Pin Flashing Perfection… Part 1

Oh Joy! How I do love a short dress bride! It’s something about the fun factor, the youth, the flirtiness, I just love it all. There’s got to be some love for getting to flash a pair of fabulous pins. finished off by some sky-scraper beauties? No?

So this wedding just fits the bill on every level. Short dress, colour and fun. Don’t get me started on that cake!

Sarah Hodson and John Robertson were married on Saturday 7th May 2011, at Folly Farm, in Stowey, Pensford.

Feeling Young and Fresh

After visiting about 5 dress shops and trying on approximately 30 dresses, I hadn’t found one that felt ‘me’ enough to buy. Our venue was rustic and informal, and thought of dragging a flouncy dress behind me while I tried to dance didn’t feel right. I wanted to feel young and fresh rather than very traditional like a lot of dresses I tried.

Although I’d never really thought of having one made for me there was a wedding dress designer at the end of my street so I decided to talk through my ideas with her. With Kate Garcia we talked through what I didn’t like and together arrived at an idea I loved – a short dress with a ‘shift’ style bodice with an embroidered and embellished waistband and a skirt that ruffled when I walked and flew out when I danced.

The dress was everything I wanted – it made a statement (most of my guests hadn’t seen anyone in a short wedding dress before), made me feel glamorous and special and showed off my best asset – my legs!

Statement Shoes!

In keeping with my relaxed theme, I didn’t want to wear a veil or have anything too fussy in my hair. Having naturally curly hair is a bonus on your wedding day, so I kept it simple with a pearl clip bought for me by my sister which matched the pearls on my dress. My Mum bought me a beautiful hear-shaped keepsake locket from The Silver Shop in Bristol which felt right to wear simply with a silver chain.

With a short dress you have to have statement heels! I found amazing 4” heels from American designer Badgley Mischka from Javari Apart from having to learn to walk in them (!) they were fabulous – gorgeous white satin with a puff of netting and really worked with the short dress. They came off mid-dance to be replaced by silver flip flops making it much easier to get around the dancefloor!

Natural Curls

Nina Norman at Space NK in Bristol did a fantastic job of not only keeping to the brief of making me look like ‘me but better’ but also made getting ready fun and relaxing for the wedding party.

Fliss at Hobbs had the hard task of keeping my naturally curly hair looking natural but making it stay in place for the whole wedding. We kept it simple with a hair clip and bouncy curls, which worked well with the relaxed surroundings and short dress.

Fun and Simple

Our bridesmaids dresses came from Monsoon – the shift shape suited the bridesmaids shape, looked classic and the bright colours worked with my desire to keep things fun and simple.

Our groomsmen and bestman wore their own suits. I’m not a fan of the uniform look of male wedding clothes and think letting people wear what they wanted added to the relaxed atmosphere.

Their buttonholes were were co-ordinated with the bridesmaids bouquets with white roses.

Break a Leg for Luck!

John is the stylish one in our partnership, and chose his skinny Ted Baker suit, bright purple tie and pocket square and Italian leather shoes early on when planning the wedding. Then, 10 weeks out from the wedding, he badly broke his leg. He went back to the hospital 3 times in the lead up to the wedding, each time with the hope his plaster would be removed.

His last appointment was 4 days before the wedding and when we realized at last that he’d be walking up the aisle in his plaster cast we quickly took the suit to a tailor who removed the leg seam of his broken leg which allowed John to pin the leg back up with safety pins after it fitted over his plaster. It was a real talking point during the day and no one really noticed the broken leg, apart from Albert the photographer who took the quirky picture of John’s leg and stripy sock! Walking up the aisle and seeing him standing without his crutches was a special moment and was the point at which I started to cry!

Natural Cake

In keeping with the rural style, I didn’t want a traditional wedding cake. My friend Philippa is a cracking wedding cake maker.

I showed her a couple of pictures of some ‘natural’ wedding cakes I liked and she came up with our incredible three-tiered sponge with lime cream cheese and red berries. It looked stunning, fitted the venue and tasted even better!

Photographer – Albert Palmer Photography

Venue – Folly Farm

Dress – Kate Garcia

Locket – The Silver Shop

Shoes – Badgley Mischka from Javari

Make-Up – Nina Norman

Hair – Fliss at Hobbs

Maids – Monsoon

How much do you want that cake? Like, NOW!

