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That is almost all I can say about this afternoon’s post I am so blown away. We have been super lucky and snaffled Penny from Tigerlily Weddings to give us the piece de resistance of the planning posts we started last week with her inimitable, original and fresh wedding inspiration. And let me tell you guys, she blew the brief out of the water.

I’ve spent a few phone calls discussing the post today with Penny working through her ideas, (which were spot on) and I have been so impressed with the amount of work she has put into this for you all. The buzz words we were passing back and forth were the same… fresh, new, interesting, unique, different. So if you’re wondering where Vintage is going… this is the lady to tell you and she’s right here. Give her a warm welcome ladies and get commenting 🙂

New year, new trends yippee, so you can imagine my delight when the fabulous ladies over at Rock my wedding contacted me to predict some 2011 wedding trends for you all I was thrilled.
I have covered two immerging wedding trends that I think will pop this year, I have also added in an “ I love it list” with a few extra little original ideas that you can inject that I could not squeeze on the design boards that will make your weddings look innovative, fun and basically spectacular.
You may not admire my candid approach on this subject but its time for us to shake it up a bit, design is so inspirational and exciting so let’s get creating and make 2011 amazing.

Biscuit Bars

Candy bars have been hugely fashionable over the last few years, but this trend has been exhausted. It’s time for change and for us to move on and embrace the biscuit bar.
I have designed one of one my client’s weddings this year, I have had so much fun working on the design and creating my very own top 10 biscuit chart.

This idea is all about clever biscuit choice and display, you can have so much fun creating your own fabulous designs and it can double up also as a cute sugary favor for your guests if you are being budget conscious.
If you want to add a fun activity in to your wedding why not have an icing station?

Guests can ice their own biscuits which can then be bagged later for them to take home as their very own piece of art.

Another fun dimension to accompany this is to add a flavoured milk shot or milkshake bar to complement your biscuit choices, this is also lots of fun for younger guests.

Vintage Tables

I totally adored the vintage mixed china and country led wedding trend that has been with us over the last few weddings seasons. The vintage look will still be strongly featured this season however I feel this look has evolved with a glamorous edge.

Vintage glam is my prediction for this season which is an exciting mix of old and new. You only need a few select vintage pieces to create this look. The allure of time-worn objects and the appeal of simple are a perfect blend, vintage silver cutlery, vintage china not heavily pattered with a neutral colour and old and new cut glass with soft vintage styled blooms will create an elegant but stylish look.

I also love lose pearls and pearl necklaces strewn within your table design, take a peek at the mood board to see an example of this. So get thrifting to find your hidden treasures that will get your guests gushing about your wedding styling.

Lace Touches

Lace is so versatile and lush to work within your wedding design whether it is lace ribbon being used to tie vintage cutlery or sections of lace fashioned as table runner or hand made napkins. I feel it is a crucial part of constructing this look, it injects such softness and vintage feel to a wedding design which only lace can.

Another simple idea to inject a fun lace detail to the garden environment is lace covering and draping of tress I anticipate this will be big this year.

Photo Booths

The photo booth is still very in vogue, update this by crafting your very own back drop with paper and lace garlands to create this soft photo booth backdrop with texture and personality.

Also this season take a leap and let your booth be about fun and your guests self expression not props. Please tell me you can not look at all these pictures and fall in love?!

I rest my case…

Be a poet… Go on! You know you want to!

Whilst I love pictures of couples holding hearts, the words “Love” & “Mr & Mrs” this is another trend that has been really heavily featured in the wedding press. I feel it makes wedding images look a little unoriginal and blend together when you look at shoots.

What I love about weddings now is the creative freedom couples have to craft and design and push their own beautiful style and personality. I love this charming idea of expressing yourself with your own words or favourite poet or song lyric within your photos, adding another touch of unique and you.

Fabric flowers

Fabric flowers in soft dusky fabrics work so well and blend beautifully with lace and fresh flowers as part of your wedding design and for your personal look.

I will be doing a DIY blog on Rock My Wedding for you all to show you how to fashion your very own, so stay tuned!

Have fun, enjoy and embrace your wedding design with a fresh eye.


Do you Love?

We do, and the good news is that there’s another slice of Tigerlily Heaven coming your way tomorrow… stay tuned for the best yet.

