Perfectly Detailed… Part 2

It’s Part 2 and it is breathtaking.

If you thought Part 1 couldn’t get more beautiful, then feast your peepers people!

Even better, Julia is selling her gorgeous pronovias gown on undress, so do go and check it out if you fancy a bargain!

Perfectly Pink Blooms

I photographed Gulsen and Jons wedding last year and when I met her I commented on how stunning her flowers were. What I hadn’t realized was she did them all herself. So when it came to decorating the venue I knew she was the girl for the job.

We both worked quite closely together on ideas as I had a very clear idea on what I did want. I adore flowers so I made sure I had lots of different varieties and as many as possible, all in shades of pink to compliment the pink staircase at Beauberry House.

I particularly loved the heart arrangement, which was truly stunning and felt sad that it would last more than a few days. Gulsen was particularly good as she knew I was stuck at home on crutches she came to my home to show me samples and discuss the details. They also created the lovely candy bar for us.

However my stunning bouquet and our mothers corsages which were all stunning works of art, were a gift from Pesh flowers. Pesh’s work is truly amazing and my bouquet was no exception, it was perfect.

Cute Cupcakes

My lovely ex house mate, Sarah Moriarty has made wedding cakes for years and my birthday cakes so I knew I would ask her to create our cute cupcakes.

I bought the cupcake wrappers from Lindys cakes. As well as the cake she made individual initial cookies for all our guests napkins. Everyone had their own initial. It’s easier to be personal when you have less guests!

We went for useful favours. So during the ceremony all the chairs had paper fans to keep them cool, which turned out to be very handy as it was baking hot that day. Then on their dinner chairs all the ladies had pashminas to keep them warm in the evening. Everyone had their own initial cookie too!

Dancing with Elvis

At another wedding we shot last year, the bride and groom had organized surprise entertainment in the form of Chinese Elvis. Everyone was dancing instantly and in fits of hysterics. My friend Lia (photographer) introduced us and she is the biggest Elvis fan I have ever met so it seemed like an extra special surprise for her too. After our first dance he surprised everyone by making an entrance, after the initial shock everyone was dancing. IT was a massive highlight.
“Elvis” recommended the very talented Simon Henderson also know as who was fab and really kept the party going

Now it feels like all our influences are from other people’s weddings! But our first dance, like entertainment & flowers, was inspired by a wedding photography client (in fact our first wedding we went to together.)

It was their first dance and they gave us a CD of their favourite tracks which we listened to all the way home. I guess I get very emotionally attached to all my clients and even if we don’t stay in contact I feel all of them have a little influence on me!

The song itself was “You’re all I need to get by- by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell” and I adore it. There was no special dance- Ian had hoped we would do a strictly come dancing style routine but due to my accident it was a shuffle- with both of us trying not to giggle too much as we knew Chinese Elvis was coming out next!

Advice from a Bride

I guess from all that it there was lots of unique details, but my biggest piece of advice is do it your way. Whatever that maybe!

We didn’t want a huge do, we wanted to treat our nearest and dearest. We set a number and decided we wouldn’t invite anymore than that. In turn this meant we could really treat all our friends. The day couldn’t have been more perfect and whilst it did go quickly with the small number of guests we truly felt we got to spend lots of time together and lots of time with everyone.

Photographer – Emily Quinton

Venue – Beauberry House

Bouquet – Pesh Flowers

All other florals – Gulsen at Posh Nosh

Candy Bar – Posh Nosh

Cupcake Wrappers – Lindy’s Cakes

Letters – Not on the High Street

I see weddings of all kinds day in, day out, but this truly has to be one of the most beautifully styled affairs and I defy a single reader to not be able to take one small bit of inspiration (hell, maybe bucket loads!) from this stunning day.

Thank you so much to Julia for allowing us to share it with you all – I know she’s been bombarded with offers to have it posted elsewhere so we are very grateful she chose Rock My Wedding!

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

35 thoughts on “Perfectly Detailed… Part 2

  1. You were right-it is breathtaking! Especially the flowers. I’m off to see some florists at the weekend and will be adding pictures of that stunning bouquet and heart to my book of inspiration! Gorgeous!

  2. That is the most beautiful bouquet I have ever seen and I’m not usually a ‘pink person’. Caroline, this is going into my inspiration book too! Gorgeous wedding for a super gorgeous couple. Congratulations! Xx

  3. I think I’ve figured out why I prefer blog media. Its not blogs generally its just this one. I think you’ve picked better pictures than were in the magazine. It is a pain with blogs because you can’t really print out the pictures to put in your scrapbook (how I wish I had an Ipad scrapbook).

    I’m not really a fan of pink – probably because I’m a brunette and never wear it – although I think the Bride and Groom were right to pick the colour with the staircase. Its amazing how its about the details though. I saw a similar wedding at the same venue on the Shoot Lifestyle blog (infact, maybe it was on RMW) and the B & G had gone for a much more glam feeling than country. It amazes me how some people are just so creative that they can think of all these different things.

    Amazes and scares me a little.

    I love the alphabet letters – and the cupcake cases – and the fans (I prefer the fans to the parasols – where were the fans from?) – and the intimacy – and the treating the guests (I would have loved an invite to this one) – and the photography.

