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The Best Wedding Gifts

99.9% of your guests will want to give you something to commemorate your day so make sure you actually get wedding gifts that are useful. Make their lives easier and get yourselves a wedding gift list.

The Best Wedding Gift Lists

Join Charlotte and Becky as they dispel common gift list misconceptions and enlighten you to what you can actually get on a gift list these days. Find out how to get those bigger maybe pricier items you’ve always coveted, or have you thought about experiences or perhaps there is a charity that is close to your heart. There are so many ways to make the most of a wedding gift list.

If you are looking to discover new products for your wedding gift list and would like specific advice on items – be it brand sustainability or kitchen appliances that will make your life easier AND last forever then you need to book an appointment with The Wedding Shop. Their Fulham showroom is essentially a fully kitted out townhouse, every room is beautifully decorated with a selection of curated gift ideas that you can browse, touch and feel at your leisure. Book an appointment via The Wedding Shop website.

In the interest of fairness and to make your lives easier, we’ve reviewed all the top UK product based gift lists. We’re talking comparing fees, wether they offer cash, how flexible they are and exactly what they offer. Check out this link to find the best gift list for you.



  • Where To Start With Your Wedding Gift List
    When it comes to creating a wedding list, it can be very overwhelming deciding what to add and you can easily get carried away. Today we've rounded up our top tips along with our gift list partner, The Wedding Shop, to help you create a list that will be really useful and personal to you and your pa...
  • wedding gift list wording
    Wedding Gift List Wording Examples - How To Ask {Graciously} For Wedding Presents
    So you've curated your perfect wedding gift list. You've got several price brackets covered. Upgrades on some of your everyday items. Some statement pieces for your home, a selection of your favourite wines and a couple of incredible experiences to help ward off those post-wedding blues. But how on ...
  • wedding gift list
    Wedding Gift List - Which One? - We Compare Them All
    Let us begin by saying that this comparison (unlike most on the internet) is unbiased and weighs up the leading UK product based wedding gift lists, based on features and benefits alone. Here at RMW, we are big fans of using a wedding gift list. 99% of guests will turn up to a wedding with a gift re...
  • should I have a gift list?
    Should I Have A Wedding Gift List? - 9 Myths Busted
    You lot are so good at telling us exactly what you need to make your wedding planning life easier. When we asked you if you're considering a gift list, we had great feedback from not only those who were in the 'hell yeah' camp, but also from those who were on the fence. We are and have always been o...

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