Pin Flashing Perfection… Part 2

I always find the weddings I love the most are the ones I wish I could have been at. The ones that really make me jealous of all the fun they were having. And the images I really love, are the ones filled with colour.

So you might have guessed… I Really love this wedding!

Simple Florals

Folly Farm is such a beautiful place with green fields and amazing natural stonework throughout that I decided I wanted to keep the flowers simple, light, pretty and unobtrusive during the meal so guests were able to enjoy the surroundings.

Central Rose in Bristol took my colour scheme of country blues, pinks and purples and created petite, simple bouquets for the bride, bridesmaids and Mums and buttonholes for the boys using freesias, hyacinths and roses.

In a moment of frugality I went to the local garden centre and bought pots of daisies and colourful plants to use as table decorations – they looked great next to the bunting and cost a fraction of the price of having elaborate arrangements made!

Bright, Colourful Photography

Finding a perfect photographer was a big deal for us, and after a lot of research we found Albert Palmer, whose bright, colourful, fun and beautifully shot photographs really caught my eye.

Our photographs are sensational – Albert managed to capture the narrative of the day perfectly, from the emotion of getting ready and walking down the aisle to the dancing later on.

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful record of the day – our friends and family can’t get over how fab they are and we can’t decide which ones to print!

Robertsons Jam

As our new surname would be Robertson, we thought it would be nice to make our guests our own flavour of Robertson’s Jam! We spent a year collecting jars and John designed his own labels and spent two days in the kitchen making marmalade, propped up on his crutches.

Even though the marmalade was inexpensive to make it was a really personal and thoughtful gesture that our guests loved and will remind them of the day – we’re still getting texts from people saying how nice the marmalade is.

A Rustic Theme

Folly Farm is a naturally stunning place, and the general areas didn’t much decorating but the marquee we hired to have our meal needed some TLC. I hired some beautiful bunting from a friend which looked stunning against the white of the marquee and brought a real brightness and vibrancy to the photographs and atmosphere. In keeping with the rustic theme we had scented candles on the tables and tied our napkins with raffia and used parcel tags for place names which was a a really simple and cost effective solution.

Our tables didn’t look polished and perfect but I didn’t want them to – I wanted my day to be fun and relaxed not stuffy and formal. The only thing that didn’t go to plan was the rain – we weren’t able to open the sides of the marquee to look at the view, but in the end it added to the intimate and friendly feel of the marquee which comes across in the pictures.


We didn’t want a traditional wedding band – working in a music venue means that I have particular taste in music and know exactly what I like and don’t like, and as soon as we saw Fromage en Feu play at our local bar, we knew we had to have them at our wedding. Their lively folk songs and energetic playing had everyone dancing, but we had to adapt the traditional wedding song where the bride and groom are lifted in the air on chairs due John’s broken leg! The final celebratory song Mazel Tov was a rousing and fitting end to the set, and we were thrilled to learn later that their set contained the same songs that they played the week before at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival. DJ Moneyshot then continued the party with indie hits and classic party tunes chosen by John and our guests.

We ummed and ahhed about a first dance song for a long time – being music lovers we felt that a lot of the ‘alternative’ first dance songs had been done to death. Then John found a great version of the Sister Sledge song Thinking of You sung by Paul Weller, which mixed our love of dance and indie music perfectly. It was a special moment, even when the PA developed a fault and kept cutting out!

Design and Decor

To be honest, I’m not a real wedding person. I never dreamed about my dress when I was young and my only real wish for my big day was that it fun, relaxed and that my guests got drunk!

Fortunately, apart from being stunningly beautiful and close to Bristol, Folly Farm was a venue that allowed us to plan our day exactly as we wanted – we could bring in caterers, a bar and a marquee as we liked and we had the venue for the whole weekend with rooms for our guests to stay. So, although this took a lot more organization than an ordinary wedding it ended up being much more personal and special and our guests appreciated that.

