Pink And Green.


They say don’t they that ‘red and green should never be seen’. A daft rule in my opinion since they’re pretty much the staple colours of Christmas and frankly all things ‘NOEL’ rock! But what about the prettiest of pink with green instead?

It’s a colour palette that I particularly love to see partly because it’s fresh and pretty thus raising the spirits but mostly because there are so many different ways to interpret such a scheme. You can be as bold and adventurous or as dramatic and vibrant or as sweet and girly as you like.

These two hues also remind me of Spring, of new growth and fresh beginnings and the anticipation of things to come – rather apt symbology for a wedding and the journey of marriage don’t you think? So folks as you’ve probably guessed this post shows you how to integrate these two hues into your big day. We’re covering everything from decor to florals all the way through to fashion and good ol’ sweet treats.

Why not take a look…

Florals And Foliage

So I thought we’d start with the blooms this afternoon. You can’t beat a bit of petal action on a miserable rainy Monday and these beauties are no exception.

Perhaps the easiest way of integrating a pink and green into your big day since the vast majority of foliage is…yes you guessed it…of the green hued variety; add to this the sheer multitude of pink, blush and peachy toned blooms and you’re away.

Roses, peonies, sweet peas, ranunculus, blossoms, clematis, tulips, hyacinths and dahlias are just a few of the several plant varieties that possess pink flowers. They’re also available at different times of the year too which means that you can opt for this colour palette regardless of the season.

A Beautiful Inspiration Post Showing You How To Incorporate A Pink And Green Colour Scheme Into Your Wedding Day_0002

If you’re a bride that’s looking to make a statement then choose deeper, richer hues of fuchsia and hot pinks; if girlie romance is more your thing then choose softer tones of blush and ballet shades. Prevent your blooms from looking too flat by adding in ombre tones to your arrangement or even contrasting hues – I particularly love the chartreuse of viburnum against hot pinks for the ultimate colour pop.

Finish off with some elegant tendrils of green and a huge silk bow for impact. Frou Frou Chic stock lots of gorgeous ribbon in a range of exquisite shades.

Something Sweet

Despite this collection of images veering on the side of Barbie, you can’t help but be tempted by the sheer prettiness of all these confectionery delights below. And THOSE apples are sublime. Even I of lip-swelling-apple-consumption fame would be tempted to sink my teeth into those beauties.

A Beautiful Inspiration Post Showing You How To Incorporate A Pink And Green Colour Scheme Into Your Wedding Day_0004

It’s pretty simple to incorporate pink and green when it comes to your sweet treats. Strawberry flavoured sorbet anyone? What about raspberry and pistachio macarons? Or beautifully iced sponges in blush and mint?

Go one step further by paying attention to the way that you display your sweet treats. Patterned napkins in matching hues, vintage cutlery, glass apothecary jars and mismatched china will make just as much as an impact as the edible delights themselves. Finish off with sweet signs to show your guests exactly what they’re eating.

Think Minty Pink

Set the scene for your minty pink affair by commissioning your very own stationery suite in these beautiful hues. I particularly love the collection at the bottom of this board from Mae Mae Paperie for example. Continue the vibe all the way through to the wedding breakfast with beautifully designed menus and on theme chair backs.

Think outside the box when it comes to sourcing and choosing wedding decor. I love paper pom poms as much as the next person and the pink examples at the top here look particularly sweet – almost like strands of candyfloss as light as cloud – but don’t feel that you have to stick to conventional forms of decor if this isn’t your bag.

A Beautiful Inspiration Post Showing You How To Incorporate A Pink And Green Colour Scheme Into Your Wedding Day_0003

For example…can a door double up as your aisle backdrop? An old drawer as a quirky drinks tray? What about a boat as your wedding transport? Yes, yes and yes again. The world is your oyster lovely ladies!

Lastly, table decor. If you want to introduce colour in an easy peasy way then this is an area that you can focus on without a huge amount of effort. Choose tablecloths and napkins in your chosen colour scheme for a quick fix or if you’re prepared to invest a little more energy then think about jazzing up your tableware by adding colourful chargers and unusual glassware.

Pattern And Print

Ahhh yes…this board is perhaps one of the bravest I’ve ever created. Busy and bright, it might seem a little overwhelming for some of you but please don’t let that put you off.

I’m not suggesting that you try to integrate every single element encapsulated here into your big day (although serious bonus points if you do!) No, this board is merely to give you some ideas and inspiration about what you can do.

Whilst maids swathed in pink is a familiar sight, if you’re looking to make more of a statement think about introducing pattern into your sartorial choices. Florals, geometric, stripes and lace all look suitably bridal whilst retaining a contemporary edge. Alternatively choose green. Honestly go for it, it’s bold and completely luxurious too.

I ADORE this green silk full-skirted beauty at the top here and can so completely imagine a bevy of maids swishing their way down the aisle. It’s modern yet romantic too and would complement Autumn and Winter nuptials perfectly.

A Beautiful Inspiration Post Showing You How To Incorporate A Pink And Green Colour Scheme Into Your Wedding Day_0001

You needn’t think that such a look should be restricted to the girls either – I’m a tad smitten with the minty green suit ensemble featured here which would look fantastic on a group of groomsmen at a spring party or a summer soiree. Go on, someone try it out and send me some pictures so that I can see.

So how many of you are using these hues in your big day decor?

Will you be dressing your maids in candy pink and your ushers in forest green?

And on a floral note, I’d love to hear more about your big day bouquets and what you’ll be wrapping around the stems.

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

8 thoughts on “Pink And Green.

  1. As a red head I have always kept a safe distance from pinks, but I love this. The colours looks so cute and fresh, really organic.

    Also can I have that sofa please!

    1. Hi Stef

      My best friend is a gorgeous red head, as are her two girls, she too also avoided pinks but actually the right shade really suits!

      I also want that sofa, race you for it!

  2. I absolutely adore the very first bouquet! I’d like to use it as a pillow please. And those David Austin roses in blush are just heavenly. Beautiful Lolly. xxx

  3. oooh, I love pink and green! I am not doing it for the wedding but my house sports a nice pink, green and grey combo. A bit obsessed with my pot of green paint- not much can escape me and my paintbrush – chairs, bed frame, thinking table next … hmmm xx

  4. those gucci heels?!?! I die (and so does my bank manager). Bad Lolly.

    I’m going all out hot pink and after seeing these pics, I’m going to tie a ruddy massive bow on my bouquet.

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