Planning Perfection…….part 1

I don’t know about you guys but planning just one wedding was quite enough for me, can you imagine planning two?!

Well that’s exactly what Becky and Joe accomplished last summer when they married at Westminster Registry office followed by a family dinner at the Goring Hotel….. and then held a stunning second soiree in sun-shine filled Ibiza just 4 days later.

I guess the trick is to keep it fairly simple and intimate, with a clear focus on not getting too wrapped up in the small stuff and instead just concentrating on the two most important Rock My Wedding rules 1) You are actually getting married to the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with 2) Celebrating this fact with those you genuinely want to celebrate it with.

Everything else is just decoration 😉

All of the lovely images are courtesy of Caro Hutchings.

Recycling The Pretty!

I wore the same Katherine Swain hair comb that I wore in Ibiza so it was great to use things twice! I didn’t want to wear a veil as wanted to save that for the wedding in Ibiza.

I also wore the ivory Jimmy Choo peep toe heels that I wore again in Ibiza, great value for money I say!!

A Bouquet And A Button Hole

My bouquet and the button holes were from Wild at Heart on the Pimlico Road.

I had my hair done in the morning at Errol Douglas while Joe had a massage, a great tip he said for any nervous grooms!. I did my own makeup on the day.

Short And Sweet

I knew the shape and style I wanted for the day and that was plain and knee length with a 1950’s type look. After searching on a lot of designer sites it was actually from Theory on the high street.  I made an adjustment to the belt and pinned a broach I found on ebay to the front to give it a bit of sparkle!    

Suave And Sophisticated

Joe wore a black tailored suit from Marc Wallace with a grey and white flower pattern shirt underneath, the same shirts that our ushers wore in Ibiza as we loved the print so much.

Capturing The Big City

We looked at a lot of photographers but we really wanted someone who was a bit unique to take our London photographs, we knew they wouldn’t have many people to work with so we wanted someone very creative and worked with the London style well.

We found Caro Hutchings and she really stood out to us and we both immediately wanted to book her.

I think she creates a real atmosphere and feeling with her work and we loved what she did with our wedding day.

Garden Games

It was great fun going to some sites in London after just getting married, we walked through Trafalgar square and had some photographs as it was where Joes parents had got engaged. One of our favourite photos is on the steps in front of the National Gallery surrounded by loads of tourists!

We had some drinks back at the The Goring hotel and played some croquet on the lawn, then all sat down to a gorgeous dinner in there dining room.

We didn’t have a cake or any favours or a first dance as we only had our parents with us on the day which was fantastic as we got to share it all just with them. We felt so lucky that we were off to do it all again with all of our friends and family in Ibiza a week later so we really didn’t mind that our day was over.

Shoes – Jimmy Choo

Bouquet – Wild at Heart

Dress – Theory

Hair Comb – Katherine Swain

Groom’s Suit – Marc Wallace

Photographer – Caro Hutchings

Evening Drinks Reception – The Goring Hotel

And you lovelies will get to see all of the Ibiza gorgeousness in part 2, ’tis a real treat. Promise.

Anyone else planning two affairs? if you are we want to hear all about it and how on earth you are coping, your organisation skills must be OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Big Planning Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

24 thoughts on “Planning Perfection…….part 1

  1. I don’t think I could, I wouldn’t cope with the stress!!

    Becky looks fabulous in that dress, so sweet! And I love the flowers!

    Can’t wait for the Ibiza part!


  2. OMFG- My best friend is doing the exact same thing in London and Ibiza this year!! What a gorgeous short dress, I love it… Cannot wait to see what they did in Ibiza… XX

  3. Oooh oooh oooh this is exactly what I did, so can’t wait to see what they did in ibiza! It really is a beautiful island x

  4. I’m not having a two centre wedding but my best friend did and both ceremonies were beautiful. She just had a dress from coast and a shrug which cost more than the whole event for the civil ceremony which was in a fabulous hotel – there were only 20 of us and it was beautiful. Then the following summer she had a grand gathering of over 150 on a country estate. It worked really well and I sobbed my heart out at both. Obviously.

    I love the brides dress but my favourite part of the wedding has to be the groom’s shirt. I totally LOVE IT. And the croquet pictures. The Boy and play often as we have a lawn ourselves and it always gets fiercely competitive every summer.

    This makes me think of summer and pimms and croquet and warm weather and lushness. Roll on June is all I say.

  5. It all looks beautiful! Amazing dress and LOVE the register office, but I’m going to confess a bias, as that’s where I got married. Infact, if that’s your registrar signing the register, he looks like the fella that performed our ceremony.


