutest flower girls!

They had simple next dresses and shoes and very cute pomanders.

Ians best man and brother, Steve, and our dads all wore their own grey suits all with pink ties to pull the colour theme together

Ian had a bespoke made suit, which he had made at Dress2Kill – it looked amazing and it fitted perfectly. Not easy when hes so tall (and handsome!)

Photography for a Lifetime

I am extremely fortunate to know lots of lots of very talented photographers. However unlike we advise people in the magazine I only saw one as I knew she would do an amazing job. I met Emily Quinton at the office and I had also met her at the national wedding show through work, so I knew her work well.

I also felt she was the perfect person to join our day- we were overjoyed at the photos. We were looking for stunning shots that would last a lifetime and our house is now full of them.

My close friend Lia did some informal shots of me getting ready, because she stayed with me the night before and it felt more informal.

Photographer – Emily Quinton

Venue – Beauberry House

Dress – Pronovias

Side headband and Cuff – Flo and Percy

Make-Up – Kate Hughes

Grooms Suit – Dress2Kill

A.Mazing yes?

So much more pretty goodness in Part 2 folks. Coming your way tomorrow.

Yours Truly,


ps, Julia is selling her gorgeous Pronovias dress
with us on Undress… Check it out!

Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

27 thoughts on “Perfectly Detailed… Part 1

  1. I love how pretty it all looks on here. It was a HUGE honour and joy to photograph this wedding. Never have there been so many professional photographers at one wedding!

    Rachie – the flowers are dahlias. Very pretty indeed but be careful on a hot day as they wilt fast x

  2. Thanks girls! The buttonholes are dahlias… they do wilt but I adored them. Our florist made them at the venue- they are very simple so she kept them in water and made them after dressing the venue. Our florist was bloomingposhnosh! The flowers were stunning

  3. Like Charlotte I’d seen this before in wedding and wedding flowers (the lead wedding in wedding is always in wedding flowers the following month) but I prefer it on here. I think the photography comes across better.

    I always thought I was a 50:50 blog:print bride but after seeing the same wedding online and in print I much prefer blogs. Maybe I’ll stop spending such a fortune on magazines!!!

  4. rebecca I totally agree, I saw this in Wedding too but think it comes across so much better on RMW, maybe it is because they show more detail. Anyway I really love all the pretty details, and Julia looks amazing. Very envious! x

  5. Very pretty indeed! Especially love the dress, looks like it was made just for this bride.

    Where are the parasols from please???

  6. aww thank you girls! Rock my wedding does a fab job with the photos and they get the chance to share so much of our day with you.

    PS only “team” weddings get repeated in flowers- this year was unusual as three from WEDDING and WEDDING FLOWERS got married! But no more weddings are planned on the team now 🙁

  7. Love this wedding, can’t stop looking at it. Everything about it is sooo beautiful. Julia where did you get them lovely photo frames from that you used on the tables??… Been looking for them for ages now. Thanks xx

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