Working at a music venue was a godsend as I called in favours from a lot of my contacts. I’m a lucky girl because Humberto from H Bar at Colston Hall made me a stunning Mediterranean buffet with a choice of 4 desserts and Claire from Colston Hall managed my bar with the help of Bath Ales which meant we had the real ale and cider we really wanted. So my first tip to getting what you want is to find a flexible venue and call in favours!

I would also have been lost with my wedding planner Hayley Porter ( who spent many afternoons before the wedding going through logistics with us and ran our day smoothly and without stress. Hayley and a lot of my friends also came to the venue the day before to help us set up which meant we had the marquee decorated in record time and meant I was much less stressed. So tip number two – enlist help on the day before!

Advice from a Bride

I was worried at the start of planning the wedding about how to make things personal and special, but as we got thinking it came to us surprisingly easy. John is really creative and many of the special touches on the day – our chalkboard table plans and the unique ceremony music were down to him and made me realize how lucky I am to have a husband who is so thoughtful and imaginative. We signed the register to Tender by Blur and walked back down the aisle to my favourite Richard Hawley song, so whenever I listen to these songs in the future I’ll think of my special day.

In general I was thrilled by how everything came together at the last minute and managed to look beautiful, coherent and planned even though we didn’t plan things to a minute degree. Being less Bridezilla and more laid back meant that I could enjoy the day much more and meant less stress for everyone around me. I had an incredible day surrounded by my friends and family having a great time, and I realized that on the whole the little worries pale into significance when you’re marrying the person you love.

Photographer – Albert Palmer Photography

Flowers – Central Rose

DJ – DJ Moneyshot

Band – Fromage en Feu

Wedding Planner – Hayley Porter (

Ale – Bath Ales

Wise words and so much fun. I love all the colours and Albert has really made them POP.

Happy Friday Folks!

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

22 thoughts on “Pin Flashing Perfection… Part 2

  1. *Jam-making-groom-on-crutches-related-squeeee*

    Timely laid back inspiration for me, getting up at 4:50am to make wedding cookies and finally sitting down to see a laid back, beautiful bride rocking her day her own way, could I ask for anything more???

    Love making the music so different and personal too. When music is such a big part of your life it’s critical to get it right, and Fromage en Feu sound perfect.


    (still thinking about that cake, mind)


  2. OK the jam idea was good, what’s more personal than jam and toast ? By the look of things it was a really personal and colour event and to me that’s it what a wedding day is all about. The photos look great. Nice going.

  3. Just wonderful, I love everything about this wedding, now that might be because a lot of the ideas we are doing for our wedding in three weeks time, oh it looks so lovely, can’t wait for ours now.

  4. What a gorgeous wedding – it looks so much fun! And that bunting is to die for… would it be cheeky to ask where you hired it from so I can get in touch?! x

  5. I would like some cider and a slice of cake (or 2!) right now please! It just looks like such a happy, fun and relaxed day! I love how colourful everything is and all the smiles in the photos! Brilliant wedding!!!


  6. I had to stop reading half way through to post – how gorgeous is the photo of the little boy stood on his own? Heart meltingly cute!

  7. I really loved all the colours of this wedding when I was putting it together 🙂

    Colours make me happy.


  8. mmmmmmmmmm cider

    is it wrong to love cider so much?

    Oh well, to heck if it is!

    I’m with Rebecca, I LOVE the colours of this wedding, fresh and spring-y and gorgeous.

    mrs x x x

  9. Thank you for all your lovely comments about our photos. I’m so pleased that the pictures came out so well and reflected the happiness and colour of our day. It goes to show that you don’t need to plan your wedding to death to end up with something special. Relaxed brides are happy brides! (and lots of cider helps!)
    P.S – I’ll try and post my bunting contact.

  10. these photos are just breathtaking, so bright and vibrant. That bunting is just some of the most beautiful decor i’ve seen, love this wedding.

  11. Beautiful wedding! I love the cosy look of your marquee but you don’t say where it’s from, please can you let me know as I’m also planning a wedding in the west country? thanks

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