  6. Wow – what a gorgeous couple. They are going to have the most BEAoootiful babies!

    Love love love the short simple styled dress. Looks carefree and shows off the loveliest pins I’ve ever seen.

    Canny wait for P2… I know it’s going to be a corker!

  7. Ooooh, lovely wedding! Love the shoes, I am going to have a look for those!

    I am planning not one, not two, but three weddings! Being all sorts of multi-cultural, we’re getting married in the UK first, in a small wedding for friends and my hubby’s Irish family, then flying out to Papua New Guinea (where my Mum is from) 4 days later to her village for a traditional wedding feast with about 700 people! Then back to Australia (where me and the hubby grew up) for a drinks reception with all our friends.

    It is stressful … Hence why I check out RMW every day for something to lift my spirits!

  8. (Long time reader, first time poster!)

    Just had to comment on yet again another beautiful day as we are having two events, and it’s great to see others doing the same in style. We are having a small-but-hopefully-perfectly-formed wedding in a lovely rural spot (21 of us all together) and then a couple of weeks later having a ‘belated reception’ for 100 in Manchester.

    Fingers crossed it all goes to plan!

  9. I am having complete, unadulterated, bouncy, shiny, volumised hair envy.

    And I love that the bride’s dress is high-street. It’s beautiful. She’s beautiful. So is he!

    And of course I’m a sucker for a London skyline. I’m a happy Anna K today.

  10. Love this especially the brides gorgeous hair – I am so jealous! Both bride and groom are stunning!

    I cant wait to see part 2 – i do love a destination wedding!!! xo

  11. Keiron has ordered that exact same Marc Wallace shirt- glad to see it is as nice as we’d hoped!
    I’m also loving the bouncy hair- my limp, fine mop would never be that lovely!

  12. I am having two events! The first in Italy in June followed by one in Manchester Town Hall 2 weeks later. It does feel stressful at times but I have a very long to-do list and am trying not to sweat the small stuff too much………….

  13. We are having 2 weddings as well! The legal ceremony with just close family and friends (20 people) followed by some sort of celebration (can’t decide what yet!) and an afghan ceremony followed by party with 200 guests a couple of days later. Its quite normal in Germany to have 2 ceremonies as you have to have a legal one and lots of people have a religious ceremony as well. Some do it all in one day though, which would be way too much for me!

    I love the bride’s look and style in this wedding, they are a gorgeous couple and am looking forward to more pretty in part 2!

    Oh and BB, 3 weddings?? RESPECT!!!! Sounds very exciting!

  14. OMG so excited to see the grroms shirt, Gareth my groom has gone for exactly the same one and was wondering what tie to wear so will have to show him later on, the bride looks absoloutely stunning too xx

  15. Loving the simplicity of this wedding, the bride and groom look gorgeous! Lovin’ the dress, shoes, hair and flowers, the grooms shirt is great too! Lovely pics, can’t wait for part 2!

    I secretly wanted to go to New York (as it’s my fav place ever) to tie the knot with just immediate family and possibly a few close friends, had visions of Central Park, afternoon tea at the Waldorf etc, but my other half wanted a big do (I love teasing him and calling him Groomzilla!!), and I realised that grandparents etc would probably miss out so that’s what we are doing and I’m enjoying all the planning. It didn’t occur to me to do both though!! Big weding planning respect to those that are!

  16. I had 2 do’s too – we got married in Italy in a beautiful, intimate, fabulous setting with 35 of our closest family and friend, then 2 weeks later (after our honeymoon!) we had a reception in a hotel at home in Sheffield for 150 family and friends. Italy was a sheer joy and delight, the do here was hard work!! Note to self, do NOT try and host a big do 24hrs after returning from honeymoon!! But it was worth it – we got our small intimate do that we wanted, and we still made our mums happy by having all the rellies!!

    I love Becky’s dress – that’s just what I wanted for my second do (but couldn’t find anything right, so ended up wearing my wedding dress again!)

  17. Beautiful wedding!! I am in love with the dress. I’m in the process of planning three weddings at the moment plus a multi-centre honeymoon – eeek! First, we are planning to have a small legal ceremony in the UK. Then we will fly out to Italy where we will be joined by close family and friends for a symbolic ceremony in Sorrento. From Sorrento we will begin our honeymoon accross Thailand and when we return we will hold an evening reception for friends and family that did not attend the ceremony in Italy. Crazyness…can’t wait! x

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