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Not only is the smell of Spring in the air, it’s also starting to feel a lot warmer and brighter too. Hello lighter mornings!! As promised in our post a couple of weeks ago we’re looking to RMW’s favourite season of the year to provide the theme for our first Pinterest competition of 2014.

Yep folks, Spring in all her glory is the key to success this time round. Think cherry blossom and frolicking lambs, baby chicks and bursts of soft pinks, lilacs and yellows. Honestly it’s a veritable feast for the eyes…wouldn’t you agree?


It’s very easy to enter; all that we ask you to do is to follow RMW on Pinterest and then create your own board called ‘Rock My Spring Wedding‘.

Then it’s time to cram your board to the brim with fabulous Spring wedding inspiration. You can pin from absolutely anywhere that takes your fancy but we do request that you pin at least one image from Rock My Wedding. It could be a real Spring wedding that’s tugged at your heartstrings or a piece of editorial that’s caught your eye. All we ask is that the images epitomise Spring at her very best. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #rockmyspringwedding and mention @rockmywedding in your pins.

A Rock My Wedding Spring Wedding Pinterest Competition_0001

The prize on offer is to join Team RMW as a guest pinner where you’ll get the opportunity to pin to your heart’s content on a subject of your choosing (within reason, of course. This is a family website after all…).

Anyone can enter the competition so don’t worry if you’re getting married in another season other than Spring. This is a chance for you to let your imagination run wild and embrace all that the season has to offer; blossom, the dreamiest colour palettes, tulips, daffodils and heavenly narcissi and a smattering of sunshine to boot. You don’t just have to limit your images to w-days; we’d love for you to share images that others can use as inspiration for Easter lunch such as table settings or perhaps a decadent Spring-cleaning party!

A Rock My Wedding Spring Wedding Pinterest Competition_0002

For those of you who haven’t yet joined the pinboard style photo sharing site, you really must. Pinterest is possibly the most genius tool ever invented; think of it like a giant scrapbook allowing you to collate all your ideas in one place together without the need for paper or glue. It also makes you feel like you’re super creative, all at the touch of a button.

A Rock My Wedding Spring Wedding Pinterest Competition_0003

It’s easy peasy to pin to Pinterest from Rock My Wedding. If you hover over any of the images in our posts, you’ll see a ‘pin it’ option appear. If you’re in the gallery then there’s a snazzy ‘p’ icon that you can click on too.

A Rock My Wedding Spring Wedding Pinterest Competition_0004

There’s a little bit of boring legal stuff to take a look over if you fancy it. Please read the T’s & C’s here, and if you need a little help you can take a look at our own Spring wedding board.

You have until March 24th to create your board. Make sure you pop back and post a link to your board in the comments section below.

So all that leaves me to ask is what are your favourite Spring weddings from the RMW archives?

What elements would you include if you were getting married in the next few months?

You are more than welcome to comment below but it would be even better if you could share your ideas through a fancy pinboard.

So what are you waiting for? Get pinning folks…

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

21 thoughts on “Pin Up Your Life!

  1. Please find a link to my board

    I got married in July last year but the constant quest for all things pretty and inspiring continues. By planning my own wedding i discovered that the beauty associated with wedding feeds into so many other aspects in life and has inspired me to find the confidence to start some very exciting projects!

    I’m ecstatic that my Pinterest gets so much interest and people are finding inspiration from my boards in planning their weddings and just for ideas and inspiration.

    Thanks for looking!

  2. I wasn’t sure if it was just brides that were allowed to enter but I follow you guys on FB and your pinterest competition inspired me! I hope you like my board, even if I don’t qualify:

    Thanks for the inspiration, I had lots of fun looking at spring weddings. This would have been my favourite time of year to get married with all the spring flowers and trees blossoming. We were restricted on dates by our venue so I had summer flowers instead. I loved this chance to get very dreamy again over hyacinths and muscari bouquets. 😀

  3. Hello fellow RMWers/Pinners,

    Now this was just another way of justifying sitting in bed Pinning until 2am hahaha! I am SO glad I chose this as my first RMW board – after being a RMW bride myself in a summer wedding but always dreaming of an autumn wedding (Like Lolly’s) or a winter wedding (alas, we got married in Scotland so didn’t want to be THAT cold) it was ridiculously fun planning a Spring wedding! Mine is full of soft textures, hazy light, clean styling, Easter treats, a gizzilon flowers and pops of brights and pastels here and there.

    Most of all a Rock My Spring Wedding for me = fresh. How perfect a theme is that for a wedding?


    (This is a board on my newly created Events page for a business I’m starting up. My personal page is here:

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