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Alternative Wedding Roles

You know when you just don’t have the budget to buy all your mates a bridesmaid dress even though you’d love to? How can you involve them in your day without breaking the bank and making sure they still feel valued? Enter RMW The Podcast and our episode dedicated to alternative wedding roles.

9 Alternative Wedding Roles

Wether it’s having your niece perform a reading or your Uncle driving you to your ceremony, you can find roles within your wedding for everyone.

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It’s amazing to have help from friends and family on the run up to your day and on the actual day itself but remember, you can’t be expected to involve absolutely everyone and they will be thrilled to attend your wedding in any capacity, even if that’s simply as a guest.

Enjoy the below articles where you can see alternative wedding roles played out to perfection.



  • Stefanie & Donovan
    Voewood in Norfolk is such a beautiful place for a wedding and just so happens to be the first wedding venue I blogged about when I joined Rock My Wedding so it has a very special place in my heart. The house itself is absolutely breathtaking, but they also have the most spectacular gardens and t...
  • Nicki & Barry
    Nicola Thompson Photography really has captured the essence of this contemporary wedding in London to perfection. Everything is seriously cool. The venues (all three of them) were all chosen for their fabulous architecture and locations and bring a different vibe to each element of the day. Af...
  • alternative wedding readings
    10 Romantic Songs That Make Excellent Wedding Readings
    If you're on the hunt for alternative wedding readings, then have a think about using a song instead. There are a million love songs out there, all with absolutely gorgeous lyrics that you could use in place of a traditional wedding reading. Here are ten of our favourites... And if you need any m...
  • Vanya & David
    Vanya & David
    The very lovely Vanya & David chose to get married at The Granary Estates which made the perfect rustic luxe setting for their subtle Game of Thrones inspired wedding day (also see this article if this vibe floats your boat). Vanya looks stunning in her full skirted gown, the golden hour portraits o...
  • Abbi & Ash
    When Abbi from Save The Date magazine sent over her wedding, I literally let out a squeal of joy - it's THAT good. The level of detail is just unreal, the flowers are incredible, the styling is spot on and the dresses, well let's just say you're totally spoiled on the fashion front too. Abbi and Ash...
  • Alternative Roles In a Wedding
    Informal Roles In A Wedding For Your Family & Friends
    Getting engaged is such an exciting time. But when it comes to planning out the formal roles in a wedding sometimes there just aren’t enough to go around, or there might be some awkward conversations with family members or friends who assume they are going to be more involved in the day than they ...
  • Glasshouse Wedding Venue
    Galician Glasshouse Wedding Venue with Botanical Plants and Wicker Furniture
    Hold onto your hats as we're whisking you away from all this rain and reminding you of sunnier days at this impressive Galician glasshouse house wedding venue with botanical plants, wicker furniture and neon signs. Plus a couple so stylish, you'll be rethinking your wedding attire. Enjoy. ...
  • Bible Wedding Readings
    Bible Wedding Readings - Perfect Verses for A Modern Church Wedding
    If you've chosen to have a church wedding, you will not be short of readings. The Bible has a lot to say about love. So much so, in fact, that it was quite the emotional task to whittle it down to our absolute favourite Bible wedding readings. We've shared some known favourites and found some hidden...

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