    As an aside though, I’ve seen some pretty amazing bouquets in my time but some don’t transfer to the photography as well. I think the bouquet looking so fabulous on screen is down to Ms Quinton. FACT.

  4. Agree with everyone else on the bouquet, I am printing out as we speak and adding to the “I want” section in my scrapbook 🙂

    What of my favourite weddings of all time x

  5. What a stunning combination of delicate pale pink flowers…in particular the peonies and dahlias!

    My favourite though has to be the heart, including the Mimi Eden spray roses.

  6. Robyn and Rebecca-I totally agree with the ‘not normally being a pink kinda girl’! In a stubborn, rebellious moment I may have loudly declared that ‘there would be no pink at my wedding!’
    There’s just something about the texture that I love.

  7. I totally love the bouquet too. I saw a picture of it on the sneak peak and printed it out then and took it to our florist on Tuesday! It is one of the nicest I have seen, so pretty, colour coordinated and natural looking. I love that they went for an intimate wedding and really spoilt their guests. Also, Chinese Elvis?! Brilliant!

  8. I’m loving the: flowers, picture frames on the tables, the cupcakes and the intimacy of the whole day. Absolutely gorgeous and really special. Congrats!


  9. This is a truly stunning wedding, I absolutely adore those flowers, hydrangeas and peonies being two of my favourite flowers EVER! And how I wish I could have had a heart of Roses, swoon! Love the letter biscuit idea & cupcakes look delicious too. I love Emily Quinton’s work and she’s taken some beautiful shots, congratulations to you both x

  10. I really love the heart shaped flowers! I have seen this done in Ivory which I loved then so its nice to see it in a different color!
    Everything looked so relaxed and the favours were lovely!
    I love seeing smaller weddings,ours is very small and sometimes it feels a bit sad lol! xx

  11. Gorgeous, gorgeous wedding! Love the bouquet, actually all the flowers around the venue look amazing! The different shades of pink work so well with all the little pink touches. All the details are fabulous!

    How does the bride look so relaxed and make the whole wedding look so relaxed? I want this for our day!

    I’m really impressed with how much of Julia’s planning sounds the same as all ours – I would have thought that working on a wedding magazine would mean you had a massively extravagent day with hundreds of people and your perfect dress picked out before you were even engaged! I mean this as a compliment, although I don’t think it sounds like one. Totally inspiring day and story!

    I added that bouquet shot to my iPad photo scrapbook on Saturday from the sneek peek. The investment in the iPad has been made worthwhile to save photos from RMW pretty much everyday alone!


  12. This is absolutely beautiful, so many lovely details! Just goes to show you don’t need hundreds of people when you’re getting married to make it special!

    Also, those invitations are exactly what we’re looking for, I can’t find any peony backgrounds anywhere! If anyone can shed any light as to where they’re from I shall be eternally grateful!! x

  13. I am also a “there will be no pink at my wedding” kind of girl.

    However, this is just FABULOUS!

    Completely stunning, I know a few of my friends will be adding the entire wedding to their scrapbooks and I will love love love being a part of a wedding that gorgeous!


  14. Aww arent you all so lovely. You know the mad things is im not really a pink kind of girl! But with the pink staircase it had to be pink, I dont hate pink obviously and I think it worked really well

    The frames are from TK Maxx, but I had to go to a few branches to find them all.

    The fans are from ebay, super cheap but shipped from china so order in advance- they have hundreds of colours to choose from and it was several of our guests favourite detail. IT WAS BAKING that day even the boys used the pink fans!

    I designed the invites myself, the invites were printed by pocketfold invites ( If you want some I sent them the dahlia design to adapt so they can make them for you

    And lastly the biscuits were made by a very good friend, we ordered alphabet cutters from ebay and everyone had their own initial on their napkin as a favour

    Lastly the reason I was so relaxed, is I planned a small wedding and did it in 6 months… and contrary to what you might with less time to plan you realise the important stuff and don’t worry about the little bits. I’m very creative and go to lots of weddings which helps too! But lots of stuff went wrong and honestly i didnt mind at all (I didnt like my original dress and then I was on crutches for the month beforehand so I couldn’t do anything! Nor could I wear the heels I planned to wear!)

    Anyone wants to ask any questions feel free to email me:

    And last but not least a HUGE thank you to the very wonderful Rebecca, Charlotte and Adam! We all love this blog!

  15. Rebecca I haven’t got an iPad scrapbook app (although now I’m going to go home and see if one exists) but each time I look at RMW on the iPad (or any website but mainly RMW because of all the pretty) I can just touch the image to save it and it goes into a special folder of photos for me. I love it so much. I don’t have an actual hard copy scrapbook, I just collate everything on the iPad. H2B gets a little miffed that I always have the iPad now seen as it technically was his birthday present, but I distract him with food and the Sky remote!

    You can most likely do the same saving images with an iPhone but since we got the iPad I don’t like looking at anything on the internet on my iPhone because it seems so darn small in comparison!


  16. Julia looks so beautiful, and has totally invigorated my love for Flo and Percy! Now giving me venue wobbles- just lush. xxx

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