And it gives you just a glimpse of how much fun Part 2 is – coming at you tomorrow morning folks,

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

30 thoughts on “Pin Flashing Perfection… Part 1

  1. Awww bless the poor groom!!! At least he was able to get his suit leg let out! Imagine if he had to get married in trackies, or shorts?? It would have been an awful shame since he went to so much trouble with his appearance in the first place!

    Oh and the brides shoes – I love/want/NEED them. They are so beautifully simple! Also loving the detailed waistband and swooshy dress! She was a gorgeous bride!


  2. This wedding looks like so much fun! Love the relaxed vibe-and that cake is to die for!! Simply stunning and i want to eat it all right now 

    So glad the groom could still wear his suit on the day-super stylish!

    What a lovely start to the day xx

  3. Can I dive into that cake? I really badly want to. Not sure I’ve ever seen a wedding cake that’s actually made me hungry before!!! Beautiful.

  4. “Our venue was rustic and informal, and thought of dragging a flouncy dress behind me while I tried to dance didn’t feel right.”
    Part of my thinking behind having a short wedding dress too, or whenever I had wobbles I just thought about what would suit the venue best and the wobbles disappeared…
    Gorgeous wedding – this would have been one for my scrapbook (with that cake) if RMW existed when planning ours.
    Looking forward to part 2.

  5. oh my god, i want to put my actual face in that actual cake right now! Its probably a good job i wasn’t a guest at this wedding or i would have had to be restrained from doing just that!!

    can’t wait for part 2

    big ‘working from home means working in the garden!’ love
    mrs x x x

  6. Another short-dress bride! I love the short dress! Eeek!

    I have had a couple of ‘Oh my God, shouldn’t I really be in a long dress?’-type wobbles, too, and I’ve batted them off by reminding myself of the venue. We’ll be walking through Durham City at 1am to get to the hotel and I’d much rather do that in a short and slinky dress than a long one.

    And, of course, the main plus of a short dress is to show off your shoes – and these shoes are fab!

  7. I LOVE this wedding…. but only because there are so many touches of it that are similar to mine…. the colour scheme…the bunting…..the relaxed feel….. the invites…. the cake!!! I Luurrrrvvvveee the cake! i just want the next 44 days to go quickly because i want it to be my wedding day!

  8. this has got to be the best wedding i have read about in a long time, the bride seems so relaxed, comfy and very happy as does the groom, they are young and the wedding has young fresh and fun written all over it, long may their fun carry on!!!!

  9. Oooooh just LOVE that a few of you are going crazy over the cake…!

    I’m saved three or four images in my Wedding folder of similar cakes, and when I saw this… it was like all my favourite bits of those were smushed (with cream!) together to make the cake of my dreams… almost!

    This one is saved now too, and they’ll all be winging their way to groom’s mummy, who’s next door neighbour is one of the lovely cake ladies at the best cake shop in our area! We could never have afforded a cake off their shelf, so big wahooo for neighbourly relationships!

  10. Hooray, that’s exactly what our wedding cake is going to look like! I’m making it, so I figured I’d make it easier on myself and avoid rolling out tricky fondant icing. I got the idea from Aisling’s lovely victoria sandwich cake in “A RMW love story”, one of the first weddings I saw on this blog!

    Beautiful dress, I love love LOVE the shoes too!

  11. OMG those Badgley Mischkas are GORGEOUS! Beautiful dress too – I love the detailing
    Rachie xo
    PS – There are no words for that cake apart from YUM!

  12. Is it wrong that I want to don THAT dress, slip on THOSE shoes, grab THAT cake in my arms and twirl around the dancefloor?

    I really admire a bride that has the guts to go the dress-designing route. I admire the vision and courage it must take to trust that what you see in your head will translate to paper, and then to the dress itself.

    You both look like the cas that ate the cream. Fabulous wedding day. Congratulations!

  13. I’ve just bought myself a slice of victoria cream sponge with fresh strawberries on top despite my wedding diet, and my wedding being 2 weeks tomorrow. I blame these pics! Gorgeous cake, shoes, dress…love the natural curly hair too, congratulations x

  14. They just look so RIGHT together, don’t they? Love her curls too – I swear they’re bouncing jauntily on my screen (I have very straight hair and quite a bad case of hair-envy!)

  15. love this wedding! love the short dress and the cake looks scrummy. As a curly haired bride myself i worry about how i can keep my hair looking stylish yet natural so this gorgeous wedding has reassured me somewhat!

  16. Hi there! My daughter is wanting this kind of cake for her wedding in April! Can you tell me if the baker you used put something on it to keep it from drying out? That’s my only concern…..
    I would be thrilled if you could help me out with this!!!
    Thanks, Snady

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