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

28 thoughts on “Planning Inspiration from Tigerlily Weddings… Lace Decadence

  1. Lace and fabric flowers are wonderful- they were just becoming more popular over the last few years (I used them in my wedding) and now seem to be the big thing!

  2. Much much MUCH more up my street than previous ones. I saw a paper backdrop on style me pretty that was anthropologie reciept rolls strung up in a really funky style. I thought that was a bit too much – but I love these lace ones. We have a whole gazebo to decorate!

    I am however too much of a fan of fresh flowers to dream of incorporate fabric flowers (I also tried and it didn’t work out how I imagined – re the comment from this mornings DIY bride – stick with your skill set!).

    I love the “You are my dream come true” letters in the hedge!

  3. Love this post…fabulously candid! But maybe I appreciate so much because I went for glamourous vintage lace and fabric flowers for my wedding! 😉

    ps. That inspiration board at the top is so dreamy!

  4. Oh my word, there was nothing about this that I didnt love. Am currently musing if adding all the above would be overkill on my big day….?!
    And as I am featuring a quote of sorts within my wedding, does that mean I am super on trend?! xoxo

  5. Vintage glam with lots of lace and pearls and fabric flowers…hmmm….its our entire wedding!!! This is exactly what I have had in my head for over a year for our wedding this December. Who knew I was so with it and on trend lol 🙂

    Now I can show this to the boy and maybe he can picture it all a bit better (he’s not the most imaginative bless him…he hears vintage he thinks chintzy granny-ness!)

  6. Absolutely LOVE this post. It’s like someone has taken all the jumbled up ideas and dreams in my head, and made them into something pretty!

  7. Vive the gorgeous fancy favour shaped biscuits goodness!
    Freaky as this aft someone at work brought me in a peggy porshen book and its full of those gorgeous cookies shaped as all sorts..i am thinking love hearts with initials on?? So ambitious but everytime I see something I love I feel like I NEED it to be in our wedding ha ha!
    I dont know if it was a hint at me but when we looked round our venue again and I was thinking aloud about what we could have and where the wedding planner did mention a wedding where the bride had got that much stuff that they ended up with nowhere left to put anything! I really think she was aiming it at me but totally cant blame her!
    I love looking at vintage ideas however its not going to be the theme for our wedding as it would totally clash, it is beautiful though! And love the photo booths! Lovely!x

  8. Absolutely love these ideas Pen, I’ve seen lots of these trends coming out this year with some of my clients and really looking forward to working on them.

    The lace tree is out of this world! Oh to get married again…


  9. Yes, Yes , yes and YES! What a stunning post – That was a treat for my eyes and all your trend predictions are (I hope) spot on! Let’s hope all the super brides of 2011 have their eyes on this blog and are inspired! Loves it xx

  10. A-maze! Lace, nude tones, fabric flowers, vintage glam… exactly the ‘look’ I am planning (read: hoping) for! Great post – it is as it Penny has siphoned off and filtered all the mixed up ideas, colours and vibes that have been swimming round my wee un-artistic brain for months now and projected them onto these pages in a handy, big fat delicious inspiration board!! Perfection! Very much looking forward to hearing from Penny again soon 🙂

  11. I just love this post. Penny is so super stylish and these ideas are just fabulous.
    Can’t wait to add a few to my own wedding plans for the summer.
    And I also can’t wait to see what’s coming next from Penny.
    Big love xxx

  12. Great inspirational post! Love the mood board – letters in the hedge are uber cool! Love the colours and the ideas for the photo booth backdrop. Can’t wait to see the fabric flower tutorial!


  13. I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone for your lovely comments, they have made me smile hugely.

    Rebecca and Charlotte thank you sooooooooo much for including me in your wedding trend team for 2011.

    Let’s do it all again tomorrow.

    Lots of love

    Penny x

  14. Yay for Penny!
    I might be a little biased as Penny is my wedding planner extrordinaire, but these images are just so fabulous!
    65 days and counting til I get to see all the details she has put together for my wedding, but without a doubt the woman has an eye like no one else.
    Big woop for Pen

  15. Love it, I still think pic n mix is more practical than a biscuit bar however, pic n mix can be taken away and eaten later whereas with the biscuits I just can’t picture people munching on them after eating a 4-course meal.

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